"There is a light tone in the palace, and my sister won’t rob you. Please eat more quickly." Alone, Alo couldn’t help but insert her hand, mango, and stuffed the enthusiasm into Long’s left mouth. She almost didn’t shake Long’s left eye.

After being blocked by mango, he left his mouth. Well, he can see that this guy is deliberately not letting him talk!
the other side
Looking at the bed quietly with a face of bitterness, the man’s eyes are slightly dark.
It seems that you can’t remember that she can’t touch mangoes at all.
What is the sudden discomfort in my heart?
Because SICU ward can’t carry bacteria, even if the two people wear sterilization, they can’t stay long according to hospital regulations.
So when the light tone returned to the bedroom, the whole person looked at the table and the mango was stunned.
Is it really because of the past three years?
The dog can’t remember that she is allergic to mangoes, and even offered to let her try them?
She knew that she had no position to complain that dogs didn’t remember her habits. After all, she disappeared for three years in the dog world, even if she didn’t remember the details of her diet.
Besides, dogs have no sense. They must remember her living habits.
It was her previous episode that would leave enough impression on the dog. After all, the dog was really beaten at that time ———————————.
Candea district rental house
"Yinyin, I made you a dessert. It’s delicious!" Wearing a cartoon T-shirt and carrying a bowl of fruit sago, the dog is very flattering to the woman.
"Ah ~" The woman lying on the sofa with her eyes closed and wearing a mask opened her mouth when she heard the man’s words.
The man’s eyebrow eye curved spoon filled with pulp and fed it to the sofa.
a moment
The fruit fragrance overflowed the tip of the tongue, and the woman who had just been successfully fed suddenly sat up from the sofa without caring about the cucumber slices, and looked at the sago in the man’s bowl.
"Mango? !” The woman was shocked and couldn’t believe that she had just taken a bite of what she had avoided most in her life.
The woman suddenly got up and moved, which made the man suddenly surprised and didn’t respond, so she got up and knocked over the bowl. The whole sofa was splashed with sago mango meat, and it was wet and slippery at the female arm and calf.
A hysterical scream overflowed from the hut, followed by a beating and a man’s whining.
Recalling that the dog’s ugly eyes and injustice were so ugly that he couldn’t help laughing softly, but when his eyes fell on the black mango on the front table again, his face was still smiling for a moment, and his mouth suddenly froze and his eyes were lost and revealed a few minutes.
She is naturally allergic to mangoes, but any pulp that touches the skin will be red and itchy, not to mention eating it.
Although she knew that the dog was not to blame for the accident, she realized that she still gave the dog a good beating.
More importantly, even after the beating, she felt sorry for the dog, so she thought about it. For example, when saving the situation, the dog actually apologized to her with a face of injustice. That bitterness made her feel that the dog was really cute at that time, which made her determined to have a good plan for the dog in the future.
Chapter 23 Suspicious familiarity (11)
"Sister, try this mango. It’s super delicious!" I’ve been thinking about staring at the mango in the ward in front of me, and Alo refused to move her eyes. As soon as she returned to the bedroom, she quickly peeled off the mango and put a large white jade plate full of pots, which was sent to the person.
Sister Qingyin must like mangoes very much. I just stared at the pulp in the ward and couldn’t move my eyes. What a lovely look!
While talking, Alo quickly poked a piece of mango with thick pulp in the spoon fork and sent it to the female mouth.
The light tone suddenly woke up and wanted to refuse "I don’t"
"What are you doing!" A burst of unabashed trembling roar saw a shadow from outside the temple, and suddenly there was a light sound. Without hesitation, she knocked the fruit bowl in Alo’s hand to the ground.
For a moment, the pulp fell to the ground and the juice splashed.
Almost at the same time, the man seems to be afraid that the juice will splash on the person behind him after protecting himself.
"What are you doing!" The man’s fox pupil is suffused with monstrous anger, and Alo’s sight is cold and cool.
The most feared sound is mango, not to mention eating it. Even the juice will turn red when it rubs against the skin, and then it will itch and swell.
When renting a house in Candea, he didn’t know that Yinyin would be allergic to mangoes, but he also made an afternoon tea for Yinyin according to the dessert in the palace, and he was almost beaten to death by Yinyin.
Until now, he still remembers that the sound and body were terrible, and the allergic rash lined with white skin made him look horrified. How dare he make such a low-level mistake again!
It seems to be the first time I saw Jinze at night, so she was so angry with murder that she was so scared that she was in tears that she couldn’t even pick it up when she was slapped by a man. She trembled and quickly reported that "The temple, the temple, Alo didn’t do anything."
Carol was really scared. Not only was she stunned, but even her mind was blank. She was so surprised that she forgot what she had just done.
What did she just do?
She, she seems to be preparing to feed her sister Guangyin mango. It seems that this is it?
She, she simply feeds mangoes.
But what temple would be so angry?
And what about the murder all over?
She, she didn’t do anything.
"Pack up and get out of here!" Night Jinze’s eyes forced people to chill for half a minute before turning around and dragging the guy behind him into the temple.
Seemed to be shocked by the sudden anger of the man, or perhaps finally noticed the abnormality. The man dragged his hand and whispered for the first time without resistance. It was a pair of dark and beautiful eyes that glanced at mango’s eyes full of doubts.
Is it her illusion?
What, does she think that at the moment when Jinze rushed towards her at night, the line of sight really fell on Alo to feed her mango pieces?
Then she was blocked behind her as if she was worried that the fallen mango would splash juice and touch her feet?
I couldn’t help twisting the light tone between the eyebrows. I looked at the dark and bright eyes of the man before dragging myself, and there was a strange look again.
Night Jinze just wanted to stop her from eating mangoes, didn’t she?
But what should be stopped?
For someone who doesn’t know her, Alo’s reaction is the most normal, and she has only known Noe Jinze for a day or two. To some extent, Noe Jinze is the same as Alo. Why is Noe Jinze’s reaction so strange?
just as
It’s like knowing that she is allergic to mangoes.
"Did you know me before?" The light tone suddenly came out of sight with a frown and left the man in front with a face of doubt.
Chapter 24 Suspicious familiarity (12)
The words sound just fell and the man’s figure in front of him suddenly froze, dragging the female wrist hand like a scalded one and quickly shrank back, even the footsteps came to an abrupt end.
The light tone looked at the doubts in his eyes and stepped around the man’s front with a suspicious face. "Did we know each other before?" How else would you know I’m allergic to mangoes? Have we met before? "
Even the dog doesn’t remember things. How can this newly-recognized fox family temple be so clear?
Hearing a series of questions from women, and then seeing women looking at themselves seriously, Jinze has always been accustomed to the high night, and suddenly became inexplicably cramped. A pair of animal ears burned people and didn’t dare to go out for a long time.
Should he tell the truth according to the sound?
Maybe now is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?
After all, the more he cheats, the more guilty he will be in his heart. If he confesses now, maybe he will forgive him a little.
"I think we know each other. Where have we met?" Seeing my predecessors’ eyes faintly dodging my light voice, I am more convinced that my guess is accurate.
Night Jinze really knew her long ago!
But for a moment, there was a loss in women’s eyes
But it makes no sense!
Jin Ze’s appearance at night is absolutely amazing and unforgettable. If she has seen him, she can’t forget it!
Is it true that people in front of them have a crush on her?
So never appeared in front of her?
So she doesn’t know the person in front of her?
After all, since she came out of the slum, she has been dressed as a bi-bloodline fox and beast. It is not impossible for someone to fall in love with her at first sight. Didn’t she often get accosted when she took the dog street?

Ten minutes later, Coulloume’s cold voice came over. "The scale of the target appears. One battalion has light tanks, six armored vehicles, ten self-propelled guns, ten armed pickups and hundreds of other vehicles!" He is the sight of the 12.7 mm anti-equipment sniper rifle in the hand of the heavy sniper, which allows him to see far and accurately, and his report can’t be wrong.

