"There is a light tone in the palace, and my sister won’t rob you. Please eat more quickly." Alone, Alo couldn’t help but insert her hand, mango, and stuffed the enthusiasm into Long’s left mouth. She almost didn’t shake Long’s left eye.

After being blocked by mango, he left his mouth. Well, he can see that this guy is deliberately not letting him talk!
the other side
Looking at the bed quietly with a face of bitterness, the man’s eyes are slightly dark.
It seems that you can’t remember that she can’t touch mangoes at all.
What is the sudden discomfort in my heart?
Because SICU ward can’t carry bacteria, even if the two people wear sterilization, they can’t stay long according to hospital regulations.
So when the light tone returned to the bedroom, the whole person looked at the table and the mango was stunned.
Is it really because of the past three years?
The dog can’t remember that she is allergic to mangoes, and even offered to let her try them?
She knew that she had no position to complain that dogs didn’t remember her habits. After all, she disappeared for three years in the dog world, even if she didn’t remember the details of her diet.
Besides, dogs have no sense. They must remember her living habits.
It was her previous episode that would leave enough impression on the dog. After all, the dog was really beaten at that time ———————————.
Candea district rental house
"Yinyin, I made you a dessert. It’s delicious!" Wearing a cartoon T-shirt and carrying a bowl of fruit sago, the dog is very flattering to the woman.
"Ah ~" The woman lying on the sofa with her eyes closed and wearing a mask opened her mouth when she heard the man’s words.
The man’s eyebrow eye curved spoon filled with pulp and fed it to the sofa.
a moment
The fruit fragrance overflowed the tip of the tongue, and the woman who had just been successfully fed suddenly sat up from the sofa without caring about the cucumber slices, and looked at the sago in the man’s bowl.
"Mango? !” The woman was shocked and couldn’t believe that she had just taken a bite of what she had avoided most in her life.
The woman suddenly got up and moved, which made the man suddenly surprised and didn’t respond, so she got up and knocked over the bowl. The whole sofa was splashed with sago mango meat, and it was wet and slippery at the female arm and calf.
A hysterical scream overflowed from the hut, followed by a beating and a man’s whining.
Recalling that the dog’s ugly eyes and injustice were so ugly that he couldn’t help laughing softly, but when his eyes fell on the black mango on the front table again, his face was still smiling for a moment, and his mouth suddenly froze and his eyes were lost and revealed a few minutes.
She is naturally allergic to mangoes, but any pulp that touches the skin will be red and itchy, not to mention eating it.
Although she knew that the dog was not to blame for the accident, she realized that she still gave the dog a good beating.
More importantly, even after the beating, she felt sorry for the dog, so she thought about it. For example, when saving the situation, the dog actually apologized to her with a face of injustice. That bitterness made her feel that the dog was really cute at that time, which made her determined to have a good plan for the dog in the future.
Chapter 23 Suspicious familiarity (11)
"Sister, try this mango. It’s super delicious!" I’ve been thinking about staring at the mango in the ward in front of me, and Alo refused to move her eyes. As soon as she returned to the bedroom, she quickly peeled off the mango and put a large white jade plate full of pots, which was sent to the person.
Sister Qingyin must like mangoes very much. I just stared at the pulp in the ward and couldn’t move my eyes. What a lovely look!
While talking, Alo quickly poked a piece of mango with thick pulp in the spoon fork and sent it to the female mouth.
The light tone suddenly woke up and wanted to refuse "I don’t"
"What are you doing!" A burst of unabashed trembling roar saw a shadow from outside the temple, and suddenly there was a light sound. Without hesitation, she knocked the fruit bowl in Alo’s hand to the ground.
For a moment, the pulp fell to the ground and the juice splashed.
Almost at the same time, the man seems to be afraid that the juice will splash on the person behind him after protecting himself.
"What are you doing!" The man’s fox pupil is suffused with monstrous anger, and Alo’s sight is cold and cool.
The most feared sound is mango, not to mention eating it. Even the juice will turn red when it rubs against the skin, and then it will itch and swell.
When renting a house in Candea, he didn’t know that Yinyin would be allergic to mangoes, but he also made an afternoon tea for Yinyin according to the dessert in the palace, and he was almost beaten to death by Yinyin.
Until now, he still remembers that the sound and body were terrible, and the allergic rash lined with white skin made him look horrified. How dare he make such a low-level mistake again!
It seems to be the first time I saw Jinze at night, so she was so angry with murder that she was so scared that she was in tears that she couldn’t even pick it up when she was slapped by a man. She trembled and quickly reported that "The temple, the temple, Alo didn’t do anything."
Carol was really scared. Not only was she stunned, but even her mind was blank. She was so surprised that she forgot what she had just done.
What did she just do?
She, she seems to be preparing to feed her sister Guangyin mango. It seems that this is it?
She, she simply feeds mangoes.
But what temple would be so angry?
And what about the murder all over?
She, she didn’t do anything.
"Pack up and get out of here!" Night Jinze’s eyes forced people to chill for half a minute before turning around and dragging the guy behind him into the temple.
Seemed to be shocked by the sudden anger of the man, or perhaps finally noticed the abnormality. The man dragged his hand and whispered for the first time without resistance. It was a pair of dark and beautiful eyes that glanced at mango’s eyes full of doubts.
Is it her illusion?
What, does she think that at the moment when Jinze rushed towards her at night, the line of sight really fell on Alo to feed her mango pieces?
Then she was blocked behind her as if she was worried that the fallen mango would splash juice and touch her feet?
I couldn’t help twisting the light tone between the eyebrows. I looked at the dark and bright eyes of the man before dragging myself, and there was a strange look again.
Night Jinze just wanted to stop her from eating mangoes, didn’t she?
But what should be stopped?
For someone who doesn’t know her, Alo’s reaction is the most normal, and she has only known Noe Jinze for a day or two. To some extent, Noe Jinze is the same as Alo. Why is Noe Jinze’s reaction so strange?
just as
It’s like knowing that she is allergic to mangoes.
"Did you know me before?" The light tone suddenly came out of sight with a frown and left the man in front with a face of doubt.
Chapter 24 Suspicious familiarity (12)
The words sound just fell and the man’s figure in front of him suddenly froze, dragging the female wrist hand like a scalded one and quickly shrank back, even the footsteps came to an abrupt end.
The light tone looked at the doubts in his eyes and stepped around the man’s front with a suspicious face. "Did we know each other before?" How else would you know I’m allergic to mangoes? Have we met before? "
Even the dog doesn’t remember things. How can this newly-recognized fox family temple be so clear?
Hearing a series of questions from women, and then seeing women looking at themselves seriously, Jinze has always been accustomed to the high night, and suddenly became inexplicably cramped. A pair of animal ears burned people and didn’t dare to go out for a long time.
Should he tell the truth according to the sound?
Maybe now is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?
After all, the more he cheats, the more guilty he will be in his heart. If he confesses now, maybe he will forgive him a little.
"I think we know each other. Where have we met?" Seeing my predecessors’ eyes faintly dodging my light voice, I am more convinced that my guess is accurate.
Night Jinze really knew her long ago!
But for a moment, there was a loss in women’s eyes
But it makes no sense!
Jin Ze’s appearance at night is absolutely amazing and unforgettable. If she has seen him, she can’t forget it!
Is it true that people in front of them have a crush on her?
So never appeared in front of her?
So she doesn’t know the person in front of her?
After all, since she came out of the slum, she has been dressed as a bi-bloodline fox and beast. It is not impossible for someone to fall in love with her at first sight. Didn’t she often get accosted when she took the dog street?

