Sun Hao and Ji Yukou are talking. At the moment, the 31 ST has been tested, and the soldiers like Li Bing are not bad, and they have also got some palms.

Sun Haowen dare not neglect to stand up and say "the hill is here"
With a slight flick of his feet, he jumped from the high platform and leaned down slightly in front of Ji Yong, calling him "Uncle Yong" like the warrior in front.
Uncle Jian nodded and asked directly, "What specifications?"
No.32 is the kind of bottom, but there is no need to be too polite
Sun Hao had long thought about his weight, so he replied very quickly, "One tripod, one lion and one tiger."
Uncle Qiu said, "One lion and one tiger challenge one tiger’s strength."
The ceremony Xi Xiaoqing covered her eyes.
At this time, there was a little commotion in the grandstand in the direction of the four families. Many monks stood up and said "I have seen the old lady."
With a smile on her face, the old lady said softly, "I just want to come and see you …"
The bodhi old zu of Ji’s family will still be present at the warrior exam, but in previous years, most of them will arrive before the results are finished and give encouragement to the new soldiers. This time, they just arrived a little early.
Ginger, home monks also dare not big slightly got up Jianli.
The old lady smiled and walked to the center of the theme, sitting with aloes sword box, while Ji Ruxue looked at her coldly.
At this time, Ji Yong has transferred a tripod and thrown it in with one lion and one tiger.
The old lady casually asked, "Who tested it? How much power? "
Ji Yu leng leng, he really didn’t pay attention to who contestant No.32 was and didn’t remember his information at all. He quickly reached over the information.
Ji Ruxue said softly, "Grandma is now No.32 Jixiaoshan, like a tiger."
The old lady "Oh" continued, "It turned out to be the seventh generation of Hehuagong, the twelfth generation grandson of my Ji family. I didn’t expect to grow up so big, and it’s rare to lift it. It’s good to lift it at an early age."
Brother Jiang’s heart says this old guy has a good memory.
Brother’s heart is a sun like a tiger is also called good? At the bottom! This is not to enter the warrior team through the back door! It’s possible that the old guy is Ji’s family, and it’s not a trivial matter to accept a soldier.
In addition to Xiaoqing and Xiaoqing, there are few palms at the ceremony.
Like a tiger, this is the worst result since the strength test began.
Tai Ji’s mouth muttered, "Look at what you said. It seems to be true. It may be effective, but you have so little power. Can the method be reliable?"
Ji Yong, a martial arts field, asked with a smile, "Does the hill continue?"
Sun Haochang gently put a suspicious look on the giant tripod, and quickly flashed through his face, but said softly, "I’ll continue to try one tripod and four lions."
Ji Yong asked "Four Lions?"
The four lions are the four elephants. According to the data, it should be completely beyond Ji Xiaoshan’s strength.
Ji Yong is the reason for this question.
Corleone was still puzzled, and a guess rose in his heart. He smiled and said firmly, "Well, four lions."
Ji Yong took a slightly surprised look at Sun Hao and shouted, "One Ding, Four Lions, Ji Xiaoshan challenges the Four Elephants."
Although the four-elephant force has just entered the second-class warrior force, it is a huge leap to put Ji Xiaoshan, who has just raised an elephant force.
The spirit of the audience suddenly became full of many interests.
The old lady at the main stage also smiled and said, "This child is really like a chemical company. He likes to surprise people like snow. Do you think he can lift it?"
Ji Ruxue said coldly, "No"
The old lady smiled and said, "That’s not necessarily the case. Now it’s the only one in the world. Maybe it’s a big surprise with the blessing of our ancestors!"
When he spoke, Sun Hao had reached the giant tripod, and four stone lions representing the weight of the four elephants were thrown into it.
Holding the tripod with both hands, Sun Hao’s face reappeared with a bit of unexpected expression.
At the same time, a bit of surprise flashed by.
Chapter DiYiSanJiu climax (2)
Just like a tiger’s strength, when Sun Hao was holding the giant tripod and preparing to move the rising sun, he suddenly felt that the filar silk was not right.
Mainly because the weight of the giant tripod is not as heavy as expected!
Sun Hao tried every move, but he didn’t have much energy at all, so he easily lifted it over his head.

How long has it been? I didn’t even watch those people from expectation to surprise.