Amadou pulled out the triangular army thorn and put it beside him. He pulled it out at the first time after playing the light bomb himself. He said into the earphone, "Soldiers die gloriously like a man!"
No one will talk, and naturally there will be no rhetoric.
Major Robert, Battalion Commander of the Heavy Artillery Battalion of the 1st Marine Division, is in a very depressed mood, which is still thanks to the British! If the British pilot dares to appear above his head, he will not hesitate to ask the launch site to invite him to talk with the missile!
Here’s the thing.
An hour ago, the heavy artillery battalion was advancing when an armed helicopter suddenly jumped from behind.
Out of the word is two "Tao" anti-tank missiles! 1a1 is more durable than Soviet tanks, but the top of 1a1 has always been a tank shelter, and 1a1 is no exception. In two loud noises, the armor on the top of 1a1 of two cars was smashed out of a big hole in a bowl. Half a second later, a flame wrapped in a lot of debris rushed out from the inside. It seems that there are few living people inside. This is the first time that the heavy artillery battalion has suffered casualties since landing, which has caused such serious damage to them. It is actually a "Bobcat" armed helicopter of the British army! When he angrily asked the pilot if his eyes had a long ass, the man was silent for 20 seconds before answering that it was a mistake to hit your sister. 1 Tanks are very different from Soviet tanks and Chinese tanks. Military idiots all know that this is not the poor who can afford tanks. Will Belan people have such a good tank? Robert was so angry that he wanted to call the helicopter and let the idiot stay where he was. Then he aimed the cannon at the helicopter and swept hundreds of fucking shells. Then he asked the idiot what it felt like to be hit by mistake-if the idiot had not been beaten to a pulp!He reflected this situation to HQ. Strangely, he always preferred to eat ashes rather than suffer losses. The teacher suffered such a big loss that he didn’t say a word. At the same time, he was asked to control his emotions and not to fall out with the British. At the same time, he should be careful not to let people fly over the friendly fighters overhead. The weakness of the teacher made the major puzzled. It was not until after the end of the war that the situation was very chaotic three days after the start of the landing war that there were many incidents of accidental attacks in the Coalition forces. It was polite that the big bobcat accidentally hit two tanks, like the Gallic plague chicken missile unit, but it was the A platoon of bombs was flying all over the sky. The Spaniards regarded the first armored unit of the First Marine Division as an old enemy-the 12th door of the 1st Mountain Division of Batie was heavily shelled for fifteen minutes! Of course, they themselves are not much better. Up to now, they have shot down three fighter planes of the coalition, including one f-14 and one f-16, and even threw two laser-guided bombs at the mouth of a British division. Fortunately, they didn’t explode, otherwise it would have been a good show. The results were so brilliant. How dare you ask the teachers to protest against the British accidental strike?
"Damn it, it’s better to go it alone!" The major thought angrily.
Just think about it. It’s impossible to get rid of those net losers and go it alone. If you really want to get rid of them, maybe they won’t be helping but dragging their feet. This is politics.
Although so many unpleasant things have happened, the results are not satisfactory. The First Marine Division has been smooth sailing since landing. The enemy has been bombed by the army. The powerful marine corps has not met with decent resistance. Just keep pushing forward. This land rich in gold and diamonds will soon be filled with stars and stripes. What could be more pleasant than this? Well, we have to speed up a little bit. The troops in front have fished out all the oil and water!
A shot interrupted the major’s meditation. The tungsten steel armor-piercing bullet broke through and skillfully nailed an armored car with an armored body. It was not strong and armored. Where could it afford such a blow? It was immediately hit by the armor-piercing bullet. The speed was slightly reduced, but it was still fatal. The driver’s head was not wearing a helmet, and his brains and blood were immediately blown out and splashed everywhere. The armored car was out of control. It staggered out of the road and ran into a self-propelled gun. Unfortunately, the driver of the self-propelled gun was also killed by a sniper. Man-controlled self-propelled artillery caused the second accidental strike of the heavy artillery battalion today-overturning the heavily armored body and squashing the armored vehicle. Several soldiers inside were immediately squeezed into a paste by cold steel! A second of dense bullets poured in and hit the road …
Chapter 60 I’m back (2)
The speed of the searing bomb is hundreds of meters per second, and it’s just that the people in the eye decide to give priority to the bomb. Whoever dares to block it will be in great trouble. Those soldiers who are chatting and dancing in front of it are not as simple as it is this time. They broke in with the bloody bomb and hid in the tarpaulin of the truck. They were wearing it all over the place, and the blood blossomed in the car. It’s not too big to say it’s not too small to stay, but it’s absolutely impossible to avoid the dense bullet shooting. Nine marines were shot and killed in less than one second!
Looking out, Major Robert jerked his head, and a bullet slashed air billow’s head, scraping his scalp and hurting his heart. But tell him that the heavy artillery battalion was ambushed by the enemy. This time it was not a mistake! This is not fun. The heavy artillery battalion is a high-tech unit, but the soldiers’ individual combat ability is very poor. The enemy’s bullets have been fired from 300 meters recently, that is to say, whatever paladin’s self-propelled howitzers are, it’s best to use automatic rifles and rocket launchers at such a close distance, but these are really not, not, not very good at them! The major quickly ordered that "all self-propelled guns immediately retreat to the infantry to destroy them!"
The self-propelled artillery slowly retreated-can’t get up quickly! The armored vehicle roared, while the chain machine gun smashed the ambush position of Shuguang commando into fireworks, and rushed over like a head showing sharp fangs. The furious wild boar ran into the opponent and swept the branches and leaves near the individual bunker like a string of shells and lightsabers. Two commandos quickly leaned out of their hands and aimed at firing two rockets, dragging a beautiful tail flame. "rpg!" The eyes of the armored car gunner were bigger than pig urine bubbles, and they roared out a notorious name. The armored car swerved to avoid it, and almost threw a crew member out. At the same time, several rounds of artillery shells hit a rocket launcher, which made him into a bloody fog, but this could not save it. One rocket missed the other, and the copper alloy bullet cap was nailed to it by mistake. It melted like a piece of candy when it hit at high speed, sticking to the surface and bouncing off the serial warhead. The speed of the crew members did not decrease. When they heard the last explosion, the narrow car body was so terrible. This is the time when China prepared a big gift for the Soviet -62 tank, which penetrated the 62 thick armor. When the border conflict between the two countries was the most tense, every anti-tank shooter of the Chinese border guards prepared thirteen anti-tank rockets for himself. With thirteen anti-tank rockets, there is no need to keep one bullet for himself. If the recoil is too strong, people will be shocked to death. This weapon, which has been tragic since the beginning of research and development, is gradually fading out of the stage. The Republic of China has more advanced weapons.
The mission has been accomplished, but Belan, a weapon of this kind, is on the street. In the past month’s war, at least 300 anti-tank soldiers fired more than a dozen such rockets in succession, and then they vomited blood and fell to the ground and never got up again. Of course, the armored forces of the NATO Coalition forces suffered heavy losses. How can such an anti-tank rocket hit an armored vehicle?
Amadou lured him by shooting a light tank three times in a row, silently estimating the distance and feeling that it was almost enough. He grabbed the detonator and scolded him, "Go to hell!" Press it hard to boom! Three thunderbolts exploded at the same time. The track of the impulsive tank was blown up and hit a big stone. When the tank hatch was opened, a bloody hand was shaking and stretched out, and then an equally bloody head was leaned out. Then an anti-tank rocket hit the tank. The head was carried by a fireball and flew to the half.
