When this statement came out, the judge Liu suddenly gave a tingle and explained to his colleagues, "Ma Xiong is a stranger!

Three thousand years later, I was born in Sendai. "
The two judges didn’t know about this exchange, but after a pause of two or three seconds, the judge Liu asked again at Xu’s retreat, "Why don’t you report the crimes committed by the official?"
Report from the place of birth quickly. "
Afraid that Xu could not understand this, Judge Liu added, "If there is a fairy official’s letter, it will come quickly."
Judge Ma frowned after searching for the fruit. "The criminal officer hit Sendai, but why didn’t he punish him?"
It’s not nonsense to think about it. Some things don’t need to be hidden, so it’s better to light them up early.
Look at the two judges and smile coldly. "Open your eyes and see what this is!"
In an instant, the seal of the immortal emperor of Antarctica flew out of the divine light in an instant.
"God is the Emperor!"
When two judges saw this seal, they were shocked to fall from the middle, especially the judge Ma went straight to the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor and knelt down.
But kneeling for half, the judge stopped. "Hey, you’re not the Emperor of Heaven. Who are you? How can you have the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor? "
"Did he steal it?" Judge Liu said
"Give you a chance to steal. Can you steal?" Judge Ma got up slowly when he spoke, and then looked at Xu Retreat carefully, but he never dared to be arrogant again.
They dare not fool around until the situation is over.
Xu back also not in a hurry.
The seal of the Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica can really shock these two people, but it is obviously a shock.
It has a lot of influence, but it seems that it is not too likely to make these two people obey with the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor.
"I’m the special envoy of Shenxiao Emperor. Since the heaven changed 3,000 years ago, and now the heaven is recovering, I have been ordered to ask about the reincarnation of the small universe with the seal of Shenxiao Emperor."
With that, Xu retired before the two men thought about it and asked directly, "Who is in charge of the small universe of reincarnation now?
What is the situation?
How many tunnels have you hit? "
Two judges, Liu and Ma, were startled at first, and then communicated privately for a moment or two. Suddenly, they grimaced, "How dare you steal the emperor’s seal and pretend to be a special envoy?"
Come here! "
In an instant, when Judge Liu waved a deep and remote blue optical network, he came to Xu to retreat and wanted to avoid it, but Nai’s extraordinary ability was lost.
Can you bind yourself by this deep and remote blue optical network and think about what went wrong with his question just now?
This deep and remote blue optical network directly tied up Xu tui, hanged two huge punishment columns, and Xu tui cursed a nima, but it was also acceptable.
Angry at a retreat, I will directly urge the seal of the southern fire-burning star king to float out of the seal and put a divine light on my head to protect myself.
Of all the seals, two great seals were refined, and 99% of them were not refined successfully.
But its seal is a complete refining success.
That is to say, Xu tui will actually be the southern Huo De Ying Xing Jun.
If it’s a fake, replace it.
Xu tui wants to see if I can get rid of this star king identity.
After all, in the celestial priesthood, the southern Huo De Ying Xing Jun is already a few senior star officials of the six royal families.
Unexpectedly, the judges Liu and Ma Er saw this southern fire, but they didn’t have the slightest fear, but sneered, "When you come here, you are all guilty."
Even if your predecessor, South Huo De Ying Xing Jun, you are also an official at this time. "
Speaking of which, the judge Ma was actually rubbing his hands. "To tell the truth, it’s really the first time that I’ve been a fairy-cutting judge for so many years and killed such a senior official as the Southern Fire, Germany and Xing Jun."
Speak a wave to hang the punishment column, and a pair of thunder hammers were recruited by the judge Ma, and Lei Guang flashed slightly.
Was about to thunder hammer to blow away the mental body of the criminal officer in front of him, but the judge Ma reacted. "What, your official seal has not been taken away?
How could the criminal bring the seal? "
There is a saying that the judge of this horse didn’t say that if there is a star official seal, his thunder hammer can’t hurt the criminal in front of him, that is, Xu retired.
This is the rule office.
Otherwise, it would be an enemy to chop Sendai’s instruments of torture from saints.
Looked at Xu back and finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Judge Ma asked him this question, and he had a chance to get rid of the immediate problem.
Not afraid of communication is afraid of not communicating.
"I said that I am the special envoy of God Xiao Emperor, and you still don’t believe it! If you hadn’t read the ancient heaven and closed it for three thousand years, you would have known it
Otherwise, today, we must treat you as a felony.
Still not untied! "
Although Liu and Ma were frightened in their eyes, they didn’t mean to put Xu back.
Obviously, the situation is a bit complicated at the moment, which is beyond their ability and limit.
Whether it’s attacking officials with the seal of the star official or Xu tui flashing the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor, it’s not their handling.
These two people are also old bureaucrats who have been reincarnated in the small universe for thousands of years. Compared with many unknown situations, they will not get into trouble for themselves.
Almost at the same time, two people thought of the same way.
Report it to their boss for handling.
However, the place of chopping Sendai is very special, and they can only use the seal of the immortal judge to protect themselves, which is their extraordinary ability to cast their skills.
But if you want to communicate remotely, you have to leave Sendai to communicate remotely.
"We can’t handle it if you watch me report to the king," Judge Ma said.

"What position did she apply for?"