Xiao Zhou is not excited by this. His steady breathing has made him enter that state of selflessness. He will follow his feelings, look for targets, and resolutely shoot them one by one.

Fire fighting figures have fallen … and the fire has spread uncontrollably in all directions. To be continued.
Chapter 592 Killing
Most of the wooden houses in the village are easy to catch fire, and the wind is burning more and more.
After the initial blow, everyone in the village hid, and the fire burned in the dark. Xiao Zhou aimed at the other side with a cold hum. An oil lamp blew and broke, and kerosene leaked out of the kerosene heater. Xiao Zhou fired another shot, and the oil lamp fell and "boom" a rotor emerged again.
Two figures rushed out of the wooden house with a big broom to put out the fire. Chou did not hesitate to pull the trigger and shot them two times.
Xiao Zhou took care of the new fire source and burned again. The response from both sides almost swallowed up the whole village. It seemed that more people ran out of the burning wooden house. One or two people wearing red hats also shouted to evacuate the crowd, but these people first became sniper targets and were quietly killed by Xiao Zhou.
Without organization, the scene is even more chaotic. Nothing in this world is more pitiful than a group of panicked people who ran out of the burning wooden house with weapons and buckets in their hands, trying to put out the fire and trying to fight back, but all in vain. The enemy doesn’t know where? I don’t know how many people can’t hear or see the guns. People are constantly being killed and screaming for death.
They shouted and ran, and many people fell down, some were killed by bullets, and some were trampled and injured. Those strong Red Army soldiers who were attacked didn’t know what they should do. They shot at the sky and night to give themselves and everyone courage, but it aggravated the chaos.
Some frightened people ran out of the wooden house, came into the house with something in their arms, and ran out again, then ran around in the firelight at a loss, and the family shouted at each other.
This is a tragedy, and even women and children are involved. The crackling fire is burning more and more brightly, shining on the frightened faces of these people.
The blazing fire is convenient for Xiao Zhou to be killed by bullets, which seem to come from every dark corner. One by one, the crowd is full of smoke and chaos.
A group of people who woke up ran to the entrance of the village, carrying bags with their children in their hands, and also rushing horses, cattle, sheep, people and livestock. The tangled luggage made the chaos worse, and the fire animals jumped up.
A few bullets flashed in the darkness and knocked the first few people to the ground, but the people behind them pushed forward without paying attention. Some people tripped over the body and trampled on the injured people behind them.
There were groans everywhere. Some people were frightened. Those people were scared. Some people dispersed to the back.
An officer-like man came out of the eaves with several soldiers, and several rifles fired indiscriminately in the direction of Xiao Zhou, but they didn’t know the specific location of Xiao Zhou’s hiding. His rifle had silencers, silencers and silencers, and Xiao Zhou cleverly concealed them. These Red Army guerrillas didn’t undergo unified military training. Although they could know the enemy’s shooting direction, they still knew the specific location of snipers by law.
And Chou won’t let them have a chance to fight back.
At this time, Xiao Zhou’s confidence has been greatly enhanced. He remembered that when he learned to swim, he could never learn the dog crawl in shallow water, but he couldn’t float. Later, one day, he jumped from the reservoir dam with his nose in his hand and sank to the bottom of the water, and then he floated after pedaling his feet … Now this kind of scene is just like learning to swim at the beginning. The best thing is to have the courage to hold his nose and often jump over that hurdle with ease.
Now Xiao Zhou has a feeling that he has become a real gunman.
Xiao Zhou shot off the heads of these soldiers several times in a row, but eventually sealed off the area less than 100 meters wide at the exit of this small village.
Behind the small village is a swamp, which used to be a place easy to defend but difficult to attack and defend, but now it has become a dead end.
After a long night, the village was burned to ashes, and the debris braved the smoke and lost their homes. The villagers squatted in the alley with soot and the wall behind them, and the sniper could not hit the place.
It was quiet outside, and the vicious dogs stopped barking and the guns stopped, but no one dared to get up because they knew they would get up and kill a foreign case with a cold shot.
The enemy has blocked the way out of the village, and a torch has burned the village, which can be said to have completely cut off the villagers’ way of life. In this despair, some people are gloomy and indifferent. A woman is sitting against a pile of walls to breastfeed her baby. There is a man wearing a Red Army hat opposite. One leg is burned and the wooden beam is crushed. He is also leaning against the wall leg, bleeding and calmly filling the rifle one by one.
Xiao Zhou stared at the opposite village, and he felt like a king’s landing. These lives in the opposite village were in his hands. If anyone dared to show his head, he would not hesitate to shoot the target.
It’s all Anna … and it’s also a proof that she is a qualified gunman.
A child came out of the village crying. When Chou saw it, he recognized the little girl he met last night. She was still holding half-bitten white bread in her hand, and she couldn’t bear to finish it … The little girl kept coming to the village. Her eyes were a little dull, but they were even more dull. No one stopped her, even though she knew it was dangerous to go out like this. Because the enemy sniper was a ruthless sniper, he wanted to kill all the villagers. He had no reason to let her go.
But no one stopped her. Maybe everyone was numb. Maybe everyone wanted her to explore all the way to see if the enemy sniper had left.
Xiao Zhou’s muzzle glanced warily ahead, but it didn’t aim at the little girl … he wasn’t cruel enough to shoot a little girl.
Opposite the village is a village where Red Army guerrillas gather. He can kill all the adults there because they are enemies and targets of the army, but this girl is not.
At this moment, a man wearing a red square hat and civilian costume stretched out a hand from the next low wall and waved to the little girl and shouted, "Come out and come here!" "
Xiao Zhou Ma aimed at the low wall and forced himself to hit the outstretched arm. He had to wait until the best time to shoot him. The best time.
But if the little girl continues to walk to the village, the man shouts again and suddenly bends over and rushes out to the little girl.
Xiao Zhou decisively pulled the trigger, and a bullet hissed. As soon as it passed by the little girl’s ear, it hit the man’s head, and the red star cap floated up. The man rushed to the floor, rushed to the side of his head, and the ear came to a little position. Blood and brains flowed out.
The little girl didn’t know what happened behind her and kept walking … along the road in the direction of Xiao Zhou’s visit yesterday …
The sun rose higher and higher, and a tall shadow suddenly jumped out of the grass on the left side of the village in an attempt to rush to the road to break through Chou’s blockade.
Chou sneered at pulling the trigger quickly and the tall man lay down in the middle of the road.
Here, just on the right side of the village, one suddenly jumped out. When Xiao Zhou turned the gun and the horse turned, another bullet quickly left the chamber. This man also knocked down the ground.
However, although the other party paid two people’s price, it also exposed Xiao Zhou’s position and let them know that there was one sniper.
The opposite person is deploying troops here, and Xiao Zhou is also preparing that he will take the silencer and clean up the ammunition. The magazine is full of bullets.
Look at the height of the sun. The comrades in the class should also arrive in Xiaozhou. There are 20 bullets left in their hands and 10 bullets in the magazine. They sneer and say, "There are still 30 bullets left, depending on whether you have the determination to risk 30 lives for my life."
Behind a wall in the village, there was a group of people, men and women, and several boys and girls. They were armed with rifles, sabres and kitchen knives. A political commissar in a square hat and military uniform gave an impassioned speech in front of him until the crowd was furious. With a wave of his hand, the group split into two strands and jumped into the grass on the left and right sides of the village to prepare to rush across the road.
Xiao Zhou gritted his teeth and switched from side to side with a bang … A bullet hit the two ends of the road, and suddenly blood was flying and bodies fell to the ground one by one … Most people were scared back, but a few fierce people crossed the road and got into the bushes by the road, making the branches rustle and the bottom of the bushes surrounded Xiao Zhou’s hiding place.
Just now, a burst of shooting has already exhausted ten bullets in the magazine. As soon as the fastest filling bullets were filled in, a full face of Hu was saved in the bushes in front of the bolt. The Russian opened his chest to show his big belly and chest hair. This is a typical hairy face with red eyes and protruding eyes like bull’s eyes. It looks extremely fierce