After eating several heavy artillery battalions in a row, those guys finally learned and roared, grabbed the -16 rifle and jumped into the car to play. Of course, it was cool, but one rocket could send a truckload of people to the sky. It was too dangerous to hurt. Self-propelled mortars knocked down several trucks that were in the way and fired at the commando positions repeatedly. After the whistling, there was a deafening noise, and the flames soared and shrapnel flew everywhere. Two commandos were blown into pieces by the explosion wave like dolls, and then fell off by sprinkling a shower of blood. Door 1 mm caliber mortar fired the first shell at the most densely populated place, and immediately blew up a row of firebombs. The mortar itself blew up a pillar of fire. If it didn’t retreat, it would be a dead end, but it would also be a dead end. A rocket chased it in the middle of the frontal armor and lit it into a ball of fire.
Major Robert was furious and fought for so long, and he also found out how strong his opponent was. There were few people, but he just tied his own battalion with his excellent military accomplishment! Although this battalion is not an elite infantry, it’s strange that thousands of people can’t chew just a few dozen Miao people out and don’t make people laugh off their fangs! Seeing that an unorganized attack was repelled by the other side’s understatement, the major roared, "Self-propelled artillery fired at me. All armored vehicles and soldiers with rifles were pressed down for five minutes. If we can’t destroy this enemy, we will have to put our faces in our crotch to meet people!"
How can you let a self-propelled gun fire at such close range? I’m used to playing high-tech marines in the face of this kind of hand-to-hand bloody fighting, but I really can’t adapt to the self-propelled artillery. The barrel of the gun is almost put horizontally, and the first round of shells is fired at the commando position like a tank. There are not many shots so close. What kind of laser guidance is nonsense? The artillery bayonet fight is a patent of the Chinese army. They can’t learn it. Let’s just consider this round of shells as morale boosting.
Despite such heavy artillery, it is not the flesh and blood of the infantry. This body can withstand the shrapnel falling on the commando position, which is almost submerged by flames and shrapnel. Several commandos are carrying rocket launchers and firing at approaching light tanks. The fire is so scary that they disappear completely. There is not even an ID card left to cover the heavy artillery battalion. A company of infantry is pressed with 12 armored vehicles, and every individual bunker of the commandos is cracked open. It seems that some bombs are shot into the commandos’ chest with mud. An angry spray is sprayed. The fire tank rushed to the muzzle, spewing out a pillar of fire and falling into two bunkers. These two bunkers instantly turned into fire pits. The two firemen screamed and jumped up and didn’t come to beat a fire. They were hit by dozens of rounds of artillery shells and turned into minced meat. Seven meters away, light infantry and mechanized troops will always lose.
Amadou’s face is as heavy as water, aiming calmly and shooting accurately. The list of casualties in the heavy artillery battalion is refreshed over and over again. Every time a pinch of chamber flame is ejected from the muzzle of the 9-type automatic rifle, a marine is bound to fall to the ground and wail. Manganese steel armor-piercing bullets can’t even stand armored vehicles. Are they wearing bulletproof vests? Several mortar shells and shrapnel fell around him, and he became a bloody man, but it was no surprise that he leaned out his rifle and fired again and again. A marine figure was exposed outside the armored vehicle, and you were the best! Three catapults in a row hit him in the left chest, and at least two hit him. He tore open the bulletproof vest, got into the chest, shot through the heart, pumped out two blood arrows, and succeeded with one blow. His horse shrank back and called "Machine gunner cover me!" He must change the magazine.
The machine gunner was also injured. A -16 rifle bullet hit his abdomen, and it flowed out of his intestine. He just stuffed the intestine back and couldn’t even care about dressing it. His face was distorted and he rushed toward the Marines. The bullets swept like a sickle. The marines were forced to lift their heads. When they came to the armored vehicle, they swept a string of shells. The machine gunner was beaten to death, and the machine gun was smashed. At the same time, Coulloume steadily shot a tungsten steel armor-piercing bullet and knocked on the driver’s head of the armored vehicle. Amadou took the opportunity to throw out two high-explosive devices.
Coulloume walkie-talkie called "mid-team leader, we must retreat! It’ s over to fight the entire squadron again! "
Amadou roared, "where can we go back?" Can we outrun armored vehicles? ?”
Coulloume said, "I still have sixteen rounds of ammunition to resist your horse and lead people to retreat. Just leave a machine gunner to stop the pursuers with me!" He emphasized that "our squadron has sacrificed enough and can’t die any more!"
Amadou lips duo
Looking at a player whose leg was cut off by a machine gun, he was swept into the armored vehicle track and roared, "The players with mobility difficulties left others to retreat!" Two smoke bombs were thrown in a row and then aimed at the direction of the marines, and a magazine was severely shot up. Only then did the dead machine gunner leave the machine gun to cut off himself and retreat while shooting. Three players who lost their marching ability were left behind, not because the captain didn’t want to take them away, but because they took them away. In the end, the whole squadron had to die, and the last blood of a squadron could sacrifice them. These abandoned soldiers turned a blind eye to the roaring shrapnel and the pouring bullets, and the deadly bullets didn’t stop for a second. Tim’s precise killing of just four people forced the Marine Company to struggle. When they thought it was over, they smashed the rifle in their hands and sounded the last Grenade. Such a tenacious opponent made the marines feel a thrill …
The battle finally ended. The company commander walked up to Major Robert with an intact automatic rifle and handed it over to Major Zhanli. He smiled. "Type 9 automatic rifle is the best automatic rifle in China. Where is its owner?"
The company commander pointed to a flattened bunker in the distance. "When he died, he tried to throw a Grenade at us and was killed on the spot. Even if we didn’t shoot him, he would die, so he had already been hit by eleven bullets … Can you imagine one? He was hit by eleven bullets and fought until at last when we ejected through his chest, there was not much blood coming out. "
"Respectable opponent …" The major sighed. "Does Allen have that feeling of returning to Annan?"
The commander of Zeng Annan’s service commander nodded. "They are very similar to Annan people, and they will fight to the death until the last drop of blood is exhausted."
The major returned the war profit to the captain. "Bury it next to its master … Allen, I have a bad feeling that if one third of the soldiers in this country are like them, we still can’t win this war!"
Alan Wei wry smile "I’m afraid more than a third ….."
They ran nine kilometers in one breath and got rid of the pursuer Amadou. Now there are eleven people left in the whole squadron, and everyone is injured. In the bloody battle just now, they killed 30 marines less, but the whole squadron is almost gone. This is a battle without winners.
Coulloume didn’t come. Maybe he will never come again.
A team member casually stuffed a small piece of individual rations into his mouth and asked, "What should we do if the captain picks us up?"
The player pointed to the station and shouted "broadcast!"
Broadcast? What radio can make a commando so excited?
Amadou said, "Turn it up!"
Fortunately, eleven players heard the sound of the country, which was a tired but firm old voice. "Belan, all the citizens who were ravaged by war, all the soldiers who were in desperate situation but still did not give up their duties, I Nimra Makazi came back!"
The president is back!
Amadou slowly turned away, and all the players knew that the captain didn’t want everyone to see that he was in tears at the moment.
Chapter sixty-one I am back (3)