"Design intern" Ni Jungong respectfully replied.
Han Chengyi nodded. It’s time for a junior in architectural design to practice. It’s definitely not a problem for her to be accepted by the design department. But it’s no wonder that Han’s eyes are dark and some kind of evil is escaping from the body, little girl.
"Ni Jun called the personnel department and asked her to come to work on Monday!"
"Ah, ah, ah!"
In the afternoon, Le Xuewei received a message from the personnel department of the D&S group that she had passed the interview and asked her to report to the company on Monday!
Le Xuewei is crazy and can’t stop screaming with her mobile phone!
"This is true! This is really true! "
Ruan Danning patted her "Almost done?"
"D.S. group! Honey, I’m so happy! I was admitted! I can’t believe it! Do you know how hard it is to get into this company? A total of five people were recruited. I heard that the D&S group didn’t like recruiting female staff, and I was admitted! If you behave well, you can be promoted directly to the official staff, and then you can be filial to your grandmother! Ah ah! I am so happy! "
Le Xuewei was so excited that she didn’t forget to call her grandmother to make her old man happy!
Ruan Danning shook his head and said in the tone of "spoil", "This child is crazy!"
At the end of this week, Le Xuewei didn’t do anything to make up for the information of the D&S group. It was really amazing to find this Han Chengyi! Ten years ago, the D&S group was dying, but it took Han Chengyi ten years to let it grow from a bankrupt company to such a huge business kingdom today! This man is a genius!
Looking at the photo of Han Chengyi on the brain screen, Le Xuewei couldn’t help but reach out and gently touch it, thinking that it happened with him, and she was even more crying with such a person. In fact, she was not lost.
Before going to bed, Le Xuewei received a short message from Qu Liyang. Xue Wei, are you still angry? It was my fault that day. I shouldn’t have kissed you suddenly. I really love you
"Hoo!" Le Xuewei took a breath and looked at the short message. When she set the alarm clock, she threw her mobile phone aside and slept with a pillow … It will be a new day!
On Monday morning, Le Xuewei wore a white shirt, a black professional skirt and a ponytail respectfully at the door of the personnel department of the D&S regiment.
"Come with me!" A middle-aged woman in her forties looked at Le Xuewei and said to her
"Oh, good"
Le Xuewei wanted to say more, but she always felt that this woman hated her. She looked cold and shut people away, so Le Xuewei shut her mouth consciously.
The ladder goes up to the top floor, which is much quieter than the other floors. Many employees are less and don’t wear clothes … That means middle and high-level treatment! Wait a minute. Le Xuewei is a little confused. Why would a little intern be brought to the top?
"Come on!"
The middle-aged woman in the personnel department urged Le Xuewei to follow quickly.
The woman led Le Xuewei all the way forward, and Le Xuewei did not dare to ask more questions, followed by a little low head.
Finally stopped in front of a door, the woman knocked on the door and led Le Xuewei in.
There’s another world inside, a row of desks and a row of staff sitting outside, and there’s a door not far away … it should be another office.
"Sister Song, are you here?"
"Well, I’ll give you the face." Song Jie winked at Le Xuewei.
Le Xuewei immediately stepped forward and smiled sweetly at the staff who received her. "Hello, I am Le Xuewei, the new intern today. Please give me more advice."
"I’m afraid I’ll touch your light if I don’t dare to teach you. We’ll ask you to take more photos."
Le Xuewei is said to be confused about what it means. She smiled and followed the clerk and went to the office inside.
The clerk rang the doorbell and said to Le Xuewei, "Come in, please. The president told you to let you in as soon as you came, without notification."
What? President? Le Xuewei is scared. Is this the president’s office? Why would she be brought to a place like this? She applied for an intern in the design department, okay? Wait, president! Isn’t the president Han Chengyi?
Suddenly Le Xuewei wanted to cry and couldn’t get here. Le Xuewei could crustily skin of head and go in.
Han Chengyi is not alone in it.
"President of what? What did I do wrong to make you dissatisfied? Can you tell me that I will improve? "
Speaking is a woman with her back to the door, but she can’t see her, but her back is very graceful and swaying gently, showing all kinds of enchanting and amorous feelings.
Le Xuewei couldn’t understand what she said, and Han Chengyi turned her down. "Come on, don’t talk about it any more. It’s decided that your ability is to be a secret."
Just then Han Chengyi glanced over the woman and landed in the corner of Le Xuewei’s body with a smile … Here she comes.
"Come on, get out!"
Han Chengyi said lightly
The woman is pale and ugly, and seems to have something to say, but she dare not say more. She turned around and gave Le Xuewei a hard look for no reason.
Chapter 13 I just deliberately
Where is Le Xuewei’s hands tied and wondering if Han Chengyi’s "going out" is telling her … Where did she know that she would look at women like this?
Although I can’t figure out why women are hostile to her, here are the predecessors Le Xuewei nodding at women, but women squint at Le Xuewei’s eyes full of resentment and hatred!

"I still say that we have always organized goods as much as we want!" Yun Nie said very domineering! A man sitting around the world is so confident!

Chu xiaoxiao doubted Yun Nie’s words after the nuclear fuel incident when his eyes lit up.
"I don’t know how the price is?"
"The market price is cut in half!" Anyway, if you don’t want money, you should make small profits but quick turnover!
Chu xiaoxiao stare big eyes can still be so pricing? !
Chapter 59 Fear
Yun Nie said it was casual, but Chu Xiaoxiao’s business genius knew the weight of Yun Nie’s sentence.
Chu’s intelligence department naturally made a detailed investigation on this industry since he wanted to show the iron and steel trade industry of Riyao Group.
At present, the florist is the largest steel producer in the world, accounting for about half of the world’s total steel output. However, due to the lack of iron ore resources in China, a huge amount of iron ore raw materials are imported from abroad every year, and% of them come from kangaroo country!
Kangaroo, the first exporter of iron ore, earns amazing profits from florists every year by monopolizing iron ore resources, which makes Chinese steel producers very passive and a lot of profits are seized by raw material suppliers.
If we can hit the Chinese market at such a low price, it will break the monopoly of Kangaroo Iron Mine, which is definitely a strategic victory for florists!
What’s more, Yun Nie needs a lot of steel!
Due to the economic slowdown, China now produces a large amount of surplus steel and dumps it abroad every year.
In 2017, the world’s 5% anti-dumping investigation was aimed at florists exporting steel! This makes florist international very embarrassed.
If we can buy iron ore and sell steel indefinitely, it will be of great significance to solve the two major problems of flower-growing countries at the same time!
Of course, Chu Xiaoxiao is now evaluating the impact of Yun Nie’s trade volume reduction method, but the price alone made her realize the amazing value at once
"Are you sure to sell at half the market price? I am afraid that even Chengdu is not enough? " Chu raining sit upright body seriously ask
Mining? Do I have that?
"Don’t worry when I said something big?"
Chu xiaoxiao thought about it, but there is really no time when you say that you want to sell nuclear fuel, rather than a thermos!
Relative to that kind of thing, iron ore should be regarded as a "small business" for the Yun Nie organization, right?
"But is it okay for these iron mines to have no certificate of origin?" Nie Yundao.
In a sense, these are smuggling without an export certificate from other countries!
"This is no problem. We are now a military enterprise, and the government can grant special permission through the military! This kind of thing is of great benefit to the country. They hope that the more goods you give, the better! "
It took them less than half an hour not only to finalize the military order, but also to book another big order, which was not efficient.
When ChuFeng called two people to eat, she was stunned for a long time after listening to Chu Xiaoxiao’s story.
Two problems besetting Chu’s family, one is the qualification of sea import and export, and the other is the business problem. I didn’t expect Yun Nie to easily solve two transactions.
If Nie Yun’s orders for iron ore and steel are not capped as he said, then those Chinese businessmen will be eager for Chu if they don’t say hello! Soon, Chu’s family will become a hot topic for all steel enterprises in China.
Compared with Chu Xiaoxiao, Chu Feng is more experienced and has more great eyes.
Iron and steel is the core material of infrastructure construction. Dumping iron ore to florists at almost half the price in Yun Nie will greatly reduce the national infrastructure!
It is equivalent to reducing the production of almost all enterprises in China, which will enhance the competitiveness of domestic and international markets and stimulate the national economy immediately!
Where did such a large amount of cheap iron ore come from? NieYun and organization behind him ChuFeng eyes more mysterious …
Xiacheng bureau of public security
"chief! Scar, when the population gets it! But … "Report hand trembles.
"say it!" Liu Guodong frowns
"Things generally pass through and there is not much difference between the former intelligence and the other, according to Scar’s hand, a mysterious man paid hundreds in advance to Scar to let him seize Yun Nie and force him to ask for something and promise to pay hundreds after the job is done.
As a mysterious person, the other party is very careful and doesn’t even know scar! "
"Hum! Hide your head and show your tail! " Guo-dong Liu had a guess about the forces behind the mysterious man in his heart.
With such financial resources and motives, who else but the Ri Yao Group!
"In addition, the suspected disabled scar and the gangster went to the town hospital not long ago, but the doctor could do nothing about it.
There was no trauma, but they lost consciousness in their right arms. The town hospital couldn’t even find out where the problem was. It was very strange, and then an even weirder thing happened! "
"What is it?" Guo-dong Liu to the interest of NieYun means he is also very curious.
"Scar and his men returned to their stronghold shortly after Scar was strangely paralyzed and the symptoms were very similar to high paraplegia! Now the whole person in Scar is stupid, and his mouth keeps calling-‘Devil’! "
"psst!" Guo-dong liu stare big eyes to draw a gasp.
Demon? If it’s really that Yun Nie who did it, it’s really called a demon!
"High paraplegia? ! Are you sure he hasn’t suffered any trauma or blow? "
"It’s absolutely true that professional doctors have seen it!"
"Where was Yun Nie then?"
"Although I don’t know where he was at that time, there were a dozen gangsters in that stronghold. No one saw Yun Nie. He has an absolute alibi!"
"This ….." Liu Guodong felt that he heard the news one day today enough to surprise him for a year!
He bowed his head and thought for a moment and immediately ordered, "The target looks more dangerous than we thought. It has unknown means. Tell the police officer who is looking for Yun Nie immediately. Don’t act without authorization after finding the target. Tell me immediately. Never conflict with the other party!"
"yes! Chief! That … Deputy Director? "
"Hum! Never mind him, I’m afraid they have received the news and are having a headache! " Guo-dong liu smile some schadenfreude.
"What? You said you were looking for someone to be abolished? "
Han Yi was grounded by Han Xiangsheng in the past two days, and he was already in a bad mood. At this moment, hearing a bad news made him even more agitated.
"What happened to the forces behind each other?"
"No, it’s not … something weird …"
The man was about to find out what was going on, and he said it in detail. The more Han Yi listened, the tighter his brow became.
"You mean he just took that scar away and scared him out of his mind?"

