The trainer who tames these sacred species will never become a qualified animal trainer without an absolutely pure soul and absolute loyalty to the northern principality.

However, Joel Norton has not only made himself an animal trainer, but also a royal animal trainer, which shows that he really can’t hold anything in his heart except his beloved career in his country.
Some people may say that people like Joel are different from fools, because there is nothing in his eyes that can be put into his heart except those dumb unicorns.
But if you think about it carefully, isn’t there a lack of such a pure and clean mind in this impetuous world today?
What Joel will feel sorry for will make people feel that he deserves sympathy from all living beings because he chose to die for the hope of the future. He chose to give the hope of living to the child and let himself face the unknown fear alone.
Joel can see the distant light from the darkness in his eyes when he dies.
It can be said that Joel Norton is just an ordinary human being. He doesn’t have the courage like Angel Paris Bella, because he swore that he would never dare to break into the dragon cave alone. He would never dare to hold shuriken so forcefully to kill the abyss dragon, let alone live in the world under the title of dragon slayer.
Joel is not as eloquent as Ellie Papapara. First of all, he is not as eloquent as Ellie, because he lives with a group of dumb beasts all the year round, which also makes him stutter when he is impatient. So it seems to him that Ellie Papapara is really his generation, and at least he can understand human nature. In this respect, he will never try to surpass the other generation.
But this doesn’t mean that Joel Norton is really a place. After all, he can let his soul cross over to the whole life. That means he must be very original. Otherwise, he wouldn’t choose to let him continue to live in this way. Destiny can make his soul cross the whole Pacific continent with great difficulty. Then he still has fate in this game.
Joel Norton’s greatest advantage is that he is the only one among many personalities with complete self-awareness, including personalities like Ellie and Bella, and they will all recognize themselves as lucky ones who have been blessed by fate and come back to life. Let alone the other personalities that were split from Duan’s personality. It can be said that only Anna knows that he is not the only messenger of this body, but he shares this body with his personality.
Although these personalities can talk with each other, whenever the host is temporarily occupied by one of them, his personality will shield himself, which will make him not know what kind of extraordinary things his body is doing at the moment.
So this also makes this group of personalities recognize each other that they are real, while the remaining personalities are all self-imagined.
But Joel and Annabel, the twenty-four personalities, are really symbiotic in this body, and they are all real to each other. No one is imaginary, and no one is imaginary by himself, even himself. They are just poor people parasitic on the host.
After Joel Norton learned his secret, he became more and more mature. He deliberately controlled his emotions, corrected his habits from little things, and tried to adapt his body to the situation in a short time.
You know, if a person can control his emotions at will, then nothing else can threaten him in this day.
Because there is no so-called seven emotions and six desires in this person’s heart, and there is no so-called fear and hope.
Everything is just a game, and I am just a passer-by after all.
So for Joel Norton, he is an inevitable result, because among many personalities, there is really a need for a controllable personality.
After all, order can only happen.
Joel Norton is a master of emotional management among many personalities.
It is impossible for an institution in the world to say that it has complete equality and secrecy, and the same is true for special meetings.
If Angel Paris Bella is the manager in charge of anger and the defender in solving the host’s life and death in the secret meeting, then Ellie Papapala is the witness in charge of understanding, the guide in controlling the host’s cognition and recognition, and Joel Norton is the comforter in control of emotions and the listener in relieving the pressure on all sides of the host.
Then Anna, her last personality, is the planner of all sources and the manipulator who drives the host to realize self-manipulation.
Unlike his personality, Anna is an out-and-out person.
Because Anna Lilith is not a native of this world, she is a returnee like Qin Yu, a person from another world.
In the world where she lived before, she was a royal protector from M country, and she was also a senior in the Royal Guardian Association.
However, due to a series of unexpected events, her soul had to cross the beach directly, and she became a lonely ghost who had been stranded in the beach for hundreds of years.
It stands to reason that souls stranded in the beach are not allowed to die without the consent of the beach management. These souls can wander around the beach and suffer from torture and pain until their sins are thoroughly cleaned up before they can be allowed to die.
However, Anna Lilith regarded such a reincarnation rule, and she also made herself a successful exile because of her escape.
You know, being sent to the beach is endowed with historical souls, which will be called returnees by this group of beach managers, while those souls who have been sent to the beach for life will be called immortal by this group of managers
Anna Lilith is an immortal.
No one knows how she escaped from the bondage of sending the beach, and no one knows that she is a means to jump out of the six realms of reincarnation. The only thing that can be known is that when her soul form is parasitic on Duan Cang, the former great king of southern Xinjiang went crazy.
More than that, the poor southern Xinjiang king’s soul has spawned twenty completely different personalities. If it were not for Anna’s suppression of these restless personalities, I believe Duan Cangsheng would have compromised life and death early.
Now Anna Lilith is no longer a Royal Shadowkeeper or an immortal, and now her identity is just one of the many personalities parasitic on Duan’s body.
And more than twenty-three personality fusion bodies, more than one personality Iraqi Anna Lilith, can be said to be the king of this group of personality.
Anna doesn’t occupy her body at ordinary times, so it’s very important for her to occupy her body because of her ability and knowledge. The only thing she has to do is to let a group of people control her body and then find a perfect device for herself so that she can really be reborn.
Anna has had enough of his personality sharing her body. It seems that whenever her body is occupied by his personality, she feels that her body has been desecrated by his personality. You know, it is quite difficult for her to accept this.
However, the reality forced Anna to compromise. After all, she could be a personality parasitic in this body before the perfect device was found.
But good Anna, there’s another thing that other people don’t have superpowers at all
She can clearly know the body occupied by different personalities to make things and decisions, and she will firmly remember these memories. Plus, she comes from another world with more advanced technology, which gives her an unspeakable natural advantage in dealing with the problems encountered in this world.
After all, Anna Lilith really has something that others simply can’t copy for this kind of dimensionality reduction.
The fifth volume ShaYao
Chapter five hundred and three No longer in the past
I’m sure I’ll be free and happy.
These twelve words have been carved on the cliff, and no one knows whether the repairman can carve these twelve words one by one, and no one knows how much it takes to carve these twelve words.
And these twelve words are also the precepts of the world.
In particular, there is a great truth in every word of these four words.
The word "sky and sky" means that all one’s life is born on the avenue, and all the sky is born in the cycle of the sun and the moon.
It means that if people are still alive, you need to be down-to-earth and have full respect for all things in nature and fear nature and life and death.
The word "Fuzi" means that all things have spirits and all things need to soar instead of falling into the killing hell. Wan Li has seen the moon and stars soar, and nine days have worshipped the sun in the vastness.
Clear words to win people’s hearts means that people need to remember the teachings of all souls and abide by the commandments of all things. Never touch, never touch, never look, never look, never learn, never learn, never be determined, and never be a clean and honest person in order to exchange for a clean and peaceful world.
It can be said that this vision in my heart has really paid too much.
Especially Zhao Xuan, the head of her body door, put her life into it and went to repair the sky. Now this has lost its mythical color. When the only thing she can do and the only thing she can be allowed to do is to turn herself into a bloody stone to repair the sky, hoping to win more breathing space for this broken world.
If anyone in this world is the most regrettable and sad, then the name Zhao Xuan must be famous.
When the white phoenix swooped into the Ziwei sky in the East Palace, all beings in the valley were suddenly awakened.
It turns out that they are enemies of heaven and earth along the way.
It turns out that they are fighting with themselves all the way to kill.

The fairy didn’t have any injury, and her brain was far away, and her brain was detected by mental waves. She didn’t suffer from trauma, so she chose to rest and wait for recovery.