On this day, Yang Guang sat at a table with a reading.
It’s a normal reading instead of a finger. He wants to experience a meditation. It feels different from what he saw in school. At this time, Yang Guang has no pressure
Not with a trace of purpose when I first saw it.
Not long after Yang Guang found himself in front of a piece of paper, a girl with short hair handed it to Yang Guang, but her face didn’t smile and she disliked him.
Yang guang is a little puzzling, but I still pick it up
And the other party immediately sat opposite Yang Guang.
And there is a good-looking girl beside her, and that’s it.
He typed a note and saw a beautiful text "classmate, I don’t know where you got the news. I can tell you now that she doesn’t like you."
Who is she?
Yang guang looked at the girl who just handed the note and then pointed to a girl with long hair next to her for convenience.
Is this her?
Is the other person here to pick up girls or squat?
It’s a little childish, but it seems normal, but who gave the other person the courage to say that he was squatting, and he hasn’t been here long
I’ve seen that pretty girl almost three or four times myself, and I still brush my shoulders.
Yang Guang didn’t experience this when he was reading, because there were a few female students in his world, especially Zhao Lingling, who occupied Yang Guang’s leisure at that time.
Idle position in heart
Does he like Zhao Lingling? I was, but not anymore.
It is even less likely to be love.
Then he can’t be in love with that girl.
Like it? Talk about
However, I don’t know what Yang Guang wants to feel some of this so-called love, and he wants to try it.
So he put his hand down and walked towards the two girls. He looked at the bad hair in the eyes of short-haired girls and said to long-haired girls, "My name is Yang Guangke. Do you know one?"
Chapter five hundred and nineteen I decree by destiny with you
Depending on the drama, many male and female protagonists are easy to hook up with Yang Guang because of some small things or encounters. He feels that the girl seems to have a destiny with himself and he also wants to try a beautiful love.
So ask
Don’t you think what level of beauty I want from Yang Guangtang?
Ok, Yang Guang is not the leading actor.
There is no doubt that he was rejected by that girl without giving him a chance.
Yang guang didn’t pester then left here.
But after he left, the girl with long hair whispered to her classmates, "Tingting, you may have misunderstood him. I found out that he really doesn’t like me. Besides, I’m not a heartthrob. Where are so many malicious followers?"
But this time things Yang guang heart a little touched.
It’s like he seems to have reached a certain critical point.
It seems that this has worked.
So does he need to experience the taste of love?
Pengcheng is full of flowers, drunk and fascinated.
Yang Guang went to some commercial streets and soon bought suitable brand-name ornaments with a casual style. Then he went to a car rental company and paid enough deposit to rent a Porsche coupe for a month.
Why not buy a car?
Because Pengcheng can’t shake the license plate
He is too lazy to move his real identity to get some benefits, just money, there is no need for human feelings
Yang guang didn’t go to those bars to find her "the right girl". He didn’t like it.
But he’s driving around looking for it.
One gain
Of course, I also drove away some people and looked at the luxurious coupe he rented, with glowing eyes.
Said, "I’m a car rental girl."
It’s normal to be scolded according to Yang Guang’s idea. love rat has no money to return it.
However, some women want to have sex with Yang Guang for one night.
Yang guang refused.
He doesn’t like those girls. They taste a little like those seafood.
Rong Yu is a woman selling real estate with a dream, but today her dream was broken.
She was the first in the company to lay off employees.
Because she has the lowest qualifications and the worst performance, it takes luck and connections to do sales without relying on hard work, especially real estate. competitive sales is very fierce
There are some women who can make huge profits by selling their bodies, as if it were a hidden rule, and Rong Yu didn’t mean to despise others.
After all, others paid the price.
She also paid, but she tried hard and didn’t take shortcuts.

"Taoist friends, I Terran have Taoist friends in Kyushu. If you like, you can delimit the territory for Taoist friends." On the one hand, it is too easy for the ancestor to see Yu Duxiu’s promise to open the Dojo for the dragon.