Finally, Lin Nantian found Li Wanxin, who was still in Lincheng. Li Wanxin persuaded Lin Feng to finally promise not to go to Tianhong University for the time being, but Lin Feng also came out to ask him to break through the spirit-refining level and his father’s brother’s revenge would be reported immediately.

Time flies, three months passes quickly.
In the past three months, the achievement method of Lin Feng’s family has remained at the original level, but he has made small achievements in practicing that strange achievement method that inexplicably appears in his mind. The biggest feature is that Lin Feng’s degree is much faster than before, even faster than that of Yuan Ying.
Although the repair is not too high, it also makes Lin Feng very happy. Lin Xiaodi’s biggest weakness is the slow flight. If it makes up for this shortcoming, those Yuan Ying who fix the truth will not be Lin Feng’s opponents.
No one told Lin Feng about this change, not that he didn’t want to say it, but that he couldn’t say this strange achievement method. Lin Feng could practice by himself, but he didn’t know how to describe it. This is also a bit confusing for Lin Feng.
There is also good news for Lin Feng in three months. His 10-year-old nephew Lin Wen has successfully passed the family test and entered the ranks of repairing the truth. In this way, Lin Xiaodi has passed the test for two consecutive generations from Lin Feng.
It took another three months to help Lin Fengxiu finally make a breakthrough in the new achievement method. His realm has entered the level of refining yuan, and the realm and intensity of mid-term repair have been flat
The biggest gain in half a year is the strange achievement method. According to Lin Feng’s understanding, he has now officially entered the introductory practice of this achievement method, but in addition to increasing the degree and accelerating the absorption of heaven and earth aura, Lin Feng has not yet made this achievement method elsewhere.
Tianhong Road is Lin Feng’s new name for this strange achievement method. It is to remind himself that his father and brother died in Tianhong University. He hasn’t taken this revenge yet.
Three years later.
In the’ Tianhong Road’, Lin Feng was finally cultivated to the level of refining Yuan. From the late fifteen years of cultivation to the late level of refining Yuan, no external practitioner has done it in the whole history of the Sixth Arctic.
In the past three years, Lincheng has also suffered two enemy attacks, but both of them were repelled by the Lins’ brothers. In these two small battles, Lin Feng killed a total of 110 Yuan Ying fix the true, of which 93 Yuan Ying was absorbed by iron bars, seven Yuan Ying blew itself up, and the remaining ten Yuan Ying was secretly absorbed by Lin Feng.
It is also because of the absorption of these ten yuan babies that Lin Feng reached the late stage of refining yuan level so quickly, but no one told Lin Feng that he could absorb others’ yuan babies, which was the biggest secret of Lin Feng after iron bars.
Ten yuan baby energy windson actually didn’t finish absorbing what he practiced’ Tianhong Road’, which is still in the initial stage. The absorption of pure energy is far less than that of iron bars, and a lot of energy is actually lost by windson.
Since Lin Fengxian was able to absorb Yuan Ying, his revenge has become more intense. He has been forbearing for three and a half years. Now, although he has not officially entered the level of refining spirit, he is also very confident in the late stage of refining Yuan level and adding Tianhong Road to assist the general elders.
Lin Feng was once again rejected by Lin Nantian, and Lin Feng was determined that he would return to Tianhong University on his own.
To the south of Arctic 6 is a vast ocean, which can fly over to Tianhong 6. It is a violent gangfeng belt in this ocean that allows the practitioners of Arctic 6 to pass through the array.
There is a figure flying in the ocean. Lin Feng is now in the late stage of refining Yuan level. It has been so long since Lin Zhan took care of him. When Lin Zhan went out alone, Lin Feng finally escaped from Lin Cheng and flew back to Tianhong University on his own.
Flying in the middle of Chang Yi and feeling the thrill of flying in the middle of Chang Yi, Lin Feng’s demeanor has been increasing rapidly after practicing Tianhong Road. Now even those who fix the truth in the later period of Yuan Ying are better than those who don’t have Lin Feng’s demeanor when they face those enemies again. Lin Feng believes that they can be killed.
Kohane is very depressed these days. Kohane, this is a slow-heating theme with no innovation. It has always been evaluated badly, but Kohane has been insisting on hoping to make it on her own like one.
But I’m not sure whether I can stick to Kohane or not. Kohane decided not to warm up slowly to speed up the plot. The real story lies in the extreme field behind. Kohane will soon end the previous story and let Lin Feng enter the place where he can swing.
The true practitioners in the polar field, Heaven and the North Pole, live in different polar fields, and there are not only Yuan Ying and external practitioners, but also demon-body practitioners, who are as strange as Buddha statues, and Lin Feng finally know the practitioners like him.
The four great families in the polar region are a small sect here, and there are no more powerful forces and rich resources like the North Pole 6. The polar region has several magic weapons, magic elixirs and even higher than the magic weapons. The practice of external skill of the fairy is not strong and tough in the polar region. The Lins are not as strong as the other three big families here. Seeing Lin Fengru changing his own destiny and changing his family’s destiny is all in the polar region.
Ps, even if you speed up the plot estimation, it will take several chapters to enter the polar field. This is a preview of the post-plot!
Chapter 39 Strength rise
Flying on the sea for a while, Lin demeanor unconsciously slowed down a lot of the special salty gas on the sea, which made Lin Feng like it.
Comfortable feeling let windson can’t help but enjoy with your eyes closed but Lin Fengling consciousness stretched around.
Suddenly, Lin Fengshen was in a hurry to rotate for a while, but now he is in a foggy wind zone, surrounded by a tough Gangfeng.
In front of the gray, there are thin snakes, which are generally black and strong winds. The huge drag comes from the black wind area.
"Psychic knowledge is not in this area!" Windson secretly lose the running body spirit force to resist the strong winds running around.
Crazy strong breeze blows windson’s body one by one. In this area, windson can barely keep his body from being swept away by strong breeze. It is impossible to control the direction of flight.
The strong breeze is getting stronger and stronger, and Lin Feng’s body is getting hotter and hotter. At this time, Lin Feng is only white. What is the North Pole 6? The fix-true person says that it is absolutely impossible to fly to Tianhong 6 by flying. This layer blocks two big 6 Gangfeng winds, and it is really impossible for ordinary people to fly in the past.
The body is getting hotter and hotter, and the iron bar around Lin Feng’s waist seems to be aware of the danger of Lin Feng, and it is constantly shaking up. In the face of this kind of natural power, the iron bar can’t help at all.
Windson flew in with his eyes closed. He entered the Gangfeng area very deep. Now it is very difficult to return it.
In Gangfeng, Lin Feng’s spiritual strength consumes a lot, and it is supplemented slowly. Lin Feng has fallen into a very dangerous state.
After two hours, the strong Gangfeng has consumed 60% of Lin Feng’s spiritual strength, but Lin Feng can barely maintain his body and not be swept away. There is nothing he can do.
The body aura is getting less and less, and Lin Feng’s body has been shaking slowly. Before long, he will be able to resist the strong wind and be caught in the center of Gangfeng, and then slowly torn apart by the strong Gangfeng.
The vibration of iron bars became more severe. When Lin Feng’s spiritual strength was almost exhausted, a warm current directly entered Lin Feng’s body from the iron bars, but this warm current also helped Lin Feng stabilize his body and moved half a minute.
Gradually, the warm current energy will run out, and windson will transport the family achievement method Tianhong Road at the same time, hoping to support it a little more.
"boom ~"
At the same time, two sets of achievement methods failed to help Lin Feng’s last energy run out. Lin Feng’s dark and dusty strong breeze immediately turned into a dark gale, and finally Lin Feng was sucked into the Gangfeng Center.
In the later stage of refining Yuan level, the strong and broken black strong wind kept stabbing into Lin Feng’s skin like a thin needle. In the black strong wind, Lin Feng felt worse than when he was tested in his family.
There are more and more dark red exposed tender meat where the skin is broken, and there is no blood in the tender meat. The blood oozing from the skin has long been blown by strong winds.