The ins and outs of Wanqiu, Wang Bo, finally got out of the way.
That was a few months ago, one day, Tiantong Town suffered a rare hurricane, which caused the wind and cloud to change color and destroy mountains and cracks. Finally, the gas refiners in Tiantong Town jointly fought against this hurricane, and the hurricane was about to dissipate. In an instant, a door slammed into the Wangs’ mansion.
Wan Qiu woke up a few days later. At that time, Wang Bo, the manager of Wang Bo, had confirmed that the bloodline had always been Miss Wang’s identity. It was declared to the Wangs that Miss Wang was sent away more than ten years ago and now she has received pressure, which made everyone believe that Wan Qiu was a member of the Wangs.
Lu Li nodded, and he would do the same thing. He can’t let the sound scatter, which is harmful to the stability of the Wang family
About half a day later, the Wangs recovered from a lot of medicinal materials, and Xiao Liu was quickly sent back to the Wangs to arrange a new place to cultivate herself. The fairy’s breath is getting stronger and stronger, and her breathing is getting more and more even, and her face is turning rosy. This is a trend to wake up.
After a few breaths, a pair of big eyes slowly opened her eyes and she woke up completely.
"You’re awake!"
Lu Li is very happy to meet an old friend in another country, which is something that can’t be asked for. He escaped from danger in autumn and a stone fell to the ground in his heart.
The fairy slowly opened her eyes, and then she saw Wang Bo from Lu Li. She slightly tilted her head, first glanced at Wang Bo, and then noticed that Lu Li’s eyes were strange, as if she had met deja vu, and finally she suddenly woke up and exclaimed, "Xiao Li!"
Lu Li was startled, and Wang Boze almost laughed. If it weren’t for Lu Li’s sweeping snake valley, he would have laughed on the spot.
"How can you be?"
Lu Li is still the first to ask questions, and the other person can recognize that his brain region should have no traumatic memory and no cracks.
The fairy pouted, "I’m starving. Can I eat first?"
There is nothing to eat when Wang Bo is startled from here again. The only living thing is the magic beast in the deepest part of the capsule. It has been a long time since the magic beast moved. He was simply sealed by Lu Li, the deepest part of the capsule. He was a three-holy beast larva and swallowed up a part of the thousand-eyed magic power. Finally, he entered a semi-hibernating state, and he had to slowly smelt the essence to wake up.
Wang Bo hurriedly waved and soon someone sent some rare dishes, wine, meat and cakes. Of course, the fairy just woke up and could not let her drink. This wine was prepared by Wang Bo himself.
After all, the Wangs are the largest family in Tiantong Town with rich financial resources. There is no shortage of delicacies in this table. The little fairy drank a bowl of Qingluan boiled soup to wake her up, and then ate some jade rabbit cakes and side dishes alone, which quickly restored her strength.
Seeing her gradually eating and leaving home, she asked, "Wan Qiu, do you remember anything before you came to the Wangs?"
He didn’t directly call it a fairy and didn’t want Wang Bo to hear it.
The fairy shook her head and said, "I vaguely remember some things, such as a small building in the middle of the lake and the fact that you and I went to Kyushu League. The memories are a little blurred."
If Lu Liyu said so, wouldn’t the little fairy even forget that the dust fairy Sect was destroyed?
Do you want to tell her yourself?
Chapter 19 Check in Snake Valley
The fairy gradually recovered her strength, and several people talked again. In the end, Wang Bo accepted the ending, although she was somewhat reluctant.
Obviously, there is no doubt that she will follow Lulu back to the wasteland after her appearance.
In this way, although Wang Bo is full of loss, Wan Qiu does not belong to this day. The Wangs in Tongzhen are separated from each other. Who can stop them?
On the whole, although the Wangs lost a younger generation with strong bloodline, it was a great kindness to wipe out Tiantong Town in Snake Valley.
Besides, if there is no separation, Wang Jialigen can’t save Wanqiu and it will threaten the status of the Wang family, which is not worth the candle.
In the end, Wang Bo expressed his gratitude and took out an ancient book saying, "This is my Wang family’s gas refining method. There are three volumes, and the first three realms of gas refining are recorded. If you don’t dislike it, Lu Shaoxia will accept it. Your injury can be cured by Tiantong Town Method. Perhaps Haotianfu can have a solution. My Wang family’s gas refining method has these three volumes, and each family has its own gas refining method, but the division of big realms is the same. Many ancient families are searching for gas refining methods everywhere. You should be more careful and the safety of Wanqiu will be left to you."
"Don’t worry, I won’t let her get hurt. Let’s go."
Xiao Liu said goodbye for a while and will leave soon. There are still many moments to delay in finishing things.
He took some food from Tiantong town when he left with the fairy.
The fairy is now practicing, and ordinary people almost directly took her to the snake valley, where the dead snake has been cleaned up by several hard workers, not to mention the identity of which is the Zhou family.
These Zhou family members, three men and two women, are all refined and irritating, and they can barely work hard. Soon after they left, they secretly told them to clean the Snake Valley and plan the road behind the temporary shelter of the Snake Valley underground cave.
Where did the three young tycoons and two young ladies of the Zhou family usually do such hard work? They all cultivate delicacies according to the expert seedlings of refined gas in the family. Although they are called elixirs constantly, their physique is also good. After all, the mess in Snake Valley was cleaned up by five people. Several Johnson ordered the Snake Valley Department to temporarily sort out the remaining part of the snake demon snake spirit minister.
When I came to the snake valley, the fairy pie mouth said, "I said that we will live here?"
Lu Li-nai said, "Tiantong Town shouldn’t stay long. Let’s stay here for the time being. We will leave for Haotianfu after I adjust and practice the two methods slightly."
The fairy screamed, "That old snake is so fierce. You should clean it up this time!"
Lu Li heard the words and laughed. "The old snake is a slave at present. They kill people like hemp and are evil. I have to think about how many years it will take to let them go."
Two people entered this underground cave, and most of the snakes had been wiped out. Plus, a few snakes escaped from the snake demon while taking advantage of the chaos. There are about a dozen ordinary snakes and snake spirits, and more than a hundred of them have left their bodies. They also have some rejection of snakes and don’t like the feeling of snakes dancing around, so they are assigned some caves by several Johnson, which is far from the land and the fairy.
It is natural that the main side of the snake valley is the poisonous tooth and the grotto. The poisonous gas in the grotto is dense and miasma, which is not suitable for terrans to live in. Therefore, the little fairy has temporarily lived in the grotto of the snake and the venerable snake, and she is temporarily living in the grotto of the black python and the grotto. They can also be transformed into human bodies. There are quite a few stone tables, stone beds and stone benches in this grotto, and some light candlesticks are also carved and made of lingshi, which has a unique charm.
The little fairy was very satisfied that her stone bed had been covered with several layers of silks and satins, and the Zhou family girl went back to the house to retrieve a lot of living things, and everything was lacking.
Three men are three brothers, named Zhou Gu, Zhou Yi and Yu Zhou, who practice meditation at almost the same level.
The two women are Zhou Linger and Zhou Huaner. They are young and they are also 15 or 16 years old. They are called Xiao Ling Xiao Huan by the little fairy. The two young ladies of the Zhou family have become close-fitting maids of the little fairy. This is also a command from afar.
There are two maids, a group of snake spirits around them can’t hurt the little fairy, and Zhou Jiasan’s male guards keep away from the little fairy’s abode of fairies. You can know that there is a strange place outside the only road that you must pass.
Zhou Jiaxun’s jade slips are very good, and the range of ten miles can make it possible for Lu Li to hold a jade slip and the Zhou family can hold one, so that the range of ten miles can be effectively and urgently crushed. It is easy to come to an emergency signal, and life and death are difficult to move.
The nearest location of the jade slips should also be Hao Tianfu to get Lu Li. Give one copy to the little fairy to ensure that she can communicate with her, and two copies are the envoys of the Zhou family.
Hao Tianfu is an important place of Yan State, where a spirit snake venerable person and others can enter by law. After all, there are experts in refining gas who sit in the demon spirit and evil spirits. Unless there is a powerful force in the land, the spirit snake venerable person and other talents can follow, but the eyes are definitely not.
The fairy settled down for a while, slowly cultivated the Kwai Shui Ling tactic, recovered her physical strength, and entered a short-term closed state. He wanted to realize that Wang Jia’s practice of refining qi was to get a reward from Kyushu League, a sharp fingering-long finger.
The practitioners of Yun Sheng Tian Ji are trapped by multi-teachings, but they are illusory. The so-called Buddha’s heart, Tao, bone, Confucianism, magic, devil’s refining body, devil’s refining gas and demon’s variation into a unified audience’s hope that heaven and earth will eventually become a road.
Lu Li said to himself, "Wutiandi Avenue will pitch all beings and eventually become unified. This seems to be a kind of transcendence over climbing to heaven, stepping on the sky and finally surpassing everything, as white clothes say?"
He then sighed and felt that the road ahead was long and everything was not easy.
As he was talking to himself, a very familiar voice suddenly said from his ear, "Good disciple, you will finally take the path of enlightenment, which is the only way for all monks."
Chapter 20 A good one and a bad one
The long finger is a sharp fingering technique, which means that the true element is compressed into a line, so that it is possible to pierce the long sharp anomaly with one finger.
However, the reason why I didn’t practice before I left the land is that the process of true element compression is very dangerous. If I don’t practice, I may bite myself, which is a desperate road.
Master Chu Yunyin emerged, and the whole person’s spirit was shocked and surprised. "Where are you, Master?"
Chu Yun shook his head and said, "Teacher, it’s full of drudgery here, but there’s also good news that something happened in that white suit. You don’t have to be too concerned until the time is right. I’ll tell you in detail which one do you want to listen to first?"
Lu Li said decisively, "Let’s talk about the bad news first."
When Guanghua flashed, Chu Yun’s virtual shadow turned into a statue. Chu Yun’s virtual shadow deviated from the landing. "The bad news is that the lotus soul has been damaged to varying degrees, and it can live for up to three years."
Lu Li clenched his fists. Instead of arguing with the master, he continued to ask, "What’s the good news?"