Jade Duxiu III’s body smells and his figure rises and falls in chaos for a long time without saying a word. Although his face is calm, his heart is uneasy.
After a while, Jade Duxiu III said, "Now that the Dojo has been opened in the wild and all over the world, many Taoist friends have kindly invited me. If the Dojo is not built by Terran, it is somewhat unreasonable. So, if it is necessary, the Dojo will be built by Terran in the future. I wonder how many Taoist friends are there?"
I was a little disappointed to hear that Yu Duxiu said so. Although Yu Duxiu didn’t directly promise to come, there was always some hope that he could not nod and say, "Well, it depends on the meaning of Taoist friends."
Seeing the Terran Dragon desperately trying to win over this mysterious strong wild SIRS demon god suddenly worried about this strong man, but choosing wild is wild in the future to help you come and pull people now. What do you mean?
"Taoist friends, let’s prepare to delimit the land. I don’t know if Taoist friends like my wild place, but let’s be unambiguous if they like it." Tiger God is full of heroism and keeps the mysterious strong jade Duxiu, but he has tried his best to nurse. "Taoist friends don’t consider my wild land, and they will drive the Terran out one day. If Taoist friends like Terran land, we will also delimit a local Dojo for you and get the Terran favor."
"Tiger God, don’t go too far." Grandfather Tai blew his nose and stared.
"Where am I going too far? I’m just telling the truth. Will you have a chance to win the shemale war in the future?" Tiger god sneered
"You won’t know until you hum the outcome. If you are really that bad, you won’t be driven out of the domain by my Terran." Taiyuan’s ancestor sneered coldly.
"Bah, if it weren’t for that unlucky ghost, I would withdraw? Your Terran will win? Now, the unlucky ghost doesn’t know that he was hit hard by you, and he doesn’t know where to lick his wounds. What do you take to resist me? "The lion god vomited an one mouthful saliva and looked disdainful.
Jade Duxiu listened to the fun and secretly felt a chill in her heart. "These people always find an unlucky ghost and don’t know who this unlucky ghost is. They have such great power that such a strong person can be unlucky and dare not call each other by their names."
Jade Duxiu moved the palm of his hand to ignore each other’s quarrel, and a pair of eyes looked at the wild and looked at it for a long time. After seeing that the two sides were still quarreling, chaos clock gently swayed in his hand. "SIRS Taoist Friends have chosen a place and don’t quarrel."
After that, Jade Duxiu’s hands flew out of chaos and fell towards the wild, but breathing Fiona Fang Wanli has been enveloped by a layer of misty chaos and turned into a circle. "Will this hundred thousand-mile area be like this?"
Jade Duxiu looked at the wild demon gods, but saw that the demon gods were hesitant at this time. Jade Duxiu frowned secretly. "Why not?"
"No, no, no, no, no, no, but there are too few plots in the pavilion, right? Is a mere 100,000 Li enough? " The fox god’s eyes showed hesitation.
Jade Duxiu III’s smell speech suddenly made him laugh and cry. Seeing all the demon gods with such an expression, Jade Duxiu also drew the wrong place himself. The other party refused to allow him. I didn’t expect this guy to abandon himself and paint too little. It was really ridiculous.
On one side, Sihai Long Jun also nodded. "Good cabinet identity. This hundred-mile region is really missing. As I said, there must be at least one continent."
What is a continent?
A continent is a continent that is radiated by the foundation of one’s own innate Lingbao and the power of Lingbao.
Terran Kyushu, the godfather who is not visible hundreds of millions of miles away, must not be underestimated.
"Yes, it’s a very small area, and it’s really petty," chimed in Tai Dou’s ancestor.
"Not bad, it’s too few miles. Even SIRS demon gods can’t occupy the Taoist friends. The SIRS demon gods’ eyes are smaller than rice grains." Taiping ancestor also advised at this time.
On the one hand, the fox god is exquisite and slightly tilted. "A mere hundred thousand miles is not as good as a demon saint, so it sets off the style of Taoist friends." This 100,000-mile center, Fiona Fang, belongs to Daoyou. "
Thousands of miles, a continent, and thousands of miles are not much different. At most, there is a small circle around it.
"Fox God is petty. If we can leave Daoyou uncultivated, I am uncultivated, and cherish the land, all the miles around Fiona Fang belong to Daoyou." Tiger God is more heroic than Fox God, with a pair of eyes shining and looking at Yudu Duxiu III. "It is worthwhile for Daoyou to leave all this."
After hearing the tiger myth, the nine great ancestors of the Four Seas Dragon King Terran, Qi Qi, changed color. The Terran place is so big. It is always impossible for one ancestor to vacate his place for Yu Duxiu III. It is true that there are many islands in the Four Seas, but if it is said that hundreds of millions of miles of islands are really not that big.
Tiger God, this price is high enough, but it makes the Terran Dragon Qi Qi discolor. If this one enemy and three strong people really join the wild, is there any Terran Dragon way? Even the Terran Dragon teamed up with each other, but it’s just a wild spell. It’s even more important to be in the wind.
For all complexion jade alone show ignored gently shook his head, "a big seat is to find a place to do clause, so the earth? It’ s very troublesome to work hard. "
"Yes, yes, it’s hard to take care of Zhou because the land in the hundreds of millions of miles is too big. It’s better to run your own yard. In the future, Taoist friends will add me to the local clause of the Terran Islands in the Four Seas. It’s too small to take care of the roots of the earth." The East China Sea Long Jun suddenly smiled and catered to flattery.
Jade Duxiu smell speech turned his head and looked at the East China Sea Dragon King’s chaotic and fuzzy face. The East China Sea Dragon King couldn’t see the expression, but too Huang Jiaozu also said, "That’s true. If there is a race behind Taoist friends, this hundred thousand miles place is a little small, but without this wild fate, the earth needs Taoist friends instead. It’s really not worth the loss. My Terran is the center of heaven and earth. Taoist friends divide my Terran into a place that is much stronger than the wild and desolate. That’s a real day."
Chapter 121 Vibration of Yin and Yang Sympathy between Heaven and Earth
Jade Duxiu smell speech smiled gently and turned to look at all the godparents. Although everyone couldn’t see Jade Duxiu’s expression through the chaotic hazy fog, it seemed that a little bit of meaningful eyes were detected in the chaotic fog.
"There will be opportunities"
With that, Jade Duxiu turned his head to look at all the demon gods, doubtless saying, "No, it’s just that this hundred-mile area is much better, and it’s also a wave. It’s better for you to keep it yourself."
With that, Jade Duxiu turned to the crowd and said, "Now that the abode of fairies and immortals has just been monarch, I won’t leave you. If there is an opportunity, I will definitely visit you one by one."
Yu Duxiu’s words revealed the meaning of Fujian. Many ancestors looked at Yu Duxiu and Yu Duxiu III with regret, but after all, they did not really reply to their ancestors whether they wanted Terran to establish a legal domain in the future.
"In that case, I’ll leave."
The ancestors of Terran regretted leaving, and the Dragon King in the East China Sea looked at Yu Duxiu with a fiery face. "Taoist friends must remember that I am free to divide the legal domain by Taoist friends, so I must remember to go to my four seas in the future."
After that, the Dragon King of the Four Seas was reluctant to leave, leaving only the demon gods.
Looking at all the demon gods, Jade Duxiu, carrying his hands, "I won’t leave you"
Sirs demon god looked at each other and hesitated for a moment. After all, he didn’t say anything and turned away.
All the demon gods mean that Jade Duxiu understands right and wrong, but who will do anything that is not good if Jade Duxiu Cong will participate in the race war?
This race war will break out even if it doesn’t have its own time. When the time comes, just wait for yourself to absorb the disaster, and you must go to muddy water.
Yu Duxiu marked the chaotic atmosphere in his own 100 thousand-mile region, and then operated the magical power to see a roar of heaven and earth, but saw a mountain peak and a rock collapse, and the world twisted and a magnificent Taoist temple slowly formed.
Jade Duxiu held a stone tablet in his hand, poured a ray of great power into chaos clock, and then threw it into the mountains. A mysterious bell sounded, and all the monster beasts were shocked by the bell sound when they approached the square hill.

Stars move the door in their hearts, which is the suppression of the temple clan door in the western regions?