"You’ve been away for half a year, but you’ve worried us so much."

"Half a year?"
Ling Qing found in her heart that it was early July when everyone started, and Tian Ying had just had a summer vacation.
Now that New Year’s Day has passed, isn’t it nearly half a year?
"I didn’t notice all the way. I didn’t expect this vice to take so long."
Zhang Zhe looked at his mobile phone. "This time, the deputy time ratio is about January to year."
"I study! !”
Lingqing was about to speak when she suddenly heard Tian Ying exclaim a.
Then she turned and walked away from the mountain.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry"
Tian Yong a pull her "you are a senior now. The school has already arranged internships and no classes.
Besides, it’s time for winter vacation even when the class is now.
Now also don’t rush to this moment "
"Well, I hope my parents can take a leave of absence from school and don’t deduct my diploma."
Tian ying said some weak and weary through illness
"Don’t worry, it will."
Looking at Tian Yong there to comfort Tian Yingying and Zhang Zhe Zhu Guang, they look at each other and then smile.
That is, it is still a diploma that Tian Ying, a college student, knows.
Where can people get that thing nowadays?
But everyone didn’t say anything.
This is also a book that everyone has lost, isn’t it?
When we arrived at the gate of Daoqingguan, we met Taoist Gathering pace with a crowd.
"Look at the Lord!"
Road flyover gathering pace first asked Lingqing
Then he clapped his hands at Tian Yong and others and said, "Good brothers!"
"Master ok! Uncle Shi and uncle Shi are well! "
A brainwave and Wen Jun made a clever salute and then ran to Tian Ying’s side and grabbed her by one hand.
Twitter said
"ShiShu ShiShu we can also go to play games.
Wen Jun and my school sister entered a game and met many wicked people. "
"Thanks to the baby that Uncle Shi gave us, we escaped."
"Mm-hmm. We also visited a temple fair, which was much more fun than shopping and catching up."
Two people say that they are excited, but Lingqing’s heart is suddenly asked the Taoist gathering pace.
"What’s the matter? Have they entered the time fragment? "
"That’s true. If you want to go back to the view, tell the viewer about it."
Road flyover gathering pace nodded and led the people walked to the view and said
Chapter three hundred and sixty A brainwave and WeiWenjun
When Lingqing was seen by everyone, he came to Qingling Pavilion with Tian Yong and others, Taoist Gathering pace, a brainwave and Wen Jun.
He lives in a small building and takes his seat.

The giant blade across the virtual annihilation contains the true meaning of poor fate. The Ganges water has almost eternal immortality, but it evaporates in a flash at the giant blade!