However, Tang Rou and Tang Peng have turned Xiao Qiushui into a row.

Kang Jiesheng suddenly cut off, "I think Tang Rou must have died some things today."
Xiao Qiushui stayed "What is it?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "He’s here at Tangmen in the middle of Sichuan."
Xiao Qiushui, Deng Yuhan and Zuo Qiu are detached.
Tang Da is the most famous person in the first-class master list of Tang Clan.
Tang Rou hidden weapons Kung Fu is the master of Tang Daidai.
The Tang and Tang Dynasties can not only send troops to adjust troops, but also be a hero in the Wulin. Everyone listens to him and calls him "Grandpa" without a name.
Xiao Qiushui has never seen Tang Da, but he has heard of Tang Da since he learned martial arts. After he knew Tang Rou, Tang Rou visited him several times.
For the last time, it was Tang Rou who killed Quekun and then struggled to say the last words. "If … if you see our family … Tang Da … you ask him for me … our Tang family … won’t form a day … the first day … but let’s’ help’ these … these rats run amok …"
Thinking of Tang Rouxiao’s autumn waters, he swallowed hard and said, "I told Tang Daxia about this."
Kang Jiesheng also got up and said, "Can’t go."
Xiao Qiushui asked, "What?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "Because Tang Da came in with something in his arms."
Xiao Qiushui zheng said, "What things?"
Kang Jiesheng sighed a "Tang Rou corpse"
-In the storm, Xiao Qiushui, a dangerous cliff, fought a decisive battle in the night. "Iron-fisted ghost" Fu Tianyi Tang’s soft body was rushed to the surging river. Later, Xiao Qiushui tried his best to find it everywhere.
Now how to give Tang Da embrace in instead?
Xiao Qiushui stepped forward and said, "If we still want to ask Tang Daxia to understand this matter, we will dispose of it by him."
Kang Jiesheng still stopped in front and said, "Can’t go."
Xiao Qiushui wonders, "What?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "Because Tang Ruan has a sword in his chest."
Xiao Qiushui’s strange way is that "Tang Rou is behind Zhongkun’s back."
Deng Yuhan connect a way "sword ash how can leave tang soft chest? !”
Zuo Qiu detached, "At that time, even the sword ash was thrown into the river by Fu Tianyi!"
Kang Jiesheng shook his head and sighed, "That sword is not Kun." His eyes looked at Xiao Qiushui’s way, "The word" Xiao "was written on the sword" and then he said, "That’s your sword!"
Xiao Qiushui was shocked by Deng Yuhan and Zuo Qiu’s detachment.
-Xiao Qiushui’s sword ash left Tang Ruan’s body, but Tang Ruan’s body was discovered by Tang Da.
-others won’t suspect Xiao Qiushui killing Tang Rou is strange.
Kang Jiesheng looked at Xiao Qiushui in his hair and said, "Where’s your sword?"
-Xiao Qiushui won the three unique skills of "Huanhua Sword School" when he fought against the "iron-fisted ghost", and "flying over the swing in chaos" turned the sword into a flying flower, and of course, the sword ash was discarded.
Xiao colchicine acerbity way "how could I kill tang soft! ?”
Kang Jiesheng sighed, "I believe it, but will they believe it?" After a meal, he added, "Will Tangjiabao people believe it?"
Deng Yuhan said, "I can be Xiao Qiushui."
Zuo Qiu detached, "We saw it with our own eyes."
Kang Jiesheng sighed, "It’s good, but if Tang Da recognizes that Xiao Qiushui killed Tang Rou, he also denies that you are out of it."
Xiao Qiushui said with a wry smile, "If we still have to see Tang Daxia"
Haven’t entered the hall then vaguely heard Xiao west building roar.
Xiao Qiushui’s heart is cold. He is fearless, but he is most afraid of his father.
Besides, Xiao Xilou warned him never to provoke "help" people before he went out.
Now he didn’t provoke and actually killed the iron-fisted monster in the "Nine Days and Ten Places" of "Libang"!
Xiao Qiushui’s heart is cold at the thought of his father’s anger.
Zuo Qiu detached can’t help but ask "How many people are there in the hall?"
Kang Jiesheng said, "Xiao Shibo, aunt, Tang Daxia, family teacher and uncle Zhu."
-Xiao Xilou is the master of Huanhua Sword School.
-Xiao Furen’s original surname is Sun Guiming, and Huishan is the only daughter of Sun Tianting, the old head of Cross Huijian.
-Tang Da is one of the most famous heroes in Tang Clan.
-Kang Chuyu Kang Robber was listed in the list of seven swords fifteen years ago.
-these four people can afford great things together.
-Uncle Zhu? Who’s Uncle Zhu?
Kang Jiesheng said, "Uncle Zhu-Uncle Zhu Xiawu"
Xiao colchicine three people all changed their faces.
-Zhu Xiawu nicknamed "iron clothes, iron hands, iron face and iron net". Anyone who has an injustice in the Jianghu should take care of this person. Once he knows who is right and who is wrong, he will not be lenient.

Charlene herself went to a far away place, and Charlene herself didn’t know how far away it was.