Star’s long fingers swept up a wisp of white hair and said, "When I was chasing Haoran Academy, I met a Taoist brother who was haunted, but I lost a big battle with the inferno!"
Feng Long went on to say, "I occupied the waters belonging to Haoran Academy after expelling Haoran Academy, and then was returned by Haoran Academy with a Taoist brother, and I lost a big battle."
After that, I turned back to my own sea area and was attacked by another door brother. I will lose again! The dragon was forced to flee the sea. "
Qui-you in a black robe exudes a cold chill and says, "There was a younger brother who stole the spirit pool in the immortal sea area. I chased him and fled to Haoran Academy. Then I met Fan Xian and two younger brothers in the Academy, and I lost!"
Chen Xing’s face changed and exclaimed, "Brother Daomen is so strong?"
Feng Long squinted and said, "None of us is a door opponent, and there are three of them. Who is their opponent? Are you willing to monopolize Tianchi? "
Star jump leisurely said, "if many of our holy places are overwhelmed by a nameless door, the holy places will be the laughing stock of the four sides!"
If we can’t wake up this time, our future will be greatly affected, and it’s uncertain whether we can wake up the life-saving skill for the rest of our lives. "
Chen Xing directly asked, "What do you want to do?"
Star jump eyes flashed a malicious folded said "kill! We joined hands to uproot the door. "
Star jump corners of the mouth with a smile to slay the younger brother of the door. It’s luck that I came in by myself and haven’t acted yet, but I was found by Yu Shengdi to ask for help! Immediately said, "If the gate is as strong as you say, we may not be enough to find Excalibur Mountain alone."
I also nodded my head, and several people disappeared together.
A few days later, the whole land was faintly filled with a kind of wind and rain to suppress the breath.
Shi Fang and others also felt a little uneasy and returned to the sea area of the institute together.
A small island in the sea area of Haoranyuan, the three brothers and disciples ate a hot pot around a big pot, and the meat in the pot was full of fierce beasts in the secret realm, which can be described as the top ten supplements.
Fan Xian was holding a piece of glittering and translucent fish hot pot inside and asked, "Did Taoist Qingshi and Taoist Chunchun understand your life skills, that is, did you say that the magical powers have understood them?"
Shi Fang shook his head and said "no" and frowned and said "I always feel almost"
Bai Xiaochun munched on meat and muttered, "Goose died ~"
Fan Xian said with a smile, "The more difficult it is to understand the skill of life, the stronger Tianchi will be. It is not difficult for the three Taoist priests to climb Tianchi, and you will surely understand your magical powers in Tianchi."
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine The holy land struck
Bai Xiaochun swallowed fierce animal meat and asked curiously, "What is Tianchi? Is it delicious? "
Fan Xian explained, "Tianchi is the essence of the secret land of the Han Dynasty. If the outside world is like a puddle, Tianchi is a pond. I don’t know if it is delicious or not. Anyway, I have never eaten it."
After the secret realm is opened for a while, Tianchi will start to ascend the Heavenly Road, and everyone can ascend the Heavenly Road to Tianchi.
Your forces gather on the road to heaven, which is the most cruel time, and even arrogance may fall. "
Shi Fang said in disbelief, "Is it that the faint uneasiness in my heart is that Tianchi is coming?"
Bai Xiaochun nodded and said, "I also feel heavy in my heart as if there is a strong pressure coming from somewhere."
Fan Xian walked over and said, "It should be because of too much pressure in the secret land."
Ning acetylene said solemnly, "We monks and humanists can faintly perceive the danger of heaven and earth before it comes. We say that we should never despise it on a whim."
Shi Fang said seriously, "Yes! Fan Xian, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as Tianchi arrival that you let your younger brothers hide from this sea area first. "
Fan Xian hesitated and nodded and said, "Good!"
Two days later, in the morning, a strong smell suddenly rose from around the sea area, and the terror and coercion distorted the air around the sea area.
Longfeng took the dragons and dragons in the East and roared, and Rowen was filled with them.
Star jump with the demon race, there is a demon in the south.
Kuiyou took the dark magic gas from the inferno north to make the sea water black.
The stars shine with the holy cousin’s western holy light.
There is also an Excalibur Shandi who stands tall with a sword in his hand.
Shi Fang three joint Fan Xian flew up from the island and looked around in suspension.
Fan Xianda said, "I can understand that you, the immortal clan of Feng Long, are coming to pick a fight."
But the temple, the little saint, the star, our Haoran Academy, and your temple have always been friendly to attack the waters of our Haoran Academy? "
Stars smiled and said, "Mr. Thirteen, I’m not from your noble house. If you want to leave, just leave."
Ning acetylene next to insipid said, "Temples in the Western Regions are used to dominating, and it is difficult for the Western Regions to find out some cousins of Fatiansheng, which leads to the great loss of reputation of Temples in the Western Regions and is completely suppressed by our door."
Everyone in the Holy Land looked strangely at the stars. It turned out that your temple and door had already made an enemy.
Chen Xing shouted angrily, "Hu said that the despicable door conspired to frame the reputation of the temple and blasphemed the great power!" The body suddenly enveloped in a layer of white light, holiness, holiness and justice, awe-inspiring like a sentence handed down from generation to generation.
Fan Xian looked at the direction of the God Mountain and asked, "What is the reason why the Temple and the Gate have already made an enemy?"
In front of the Excalibur Mountain team, a young man with a sword in his arms said coldly, "The door is too strong."
Fan Xian nu way "too strong is a sin? What a holy place. It’s really a shame for you. "
Bai Xiaochun’s novel says, "What should I do if my brother can’t beat me?"
Shi Fang’s novel says, "If you can’t fight, run away!"
"understand!" Bai Xiaochun nodded his head.
"Kill ~" Kuiyou cold drink a figure into a black light suddenly swept away with a wave of his hand is ten dark red sword tearing gas instant came to several people.
Shi Fang and others immediately scattered flying out of the boom ~ sea splashing waves.
"roar ~"
"Ow ~"
A dragon, a tiger, a dragon, a phoenix and a star all rushed out.
The holy light rises to the sky and the sword is twisted.

"Emperor condition stage master? How is that possible? Even if the imperial masters in the whole virtual exile are rare, how can we meet here? " Break the haze prince is also face big change couldn’t help panic.