Sebas sat back on the sofa and looked at Lu Chen after all this.

"But I don’t think you are in a hurry at the meeting today."
Lu Chen looked at the mobile phone and there was no news from Mila. Mila said that she took the mobile phone back to the executive department for technical analysis.
"It seems that the young lady has a good opinion of you. You are a pure soldier and don’t know much about politicians."
Sebas smiled. "Of course we are worried about Miss’s disappearance. At least I am worried, but I can’t let others think that we are in a hurry. Is it so white for Commissioner Lu?"
Liu Chen nodded his head to show that he understood.
But he’s a little dizzy
"This incident involves unknown forces in the mixed-race society, and perhaps there are insects like him in the school management family. If we mess up, some people will be very worried, but Commissioner Lu and the Laurent family will be even more worried."
Water Sebas skillfully washes tea leaves. "There are some things that we can show them that they want to see, but actually we have to do the opposite. Do you know how many pairs of eyes there are in the venue today? More than half of the families have school managers behind them. I am doing it for them."
"Did he confess?"
Lu Chen looked at the table half dead and half alive.
Sebas sighed, "Befens Laurent is a high-ranking family member. He has been in charge of managing supernumerary personnel for many years, but he is very loyal to outsiders. He has tried all means and didn’t name the people behind him."
Then he took out a USB flash drive from his chest. "The torture was very long. This is a video. If Commissioner Lu doesn’t believe me, I can go back to the Equipment Department for verification, but I will make a long story short when I save money."
Lu Chen caught the USB flash drive and put it in his trousers pocket.
"Alice, before they came to Nantes, a record was deleted by this guy. She should have contacted someone at that time and was bewitched."
"Second, did you ever think that he would kill Alice and Su Lin at the same time?"
Sebas’s eyes are meaningful.
"Su Lin … is also an object to be silenced."
Liu Chen’s red and golden eyes lit up.
"Sister Milanella, I will be fine, right?"
Mia looked at Milanella around her and asked timidly, she was taken to a manor and said it was a temporary office of the executive department.
"Mia, you’re gonna be okay."
Milanella consoled. At the same time, she flipped the executive department in her hand and called out a lot of information in Alice’s mobile phone through her brain. After searching it again, she found nothing unusual, but in recent weeks, all the information has been deleted except the one dealing with Su Lin.
Throwing these and a log file written yesterday caused Milan to draw attention. She asked the executive department to crack the encrypted file and typed it, only to find that it was a bunch of garbled words.
"What is this?"
She printed out the information for Su Lin to see. I believe that the technology of the executive department should not crack the garbled code caused by encryption. That is to say, Alice wrote it like this. It is like the encrypted newspaper during World War II. Only people who know how to crack it can understand it.
What a cautious man. It’s hard to unlock the phone. It’s right to be safe inside
"It’s Alice’s original language. She likes it to keep a diary."
Su Lin brought them here and looked at the eyes and explained
"Can you translate?"
Milanella looked at each other.
"Can you give me some time and pen and paper?"
Su Lin and Alice have been together for a long time and can barely understand the language created by Alice.
After that, he took a pen and paper to a side table to write and draw, but his expression gradually turned into shock and weirdness, and finally calmed down
After about ten minutes, Su Lin got up and came to Milanella and said, "Alice did accept an invitation from an organization and has evolved."
"Didn’t you notice anything about Elizabeth?"
Milanella stared at Su Lin’s eyes, but the other person nodded calmly.
Just then the table was connected to the brain and the cell phone rang. It was Alice’s cell phone.
To show that it’s a strange number, Milara motioned the executive department Commissioner to trace the source of the signal, and everyone in the opposite room could hear it after the call.

Xiao Zhou is not excited by this. His steady breathing has made him enter that state of selflessness. He will follow his feelings, look for targets, and resolutely shoot them one by one.

Fire fighting figures have fallen … and the fire has spread uncontrollably in all directions. To be continued.
Chapter 592 Killing
Most of the wooden houses in the village are easy to catch fire, and the wind is burning more and more.
After the initial blow, everyone in the village hid, and the fire burned in the dark. Xiao Zhou aimed at the other side with a cold hum. An oil lamp blew and broke, and kerosene leaked out of the kerosene heater. Xiao Zhou fired another shot, and the oil lamp fell and "boom" a rotor emerged again.
Two figures rushed out of the wooden house with a big broom to put out the fire. Chou did not hesitate to pull the trigger and shot them two times.
Xiao Zhou took care of the new fire source and burned again. The response from both sides almost swallowed up the whole village. It seemed that more people ran out of the burning wooden house. One or two people wearing red hats also shouted to evacuate the crowd, but these people first became sniper targets and were quietly killed by Xiao Zhou.
Without organization, the scene is even more chaotic. Nothing in this world is more pitiful than a group of panicked people who ran out of the burning wooden house with weapons and buckets in their hands, trying to put out the fire and trying to fight back, but all in vain. The enemy doesn’t know where? I don’t know how many people can’t hear or see the guns. People are constantly being killed and screaming for death.
They shouted and ran, and many people fell down, some were killed by bullets, and some were trampled and injured. Those strong Red Army soldiers who were attacked didn’t know what they should do. They shot at the sky and night to give themselves and everyone courage, but it aggravated the chaos.
Some frightened people ran out of the wooden house, came into the house with something in their arms, and ran out again, then ran around in the firelight at a loss, and the family shouted at each other.
This is a tragedy, and even women and children are involved. The crackling fire is burning more and more brightly, shining on the frightened faces of these people.
The blazing fire is convenient for Xiao Zhou to be killed by bullets, which seem to come from every dark corner. One by one, the crowd is full of smoke and chaos.
A group of people who woke up ran to the entrance of the village, carrying bags with their children in their hands, and also rushing horses, cattle, sheep, people and livestock. The tangled luggage made the chaos worse, and the fire animals jumped up.
A few bullets flashed in the darkness and knocked the first few people to the ground, but the people behind them pushed forward without paying attention. Some people tripped over the body and trampled on the injured people behind them.
There were groans everywhere. Some people were frightened. Those people were scared. Some people dispersed to the back.
An officer-like man came out of the eaves with several soldiers, and several rifles fired indiscriminately in the direction of Xiao Zhou, but they didn’t know the specific location of Xiao Zhou’s hiding. His rifle had silencers, silencers and silencers, and Xiao Zhou cleverly concealed them. These Red Army guerrillas didn’t undergo unified military training. Although they could know the enemy’s shooting direction, they still knew the specific location of snipers by law.
And Chou won’t let them have a chance to fight back.
At this time, Xiao Zhou’s confidence has been greatly enhanced. He remembered that when he learned to swim, he could never learn the dog crawl in shallow water, but he couldn’t float. Later, one day, he jumped from the reservoir dam with his nose in his hand and sank to the bottom of the water, and then he floated after pedaling his feet … Now this kind of scene is just like learning to swim at the beginning. The best thing is to have the courage to hold his nose and often jump over that hurdle with ease.
Now Xiao Zhou has a feeling that he has become a real gunman.
Xiao Zhou shot off the heads of these soldiers several times in a row, but eventually sealed off the area less than 100 meters wide at the exit of this small village.
Behind the small village is a swamp, which used to be a place easy to defend but difficult to attack and defend, but now it has become a dead end.
After a long night, the village was burned to ashes, and the debris braved the smoke and lost their homes. The villagers squatted in the alley with soot and the wall behind them, and the sniper could not hit the place.
It was quiet outside, and the vicious dogs stopped barking and the guns stopped, but no one dared to get up because they knew they would get up and kill a foreign case with a cold shot.
The enemy has blocked the way out of the village, and a torch has burned the village, which can be said to have completely cut off the villagers’ way of life. In this despair, some people are gloomy and indifferent. A woman is sitting against a pile of walls to breastfeed her baby. There is a man wearing a Red Army hat opposite. One leg is burned and the wooden beam is crushed. He is also leaning against the wall leg, bleeding and calmly filling the rifle one by one.
Xiao Zhou stared at the opposite village, and he felt like a king’s landing. These lives in the opposite village were in his hands. If anyone dared to show his head, he would not hesitate to shoot the target.
It’s all Anna … and it’s also a proof that she is a qualified gunman.
A child came out of the village crying. When Chou saw it, he recognized the little girl he met last night. She was still holding half-bitten white bread in her hand, and she couldn’t bear to finish it … The little girl kept coming to the village. Her eyes were a little dull, but they were even more dull. No one stopped her, even though she knew it was dangerous to go out like this. Because the enemy sniper was a ruthless sniper, he wanted to kill all the villagers. He had no reason to let her go.
But no one stopped her. Maybe everyone was numb. Maybe everyone wanted her to explore all the way to see if the enemy sniper had left.
Xiao Zhou’s muzzle glanced warily ahead, but it didn’t aim at the little girl … he wasn’t cruel enough to shoot a little girl.
Opposite the village is a village where Red Army guerrillas gather. He can kill all the adults there because they are enemies and targets of the army, but this girl is not.
At this moment, a man wearing a red square hat and civilian costume stretched out a hand from the next low wall and waved to the little girl and shouted, "Come out and come here!" "
Xiao Zhou Ma aimed at the low wall and forced himself to hit the outstretched arm. He had to wait until the best time to shoot him. The best time.
But if the little girl continues to walk to the village, the man shouts again and suddenly bends over and rushes out to the little girl.
Xiao Zhou decisively pulled the trigger, and a bullet hissed. As soon as it passed by the little girl’s ear, it hit the man’s head, and the red star cap floated up. The man rushed to the floor, rushed to the side of his head, and the ear came to a little position. Blood and brains flowed out.
The little girl didn’t know what happened behind her and kept walking … along the road in the direction of Xiao Zhou’s visit yesterday …
The sun rose higher and higher, and a tall shadow suddenly jumped out of the grass on the left side of the village in an attempt to rush to the road to break through Chou’s blockade.
Chou sneered at pulling the trigger quickly and the tall man lay down in the middle of the road.
Here, just on the right side of the village, one suddenly jumped out. When Xiao Zhou turned the gun and the horse turned, another bullet quickly left the chamber. This man also knocked down the ground.
However, although the other party paid two people’s price, it also exposed Xiao Zhou’s position and let them know that there was one sniper.
The opposite person is deploying troops here, and Xiao Zhou is also preparing that he will take the silencer and clean up the ammunition. The magazine is full of bullets.
Look at the height of the sun. The comrades in the class should also arrive in Xiaozhou. There are 20 bullets left in their hands and 10 bullets in the magazine. They sneer and say, "There are still 30 bullets left, depending on whether you have the determination to risk 30 lives for my life."
Behind a wall in the village, there was a group of people, men and women, and several boys and girls. They were armed with rifles, sabres and kitchen knives. A political commissar in a square hat and military uniform gave an impassioned speech in front of him until the crowd was furious. With a wave of his hand, the group split into two strands and jumped into the grass on the left and right sides of the village to prepare to rush across the road.
Xiao Zhou gritted his teeth and switched from side to side with a bang … A bullet hit the two ends of the road, and suddenly blood was flying and bodies fell to the ground one by one … Most people were scared back, but a few fierce people crossed the road and got into the bushes by the road, making the branches rustle and the bottom of the bushes surrounded Xiao Zhou’s hiding place.
Just now, a burst of shooting has already exhausted ten bullets in the magazine. As soon as the fastest filling bullets were filled in, a full face of Hu was saved in the bushes in front of the bolt. The Russian opened his chest to show his big belly and chest hair. This is a typical hairy face with red eyes and protruding eyes like bull’s eyes. It looks extremely fierce