"Fate gives you one last chance to integrate yourself into the wild, so we will stop at once and even help you to transform smoothly with one arm."
Breathe a sigh of relief. Yuan Heng once again made an ultimatum to fly his opponent with poverty in his eyes.
"Haha, my strength is exhausted in this river of life, even if you contain most of my sources, even if you can kill me ten times, a hundred times and even ten thousand times?"
Laugh wildly to keep the river from shaking. "What about you? I’ll see what you can do to beat me …"
"And your qualified helpers have been intercepted by my top ten incarnations, asking me to drag through this period of weakness and give birth to the word fate. Then you will be nothing but ants!"
"What on earth are you going to do?"
"Glory to me …"
A thunder!
Fate Ganges gave birth to the spirit fetus. Fate fiend unexpectedly …
Shout the glorious Lord-Brother Yuan Heng!
At this time, the original Ganges water gradually subsided to reveal Yuan Heng’s confrontation with this fiend …
Unbound, long silver hair flying, holding a pole, and the same silver pike showing its face …
Tongyuanheng looks exactly the same!
It’s not only similar in shape, but also very similar in charm!
It also seems to be able to embrace the cosmopolitan spirit and the same breath of absolute beauty!
While this statue of fiend corners of the mouth with a hint of evil smile seems to be able to distinguish yuan heng.
Yuan Heng looked at each other’s face and said nothing with himself as if he were twin brothers.
At this time, Yuan Heng’s situation is not good, and he has almost been bathed in blood. The silvery white blood is sending out the best way to keep falling and sinking into the bottom of the Ganges.
However, even in the face of the erosion of the river of life, these blood are directly condensed into pearls, and the immortal and eternal breath directly evolves into a small eternal domain.
Unfortunately, these eternal domains are too small relative to the Ganges of fate!
"Hey, don’t think that procrastination is bad for you."
Fate looked at the silence and Yuan Heng drew a radian at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t imagine that this avenue will really hesitate to make a move. My destiny is also a cornerstone of the avenue. It is impossible to tear everything away from fate."
Looking at the opposite Yuan Heng, his mood is extremely complicated. He can feel this fate …
There is no doubt that it is very close to its own mysterious connection-it is indeed its own brother, and it is even closer than Li You, its own twin sister!
But brother?
Yuan Heng can’t understand it. He knows very well that his memory is absolutely complete except that he experienced chaos and evolution at the beginning, and some of it was avoided because of metempsychosis. After avoiding metempsychosis, he couldn’t bear to be temporarily closed up.
At the same time, Yuan Heng also knows very well that his own source is equally perfect. Even when he was in chaos bead Spirit, those avenue sources were not inherited, but in fact, those sources are avenue mother sources and they are not too big with themselves.
So even if these sources are similar to their own couplet, it is impossible to be higher than Li You …
"But in any case, since he is my brother, he shouldn’t be so eager to split the source and fate of the universe. If you do this, you will be careless enough to make the universe that has already had an impact on immortality and eternity accumulate and be destroyed once …"
Yuan Heng’s heart is surprised and angry … There is a hatred!
Can you not hate it?
Seeing that the universe is perfect, the order of robbing heaven and earth is gradually established on the right track. One by one, the top fiends are born, and the background of the universe is getting deeper and deeper. Finally, Gao Weiye is getting closer and closer, but the fate of the Ganges is so confusing that the situation is suddenly more dangerous than it is.
"Fate, you should know that even if you finally succeed in splitting the source of the flood and the fate will be split in two, only the flood and the disaster will have an impact on immortality. I hope you are self-destructive and doomed."
Yuan Heng shouted at fate, "Only immortality is our only way out. If you are completely integrated into the wild, then the grasp of immortality will be greatly increased in the future. Do you have to deal with the wild and destroy the immortal hope?"
Yuan Heng can’t help but calculate many clues in his heart.
Fate …
It seems that the desire for immortality is not strong.
But even so, it’s going to destroy the vast expanse and the immortal opportunity?
This incident puzzled Yuan Heng.
In the final analysis, this fate is really my brother, and it should not conflict with itself.
"Needless to say, my brother, beat me. Only by beating me can you know the answer."
Fate in the face of yuan heng questioned also convergence corners of the mouth smile light replied.
"numerology, theorem, truth"
As soon as fate takes a shot, it is the "three principles" that make up the ten mainstream branches of the road of destiny. Every one of them in the Ganges of fate is full of poverty and power, almost no less than the road of three thousand sources!
There is texture in the sky, and its name is "fate", and its name is "determination". If you want to die, it is destiny, and you have to die. This is the truth and this is fate!
"Hum, the strength is exhausted?"
In the face of this terrible ferocity, Yuan Heng snorted coldly. "Did you come from the same source of the top ten destinies?" What about your fate? "
Although it’s not the iron calcium dobesilate capsules’s constant blade, it gives a strange blow like gold and iron.
Yuan heng directly cut ling Xu without any firm but gentle class sharpness.
The instant numerology theorem changes, the truth is shattered, and the fate offensive is directly cut in half and no longer exists!
This simple blow has no shocking power, no Tao, magic and rules. It is such a straight blow that the Ganges River will be wiped out!

Meng Haoran said lightly, "I’m not you! Which of these two do you choose? "

Li Pingan looked at the burning light saint and said, "Before being original, the cause and effect with this saint are not clear."
Meng Haoran nodded and said, "I’ll leave it to you, the elders of the Excalibur Mountain." The figure suddenly moved in front of the burning light saint and punched out something congenial.
Before something congenial, a bright golden light bloomed ~ a black golden light beam rose into the sky
Two people along the beam straight up to heaven, boom, black and gold ripples, high diffusion clouds, clean up.
Li Pingan’s mouth twitched. You asked me to choose. After I chose, you robbed me. Then why did you ask me to choose?
Oriental emperor’s hand stretched out and the palm of a long sword condensed.
Li Pingan eyes a clot can’t hesitate to hand a stretch to drink a way "a word long snake array two instrument array three array four like array together ~"
Dense runes emerge to form a four-layer array, and each layer is a large array. The four-layer array gathers and merges into a large array, which melts into the heavens and the earth and disappears instantly.
After a long time of the four-person war, a black dragon gun and acetylene also appeared in the battlefield. I felt that the fluctuation of terrorist fighting suddenly concealed the breath. This battle is no longer something I can step in. It is estimated that it is also unhelpful. More importantly, there is no master breath in it! Isn’t master here?
Three days later, boom ~ a hole was blown in the desert, and four images of divine power, yin and yang, splashed and flew, and the desert boomed and set off a monstrous sand explosion
Covered in blood, Li Pingan flew upside down from the center of the explosion and smashed into the desert. He rumbled in the distance and slid into the turbulent desert, pulling out a deep ravine. On the other side, there were not many eastern emperors’ robes broken and stained with blood. When he was blown out of the explosion area, he crashed into the sand and was buried in the desert, which was bottomless.
"Master ~" Ning acetylene exclaimed as she glided toward the desert. Li Pingan quickly swept away the figure. Ghosts generally appeared behind Li Pingan and suddenly held down Li Pingan.
With a thump, Li Pingan puffed out blood and turned to look at Ningyne angrily and said, "You want to murder your teacher and inherit my view of the theme, right?"
Ning acetylene quickly shook his head and said in a panic, "No, I’m worried about your safety."
Li Pingan said angrily, "I’m unloading my strength, okay?"
Ning acetylene bowed his head in a panic and said, "Master, I … I’m a little too anxious."
Li Pingan said in a slow tone, "Come on, help me up!"
"Yes!" Ning acetylene hurriedly will Li Pingan up.
Li Pingan looked at the Eastern Emperor’s smashing place and walked over and said, "Directly smashing into the ground and hitting the strength is all about him."
Ning acetylene helped Li Pingan worry and said, "Master, shall we go back first?"
Li Pingan shook his head and said, "Don’t worry for the time being!"
Li Pingan here is the winner. There is a big explosion in the sky. Two figures fall from the sky, Meng Haoran and Zhuo Guangsheng. Their robes are neat and their hair is not messy. What’s more, they are injured and compared with Li Pingan. It’s a world apart.
"Ahem ~" The dust turned over the Eastern Emperor’s coffin and climbed out of the dust and flew lightly.
Meng Haoran fell beside Li Pingan.
Li Pingan couldn’t help but say, "Are they afraid they didn’t have a fake fight?"
Meng Haoran said lightly, "Everyone knows that there is no need to fight for life and death."
Some doubts looked at Li Pingan and said, "I wonder if you have any deep hatred, as if you must perish together."
In the distance, the Oriental Emperor coughed and said hoarsely, "If you don’t contribute, it’s like going out of his strange field?"
Li Pingan, it’s all my fault for this.
Burning light holy full of murder staring at ning acetylene.
Meng Haoran towards the front of the next step to block Ning acetylene, touching the sword in his hand, and somehow a murder locked the burning light St.
Chapter three hundred and ninety, Sanqing concept
Meng Haoran felt a strong sense of murder as his eyes grew dignified in the burning light holy heart.
Silence burned the sacred mouth and said, "Let’s go!"
Tear a tunnel with a wave of his hand and step out of the disappearing crack.
Oriental emperor Ming coughed and glanced at his eyes faintly. Li Pingan also stepped into the tunnel and disappeared.
Li Pingan took a long breath and said, "Thank you, Meng Jushi!"
Meng Haoran turned to look at the two men and said, "Don’t thank me. See you later." The figure disappeared without much communication.
"Ahem ~" Li Pingan bent down to cough and looked at the distorted explosion center and said with emotion, "Fortunately, they will be intercepted in this desert like watching Sanqing, and I don’t know how many koos will be involved."
Ning acetylene bowed her head and said, "Master, let’s go home!"
Li Pingan nodded a six-way roulette wheel, two people’s feet rose, and two people disappeared instantly. In the desert, a moment crossed the mountains and rivers of Wan Li and appeared in Sanqing View.
Clear snow, clear rain, stone shovel and others quickly ushered in.
Before clearing the snow, hold Li Pingan’s other eye red and sad and say, "Master, you are hurt again!"
Li Pingan bowed his hands and walked over and said, "The other party is much worse than me, don’t you think?"
Ning acetylene nodded his head is very dull.
Li Pingan got rid of the help of two people and said, "I’ll leave it to you if I want to go back and rest."
Qingxue nodded heavily and said seriously, "Master, we will take good care of the Taoist temple."
Li Pingan pulled out a smile and flew towards the backyard. He entered his room, sat on a couch, closed his eyes and meditated. The aura of heaven and earth poured into Li Pingan’s body, and the lines flashed, and if there was a rhyme, the room emerged.
Just after Li Pingan and others left, a middle-aged man in a gray robe was driving an ox cart and creaked. They fought in a gentle sand dune not far away, and the horned ox walked slowly in the desert.
King’s Landing walked over and said, "Little Martial Uncle is still so strong even without flesh."
"Hum ~" Husband said with a snort of cold, "Addiction to womanhood is hopeless"
King’s Landing immediately changed the subject and asked, "What do you think of the door, teacher? Are they really inherited from ancient times? "
Fu said slowly, "The sects of Daomen are very different, but it is unknown whether he came to Daomen from ancient times or the Taoist master got the ancient inheritance."
King’s Landing walked over and said, "Then let’s ask ~"
The ox cart slowly disappears in the desert. Although it seems that the pace of the old ox is slow, it is very strange that the ox cart travels far away in a blink of an eye.
After dinner in the evening, Ning acetylene sat on a tray at the top of Sanqing Guansuo Mountain and looked at the silent and dark mountain forest.
An falcon flew from the foot of the mountain, and the golden light flashed, and the fossil Hao Luoning acetylene sat cross-legged beside him.
Shi Hao smiled and said, "What is the younger brother thinking?"