"Even if it is a master in the imperial stage, what will attack us?" Xiao Fan frowned.
"It’s normal that you have flesh and blood. No matter which dead soul wants to get a flesh!" Break the haze the prince and the pie mouth.
"Are you all like you?" Xiao Fan turned his eyes and immediately shouted with his fist, "I don’t know which elder is blocking our way. I’m here to find someone, and I hope my elder will let us go!"
A little while later, a dull voice sounded in vain, "Hum, you broke into my site yourself and even said that I blocked your way? But … how many years no one has been trapped? Just when the emperor is a little hungry, I will take you to satisfy his hunger! "
"Hunger?" Xiao Fan immediately asked the demon king who broke the haze, "Do you still have food needs when you are dead?"
"Eat? Joke: Even when you are alive, if you want the immortal to reach the realm of Hua Dan, you will already have the ability to break the valley. If you die without food, you will not feel what it is like to be hungry! "
"Well, that’s right … but just that sound said …" Xiao Fan was confused.
"Eating … no … there are definitely immortals in the world. Even if they are dead, they will be hungry and have the desire to swallow things …" The broken haze prince said with increasingly ugly face.
"ah? There are such people? " Xiao Fan stare big eyes.
"That’s right … as far as I know … there is one such virtual exile, which may be the result of practicing martial arts before death. After this person becomes dead, he can also control his mouth and appetite, and he still loves to devour his dead …" The voice of the broken haze demon king trembled a little and his eyes gradually showed the luster of fear.
"We … won’t be so unlucky?" Xiao Fan also listened to the white and couldn’t help twitching his eyes.
"That guy’s virtual exile caused by scurrying around to devour the dead is a mess. Finally, the horrible witch moves to make the whole seal take the initiative to devour the dead … and the virtual exile floats around, but if there is a unlucky guy who can’t hit the range of imprisonment released by him, it means that he sends the door and runs into his mouth …"
"This guy is the great … Bone-eating Emperor who nearly plunged the whole underworld into hell more than 100 million years ago!"
"Bone-eating Emperor …" Xiao Fan couldn’t help swallowing. "You mean … we broke into the imprisonment of the Bone-eating Emperor?"
"It should be right …" Broken haze monarch mechanical nodded his head.
"Hum, yes, the emperor is the bone-eating emperor. You two unlucky guys should personally deliver it to the emperor and be swallowed up by him!" The sound satisfiedly laughed.
"Are you kidding? I have worked so hard to come here and will be swallowed up by you?" Xiao Fan bitten to grind big drink a way
"oh? Emperor didn’t notice that you came here with a body? Ha, ha, ha, great, great. If you swallow your soul and occupy your flesh, the emperor will be able to restore his original strength, or at least give full play to his peak strength by 70% … In that case, the emperor can take revenge on that damn witch! "
"What do you think I say? Who doesn’t see you coming in with your flesh? " Break the haze the prince nods
"Don’t be sarcastic. If he swallows my soul, you can’t run away!" Xiao Fan took a look at the broken haze prince.
"So what do you want to do? He is an out-and-out master of the imperial stage. Even if there are three layers of power left here, he is also a master of the quasi-imperial level. He has hundreds of billions of dollars of power that we can’t resist! " The demon king who broke the haze shrugged his shoulders and spread his palm. "Admit that you are unlucky!"
"I depend on you so resigned?" Xiao Fan canthus jump.
"What can I do if I don’t accept my fate?" Break the haze the prince sigh a way
"Fight!" Xiao Fan squeezed his fist and said, "I have come all the way by spelling. Nothing can stop me. Nothing can make me bend!"
Said Xiao Fan will gather all yuan force right fist immediately toward the front imprisoned mercilessly boom.
Pure yang force is the bane of the dead. Xiao Fan knows this very well. This punch contains a very strong pure yang atmosphere.
"oh? Pure yang? Are you alive? " Seeing this punch, the Emperor Erosive Bone couldn’t help laughing immediately. "Ha ha ha, it’s really god’s help. I also want to have you, the living yang emperor, to move against the sky, and even occupy your flesh. It’s possible to return to the sun. Ha ha ha!"
"What?" Xiao Fan was surprised to see that he slammed the barriers with one punch, which made the barriers ripple in circles and immediately calmed down.
"Do you feel strange?" Bone erosion emperor grimaced. "This is the absolute power of power! Even if you have the pure yang power to restrain the dead, it is worthless in front of absolute power! "
"No matter how powerful the sacred land stage is, it is absolutely impossible to be an opponent in the imperial land stage. All attacks are legal for the imperial land stage!"
"All attacks … are legal?" Xiao Fan heart sank.
"Yes, the highest level of force in the sacred land stage is only 50 billion yuan. However, in the face of having a trillion yuan of force to measure the imperial land stage, it is not as small as the mosquito bite strength and it is not worth it!"
"Damn it!" Xiao Fan’s forehead slowly sweats, and the force of the water body surges up again. "In this case … even if I practice too low and my strength is not enough … I don’t believe that you will be safe and sick in the face of the magic weapon attack!"
"What? Respect the magic weapon? " The voice of the bone-eating emperor was stunned.
"The immortal writes!" Xiao Fan said, with his hands shining with seven colors, the fairy pen suddenly buzzed out and released dazzling light as if the sun had just risen.
"The light of Yangyang is shining!" Xiao Fan manipulated the imaginary pure Yang force in front of the immortal pen to urge the vast Yuan Li to draw a huge reddish circle and paint it with golden luster.
"Boom!" With a shock, the golden circle turned into a real sun, which generally threw absolute high temperature heat and dazzling light around.
"What? This is a fairy pen? How can the magic weapon of Peacock King’s life be in your hands? " The voice of Emperor Ershi changed, full of shock.
"ah! It’s so hot … I’m going to burn to death! " Not far behind Xiao Fan, the demon king broke the haze and immediately wailed. He rose with black smoke as if he wanted to turn to ashes.
"Ah! It’s really troublesome to forget you! " Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and raised his hand to throw a ball of force toward the broken haze prince to protect him from the scorching sun.
As the sun rose slowly, the whole confinement was shaken, and then several dark cracks appeared, extending in all directions …
Chapter 431 irresistible
"good! What a magic weapon, the immortal pen, is worthy of being the famous magic weapon owned by the ghost Lord Peacock King. It is really powerful and can conjure up such a real scorching sun. If the dead in the ordinary imperial stage approach even instantly, it will be completely annihilated by this scorching sun glow! " Bone erosion emperor couldn’t help admiring it.
"But … I’m in the sacred land stage, even if I’m dead, I’m a dead soul, and I’m exiled. In this eternal virtual reality, I still give in to the rules of heaven and earth. The emperor’s sacred land light relies on your small hair in a sacred land stage, even if you have a strong sun be the spirit, even if you have a magic weapon, you can still be the emperor!"
After a roar, the Bone Erosion Emperor revealed himself as a tall, burly, ferocious, black-faced man.
With his appearance, the power filled with imprisonment around him suddenly recovered from the original broken barrier by hundreds of times.
"What?" Xiao Fan eyes with a shrink.
"This degree of scorching sun is not enough to make the emperor afraid of falling to the emperor!" With a wave of his hand, the bone-eroding emperor suddenly turned violent forces into a palm full of the size of the whole imprisonment and grasped it hard to the rising sun in Ran Ran.
"Bang!" A muffled sound, the sun was crushed by a pinch, and the surrounding area became dim again. The chill suddenly rose and it was even colder than before by three points!
"It would be … so strong?" Xiao Fan look a bitter hurriedly body suddenly and violently back.
"Emperor, this will let you know that the emperor’s stage and your sacred stage are as different as clouds and mud!" The bone-eroding emperor grimaced and once again extended his palm toward Xiao Fan.
"oh!" Xiao Fan eyebrows a wrinkly hurriedly run body force to resist.
"Big stone burning!" Xiao Fan wants to display the magical power of fire when he bites his teeth, but the palm just has six colors of flames flashing and it goes out in the blink of an eye.

Although Xuexin jumped to the fourth grade, she still shared a dormitory with Yijiang Village and did not redistribute the dormitory.