Charlene said at that time that if she wanted to be conscious, she would continue to go in and explore this virtual … limit.
And there is a creature that can bring Charlene back.
The appearance of this creature can make Charlene come back here with all the knowledge she has encountered so far.
Now the blonde manager thinks Kathleen is the kind of creature that can bring Kathleen back.
Because it can feel … Lynn’s dream ability. At that time, Charlene said that the creatures were the same.
So it took Kathleen to a place where Kathleen could return.
This place looks like a stargazing room.
That is, a hemisphere, and the surrounding walls are covered with gorgeous stars.
"Charlene will come back here," the blonde manager said to Kathleen. "Come and have a try."
Chapter one hundred and ninety Regression
"Go to that distant place … and finally reach its end …"
Lin Veronica … It is this place that looks like a’ stargazing room’.
Here in the stargazing room, Lynn can really feel Charlene’s … feelings.
I feel like I’m constantly moving forward in the virtual space, drifting towards the virtual depth.
Counting the scenery around Lin, they appear and disappear instantly.
This feeling lasted for a long time before it slowly stopped.
Lynn found Veronica in the dark. This place is similar to the virtual scenery.
And Veronica is in front of that … Lynn has been looking for a figure.
….. Charlene.
It is looking at the darkness ahead, reaching out and not knowing what to touch.
Lin looked at it and slowly drifted past, and Sally seemed to respond to Lin’s arrival.
"Sure enough, you found me." Charlene suddenly stopped and slowly turned to look at Lynn.
"Are you …?"
This Charlene gives Kathleen a very different feeling of playing that role in front of her hiding place. Simply put, it is similar to a very’ friendly’ feeling … as if it is part of her own thinking.
But Lin still tried to ask a.
"… yes," said Charlene. "You should know that. You should be able to feel it."
"But although I had a guess, I was really surprised to see you here …" Charlene floated to Veronica and looked at it carefully. "I can also feel that you have … grown up a lot."
"You are really …" Kathleen also looked at Kathleen carefully. After a while, Kathleen poked her face with her hand.
Indeed, it has an unprecedented familiarity with Lin, which seems to lead directly to the depths of consciousness.
"How do you want to feel one more carefully?" Charlene grabbed Kathleen’s hand and said, "This is no problem."
"So what are you doing here?" Lin continued
"This is the virtual end," Charlene said, looking at the darkness behind her. "I’ve been traveling in this direction."
"I didn’t expect it to be the farthest place in this virtual world," Charlene said. "There are so many things to experience, but what surprises me most is that this place has an end."
"Of course, you are not talking to me at the end now, but you … going to the’ side conference room’ … will activate a part of my consciousness to stay there, and you are talking to this part of my consciousness now."

At the same time, all the excellent graduation theses of Grade Five must go through his hands and be re-examined by him before they can take effect. He also has to’ hand in’ some key theses for Zhang Yi to decide!