It was so terrible that the ferryman quickly confided, "I was a human being whose legs were broken by a rolling stone at work, but my bad wife at home starved me to death and threw me into the river. Three days ago, I was saved by a poisonous gas and went home to eat that woman. Hey hey, it’s a pity that the layman ate it from scratch."

Wu Ming waved his hand and said, "Who listened to your nonsense and asked you who put that poison gas?"
This fellow suffered from starvation and was thrown into the river. Even if he became hungry, he should be trapped in the water. When he was excited by the poison gas, he became a bad corpse and climbed to the shore.
Wu Ming saw that he was sane and his body looked like an ordinary person, and his evil thoughts were too strong to stop.
I’m afraid there’s no such thing as an idle generation. In other words, some immortals have obviously gone astray. "I’ve never seen it before, but I’ve had the same experience, and some people have heard them call it the king of poison and plague."
King of poison and plague?
Wu Ming’s mind moved, and the Lingbao Sect needed him to drop the monster. Most of them were this fellow.
Then he asked, "Where does that fellow live?"
"I don’t know that the king of poison and plague never told us that he came to our places at dusk every day to get a pair of darling children, but today I haven’t met a talented person to try my luck by crossing the river."
The ferryman carefully way
Wu Ming immediately sneered: "Then you can be really lucky."
What good luck is just stepping on shit!
The ferryman denounced in his heart, but it was flattering and begged Wu Ming to let him go.
That poison king must have something to make Zaoge Mountain boast that it is miraculous. If you do it yourself, I’m afraid you will disturb it and let it escape.
It’s better to play along. The ferryman tricked that fellow into learning to be a monkey and playing it in his belly.
Nowadays, King Kong is not bad, and he is not afraid of any machine in his stomach, so he can escape.
"You get up and listen to me. After a while, that fellow will give him a pair of darling."
The ferryman was about to say that he had only one head left, but he was still holding a bamboo pole at the moment. The Taoist priest sat there and closed his eyes.
Hurriedly kowtow and bow down.
"Just do as I say."
"But Xian Chang has no heart here?"
"There will be one later."
Chapter 246 The evil soul ladybug is really a demon who drops the plague.
It’s going to be dark.
The boat was made of human bones and skin sewn into the river and floated all the way to the bay.
Li Gong said that this is where he was dumped.
"fairy long that poison wen king is to the heart of the living.
The implication is that you are a dead man, so don’t use his heart as an excuse to kill him.
Wu Ming said with a smile, "Just give it this."
However, as soon as the hand is taken off, it turns into a disk with a bloody but good heart and a fragrant ferryman who smells saliva and can’t stop flowing out.
"It smells good"
Just then Wu Ming looked up and saw an evil spirit coming from the southeast.
"Here he comes."
When the ferryman heard this, he quickly panicked and told Wu Ming to hide in the boat and punch a hole, but he had long since disappeared.
Heart horror that this person is so important that it is only good to rely on him.
A black fog hovered and fell from it. Knowing that it was the King of Poison and Blast, the Lord quickly picked up the dish and offered it: "Your Majesty, this is today’s offering."
Dry claws stretched out in the black fog and took the plate.
"Hey, today this pair of darling is some rhyme. You are good."
The ferryman said happily, "Back to your Majesty, this is a Taoist whose heart was attacked by a small sneak attack, and he ate it from head to toe.
"Well, it’s good that this mass of blast gas will be rewarded to you. If you meet a good person in the future, you don’t have to be afraid to get involved, so you can be at your mercy."
In the black fog, a cloud of green grass and plague gas fell into the body of the dragon.
"King Xie"
Immediately the black fog flew into the sky.
Seeing this, the ferryman was overjoyed. Not only did he live, but he also got something. He must taste what the Taoist priest said in the future. Now let’s run away quickly.
Then catch the boat to escape to the current.
Wu Ming was born now: "Where are you going?"

"The honorable person is the one who doesn’t always have’ righteousness’."

"What happened here was the original honour person, but he came to Longyou Lake regardless of the danger. How can we, the favored little demons, abandon it?"
Talking to the land Lord seems to be back to the time when he first asked for a letter.
At that time, the land fairy road was cut off, so I had to go to Shinto, but I met the wise and broad-minded old man
[Mr. Wen Rao, when you became a god, you brought the little old man with you to inculcate him]
[It’s a pity that the little old man is dull in talent and didn’t realize your painstaking efforts until today]
[The little old man’s consciousness on one side of the land is not as good as that of an outsider. No wonder it really serves him right that the incense has been lonely these years! 】
Chapter 24 Demonizing Plants
Will that nearly into a fine arc seal after PeiWenDe with a palm golden lotus will instantly disappear.
After reaching Pei Wende’s point, all kinds of magical spells have become natural and can store things. daoist magic has also become a convenient path
It was not until it was determined that the dragon lady never left its breath that Pei Wende crossed the threshold with a calm face and officially entered Zexin Temple.
As Pei Wende imagined, Zexin Temple was covered with all kinds of debris, as if it had not been cleaned for hundreds of years.
It was by stepping lightly on the aisle that Pei Wende left a clear footprint in Zexin Temple.
But those plants that have long been planted with wooden stakes and beams seem to consciously avoid the direction of the gate and leave this sunny area hidden by the eaves alone
Not far away, Buddha statues built on cliffs are dark and covered with moss and lichen.
Looking from a distance, the Buddha carving exposed to the sun always gives Pei Wende a sinister and sneaky feeling, although it looks like vast light.
This feeling not only comes from the extreme contrast of the Buddhist sculptures in the temple, but also comes from the fact that the whole Zexin Temple is not black.
Dropping from the eaves, flowing along the edge of the Buddha carving, and gathering in the trench where vegetation grows …
These can make biological alienation, and black water simply doesn’t give people a different kind of weird and gloomy.
"Nobody …?"
Slightly narrowed his eyes and saw Pei Wende’s hand quietly touching his waist, and his expression was very serious.
Only a day ago, Pei Wende, the director of Blackwater in the Secretariat of the People’s Republic of China, was full of alert for those strange and quiet Blackwater in Zexin Temple.
After all, Zexin Temple has vegetation that covers almost the whole temple, although there are no human beings.
It is a very abnormal situation that these vegetation have not changed after being exposed to black water.
Compared with if these plants suddenly activate into some kind of monster, Pei Wende will feel at ease instead.
"The situation seems to be completely different from what we imagined."
At this time, Xiaoqing, who is wandering in the sky, also returned to absolute being, and looked at this quiet and almost bizarre Zexin Temple with a surprised face.
It’s just that there are no ferocious and horrible monsters, and there are no mice, mosquitoes and animals in such a large temple. This is a bit too exaggerated.
"We didn’t get in first."
Fixed color step forward again PeiWenDe suddenly low explained.
"We have been infected by black water, and creatures will be monsters without realizing those’ monsters’. That’s for us …"
"Look at the plants here carefully. They are not a plant we know."
There was a slight pause in tone. Pei Wende suddenly drew his sword and cut it to one side to cling to the vines of beams and columns.
For a second, I saw that the vine was twisted like a snake, and the place where it was cut by the Buddhist monk’s knife spewed out a dark red juice.
Pei Wende was quite sure that it was definitely not blood, but some kind of mineral pigment similar to blood.
"Maybe real plants look like these plants are also’ monsters’ …"
"Just like we see those monsters."
After saying his word, the vine that was cut off by Pei Wende suddenly dissolved, and his feet and ground were integrated.
Then I saw that the dissolved slate suddenly changed into a stone tentacle and slammed it into Pei Wende.
Pei Wende’s eardrum was hurt by the sound whistling at the tip of the tentacles, but it did not prevent him from wielding the knife again.