Baiye nodded, and then in the afternoon, you Xing Jun teleported to a nearby place to send an array to eliminate the disappearance.

Section 312 Everyone’s younger generation
"Jane coloured glaze, take a look at the situation nearby!" Fenghua Shuo Huang said to the girl aside
The girl glanced at him and didn’t do anything or object to taking out her magic weapon, then turned around and the light came to her hand.
"Ah …"
Jane coloured glaze a surprised hurriedly let go of the magic weapon in the hand didn’t fall by hanging there.
This magic weapon looks like a crystal ball. If it weren’t for some light and shadow marks, it would be easy for people to have nothing. The name of this crystal ball is "Time Exhibition", which is a treasure of Jane’s family in the central fairy land. It can absorb the surrounding atmosphere to restore the once-living scene. The white Ling Ye ball has the same effect because this time exhibition is not manipulated unless it is difficult for someone to master it. Therefore, there are not many things that this Jane glass can restore.
She was surprised because the time exhibition was spreading, and she had never seen chaos before. The sight of light flowing in the face made people confused.
"What’s the matter? Why can’t you see anything? " Fenghua Shuo Huang asked doubtfully, and others around him looked at her.
Bai Yu said, "Although the images are a little messy in the past few days, you can still see something. Why can’t you see anything here?"
Jane coloured glaze surprised the baby and made a series of brilliant colors like flowers. After that, Jane coloured glaze’s mouth grew bigger and bigger in Zhang Yue.
"There must have been extremely fierce fighting just now! There must be a level or a star! "
Jane coloured glaze words let people around one leng white royal hurriedly asked "really someone walk in front of us? Still a master? "
Jane Liuli nodded and said, "It seems to be true now, plus what we saw in the past few days may be true 99%!"
They are a group of young people who have practiced for thousands of years. If they were not born in a big family, they would be ordinary fairies in the celestial world. Perhaps they are living and taking risks everywhere at this time. It is their fate to be born in such a big family, and everyone is doomed to be extraordinary.
In a short period of time, their cultivation at home has been soaring, and the strongest ones are as white as the imperial palace and the magnificent scenery. The weak ones have also been cultivated at the fairy house in the early days of the sages. In addition to cultivating them, there are still several immortals who dream of seeking fairy treasures. That’s a real fairy treasure. Even the immortals can’t be underestimated when they are equipped.
So they were all sent out to carry out this time.
Speaking of this is the Central Fairyland, some people got the news that someone wants to destroy it for 33 days and occupy it. Although people in the Central Fairyland don’t believe that anyone will have such a seemingly stupid idea, because in their view, it is impossible to occupy it for 33 days, they let these younger brothers out. First, because adults are guarding all places, they want to take the opportunity to exercise these younger generations to make them rise quickly.
It was the adults who didn’t expect that something was wrong with these younger generations on the first day, but instead of reporting it immediately, they discussed cleaning up the 33-day wandering family on their own!
These people compare with each other on weekdays, and at this time, the situation is even more impossible to retreat, so they decided to sweep away day by day.
They naturally considered the danger, but since they dared to make full preparations for thirty-three days, not only did they have all kinds of magic weapons, but each of them also gave them a charm with his life. It was a special spell that was passive and would be automatically given when their lives were in extreme danger, ensuring that they saved their lives was considered as giving them two lives!
On the first day, a group of people looked at the world as if it were Shura’s hell. Apart from comparing with each other, they were also angry. They also heard from their elders that 33 days of prosperity and spirituality, although dangerous, were also praised as holy places. It was unexpected that they had encountered such a situation for the first time.
By the magic weapon of Jane coloured glaze, they barely knew what had happened here, and they were more determined to continue the sweeping. However, there was also a small change, that is, Bai Yu once discussed sending a message to the face first, but it was really unexpected, but it was stopped by the young people around Fenghua Shuo Huang. The young man naturally changed his appearance. The second honour person, Chi Xiong, said, "It is really necessary to tell the party about such a big event, but since everyone is out of experience, it is best to solve the problem by themselves. Since other family members sent us out, maybe they knew that the situation here was to see our strength.
Before he finished his words, he answered, "Yes, yes, Bai Yu, aren’t you brave? Why do you want to tell your family as soon as you see these blood?"
In the face of his ridicule, Bai Yu smiled coldly and said, "If you don’t, you don’t have to dig at me. I don’t know whether I am timid or not!"
Therefore, a group of people no longer want news, but fly layer by layer. Those who were originally imprisoned and sent to the battle in Chixiong can move their hands and feet. In addition, they also rely on Jane Glass Baby to reach this seventh day day day by day.
"Since there is a master who is one step ahead of us, let’s not stop and see who it is?"
"Yes, if it’s experience, why don’t you even leave one for us! Let’s hurry up and catch up. We haven’t started work until 33 days ago, and then we will be laughed at. "
"Well, maybe this is also a test!"
A group of people discussed it and immediately set off to one side.
Chixiong couldn’t help but sneer at the tunnel when he watched a group of little guys advance in high spirits. "It’s so naive to kill you!"
But soon he frowned and thought, "Who is it? Although I haven’t been in the secret world for a long time, I also know that there are masters here or the immortal emperor personally appointed them. What do you think of the guys who are more powerful than the eldest brother? They seem to have lost? "
He looked back again and saw a messy smell everywhere, shaking his head. He didn’t get anything except a strange smell, and he no longer hesitated to follow a group of little guys into the funeral procession. To know the truth, let’s find the mysterious master first!
White leaves and Wuyou Xingjun are delivered directly to the next day. Because of special reasons, most of them are desert, and there are a few vegetation next door, so this place is also the best base, and there is not much change.
"It seems that we are going to fly for the ninth day again. Although there is not much blood here, the escort is still blocked!"
On the first day, Bai Ye and Wu You Xing Jun were completely sealed. Although they can solve it, it takes a lot of time. Sometimes they have already flown for the ninth day.
Just as the two were preparing to take off, a sound came up. "Please wait for the elder!"
The two men stopped instantly and couldn’t help looking at each other. Actually, someone spoke, and they were now so close, just a few feet in front of them!
The two men consciously looked and saw that the man was dressed in coarse cloth, wrapped in shoulders and waist, and the rest of the place was naked.