Chapter one hundred and forty-one Flash war broke out.
It’s already one o’clock in the morning in the middle of the night, and Xu Huaijin is still at his desk.
Xu Huaijin couldn’t help shouting at the excitement.
Aside from the adjutant of the chief of staff, Qiu Long took a surprised look at the chief of staff. At ordinary times, the chief of staff is not so excited that he has lost his manners. What kind of good things have happened?
Outside the office, I was ready to go home after dealing with justice. Duan Qirui came in and was surprised and asked, "What happened to the chief? You are so excited, but Taishan collapsed in front of you and didn’t change your color?"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Zhi Quan, haven’t you left yet? I think you’ve been busy and gone back first. "
Duan Qirui laughed. "Chief, there are so many things to backlog these days. How is it possible that I’d like to go home early? I have realized the difficulty of your chief. I’m a little busy when I’m busy with the army alone, but you are also supervising the armament school. Alas, I really can’t compare with this’ fine’ force."
Xu Huaijin laughed. "I don’t want to be so tired, but there are some things that you can’t let go if you want to. Alas, I am a natural hard worker …"
Duan Qirui asked with a smile, "Don’t talk about it. What makes you so happy to tell me!"
Duan Qirui handed a few pages to Duan Qirui and said, "Let’s take a look at Zhiquan. The Chinese Revolutionary Army is going to produce earth-shattering talents again! When this gentleman comes out, he is afraid that the heroes will be easy to change, talents and talents! "
Duan Qirui took the paper over to meet, and the first line was written in slightly larger handwriting: Study on the Principle of Blitzkrieg in the New Weapon Age!
Duan Qirui was shocked and watched carefully. "Since the Western Gas Revolution 40 years ago, the world has changed with each passing day, which is overwhelming. The advent of great physics research science has also brought great changes to the development of weapons in the future war. The emergence of explosive drugs has directly promoted the power of weapons to rise sharply, while the emergence of special metals will prompt firearms to buy a new level; In the future, when automobiles appear, weapons will be transported. In the war, the marching speed of the army will be huge, and if things are different, they will be prepared for change. The change of war form will prompt the army to emphasize the importance of "sex" in future wars! In this paper, it is discussed that the idea of flash war will also emerge as the times require. The future war is to destroy the enemy’s sex at a flash speed and hit the enemy hard before it reacts. This is the core of flash war! ……”
The more Duan Qirui looks at his heart, the more dignified he is. What kind of person is this? This article will lead an era in the future!
Xu Huaijin smiled at Duan Qirui. "How did Zhiquan get scared? To be honest, I was scared, too. This person has to let him head first when he is armed!"
"Yes, I should avoid the road and let him head first!"
Duan Qirui strong self-suppression heart shocked’ shock’ murmured.
Xu Huaijin slightly arranged a table case and said, "Come on, let’s not stay. Come with me!"
Duan Qirui one leng asked "go? Where to go? "
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Where to? Of course, I went to the presidential palace and handed this article to the instructor. I think he will jump with excitement! "
Duan Qirui suddenly realized that yes, such talents must let Zhang Yi know for the first time!
Two people hastily packed up a few military papers and galloped away to the presidential palace by car!
At this time, Zhang Yi just lay down to rest and was alarmed by Xu Huaijin Duan Qirui.
Zhang Yi came to the living room and asked, "Huai Jin Zhiquan, what’s the emergency when you two come over late at night?"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "The instructor has something to do and is in a hurry. It’s just a happy event!"
Zhang Yi’ Jing’ God quickly asked, "What is the great event in Huai Jin?"
Xu Huaijin put two military papers in front of Zhang Yi and said, "Look, instructor, this is an officer who graduated from armament school this year. It can be said that it is a peerless elegance. Haha, let’s have a bright star in the Republic of China. This is a country that is not as advanced as the German military equipment. What can English enemy warships be like? It’s not a problem that we have so many talented military generals sweeping the sky in the future! "
It’s rare that a shock in Zhang Yi’s heart can make Xu Huaijin excited like this. It’s really rare for such a rigorous person to come to the middle of the night to find himself after a military paper.
Zhang yi hurriedly pick up to watch carefully.
Zhang Yi was amazed while watching, and her heart was full of shock. This is the most famous theory of flash warfare in the past world. I didn’t expect this world to be given out by China people first!
Xu Huaijin said, "How did the instructor not let you down?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "Well, it’s really the wave behind the Yangtze River that pushes the wave before it. Two years ago, three armed men just came out, and this year, a more brilliant general star came out. This is definitely an epoch-making masterpiece! Although it is in its infancy, almost all the key points have been covered. Haha, once our tanks are successfully developed in the future, this theory will be officially implemented! Ok! "
Zhang Yi laughed and Xu Huaijin said, "And this is not bad. When he comes out, he wants to transport our current automobile engine to our heavy artillery infantry guns so that our heavy artillery will not be dragged manually. Once it is successfully developed, the marching speed of our army will be doubled and a large number of artillery logistics personnel will be liberated to enhance our comprehensive combat power!"
Zhang Yi took this paper again. Well, it’s another good article. It’s an excellent idea to transport automobile engine technology to artillery, and it’s also an epoch-making rise for artillery technology! This is the theoretical basis for us to develop self-propelled artillery in the future.
Zhang Yi asked excitedly, "What are the names of these two students in Huai Jin?"
Xu Huaijin laughed. "Isn’t that simple? Their names are still sealed in the left corner. It’s already the highest level here. Let’s play on the spot so that we can see their names for the first time. This will be the moment to witness the birth of a great general! "
Zhang Yixiao uncovered the left corner seal and saw two papers with two names Chen Hai! Zhuge Qing!
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Joy begets sorrow
Zhang Yi nodded excitedly and said, "Huai Jin, I can’t wait to meet them. Call Moqi immediately and ask him to inform them to go to Beijing immediately. I want to meet them in person!"
Xu Huaijin nodded. "That’s a good instructor. I’ll talk now!"
Xu Huaijin said this and took one look at the words of Fengtian armament school and dialed out.
A long time ago, there was a voice across the street. Xu Huaijin sank, "This is the presidential palace in Beijing. I am the chief of staff. Xu Huaijin immediately put me on the phone with Moqi, the dean of the armament school!"
The other party promised a transfer.
For a long time, Moqi’s lazy voice came out over there. "Hey, who’s bothering me so late? If it’s another tiger commander, they’ll be cut off one by one. I don’t want to hear their voice!"
Soon estimate MoQi heard the people around you answer immediately shouted "what? Presidential Palace! Chief of staff? Give me the words quickly! "
Xu Huaijin listened to the "chaos" over there, and his heart was a little funny. Now the General Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Presidential Palace has moved to Beijing to be afraid of Moqi. These are really governors from all sides, and the local tyrant is afraid that the day will be too comfortable!
At this time, Mo Qiyin has arrived across the street. "Hehe, Brother Huai Jin, why did you call me so late today?"
Xu Huaijin said happily, "What? Moqi, when you were young, did you get drunk after we left? You should be careful. Once you commit something, the instructor will clean you up! "
Moqi listened to Xu Huaijin’s voice with a teasing mood and suddenly said easily, "I just heard that the novel is the presidential palace. I was so scared that my neck was in a chill. I finally came out to play mahjong twice. Your sister-in-law gave my brother a holiday today. Haha!"
Xu Huaiji was angry and laughing. Moqi was so small that he was afraid. Marrying a wife was like a fairy and eating Moqi to death. Moreover, he was afraid of the instructor’s outbursts.
Xu Huaijin laughed. "But little brother, I am the president’s office to call you. Our instructor is right next to you. He can hear you clearly! Haha! "
Mocky was suddenly surprised. Why? It’s really the presidential palace!
At this time, Zhang Yi has robbed the words and said, "Moqi! It’s me! "
Mocky got a fright and even stammered, "Instructor, what are you doing? Looking for me behind the door? I’m not a tiger. He dares to do anything. I’m honest …"
Zhang Yi was amused by Mo Qi’s words and criticized, "Look at your * * * * little promise for a few days and I’m always happy not to bother you!"
Mocky immediately turned to worry and laughed. "Instructor, what is it that you and Huai Jin are looking for me?"
Zhang Yi laughed. "The excellent military graduation thesis of armament school has come out this year. Huai Jin just brought it to me, but Moqi, you did a very good job and deserve praise! That Chen Hai Qiu Long is absolutely extraordinary. I appreciate their views very much. You immediately inform them to leave for Beijing two days early in the morning. I want to see them in person! "
Moqi one leng didn’t expect Zhang Yi to meet them in person!
The students of Fengtian armament school have graduated for five sessions, except for the first session, which was attended by Zhang Yi, a senior officer. What’s worse, this is President Zhang Yigui.
Soon Moqi was dumbfounded. This time, I really played big. Although Chen Hai’s usual grades are among the best, it is not the best. It will also be able to rank in the top 50. In this Qiu Long ranking, two people have already been seduced by Jiang Baili for the first time. Now I’m afraid that it’s hard to say that the instructor wants to see people every day. Isn’t this fatal?
Mo Qi muttered, "Instructor, can you delay going to Beijing for two days?"
Zhang yi one leng some didn’t respond to come over, don’t you meet a armament school students have to queue up?
Zhang Yiyin some deep up and asked "what? Mocky, is something wrong? Still have something to hide from me? "
Moqi became nervous as soon as she got started. "Instructor, this Chen Hai Qiu Long is no longer dedicated to armament school …"
Zhang Yi frowned at Xu Huaijin and asked, "Don’t you know that Huai Jin, Chen Hai and Qiu Long are no longer equipped for school?"
Xu Huaijin was surprised and said at once, "Instructor, because I am already in Beijing, if some daily matters are still decided by me, it will have a very adverse impact on the school, so I have put some forces such as student transfer to Moqi and them, and I don’t know about the personnel changes in the school."
Zhang Yishen said, "Huai Jin, your idea is very good, but now it is a critical moment, and the army is facing large-scale personnel changes. How can extraordinary laws be so careless?"
Xu Huaijin took the words and said, "Moqi, I asked you what the situation is now. Where have all Chen Hai Qiu Long gone? Haven’t they all graduated yet?"
Moqi whispered, "Eldest brother, isn’t this a special period? Nearly 10% of the officers in various regiments and armies have been’ pumped out’ and transferred to local posts. Now there is a shortage of intermediate officers in various armies. So both of them have been transferred by a tiger’s eldest brother. I don’t intend to put Mukden in the air, but to keep Heilongjiang …"
Xu Huaijin was surprised that Zhang Yihu got involved, fearing that things would not be so simple. This little boy never knew how to behave!
Xu Huaijin shouted, "Moqi, tell me the truth. How many graduates of the armament school have been released!"
If ten people are still reasonable, they won’t have much influence. If you want to come to the instructor, you won’t be too investigated!

Across from the azure virtual beast, a statue of the same giant octopus with perfect pink feet suddenly rose, and every time it waved, it made a bright silver dragon forward.