It wasn’t long before there was a stampede in the corridor and the door was pushed
"Show me your ghost cutter."
Kotsubaki Sentarou appeared in front of the snow letter, grabbed the spirit-cutting knife, pulled out the blade and put it in front of him, and his eyes became brighter and brighter.
"How beautiful!"
Kotsubaki Sentarou couldn’t help admiring waving two broken rings. He said to Xuexin, "I envy you for getting the dagger so early."
"It’s just a shallow fight."
Snow letter said with a smile that shallow hitting can make a knife work.
Only when there is a solution or a solution can we exert our greatest strength.
Xuexin is looking forward to her ability to cut the ghost knife, hoping to be stronger.
At this time, ten thousand and Yi Jiang Village returned to the house and saw the snow letter knife with a bright eye.
Snow letter handed him the knife, and he also observed it carefully, and his eyes showed envy.
Kotsubaki Sentarou asked with a smile, "Xuexin, what ability do you want your ghost chopper to be?"
"It’s better to be natural."
Snow letter yearns for natural ability, flame and frost can be
There are physical ghosts and nature in the spirit-cutting knife.
Physics is relatively weak while ghosts and nature are relatively strong.
Kotsubaki Sentarou said, "But if it’s natural, you won’t have much to learn kendo."
Snow letter said with a smile, "that’s not necessarily natural and kendo can also be well integrated together."
The sun blade and the ashes of heaven and earth of the Taiyuan Liuzhai remnant fire knife absorb the flame into the blade to attack the enemy.
And Kuchiki Rukia also cuffed snow to reduce its temperature to an absolute degree to attack the enemy.
The natural sword and kendo can complement each other and cooperate with each other.
However, it is more troublesome to change the theory of matter into a three-section stick, a broadsword, iron pulp or a mace. If it turns into cherry blossoms or dust again, it will be a way to make kendo.
There are also some ghost ways, which are difficult to blend. Kendo is like a mirror, and the ability to reverse the ghost way and the ability to fight knives do not interfere with each other. One plus one equals two.
However, there are natural effects that one plus one is greater than two.
Xuexin hopes to get the ability of natural knife, but in the end it depends on the result.
(Kuchiki Rukia’s solution can be reduced to absolute degree. If you have any objection, please ask Baidu to have more than ten people to say that it is a solution.)
Chapter 37 Request
Xue Xin, who officially entered the fourth grade, believed in ghosts and instantaneous step training. Xue Xin had long mastered that the instantaneous step of Chengfengjia was much better than many death.
Yu Xuexin’s talent is excellent and he learns very quickly.
The ghost road is divided into breaking the road and binding the road, and it is not difficult to master the three before answering the question.
Breaking the Tao and binding the Tao are divided into low-level, intermediate-level, high-level and forbidden.
Low-level ghost Dao is serial number one to thirty, intermediate ghost Dao is thirty-one to sixty, advanced ghost Dao is sixty-one to ninety, and forbidden art is ninety to one hundred.
The 90-black coffin that breaks the Tao in the middle can also be called the forbidden art, because the 11-broken road can defend the 19-forbidden art.
The power of breaking the road in the 19th century has risen to several levels, which is very powerful.
Binding is simpler than breaking the road. In the original book, the vice captain’s series is strong, but he has never broken the road, except Kuchiki Rukia and Zhibohe, of course.
It is not difficult to learn the process of primary road breaking and primary road binding. Xue Xin has mastered it step by step, but he does not intend to use the main means of attack.
He has excellent talent, but there are still some people in the same class who can compare with him, let alone reach the level of Urahara Kisuke.
Plus, his energy is limited, and he plans to fight mainly with kendo and spirit-cutting knife.
But the ghost road besides breaking the road and binding the road and answered.
Back to the way, it is not a single fixed socket. It was once said that "most of the original ghost therapy is to restore the mental pressure first, and then to restore the mental pressure of the recovery department and cooperate with the external mental pressure of the operator to restore the body."
Most of them recover the syndrome of mental pressure first, and the answer is not as simple as the performance.
And her words also tell most of the principles of back-to-the-way treatment. First, restore the body with external mental pressure.
Just to recover from the injury requires two answers.
Snow letter never imagined that he had revealed the talent of answering the question.
"Xuexin, you have done the treatment so quickly. It’s really excellent to answer the question."
Kotetsu Isane snow letter side surprised and said
"I also do what the teacher says."
In front of Xuexin, there is a small white rabbit with a wound on its body. Xuexin treatment slowly heals.
"You’re doing great. Practice one more time."
Kotetsu Isane said with a smile and went to his student’s side to continue to give directions.
Soon it was time for class. The bell rang and Kotetsu Isane said, "Snow letter keeps others away."
Xuexin can probably guess why Kotetsu Isane left himself. When all his students left the classroom, Xuexin looked at Kotetsu Isane and asked, "What can I do for the teacher?"
Kotetsu Isane Xuexin smiled and said, "Answering to learn has a fourth-grade mastery of Answering to enter a special training class to learn advanced Answering. I want to ask you if you are interested in joining the Answering Training Class after the fourth grade?"
Snow letter scratched his head and said, "I will apply for graduation before I finish the fourth grade."
"That’s what I want to tell you."
Kotetsu Isane looked at Xuexin and said with a smile, "Your talent for recovery is excellent. Don’t you consider joining the quadruple team?"
Join the quadruple team?
Snow letter shook his head and said, "I have promised the invitation of Uemon, the elder of Xiaochun Blade, and I will not go to other teams."
Xuexin needs a strong way to join the Qifan team and learn kendo with the fencing master, which is an excellent way.
Although the quadruple team has mastered many schools, it is fierce to see that wood blade has chosen to seal himself because of his weakness, and he will never shoot again.
She met many enemies in the post-battle, and no one had ever fought.
When there was a sword-bearing position, she fought with Geng wood blade and died in this battle
It is impossible for me to learn kendo from Mao Hualie.
Moreover, Xuexin needs to fight for four times, and it is difficult to increase experience because of the lack of actual combat experience.
More importantly, Xuexin needs the position of captain and it is better to join the Seventh Team.
"Then forget it."
Kotetsu Isane didn’t mind very much, and then his expression became awkward and asked, "I have something he wants to ask you."
"Teacher Yong Yin, please"
Snow letter curious to Kotetsu Isane don’t know what’s the matter.
Kotetsu Isane coughed and asked, "I want to ask what your brother likes?"

"The process needs to go through several stages of tempering tendons, casting bones, forging dirty and changing blood, totaling one hundred layers!"

"Voz …"
"Fascia line, bones, roots, viscera, nails, blood, marrow and water seal themselves into a whole, which can be compared with the spirit root oven to refine the innate aura. After that, the body is not limited to the innate five elements, jumping out of yin and yang, and finally, the anchor of the gods can cast the innate Taoist foundation to become a great cause …"
Achievement method Wang Mu can understand the meaning and be absorbed quickly.
After understanding this achievement method, Wang Mu felt cow beep.
Fairy world spirit root is a kind of innate talent, which is impossible if you don’t want to practice.
Since there is no spiritual root, I will practice myself as a spiritual root.
"It is this method that requires practitioners to have high physical strength in all aspects at the beginning, and it often takes years of basic exercise before they can practice, otherwise it will be difficult to get started."
The five steps add up to one hundred floors.
After reaching one hundred layers, the aura of heaven and earth will never overflow because there is no spiritual root.
Reiki will not overflow, and then you can cultivate spiritual power.
Law tactic says this is just stepping into the fairy road.
However, Wang Mu feels that if he has finished practicing one hundred floors, he doesn’t know how strong his body is.
"Wudao has become a god. Well, Xiandao was just there, right?"
Wang Mu suddenly realized after learning everything.
The first step is to refine tendons.
Refine the fascia to be as hard as steel bars and as flexible as wild silkworms.
The twentieth floor is the simplest.
You need to constantly compress and swing your body into different postures according to the formula, and then feel yourself, adjust your breathing, breathe and breathe, and feel the changes in your bones and muscles.
It is more dangerous to practice this step because of the Dharma and the cultivation of immortals. If you are not careful, you will easily pull and break the fascia.
So I value perception more.
You also need to have a clear understanding of yourself.
At the same time, you need a certain foundation in your body.
Perhaps it is because his own strength is higher enough that Wang Mu feels quite relaxed when practicing.
There was no obstacle.
And you can feel the changes of your own fascia in different postures, pulling to the limit, and the torque of each joint of your body is constantly refined to every fascia from all angles.
Little by little in the past, Wang Mu was already sweating.
It was not until a certain moment when the physical strength was exhausted and the ground collapsed that I suddenly opened my eyes. It was already evening.
"I feel like I can’t move …"
Wang Mu feels wonderful at the moment.
I can’t move my body like I don’t belong to myself anymore
But all over the body, like needles, it’s inexplicably sour
It’s amazing
"This skill is amazing!"
"The first action point training feels very successful!"
Wang Mu will this state has been remembered to practice can also reach this level.
"By the way, I don’t know which floor to practice on this day?"
Wang Mu perceived a.
【 Practice ……………………………… 】
"I wipe an action point on the layer? Is it so simple? "
Wang Mu froze.
At this speed, you can practice the first stage in one month!