Even though the instructor said that the danger across the street was not high, she was scared once, and she dared not enter the terrible world alone.

Even if you really want to go in, you have to ask a mentor to find another thigh.
But since the tutor didn’t ask, well … then don’t try. Go back early.
Leave a bell there for the time being to discuss new trade with the FBI. See you back alone.
"But the bell said …"
"After talking about the order, I will go back and tell my tutor that I don’t want to be stationed here for a long time. I am a medical staff!"
"That’s the exact words of the bell."
An Jian you imitates
Although the bell can talk to him directly and remotely
However, Fang You really didn’t intend to let Yinling stay there. Yinling is not only a doctor but also a chief pharmacist.
Nowadays, a lot of output depends on her. How can she stay secret as a liaison with the FBI?
But it is also important to have a liaison in secret.
Who should go?
Black Knife, that’s impossible. Brother Black Knife is the most important apostle in the organization. It depends on him to train new people.
The punishment is thunder. He won’t be allowed to stay at the material base. Fang You has already kicked him out to work.
Pei Hongjing is the chairman of Pei’s group. There are many practical things. Pei’s security is recruiting people to wake up.
He certainly doesn’t want to come.
Elohi traveled almost everywhere, and occasionally checked her situation and found that the girl’s own organization actually developed.
It’s also amazing
A lot of awakened people have been brought in, and a group of little girls are surrounded. In time, this unreliable organization of Iloshi may actually be reliable and form a good scale.
"It’s not bad for the fire."
"It is equivalent to a peripheral organization that can send talents to the fire."
The Iloshi are the people who pay the fire. He thinks it’s okay.
Of course, Iloshi, she founded this small organization with mixed advantages and disadvantages. We need to wait and filter out the talents who have the potential to take advantage of it.
"It’s too much for a formal apostle to be a liaison."
"Choose a secondary apostle."
The secondary apostle has defects and can call his name directly in his mind, but if modern society wants to get out of the secret place, there is a signal to talk.
And he can still switch the perspective of the secondary apostle even though he is talking with French.
There is no big problem.
The only problem is
"The strength is slightly weak. At present, the secondary apostles are all awakened."
"Little Magic, bring up the panel of secondary apostles."
Master Deng, Gou Ping ‘an, Xu Tian and other two groups of 16 apostles were awakened.
The second batch was just awakened, and he emphasized that it was the first batch of six people.
The highest mystery accumulation is that the light mage has been walking outside to eliminate the evil and clear the road in his heart. At this time, the mystery value has reached 175.
"Soon. It’s only been a few days."
"It’s also that the conditions are different now. The mage often deals with the mysterious evil of two stars and comes back with a wound for treatment."
It can be said that the mage’s fighting style is really fierce.
Mystery accumulation is fast and normal.
His eyes continued to sweep "yi"
His apostles’ mysterious accumulation of 6 ~ 9 is much less than that of Master Deng, but only if you are safe, his mysterious value has accumulated to 173, which is not much worse than Master Deng.
"If Gou Ping-an can be promoted to Erjue this time, it is more appropriate for him to go to the secret place to act as a liaison than Master Deng."
"Don’t be stationed for a long time for a few days and a half months, and there will be many people who can rotate."
"The third batch of membership will soon be confirmed."
"The omen of the treacherous gate in front of Donghuang country has also made the punishment thunder go to him, and he can make a good evaluation alone."
"And Anjianyou, the younger sister, should try again. She can’t delay."
When he walked out of the second entrance to Baijiang office, he saw that this younger sister was sucking milk tea with a happy face.

Move Sun Hao’s face in my heart and show a faint smile. "Sister, when I can keep this medicine mountain for one thousand years, it’s really hard for you. How long are you going to wait if I don’t come back?"