Chapter two three nine five Ten Fairy Kings
Tianyu’s two whirlpool-like mouths were instantly repelled and the whirlpool disappeared. Luo Xiangfei, Su Xiaoning and a large number of monks and flying ships were freed from forced traction
In an instant, a virtual beast roared wildly in everyone’s ears.
The big octopus is like a giant wrist in a pastry shop, like a giant pillar and a silver pike, like a long dragon, and every attack bursts out like a gangang Long Ming.
The huge size makes everyone desperate. The virtual behemoth and the octopus can retreat in front of each other. They can cross the virtual reality and are not afraid of the storm. The body can’t resist the silver dragon’s puncture, and the body is pierced with blood holes like a fountain.
It’s dripping with blood and smell.
Riding the flying sword crooked and taking off again, looking up at the sky, Luo Xiangfei suddenly said, "That’s one of the top ten famous immortals around the arm fairy gentleman agarwood bodhi old zu …"
Su Xiaoning also said with a full face of excitement, "It’s a classic record that the arm fairy gentleman Bao Ketu’s body can be transformed into a chapter, and the silver dragon’s lamella gun is like a dragon, and the enemy’s arms are invincible, and the enemy’s arms are annihilated in an instant …"
Bao Ketu, the arm fairy, turned into a chapter. The silver dragon lamella gun is one of the top ten immortals around Sun Hao, the ancestor of Terran.
The first master of Chen Xiang’s ancestors.
The combat power shocked the ten thousand people in China, and by the time it was nearly ten thousand years old, the ancestral fame of the agarwood people had become the first master in China.
The ancestors of ten thousand people, Chen Xiang and Lao Zu, may have been very powerful monks even if they ran away.
The strength may have reached the Mahayana First Man.
In addition to the high dragon, it is rare to show up once in ten thousand years, and the agarwood ancestors may have few opponents even if they are empty.
Of course, it’s everyone’s guess as to what the real situation is or not. After all, Brother Zhong Xu doesn’t know much about mystery, is it hard to say?
What really makes the virtual rise of the clan is not only the bodhi old zu agarwood, but also the powerful and extremely fit monks who have risen around the bodhi old zu agarwood.
One person has to go to heaven!
There are many talents around the ancestors of Aquilaria sinensis, and the Terran Aquilaria sinensis really has a prosperous scene of letting a hundred flowers blossom in the year.
Chen Xiang Lao zu Qing Tian yi Zhu
The Ten Immortals of Aquilaria Resinatum
Every immortal has a great reputation and spread far and wide. In recent thousands of years, he has shown great strength and great fighting capacity, which shocked all ethnic groups.
The top ten immortals have their own characteristics and strengths, and they have all set foot on the fit.
Bao Ketu, the arm fairy, is a middle school student.
The battle of Arm Fairy King’s fame is the key battle of the top ten races of Terran.
In the vast sea area, thousands of elite sailors surrounded the Terran harbor, and the tide surged and the water flooded the fairy mountain.
In this battle, Bao Ketu, the immortal king, went to battle.
Bao Ketu, a pink boy, warned the Hai people to retreat quickly.
The Hai people ignored it and threatened to destroy the Terran harbor. Jade Dragon was killed by the Terran Godsworn and avenged.
When the war broke out, Bao Ketu became the overlord of the arms, and the chapter of dominating the sea was difficult to invade by the sea.
Most of the tens of millions of sea tribes were killed, including a fit-time fighting force in the Baoketu Silver Dragon’s lamella gun.
After this war, the Hai nationality was greatly weakened.
Terrans step on the shoulders of the sea tribe to reach the top of the virtual top ten.
There are more than ten immortals around the Terran camp, like Bao Ketu. These are brothers or brothers around Sun Hao.
Xuanyuan Dragon King, the real dragon fairy, is said to be the strongest among the top ten immortals of agarwood ancestors.
Xiao Yu, the immortal king of Erlang, often has a friend around him, a local dog, and a dog are playing hot. Some people think of the ancient myth that the true king of Erlang was named Erlang Xianjun.
However, the strong fighting power is not the local dog around, but the incomparable physique and super-large magic power. The first world war is to trap a fit and powerful person in a large secret spell and then beat his opponent to death by virtue of his strong physique.
I am afraid that the lights of Xianjun Yilu can turn into ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is more invincible than the ground sprint.
The most powerful ability is to break away and collapse the rival giants in the battle to attack the city and pull out the village to become famous. The wall towering thousands of miles away killed 100 thousand giants in one bite.
A river of blood, children stop crying, and they are so scared that they have to cry.
Xia Chuan, the last butterfly fairy, has to understand the origin of the last butterfly from two aspects, the transformation ability of the two terrible poles.
When he becomes a dusk snake, a pair of eyes will give his opponent a feeling of doomsday dusk, and when he becomes a butterfly, it will bring unparalleled beauty and fantasy.
However, no matter what kind of transformation, people feel stronger than fighting ability, or perish in the end or die in fantasy. This is the last butterfly fairy.
The silent immortal Xiang Daewoo is said to be the elder brother of the agarwood people, who cherish words like gold and are calm and powerful monks.
Usually, it doesn’t seem that it’s not particularly bad to tell Daewoo’s name, but it’s just that he has special respect for him.
If there is no fame, no one will rest assured of this taciturn monk.
It was the royal brother of Yunpan clan among the top 100 races who took a fancy to Silent Fairy King. A female brother didn’t know that this was the ancestor’s pulse, and she grabbed it and provoked Silence Fairy King to Daewoo.
An array of heavens and the earth directly enveloped the holy city of Yunpan clan. It took Xianjun a whole hundred years to completely erase the holy city of Yunpan clan from the void.
In one hundred, the Yunpan clan lost their lives every day, and tens of millions of monks were bleeding into the mountains. During the whole process, Daewoo always looked as usual and did not move like a mountain, even if his opponent was fit, it would be of no help to curse and persuade him.
After destroying the holy city, Daewoo will also kill the whole Yunpan clan’s own female brother and be buried with him.
At this time, the bodhi old zu agarwood came forward and said, "Enough!"
Bow down to Daewoo, and then bow down, knock three times and worship nine times, and leave.
We have sinned against the silent fairy, that is, the way of genocide is terrible.
No race is willing to offend such an enemy. Later, there was an argument among the ten thousand people in the middle, that is, the bodhi old zu agarwood deliberately used the Yunpan clan to bully the younger brother, and there was not much connection with the silent fairy king!
As a result, no matter how beautiful the Terran female is, and no matter how suitable she is to be a furnace tripod, her race dares to move around casually.
Maybe the bodhi old zu agarwood will use the topic to play
It is not difficult for the Terran to destroy a race, but it is a legitimate reason to do so.
If we say that if we offend the silent fairy, we will encounter genocide, then the last thing we want to encounter is the four spirits fairy.
Si Ling Xian Jun is a collective name that represents four earth-shattering monks around the ancestors of Aquilaria sinensis.
Four Spirit Qinglong Wang Yuan; Four spirits Suzaku Zhu Ling; Zhang Wenmin, the four spiritual phenomena; Si Ling Dang Kang Zhu Pang
The four spirits represent the four sides of heaven and earth and also represent the patron saint of heaven and earth.
The four spirits usually don’t play alone, and their appearance times are also the rarest. When they appear, they are often accompanied by the ancestors of Aquilaria sinensis.
When they appear, they often shock the moment of war.
Every time they appear, it means a really big event in China and the virtual world, or it’s a time for the Chinese people to celebrate the outside world.
Or when agarwood and bodhi old zu fought to really strengthen the clan.
As a result of the four spirits, the heaven and earth were set, and the opponent could escape. It was difficult to fall, and it became a magical combination. The four spirits and the agarwood ancestors joined forces to fall for more than five people.

The mosaic of mulberry flowers was blown down by the autumn wind and fell to the ground in the forest. Two pairs of young girls were reluctant to sleep this night.