How can you have a daughter if you don’t even have a sister …

There seems to be nothing strange.
Chapter 19 Believing in the shrine and gaining access to it
The history of forbearance is the history of war, and the history of mankind is also the history of war
War has never been far away from this world, and it has never disappeared around human beings.
Throughout the ages, there have been only a few days when the world can really be peaceful.
There is never peace in forbearance.
Even if it is not a war of forbearance, there will be large and small battles due to various types at ordinary times.
There are also some small countries that attack each other and annex each other.
Endure the world war is the biggest battle in the world.
Once upon a time, the protagonist of the war was still an ordinary person, a so-called samurai, and now he has become a ninja.
This is the third world war.
Shayin and Konoha started first. Shayin attacked Konoha and was defended by …
Konoha has never been attacked. It’s just a perpetual disaster.
The same is true of Campanulaceae Mountain.
The battle of Campanula Campanula didn’t start today, but it has already started for a long time, but it has gradually evolved from a small scale into a large-scale ninja war.
Although Shayin is outnumbered, it has repeatedly failed to attack Platycodon grandiflorum Mountain. However, Konoha has money to eat and drink, and all kinds of war preparation materials are still coming from behind.
By contrast, Shayin is a poor man, and it is difficult to grow food in a place full of sandstorms, and it is necessary to rely on imports.
If you come to poverty, you have to buy food, weapons and equipment, let alone say anything.
If konoha really let go to fight against Shayin, even the number of people will not have any advantage.
Well, for Shayin, Konoha is not the only enemy.
Even so, after playing for several years, Shayin has become extremely difficult.
On this day, the attack began again, but the effect was still not great, except that both sides reported that a series of death lists had been added.
In the evening, the two sides sounded their guns and stopped fighting, and a small number of ninjas and some small troops were still active.
Muye command post
Orochimaru is here at this time. He is not the Konoha rebellious.
It may even be a man who inherited Huo Ying. At this time, his prestige of Konoha is still very high
Commander nature also received the rear intelligence.
"Oh, hasn’t Seven Nights arrived yet?"
According to the speed estimate of the airship, it should have arrived long ago, but so far it has not been found.
"Well …"
Hearing the report, orochimaru bowed his head and thought
It should have arrive a long time ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. if it hadn’t been ambush halfway …
There are no airships or flying people in the enemy’s flight. There can be no ambush.
That’s what happened. Don’t be surprised?
It is unlikely that even if there is an accident, it will be a huge airship formation in the future, and no matter how hard it is to let people report, it is still impossible to be destroyed as soon as possible.
I didn’t guess wrong …
"Tell all ninjas to take a break and get ready at the same time."
"What preparation?"
"attack preparation"
"Tell me to go. I still know a lot about Seven Nights."
Orochimaru stuck out his tongue and licked his mouth like a snake.
Even those eyes are like snake eyes.
Sanren is not an ordinary person
"He and I have been together for a long time!"
If seven nights is like Cao Mengde’s, it must be orochimaru he invited.
Orochimaru believe in science for no other reason.
Believe in science these days and you will live forever.
For example, orochimaru should have died many times, but he was resurrected again and again and lived after the Fourth Endurance World War.
But also on the scientific road.
Seven nights is a scientist. After all, he was raised by a group of scientists.
And they are all crazy scientists.
Orochimaru is crazy, too. He has done everything in vivo.

Lingzhou, these monks have blood. The wolf knows that Ye Xiang is a beautiful girl. Others don’t know it, but they can really look at Xiang Ye from the big miss of the beautiful girl. It can be seen from the angry and hateful eyes that this young man definitely has something with this big beauty, otherwise there will be no such thing as two people.