Didn’t this little girl push eldest brother Changfeng to the forefront? This has just announced the results of the six-door examination in the hospital. Those who failed the exam and failed to study are all angry. This is a good reason for everyone.

Do you want eldest brother Changfeng to take all the challenges one by one?
Cher eagerly hurriedly said, "Ling son’s right! We are all in the same robe, and we are all in the same challenge.
Two beautiful girls went up the stairs.
Jiang filled the floor with an evil smile and rubbed a long wind. The latter said in his ear, "You are quite attractive. I didn’t expect to capture Xiao Xueer’s heart so soon."
Luo Changfeng moved slightly.
I took one more look at Cher.
This glance made him breathe a little disordered.
He hurriedly withdrew his mind from knowing where he had jumped and looked back. Just then, he felt very warm and moved.
After he was killed, he lived alone with a lonely hatred for three years.
The world is cold and human feelings are warm and cold, and no one knows it more thoroughly than he does.
He has long forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant.
Other mountains never dared to crave these things.
He is afraid that this nostalgia will make him weak and become law-abiding, bearing in mind the great hatred and becoming a useless person who can do nothing.
So he let himself be affectionate so as not to have his fatal weakness.
But just that moment he seemed to relive a familiar feeling.
It felt like a warm current flowing, and my heart gradually melted the iceberg stained with blood in my heart.
Cher is very clever and exquisite
In a simple sentence, Luo Changfeng, who was pushed to the forefront, was pulled back, and he also returned his robe behind him.
There is a family that is the first in the world, and there are few days when Dongjun Zeyu is the best in the line, and the Yueshi brothers are strange and inexplicable. Who dares to challenge ten of them here?
Luo Changfeng’s ten comrades occupy the six-door gate. At this moment, there are people who want to challenge Luo Changfeng’s ideas unless he doesn’t want to mix up in the backyard!
Tianxiang Curie’s resentment and noise have finally come to an end.
The night is already deep.
Tianxiangge, the belle in the palace, ordered all the family studies to disperse.
This may be the last time these people get together like this, but things are often spent in regret.
The belle in the palace kept her promise.
It’s agreed in advance that whoever has the most outstanding performance in the examination of the six-character door of the hospital will be owned by the one who has the most talent.
Jiang Manlou’s first seat in the exclusive operation door is also the first one in the examination results of freshmen in this year’s Puyuan.
Although this result is controversial!
But the first is the first. This is the reality!
Jiang full floor less happy face smiled.
Peng Jiu and others walked past them and left a cold and disdainful look.
Soon there will be ten people left in this Tianxiang Curie.
"Let’s all go. Don’t wait for me tonight. Don’t wait for me. Let’s have a wine talk with the girl based on flowers and have a good talk about life and dreams."
Cher grimaced. "Bad guy!"
Ling son sneered at Jiang’s evil smile all over the building.
Li Xingyun shook his head and sighed, "Mr. Wang said that too much sex was ruined for life."
Luo Changfeng is indifferent.
Junze jade reveals a smile that seems very meaningful.

But unlike Yi Yue Lu Xi, he vaguely felt the oppression from the golden Guanghua man in front of him.

It’s a real person
And it is not simple.
A new contact with the world should have such a strong person?
But I am a guide, and I am from an oasis. I want to be elegant and calm.
Yi Yue Lu Xi restored calm. "You are the host. Tell me what you want to buy."
In front of him, the man pondered, "How much do you know about evil spirits?"
Evil god!
"I didn’t expect you to have heard of Baal."
She was slightly surprised. "I don’t know much about the evil spirit, so I will send you some information."
Consider it a personal favor.
The world’s potential seems beyond imagination. Now is the time. You can earn more by collecting projects later.
She said, "Evil gods are located in the deepest part of the mysterious world. There are some simple honorific names to shape them, such as" dark shadow ","scarlet moon ","twisted black river "and" fallen emperor ".
The specific silver-haired woman seems to be really unclear.
However, she said, "Evil spirits are too far away, and cultists who believe in evil spirits are already the enemy of our mankind, no matter which world or oasis cultists come from, they are absolute enemies."
"At the beginning of your world, you may still think that the real disaster comes from the evil spirits. There are a lot of evil spirits, but there are no intelligent monsters after all, and the sacrifice of evil gods can control such monsters."
"Not only that, but in the eyes of normal world evil gods like you, they will do their best to sacrifice the world to them and believe in God, and they will continue to develop cults."
"The simplest comparison is that our normal human awakening needs to go through many crises. One carelessness is serious injury or death, but cultists are different. It is not difficult for them to accumulate mystery and break through, and it is much easier to be attacked by evil spirits."
Sophisticated evil is a natural breed of monsters in the realm of deception, and there is no wisdom
Cults are transformed from human intelligent creatures.
Awakening is easier to break through the pass, there is not so much danger, and it is easier to walk freely in the paradox world than to walk like them.
Such a contrast seems that the normal road awakens have no advantage at all, and they are crushed by the evil way!
Fang you thought
Punishment thunder can’t help but ask what’s on his mind. Good question.
"Since cultists are so hanged, isn’t everyone going to believe?"
If faith is free, it is ok to believe a little.
The strength and life are not poor.
But the punishment of thunder is not so simple.
Sure enough, the silver-haired woman said, "It’s too beautiful to think that everyone who is a cult can be punished because the cult can’t call anyone, even if he used to be a man, but once he believes in an evil god, his body and mind are all that evil god."
"They give everything to Baal than fanaticism and don’t transfer their will. In other words, from the moment they believe in Baal, you are no longer you."
Punishment thunder wanted to mean to ask.
"If you pretend to be a heretic, it is impossible for an evil god to note every believer."
"It’s true that the vast majority of believers are dispensable for evil spirits, and they will be sacrificed and pretended to be from time to time, but if a promotion ceremony … well, that is, a cult awakening ceremony, it will be assimilated and can’t be saved."