Hundreds of Sect in Seven States in Tiandong.
There are 100 statues of the guardian, 12 stars and 12 famous and powerful people.
They live in seclusion in the twelve star rivers, even if there are hundreds of patriarchs, it is hard to meet ordinary people.
However, at this time, there is a rich and jade-like looking Lanling teenager in a time-honored temple in the twelve star rivers. That said, Jun Mou played a black-and-white game with nine planets’s cat.
In the center of the temple, there are 19 chessboard battlefields engraved on the earth, which occupy the whole hall.
Who will win or lose a game in Zhongzhou in this long and short day?
"Three years ago, Luoling was killed by your uncles, but I didn’t find that map. Although it seems to have been put on hold for three years, the rivers and lakes have already been raging. Now Yanbailou has entrusted her palm to the old guy in the Pu Yuan, which has caused the world to stir up. Does her think that I should take a move in this matter?" The cat star lit up a black ghost every once in a while, which was like being killed by Samsung and Luoling turned into a black fog.
His breath is long and distant, his manners are elegant and free and easy, and he lives up to his reputation as a jade gentleman.
He is quite similar to the young man across the street.
Huiguang’s flashing eyes stared at the nineteen chessboards of the spreading hall, like deduction and calculation.
A moment later, the boy smiled.
"Master’s peace of mind is to stay on the mountain when this dish ends in Zeyu …"
"oh? You’d say … "
"In fact, all this is just the imperial art of the Yanbailou. Imagine if the sky is not in the hands of Luoling, who is most likely to fall into it?"
"Of course it’s his main Yanbailou."
"Since ancient times, I have to die when I want to be a minister, but Yan Bailou has become loyal, but I have sent a foolish loyalty to Luohe in error." It’s a pity that I let out a sigh when I looked at the young man who gradually dispersed the black fog.
"So you think everything is Yanbailou trick? False rumors mislead the world to return the sky to Luo Ling’s hand, which has long been in his pocket, so that the perfect White House God will take the initiative to do a lackey and slaughter Luo Jia’s house, so that the world will be furious and punish Luo Ling to force him to appear? "
"This is my brother’s speculation about the truth. If my brother worships in the monastery, the princess will be able to get to the bottom of it since she was a child."
Chapter Tiandong people are as good as jade, and the world is double.
Zeyu, a famous young gentleman.
It’s a twelve-star nine planets cat.
This teacher and disciples sit and talk about the sky, and everything seems to be on their feet.
Every game they play is a deduction of the general trend of heaven.
It’s better to calculate thousands than days.
The door is still open!
There is also a teenager living alone!
And the real picture of the country is his body!
The teenager has been away from the world for three years, and now he is in the mountains!
The goal is to go to the monastery!
They will be classmates in the near future!
This is providence!
Law deduces providence!
Pu Yuan is located at the junction of Dayan Empire in seven states in Tiandong, which is a holy place in Tiandong, independent of the separatist regime of this group of heroes. In addition to hundreds of cases, there are also Jiange in Kunlun Mountain in Zhongzhou, which is comparable to being free from war and the world of mortals.
Over the years, the teaching concept of educating people in the college has naturally cultivated many celebrities. Many experts in the seven states of Dayan were students who came out of the college. In addition, the college has made great contributions to summing up and carrying forward the six-character Taoist scriptures of practitioners.
The Puyuan built on the mountain is a famous Pucheng with four access points.
Connecting the fortress city of Dayan Empire in seven States, Pu City is naturally a constant stream of contacts.
Especially in recent years, Tian Yingjie has gathered here to make this Bodhi city noisy and prosperous.
General Yuwen, Yan Lingwei, secretly escorted Cher and Luo Changfeng and other people all the way, and never encountered similar assassinations and successfully arrived in the city of Pu.
This is due to General Yuwen.
Yan Lingwei, the most elite of Dayan Empire, is the new leader. How can you really lose your princess? Otherwise, this Yan Lingwei is already unnecessary.
After being stopped by Jiang’s parents, Yan Lingwei of Luohe County found that it was unreasonable to make a decisive move and then left smartly. Jiang’s parents always complained that the tiger fell to Pingyang and regretted not taking his 3,000 brothers with him.
General Yuwen discovered Cher’s whereabouts in the forest, but it was not easily exposed.
As Cher said, I have never seen the outside world since I was a child … Yuwen Valve, after all, couldn’t bear to add a pair of chains to her, so Yan Lingwei’s brothers secretly followed all the way and got rid of those sinister stumbling blocks to clean up all the way, in exchange for a happy journey.
When I first saw Luo Changfeng, Yuwen Valve felt a sense of familiarity and intimacy. But after three years, Luo Changfeng’s appearance has changed a lot. From Luomen to a bowl of water, a steamed bread can satisfy the determined young man’s thin face and slender head.
Besides, Luomen was robbed all his life, and he personally verified the idea of taking the lead and recognizing that his eldest brother Luoling was also killed. The fire was just a doubt and there was no more thought.
The Youlong cold gun is a magic weapon with a handle, which is very spiritual and has long been put away by Luo Changfeng, otherwise his identity will be exposed with this Youlong gun.
Li Zhai-zhu and his party sent Li Xingyun to Pu City, and then they said goodbye to everyone outside the city. They were hired by Li Xingyun Village, and naturally there was no need to stay. The mountain outside Pu City is the courtyard, so although the dragons and snakes in the city are mixed, they need to worry about the order and security.
I believe that if anyone in this city dares to pay attention to the students in the future school, they will die miserably.
Cher and Ling son are finally relieved.
Two pairs of teenagers walk through the wide and busy streets, and people of the same age are everywhere. I’m afraid it’s a long time before they get familiar with the city.
"Come on, come on, come on … the hospital released the list."
"What? Has the hospital released the list? "
"Hey, wait for me …"
Every year, the enrollment of Puyuan will be officially assessed. The list released three days before the exam is not the list of the winners, but the list of matters needing attention in the examination subjects of this year’s admission examination. Those students who want to enter Puyuan are prepared in advance.
The crowd around me was surging, but Cher clapped her hands and turned around and smiled. "Let’s go and have a look at the list of Changfeng Big Brother Hospital?"
Haven’t ask for the consent of Luo Changfeng ling son is excited to pull up cher hands two people ran past first.
Li Xingyun muttered behind him, "It’s strange that she has a letter of recommendation. Why are you more anxious than me?" ……
There is a hall of learning in Pucheng, and this place is right in front of the hall.

"The practice in front of us is not because of the hard practice before we can enjoy life happily today, isn’t it? Whenever I have some opportunities for four senses, I will bite my bullet and fight, but this is not without it. "

Sword Academy dude wavered.
Do you want to stop high skin for a few days? Just a few days.
"By the way, where’s Mei Disha’s senior?"
He wanted to call his junior Mei Tisha younger than the three of them because he changed his mind when he thought of Mei Tisha’s current strength and status.
When I heard his words, I was lying on the side and applying a mask. The elite of Rose Academy said, "Senior sister went out to practice. You know that senior sister is different from us. She is not only the dean of the four senses, but also said that senior sister has a great chance to set foot on the throne of the six senses. Of course, she must practice hard."
"Ah, I envy you."
"I envy you, too."
"Who isn’t?"
Rose elite said suddenly remembered something like, "By the way, didn’t senior Mei Tisha leave us some special mobile phones? It’s called … It’s called that the mobile phone can pick up some blue stars from the surface, and it’s said that it’s well paid and can be exchanged for many treasures that we can’t get in Sword Flower City?"
That’s right. So the three of them didn’t care much before.
They are all flat people, and they don’t practice. What’s worse, they work for Blue Star?
They are the elite of sword flower city, representing the facade of sword flower, which is even more impossible to work.
Absolutely impossible!
"But Sister Medisha seems to have taken orders face to face?"
"Er … senior, there must be something she means to investigate the level of blue star. Yes, it must be so. Senior Mei Tisha is too serious. Why don’t we?"
Warsong elites shake their heads and sigh.
The elite of Sword Academy is the strongest among the three, and has left some ideas to be praised as "the future flower of sword flower". It seems that Mei Tisha is a blue star who has become more extraordinary. I thought of it here and looked for it and finally turned out the phone that was thrown in the corner.
He took out the charging link, plugged the mobile phone into the socket, and waited for a long time to press the button.
Soon a somewhat monotonous mobile phone interface appeared in front of him.
There are two apps.
One is to receive
One is the buyer.
It’s extremely gray. It rings at 1: 30 …
Seeing that he has been staring at the mobile phone for a long time, the battle song elite and the rose elite are both a little strange.
"What’s wrong with you, senior ash?"
"Take a look at the mobile phone!"
"Oh oh you shout what roar …"
The two men plugged in their mobile phones and tossed for half a ring. The office fell into a strange silence.
Or the mouth of the rose elite.
"Is it true that the exchange of the extremely gray senior is true?"
"It should be true. You forgot that senior Mei Tisha gave us a few bottles of medicine some time ago, probably from the face."
Very gray paused. "Most of the things on this side are not unusual. Some of them are precious. We have no channel to buy them or swordflowers are not qualified to buy them, but Bluestar seems to have a chance?"

The boy who looked around him didn’t see the clue, but Fang Han stepped forward, his eyes flashing with unpredictable light, and he said decisively, "Good on the surface of the field."