Shou Yuan, the Poseidon, is a Mahayana monk many times more than himself. It’s nothing to call her a kiddo himself.
Besides, the border shepherd and the bag pit the Mahayana monk, and it’s really a little embarrassing to ask her elder sister to hope to bury the hatchet.
Poseidon glanced at his face a little red and his eyes were full of tears. A Bi smiled and said, "I’m sure you will come back sooner or later. Aren’t you back?"
Sun Hao looked into A Bi’s mouth with a smile and said, "A Bi has worked hard all these years. Is there such a great emperor?"
A Bi smiled and said, "Sister Tefei is very kind to me and has done a lot of things for the medicine family. She has helped me to develop quite well in these years."
Sun Hao swept Wu Idle Lang and found that Wu Idle Lang was nodding slightly.
Sun Haobai immediately came over these years, Poseidon kept quite kind to the medicine mountain, and when he came over, the medicine mountain calmed himself quite, and he didn’t feel any resentment. It seems that he needs to thank this cheap sister.
With a bright smile on his face, Sun Hao smiled at the drug god and said, "Sister, you have a heart. I know you are waiting for me. Don’t worry, everything comes to him who waits. I will give you a reasonable explanation."
The medicine god smiled as if he had breathed a sigh of relief for a long time. The whole body turned into a light blue water column, and the soft voice of the medicine god mountain came from all sides. "That’s a good sister, I will wait for you to come over. You are busy first."
She did know that Sun Hao had just come back and had a lot of things to do for herself. She waited for a thousand years and didn’t worry about it at that time.
Everyone is a Mahayana monk. Spitting out words is equivalent to saying that Sun Hao will give her a hand over to treat, so there will be a dead tie-up. It is better to wait for an answer quickly.
Sun Hao nodded slightly in the distance and said, "Good kiddo, take care."
With that, Sun Hao looked to the side, looked at the thriving medicine mountain and said, "Dear friends, you are back."
Medicine god mountain heard the news and the monks cheered "Long live the adult medicine god; Long live the adult drug god … "
Looking at Fang, the monk Sun Hao, who prostrate himself and shouted medicine clan, couldn’t help but feel a strange feeling.
Terran Qianxiu was low-key and calm for thousands of years. Sun Hao didn’t feel anything unusual when he came back. This worship of hundreds of millions of medicine monks came back. Sun Hao felt a very wonderful sense of satisfaction in his heart, and it seemed that his understanding of the Four Great Ways would have some wonderful changes because of these worship.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s sudden transition from low-key to this enthusiastic worship, Sun Hao might not have been aware of this change
This change is so obscure that if Sun Haosi’s great Tao had not accumulated to a certain extent and his understanding reached a certain height, he would probably not have realized it. This is really a strange opportunity.
Sensing the strange changes in his body, Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of Zuwu’s saying that it is good for Brother Mahayana to shelter a race. Now it seems that it is indeed the case.
Sun Hao, who was floating in the air, smiled brightly and said, "After settling down the medicine family, the advanced Mahayana specially went to the Yinxu Mountain to turn the medicine mountain, and entrusted her sister to help guard the medicine mountain, which has developed quite well in recent years. She is quite satisfied with the hard work of all Taoist friends."
Naturally, Sun Hao took the credit for Poseidon guarding the Millennium as his own.
Fang Yiwan Yao Xiu Qi Qi cheered "Long live the drug god!"
In the past thousand years, the medicine family has been threatened by the name of the medicine god, and the elder sister of the medicine god personally presided over it. It is an overspeed development, and the kindness of Chinese medicine needs to be kept in mind at all times.
Sun Hao felt that every medicine repair in Yaoshenshan was filled with enthusiasm like a mountain call and a tsunami, and at the same time he was not surprised that he had disappeared for one thousand years and still had such influence.
With a bright smile on his face, Sun Hao has become white in his heart. What’s going on? Poseidon’s presence has become Wu Idle Lang’s chess. In recent years, Wu Idle Lang and A Bi have joined hands to instill a supreme truth in the monks of the medicine family from the grassroots level, that is, the dolls. Without the medicine god, there would be no medicine family, and there would be no medicine family’s future and day.
Sun Hao has seen the effect, which is surprisingly good.
Wu xianlang, this guy is really powerful, and he has helped himself to cast prestige in the medicine family imperceptibly.
Satisfied with Sun Hao’s brilliant smile, Lang said, "Dear friends, my medicine family is booming now, and everyone should work together with Qi Xin to make our medicine family the most powerful race in the virtual world. Once you get back, you need to know something first. After a hundred days, you will preach in the mountain of medicine, and then you can listen to the Tao in your own abode of fairies."
The drug god preached? The mountain of medicine god suddenly burst into cheers. Long live the sound of medicine god straight at Tianyu.
A Mahayana monk’s sermon is really a serious medicine, and the mountain is boiling instantly. Some family forces quickly sent an emergency call to the foreign executive brother to order them to come back and listen to the story.
Yao Shenshan got busy, and Sun Hao returned to his Yao Shengong, which had been away for a long time, with nine stars.
After listening carefully to the report of the nine ambassadors, knowing a little about some problems and difficulties in the development of the medicine family and determining some directional problems of the medicine family, Sun Hao waved his ambassador to go back and stay in A Bi to fulfill his other important status.
It’s true that even the monks have been closed for a long time and haven’t seen each other for thousands of years.
A Bi cried and became a crybaby. He bitterly bit Sun Hao’s shoulder and left rows of teeth marks.
Of course, this is Sun Hao’s intention to let her bite out the tooth marks to relieve her thoughts. If it weren’t for Sun Hao’s uncontrolled control, women’s teeth would fall apart.
It is true that a long separation is better than a wedding.
If there is no one outside, A Bi will hang up Sun Hao’s body and cling to Sun Hao like a vine.
Sun Hao sometimes jokes, "A Bi, you are a bit like a sour vine. Do you want to live with me?"
Abirou said, "I want a generation to haunt you like this so that you can never leave."
Corleone hey hey smiled and spoke a few words in A Bi’s ear. A Bi suddenly flushed, but his body was getting softer and softer, and he seemed to be able to drop water in general.
This woman is really fierce when she has not seen it for thousands of years.
Sun Hao stayed in the Yaoshen Palace after he sent the message of a hundred-day sermon. He didn’t go anywhere just to appease his woman.
Sometimes Sun Hao is quite emotional in his heart. What do you mean by monk practice? At your height, you are all Mahayana monks. If you want to make progress and cultivate, you have to run around and struggle for roots, so you can’t stop.
Be quiet and think back on your experience along the way. Sun Hao suddenly discovered a fact, that is, when he always tightened a string, always took a road repair and rarely stopped to rest.
Sometimes Sun Hao feels that he owes a lot to people around him and can do his best to comfort him.
Chapter DiErLiuWuWu Mahayana sermon (a)
There was a lot of excitement in front of the mountain of Medicine God. Whether or not the monks of Medicine God Mountain were going to smell something, the monks of Medicine Family came all the way to listen to the sermon of Medicine God.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the medicine family. It’s a pity that when the medicine god announced the news, it was too short. Will the news come or not? Many monks will come back from outside.
People say that monks of all races are not only monks of medicine clan, but also monks of all races, just like cats smelling fishy smell. They come to visit Lai in Yaoshen Mountain for various reasons, and it is self-evident that they want to listen to the sermon of Yaoshen.
Well, you have to reason with him, and he also plausibly said, "Brother Mahayana, that’s a common spiritual leader and common spiritual wealth in the virtual world. The medicine family won’t be so stingy, will it?" It’s just the right time for me to come. It’s always not good for you to drive me back, is it? "
At this moment, several Godsworn who are in charge of patrolling the Medicine Mountain saw two Godsworn at a distance. At first glance, they were not medicine monks. They flew slowly from the sky, dizzy and two came to attend!
A Godsworn Imperial Sword greets the past with a big drink "Newcomer"? Yaoshenshan important place shall not trespass at will. "
One of the two monks seems to be covered with scales, and when he looks at the side, he can’t help but say to the monk in front of him, "Little brother, this medicine mountain is really lively. I flew all the way here, three floors inside and three floors outside. If there are temporary buildings everywhere in the scope of the medicine mountain, it is said that the medicine mountain is not popular. Remove the illegal construction?"
Godsworn was dizzy for a while. The mountain of medicine is very vast. At ordinary times, it is vast and sparsely populated. There is really no godsworn. What a surprise!
Another godsworn said superciliously at this time, "Two seniors don’t know what you’re doing here? Nowadays, our medicine mountain is in a busy period, and usually the friendly exchanges with foreigners have stopped. If it is possible, please go back as soon as possible. There is no need for this wave. "
The friar with a particularly big head next to Friar Scales smiled gently. "A few little brothers don’t know me. My name is Big Head Great. This one around me is called Scaled Zheluo, and he has many origins with the medicine family. I don’t know how many little brothers have heard of two diligent workhorses who guarded the waters of Foer thousands of years ago? That’s me and this brother around me! "
Intimate? This is a common trick for monks. It happened a thousand years ago. You guys are still asleep. Who has experienced it?
A godsworn with a bad temper stared at his mouth and said, "Sorry, two seniors, it’s impossible to befriend without a special pass."
Big head great for a stay hand said, "I really don’t befriend a few little brothers. Scales and I are really related to the medicine family. I want you to take some time to go back and leave if it is natural to have a medicine family layer to verify, such as The Hague, such as Princess A Bi, and so on …"
A godsworn pouted and said, "Forget it. We can’t see anyone even if we want to leave."
Big-headed and scaly Zheluo suddenly spoke.
The two of them are a clan of towns. I can think that when the drug gods saw themselves, they had to be careful to serve them. As a result, the tables have turned. Boy, the two of them are now coming to the mountain of medicine, and they have to look at the faces of a few little guys. What is this called?
However, it is difficult to see the Mahayana sermon. The closer you get, the more you understand. Whether you can go into the Medicine Mountain is important. Even if you feel wronged again, you have to be careful with a few little guys.
Big-headed Great Man bowed down repeatedly and said, "Brother, if you apply for accommodation, maybe someone will verify it."

There was a dark color in the sky.