"What’s the ambiguity between Boss Xiang Ye and this beautiful woman?" Then Han Chenggang some hexagrams asked
The blood wolf then stamped his eyes and said, "Don’t mind your own business, or you will be thrown away when you are old."
Immediately that a few more want to ask Wolf gang members are cong shut up, but they know that they are the blood Wolf boss temper is absolutely said to do the Lord …
The monk’s world is always restless and full of insidious cunning. It is very likely that a friend will be your enemy in the next second. The reason may be just a few lingshi, or there may be no contradiction. When two monks meet the same material they need, they will have a life-and-death duel, and even their own relatives will believe it.
It’s not that the friar’s character is despicable, but that everyone should work hard to live. If he wants to live, he has to practice. If he wants to practice, he needs resources. They have to take a hard road to higher education. They have to fight bloody battles. It can be said that a successful friar will definitely have several lives. He always fights his way out and kills himself when he grows up.
No one will remember what you have done, but people will remember what you are now and what realm you cultivate. You cultivate them more than respect you and fear you to curry favor with you. However, once they pass you, they will definitely step on you and won’t even let you turn over.
Don’t say how good a monk is. He can disguise himself by not bullying the weak and looting the house. Because of that, monks have two situations: one is that they are incompetent and the other is that they can fool everyone by extremely high means.
Every road is not calm, and there are some brothers who rob houses and houses waiting for him to rob people. Of course, there are also many monks who are not long-sighted and encounter hard nails. At this time, the first wave of trouble for Ye Xiang and his gang finally came.
Lingzhou several people suddenly felt that Fang had a psychic force to manipulate Lingzhou. The wooden monk felt tight and pulled Gao Lingzhou to avoid the attack. At this time, several people saw that it was a sword light flying from the surface.
"Well, are these people trying to rob us?" The blood wolf asked the Lingzhou several people uncertainly at this moment, because there were only five people on the ground at this moment, and the first two people repaired the highest level and reached the level 4 friar of Rongling realm.
"They estimated that they stopped us directly without looking at our repair. Presumably, they didn’t meet some passing monks at ordinary times, so it was not easy to see them once, regardless of the consequences." At this time, the wooden house was stopped by some sneers.
"Xu Dage took two people to pick up one or more people, so just take them off without killing them." At this moment, Xiang Ye also spoke. In fact, he had already felt that several people in Lingzhou were lying in ambush. He didn’t expect that several people would dare to stop a group of people from doing this. After all, he still didn’t have much interest in cleaning up these little shrimps when the waves stopped.
The blood wolf then cracked his mouth and laughed. "Hey, hey, that’s just what I want. Come with me, then you don’t have to watch me alone."
Lingzhou several people suddenly spoke. First of all, Xiang Ye opened his mouth and ordered the blood wolf to take somebody else’s dry Kun and quit the blood wolf. But a four-level monk, a three-level monk, can command the blood wolf. Who is he? Once again, the mouth of the blood wolf is a one-on-one hit with somebody else.
"What are the two perverts!" At this time, everyone thought in their hearts.
At this moment, the blood wolf has already flown the spirit boat.
"You guys are in a good mood today. Just hand it over to Gankun to quit. Otherwise, the consequence will be to get a beating and then hand it over to Gankun to quit." The blood wolf said to several people in a careless way.
At this moment, a black-faced leader of the bandits was first startled by the words of the blood wolf. He even himself was the object of robbery, and the tall man opposite was the robber.
"What did you say? I don’t think you understand who we are, but we are this way … "The black-faced leader explained at this moment.
"Well, it’s time for me to give it to you. Just wait for it to be beaten." The blood wolf has already taken his life-saving gloves out of the abdomen with one mouth. At this time, the gloves have just appeared on the opposite side, but some people have hot eyes. They saw the gloves emitting light green light.
"Five spirit! Black brothers are lucky. This four-level monk’s life spirit is very good. It’s actually a five-level spirit. Today, we sent a "black-faced leader". At this time, it has been discovered that Xiu is a four-level blood-repairing wolf, and the spirit is actually five, which makes him even more excited.
Looking at his smirk, the blood wolf root didn’t talk nonsense at this moment, but just came to the front of the man in a breath, and then ignored the defensive weapon of the black-faced monk. It was a blow and broke it, and then the black-faced leader flew to the back and fell heavily to the ground
Four other people around have not yet woken up from the joy of the black-faced monk saying "Five Lingqi". His boss has been knocked down at this moment, and their smiles are deadlocked in their faces.
"Eldest brother, what’s wrong with you!" At this time, another four-level monk among several people just thought of something and ran over to look at the strongest black-faced monk among them.
At this time, the black-faced monk was already in a coma, and it was still the blood wolf who didn’t die. Otherwise, he could get rid of half his life with one punch after directly exerting the earth force.
Seeing that the boss was beaten by a few people, I realized that I had a hard time today, but none of them were stupid. Since this step was expected, the second child got up and said, "This Taoist friend, we have eyes. I hope we don’t take it amiss. After all, we are not easy."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Attack
At this time, a few people suddenly thought of a very serious thing, that is, they must pass through the sphere of influence of Yupan Mountain this time, but they know that they are not strong enough now, even if they have twice as many people. At this time, everyone except Xiang Ye Blood Wolf and Mujia is panicked.
"Miss Woody, are you worried that it won’t be the forces of Jade Panshan?" At this moment, Bing was already pale and said.
In fact, a few of them can accept that there is no danger in this. After all, there are really few people who dare to sliver with the four major forces in Ji ‘an Town, but the forces in Jade Mountain are not afraid of anything, although they will also be afraid of some of these four major forces. However, if they know that the goods are attractive enough, they don’t mind grabbing them and then covering them up without leaving a clue to the Mujia.
Liu Bing’s words at this moment also ask everyone’s doubts. At this moment, they all looked at the wooden city nervously as if to get an accurate answer. Of course, they still held some hopes that the delivery of goods would not interest Yupan Mountain.
"I’m not sure whether Yupan Mountain knows about our action, but I want to say that this delivery is not so simple. If you are afraid of danger, Taoist friends can leave at this time and we won’t say anything. After all, you don’t know what happened in advance." At this time, Muqing City did not hide it.
After listening to her words, those people in Lingzhou couldn’t sit still. They were most worried that something had finally happened. They were all afraid that their lives would be lost. At this time, they were all up, as if they were going.
At this time, several wolves around the blood wolf turned to look at Xiang Ye. They also felt some fear, but at this time, they saw that the two bosses of the wolf wolf gang didn’t say anything and didn’t move.
"Hum a bunch of waste this bravery is really no" At this moment, the blood wolf is disdainful to say it.
Although those people changed their faces after listening to the words of the blood wolf, they all knew that the name of the blood wolf didn’t dare to speak against him because they knew that if the blood wolf was annoyed, they would definitely throw them away now.
"You also don’t worry too much about what I say is the worst, just to prepare everyone psychologically." At this moment, the wooden city saw something wrong with the atmosphere and said.
In the whole process, Ye Xiang didn’t even open his eyes, but sat cross-legged and meditated to keep his mana at its best at all times.
In fact, he didn’t expect those people to help. Even if they can’t help, they can just drag their feet. It’s really up to the Mu family and the blood wolf to deal with all the dangers.
"I also say a word now. It’s better for a coward who is afraid of death to get out of here, so we’ll have to save him. It’s no help for this kind of waste to stay here." The blood wolf also glanced at the Lingzhou man and said.
Lingzhou several people’s eyes are flashing at this moment, and they are also quick to judge whether to quit at this time, especially when they see the blood wolf several people who despise their eyes and the expressionless face of the wooden city.
They also don’t want others to look down on them, but compared with their own safety and life, their own life is the most important thing. At this moment, finally, someone came out first and said, "I give up today."
After that, he offered himself a flying multiplier and left the Lingzhou. However, at this moment, no one in the Lingzhou said much. Although the pedestrian just now was a blood wolf, several people disdained it, but no one could stop him. Because his life is his own, there is no way for others to force him to believe that even if he stayed here, it would be a help.
At this time, the monk named Liu Bing, level 4, sat there and didn’t leave Lingzhou. It seems that he also made up his mind to regard this as an experience, and there won’t be much improvement without going through difficult tempering.
There are a few people left, and two of them are finally determined and divorced, so that a group of them have left three people, and Ye Xiang and a group of people are left, and finally Liu Bing and three others.
"Hey, hey, it seems that it’s good to stay in the Han Dynasty. I like life so much. I’m afraid of wolves and tigers. How can I be a real master of Dharma? You all remember," Blood Wolf said to several members of the Wolf Gang around him at this moment.
"Know the blood Wolf eldest brother don’t worry, we will not drag our feet." At this time, several people all said that they were all shocked by the blood wolf’s heroism.