The law enforcement elders withdrew from the ring with a cold face.
At the same time, when counting the breath, a cloud of light floats from the ground and golden light shines everywhere.
Xiangyun’s beautiful face appeared again, and her clothes became latosolic red as blood. It was dazzling, and she looked at Wu Yue with a kind of Gherardini expression, which was somewhat frosty and fairy, and she felt a sense of condescension.
And the phoenix bracelet is suspended and slowly floats around the fragrant cloud, and the color of the phoenix bracelet has deepened a few minutes and a few more bloody flame runes have been added.
"Hua Xue Yuan Jin Dan Dacheng!"
Fang Leng said, "This is a shock to my brother outside the stadium!"!
Glancing at Wu Yue Xiangyun coldly, he said, "Did you ever get what you wanted by trying your best?"
Wu Yue barking is a force to fight again and lose heart like crazy towards Xiangyun that Wu Gou is still shaking hands.
"Hum!" The law enforcement elder snorted. He planned to see if Wu Yue had repentance before deciding whether to expel him from the venue.
Now see Wu Yue stubborn law enforcement elders don’t mention it to flicker and a sharp palm strength straight split Wu Yue’s back brain will instantly suppress him outside waiting for the Buddha’s mercy.
Deacon brother suppressed for a long time and finally breathed a sigh of relief and announced, "This time, Cui Xuanfeng sent his brother to win!"
Looking back at the direction of the Bamboo Sect, Xiangyun slowly withdrew from the Buddha’s bucket with tears in her eyes.
Looking at the healing from the land again, several people are horrified by their own faces, but they are madly injected into the colorful vortex from the land. The vortex does not expand, but accelerates the rotation and finally melts a colorful crystal into his body at the top of his head.
Long one breath Aoki Buddha eyebrows slightly wrinkled way "this tactic has been put to the limit left to see the chance"
Gold, cyan, and dark green flash across the land in turn and then disappear. Red, dark, dark purple, and dark blue brilliance once again transform into a four-color ring outside the land to blink and shrink.
Guanghua disappeared from the land, closed her eyes and blinked her eyes. Suddenly, the whole person suddenly started to print the tactic with both hands again and again, prompting the truth. The majestic cloud and gas fog surrounded the body. The ebony aura and the sunflower aura were repeatedly breathed out by the land, and the strange light flashed, and the cloud and gas dissipated, and the momentum soared. The brilliance in the eyes of both hands was just like being unscathed.
Look around, everyone is breathing again and again. Seven people from Cuizhu Sect, together with the elders of Aoki Buddha Bamboo Wind, are all exhausted. They are almost unable to move, but their eyes are full of relief.
Quickly pick up the master and ask in amazement, "What is this, master?"
Aoki said, "You don’t need to ask more. This is a recipe. Only by integrating seven people can you heal your injury."
After a little consideration, Lu Li hurriedly thanked several senior brothers and sisters. Then Lu Li suddenly remembered something and looked at the direction of the spring peak. At the moment, he looked at the ice mark on the moon, and his eyes were relatively blinking, which surprised everyone in the Cuizhu Sect and shook his head with shame.
They don’t know what they are thinking, so they sit cross-legged and fine-tune their physical strength to absorb some spiritual power.
At this time, I met the news that the law enforcement brother announced Xiangyun’s victory. I looked at it hurriedly, first with joy and then frowning, and then with my eyes slightly narrowed, I kept looking at Wu Yueshen.
Xiangyun looked up and woke up with a smile at the corner of her mouth. She hurriedly accelerated the flyby and brought up a strong breeze. If it weren’t for waving her hand and spreading an enchantment, this array of risks would scatter the seven healers in weakness.
Looking at Xiangyun’s joy, he said, "Brother Lu, have you recovered?"
Lu Li said indifferently, "It’s good to borrow the strength of many senior brothers and sisters from Master, so as to save the danger, suppress the demons and cut off the floating dust and other thoughts."
Zhao Suyun, Ye Guhong and others are also quite happy. "You are the only one who is expected to win the championship, and you must be careful not to have any more accidents."
Lu Li nodded, and everyone noted that Wu Yue, the younger brother of Yu Cuizhu’s Cuixuan Sect, returned to the younger brother of blood coagulation and was covered by a blood mountain trapped in a sacred enchantment. They also did not know that there was a kind of dialogue.
Lan Feng was embarrassed. He was very optimistic about Lu Lixiu. He wanted to talk about each other in depth, but the situation was embarrassing.
Glanced at Xiang Yunlu’s face and turned slightly to coagulation peak, showing a biting color in his eyes.
Lan Feng’s inconvenience will once again turn to the situation in the Buddha’s fighting field.
In the first round, the two hundred brothers caught each other and fought each other, and gradually entered the end.

In the fierce flame, an outstretched arm crashed, each arm holding three bells, bows and arrows, swords, ropes, cobalt hooks and so on.

A head sticks out and there are angry faces on all sides.
As soon as he appeared, he suddenly rushed at Puguang and called him like a weapon in his hand.
Puguang knew that he wanted a quick victory.
Immediately, ten rounds of incantations were hidden in the mouth, prompting Prajnaparamita treasure building to be surrounded by the blossoming lotus treasure building.
Every time the solar fire instrument calls, a lotus flower flies out to block the attack.
When the lotus dissipates, the fire attack is also offset.
And Puguang also happens to take this opportunity to make a defensive posture.
The Buddha mantra in the mouth keeps chanting and blessing the Prajna treasure house, and even the ten drums in the hand can’t be moved.
Stand LingQing looked at PuGuang line heart secretly nodded his head.
When they attacked the city, Shi Fan immediately asked Abe Chong if he wanted to stop the competition and let them sometimes go back to resist the invasion.
"We are guests, but we can also help your country resist aggression if necessary."
Abe Chongwen smiled and laughed. "It doesn’t matter that we are safe in Beijing but one of the strongest cities in the world."
It’s not a place where anyone can be presumptuous.
Regardless of him, let’s continue to communicate. "
Zhang Hongren looked back at the rear view stand, where the Emperor lived.
"Don’t need to guard the emperor from? The defense here should be better than that in Beijing. "
Abe Chong’s pupil shrank slightly and smiled unchanged. "No guards around the Emperor’s position are not lost to Ping An Jing."
Besides, it is not good to sweep the emperor’s interest because of these little things. "
Zhang Hongren nodded and said flatly, "Yes!"
It is this insipid tone that makes Abe Chong wonder what he means by this sentence.
Do you agree with the strong guards around the emperor? Or some regret is too strong?
Or don’t believe it?
Before he wanted to release Brahma, he smiled gently. "Since Abe’s adult has confidence, let’s continue to look at the young players."
The vast Ganges River is full of Buddhism, and it’s hard for me to get a glimpse of it all my life.
You and I see from different angles, and this cognition is naturally different, as far as Yan Puguang and Xiao Wang are concerned.
What Puguang has repaired is the method of storing earth and the method of participating in sunlight and fire. Although the starting point is different, they are all Buddhist … "
A long speech can’t help but dispel the strangeness in Abe Chong’s heart and attract the attention of the famous spring monk to discuss with him.
Zhang Hongren and Ling Qing have also extended their mouths from Buddhism to Taoism.
On the Road of Practice from the Perspective of the Changes of the Laws of Everything in the World
Chapter one hundred and ninety The arrival of orochimaru
This is not only the explanation of Buddhism by Buddhism and Buddhism by Buddhism, but also the confirmation of their own practice through the great battle between Fang and Ming Quan.
Unconsciously, the attention of both sides has been placed on the party battle and the current discussion.
Even when the emperor was around, there were more than a hundred immortals, and there was no interest in them.
Of course, even if Ling Qing devoted himself to the theory of Taoism, he also had two places at once to note his direction.
I saw warriors, swordsmen, yin and yang teachers, monks and gods in this group.