No abyss monster can resist this blackening and dark color as it moves so fast.
Bodies fell from the sky.
Red stork and Xiaoxi meet two fates.
At this time, Renee Doyle looked at the boss’s mouth and revealed sarcasm. "It really surprised me. After all, I was around every day, but I didn’t expect him to hide such a card from me-it seems that we are the same."
The boss didn’t speak and didn’t try to explain anything.
Gu Qingshan sighed.
nothing is more lamentable than the death of the mind
Renee Doyle decided that the boss cheated her and was too lazy to explain, so no one could change Renee Doyle’s mind.
How can there be order if the facts are not two people from later generations?
The boss said lightly, "Now we can’t move, so it’s even. Leave here with your hands and we won’t have to meet again."
"Hand over the third fate artifact," said Renee Doyle.
"It’s not my hand," the boss said.
"Do you think I’ll believe it?" Renee Doyle’s way
She reached out and condensed the poor starlight.
Seeing a long-handled weapon about to take shape, a small evening sound sounded in the sky.
"Sister, stop fighting or I will ban your weapon!"
Renee Doyle’s hand suddenly dispersed the starlight.
Her face is gloomy and terrible.
-yes, I can imprison my weapon. If I resist, I can stop it.
"I never thought that someone could ban other people’s weapons with just one card. Do you have a card? Don’t I?" Renee flower calm way
Gu Qingshan gradually felt a bad feeling in his heart.
Listen to Renee Doyle, "My destiny is to be the strongest partner, but there are hidden things in this world that you don’t know. I spent a lot of energy and they became reciprocal."
She recited the contract mantra.
"You have been hiding in the void for a long time. I know you pay attention to everything here. I call on you to come and share all the fruits of victory in front of me."
The five paths in the virtual space are full of vicissitudes of life, and the faint light clusters of ancient meanings appear with them.
There was a sound in a light group.
"Prepare a body for us, and we will share everything in the world with you."
"no problem"
Renee Doyle appeared in front of her with a wave of her hand.
The five faint lights flew towards the body and soon disappeared into the water.
The first corpse of a god opened its eyes and looked around, sending out a vast sound that shook the world. "I, the judge of the fate of all beings, have been in vain for almost eternal years, and now I finally got my wish and came to this sealed place."
The corpse of the second god opened his eyes and looked at the frost-covered earth with greedy eyes.
"Yes, there is a corpse hidden here, and even I am afraid of its power, but if we join hands, we can definitely find a way to extract its power."
The body of the third deity opened its eyes and moved a body, saying, "Mother Wandi, I advise you to be cautious. That body is not easy to mess with. It will probably take us a lot of time to make preliminary preparations."
"You solve the problem first," said Renee Doyle.
"Say what you want first?" Asked a corpse of a god.
"I want to give you the body of the fate artifact for the third time," said Renee Doyle.
"Oh, in that case, we will accept your request," said another corpse.
The bodies of five gods have all come back to life.
Their momentum gradually surged and they soon surpassed everything.
"Two strange guys" looked at Gu Qingshan and the boss and said.
"It is their power that has never appeared in vain, and it is not our ethnic group," said the judge of the fate of all beings
"Are they?" The boss asked in a low voice
His words were too brief, but Gu Qingshan understood what he meant.
"No, my spirit told me it wasn’t them." Gu Qingshan said.
"What would that be?" The boss frowned.
"I don’t know" Gu Qingshan Road
A sword shadow by appearance around the two people for a week.
Two people imprisonment immediately lifted.
"I didn’t expect the world to be a mess," the boss said with a clenched black trident.
"Be careful, I guess the situation we are intuitively afraid of is coming." Gu Qingshan said.
He holds the ground sword in one hand and the six sacred mountains sword in the other.
Suddenly, lines of bloody fine print flashed endlessly in the ares interface.
"The door to the world has been completely opened."
"The end of poverty and the six main fragments of the world are coming."

Li Yu laughs at directly adding 20,000 troops to teach Yin and Yang again.

The imperial elder is also a poor eye and directly pegged to the Yin and Yang teaching box.
How dare you play down a peg or two in front of the four imperial figures?
Is it really a recession when the four dynasties recuperate?
150,000 Jin source!
And directly added 20 thousand Jin!
The monks in the field are suffocating. This man is too cruel. Where is the price increase of 20 thousand Jin? The source is that Yin and Yang teach the face to smoke two big mouths and walk on others.
At this time, the Yin and Yang Sect can’t sit still, but whoever bids for this catalogue is bound to fail!
"I taught 170,000 Jin from Yin and Yang!" Yin and Yang taught elders to grind their teeth again and added twenty thousand catties to their mouths.
His eyes are a little red, keeping a close eye on Li Yu’s box, as if a moment is about to come out from the inside.
Although it is a bit rude, people can understand that it is suspected to be the abode of fairies and immortals after all. This price is normal and even a little low!
To know what the ancient sages represent, it is far beyond the known power in China today. Who is not crazy?
If it weren’t for a quarter of the time, the price would have to be doubled!
Looking at the embarrassment of Yin and Yang Sect elders in the box, Li Yu laughed inexplicably.
Soon he waved his hand and shouted again, "Every time you increase the price, you should bring the title of Yin and Yang. How can you teach the title well?" I don’t think so!
Look at the auction site, it’s a source with no money. What are you pretending to be poor and arrogant? 190,000 Jin of source! "
190,000 Jin source!
Cried the solidification in the field, no one thought that the man was so fierce that he didn’t give Yin and Yang a teaching face and even mocked it.
No source. What are you pretending to be?
Is the name of Yin and Yang religion very big?
A lot of people in the reverberation field laughed in their hearts. This Zhongzhou rampant Yin and Yang religion actually has such a bad day. No one really thought of it.
"The pavilion is rich." At the moment, the elders of Yin and Yang Sect look ugly, and this number has approached the dynamic boundary brought by his visit.
I didn’t expect it to turn into this situation. I really didn’t expect it
"It’s not worth a long time to see some Yin and Yang teaching titles, which are far less resounding than the four dynasties!"
Box dynasty lodge old cold mouth a burst of Yin and Yang religion direction between eyes let people a thrill.
"I’ve always known that the four dynasties are in Zhongzhou, and I’ve never heard of how brilliant Yin and Yang religions are."
Gu Yue, the king of Daotai, was also cold-snorted, but it exploded like thunder, which made the elders tremble.
At that time, I didn’t dare to talk again, even my bidding mind went out.
The crowd was surprised that the characters in the box really got along with the king of Gu Yue. This is really a great thing. Yin and Yang taught to kick the iron plate and show off in front of a big shot!
But it didn’t work, and it was humiliated for a while. It was really a boring loss and there was no reason to go.
In the end, this quarter catalogue was photographed by Li Yu and delivered by Gu Yue Wang himself. Of course, it was earned. What happened to him?
"Brother Huang, don’t be in a hurry to leave my peers at that time. Some guys are carried away by temptation."
King Gu Yue didn’t leave in a hurry, but stayed in situ to escort Li Yu away.
He also glanced at the direction of Yin and Yang religions. In recent years, with the recuperation of the four dynasties, it seems that all the religions have become active and forgotten their majesty.
"Yin and Yang teach hehe"
Li Yu shook his head. This cult was vicious and domineering. The saint was beheaded by Ye Hei one after another. It is also the most diligent holy place for Beidou to change saints.
I didn’t expect to hit my hand now, so I can say that their fortune is really bad
Soon, the auction of one heavy object after another came, and the auction came to a close.
And Li Yu, a colleague from Gu Yue, was not in a hurry to explore the heterogeneous source of the three-color mountain from the ancient Ming treasure que.
He moved the Xuan pupil eye contact heterogeneous source divine power slowly cut the shell.
In an instant, the three-color glow rushed up and dazzled Li Yu’s whole palm.
And the depths of the heterogeneous source impressively has three together slightly shrinking way!
Fire channel species, wood road species and waterway species; Three kinds of vitality with weak fluorescence are weak and surrounded by five elements, but they are flourishing before.
"It really is the five elements!" Li Yu’s face lit up. Although it is far less than the immortal ancient method, it is also precious.
And after seeing it, he had an idea!
I am about to step into the secret realm of Daogong to nourish the five elements and five zang-organs of the human body, which can just bring these five elements into the body!
The human body raises five elements and five internal organs to give birth to Tao!