Tang Chuanti’s eyes glazed over and there was no movement after he entered, which made people wonder if he was aware of what had happened in the sea.
This is too slow.
They waited for nearly ten minutes before they saw that the rules were copied and the traces were now in the ring.
Replica Tang Chuan glances nodded, and then once again took a sharp shot at the top of the top 100 list. The name surface was integrated by the name "Quantity Buddha", which made the trace bright and bright.
Tang Chuan looked at Quinn Oster and pointed to the sky before he had a mouth.
Tang Chuan looked in the direction he pointed to and saw that the two rewards of heaven and earth had already been brewed and fell into his body again
Feeling full and comfortable, I came to Tang Chuan again to quickly absorb these two rewards and felt that I seemed to have reached a bottleneck again.
However, this time, it didn’t break through immediately, but stopped at the end of the day. Those abundant pure energy turned to gain the part that Tang Chuan lacked
His strength is short and his body muscles are surging like waves and running like snakes.
Kakaka ~
White jade-like bones also exploded, and the bone structure changed slightly.
It seems that these two rewards of heaven and earth are not simply to help the rewarded break through, but to find shortcomings and make up for them.
Tang Chuan suddenly shook his fist, and the gas could not bear to blow up the air billow challenge to form a round explosion group.
He felt that he had reached the peak in the surge of strength and body, and his heart was slightly measured. Although it was still not Kune Oster, the gap seemed to be almost even
He was surprised. I didn’t expect that the rewards of heaven and earth would be so generous, which not only enabled him to reach the realm of middle-level physical stars, but also directly jumped to the threshold of higher-level physical stars, and also qualitatively strengthened his strength attributes.
This is a reward once. If it is not enough, it will be rewarded for the second time and the third time.
But for a moment, he seems to know something. These rewards are not a one-off health.
Chaos, clouds, sky, unusual bright colors, and brilliant illumination of heaven and earth.
Since then, it has hit the top 100 list with two clean shirts, measuring the name of Buddha.
All people in the first floor of Oni Tsuka have a feeling of understanding the source of heaven and earth rewards
Kun Oster looked at Tang Chuan and said, "Although I had a hunch, I still want to congratulate you on measuring the Buddha. You have won two strongest titles in history."
Tang Chuan’s own breath of heaven and earth is also a feeling.
Just those two rewards are impressively that he broke the two strongest records in the history of the first-floor Libra challenge.
The strongest fighting consciousness!
The fastest speed!
Even Oni Tsuka admitted that the speed of his fighting consciousness in this realm is that ancient and modern people can excel in the right!
He also gave a reward to announce that the new king ascended the throne and wrote a justified motto!
And Tang Chuan himself doesn’t seem to be very excited. He feels that his emphasis on gain attributes will not be able to overwhelm the ancient and modern times, which is surprising.
Dilute the magical Kuntasha combination is not a vegetarian.
He is a little confused. Isn’t his self-healing ability the strongest?
Or is there no such record in Oni Tsuka?
Tang Chuan looked at Quinn Oster and asked, "Isn’t my self-healing ability worth nothing?"
Quinn Oster’s face froze with laughter. He said leisurely, "You are not happy but dissatisfied when you break two records at a time … It is a record of self-healing ability, but I remember that person failed to leave his name on the Top 100 list except for self-healing."
It’s simply a racial talent, just like some creatures are born with almost immortal characteristics, unlike you and me. "
Tang Chuan reluctantly accepted such talk.
Indeed, it is impossible for talented people to compete with Bug creatures like flatworms and water bears.
But humans can easily dominate the death of such creatures.
Tang Chuan asked again, "Is there any benefit to breaking the record besides just rewarding heaven and earth?"
Kunn Oster truthfully replied, "There is a special treatment for Oni Tsuka, a real tianjiao. This special treatment is usually difficult to detect, but the probability of getting opportunities here is surprisingly higher than others. Even some mortal crises may be saved by the will of heaven and earth."
Tang Chuandao "Better luck?"
Quinn’s characteristic nods "so to speak"

On the other hand, Lin let the plane find a jumping point near the lost cemetery and jump.

Jumping is mainly through thinking to choose the position you want to reach.
Kathleen knew what Kathleen was thinking at that time and could directly locate where it was going.
It was Lynn who found that this jumping point could not send the whole plane, but it could send very little things.
For example, Lin arms
So Lin stopped the plane and jumped over with Lin’s tree-shaped arms.
After thinking similar to that of Charlene, the scenery around the tree-shaped arms changed instantly.
Lin can see many broken … images during the jump.
These images seem to be the scenes that Abu saw all kinds of Charlene’s virtual travel.
It’s all pieces of information that seem to have no keys for a few seconds, and there are also a lot of them.
It seems that jumping here can see these wonderful information.
After watching a lot of clips, Lin Shu-shaped arms came to a … it looked a bit like a quiet place.
There is a large flower field here, and colorful flowers are all over this land, extending to the farthest view of Lin.
The most common flower is a tall plant called’ Sunflower’, and these plants Lin also met a …… Ershimin.
This Ershimin has a head of green hair, and it seems to be a good match with this flower field.
"Um … are you new here?"
Lin found out that this Ershimin came to Lin’s tree-shaped arms and said, "It seems that … it’s a little different."
"What is this place?" Lin doubt way
"Don’t you know where you are to come here?" It said, "This kind of situation is really rare. This is a reception place to receive strong consciousness."
It points to the far side of the flower field and says, "If you want to know, go there and have a look, but you need to transform it into an adaptive shape."
"Adapt to styling?" Lin doubt way
"It is these newcomers who need to become one of these shapes to enter here, otherwise it is forbidden."
As he spoke, Lin spread his hands and found many images on his hands.
There are people in these images, as well as various objects with different shapes.
Some are like a big eyeball, and some are spinning like a whirlwind.
"If you can’t change or don’t want to change, you can’t get close to the reception desk," said Ershimin.
"…" Since it says so, Nalin still turned the tree-shaped arms into Veronica shapes.
"Very good," it looked at Veronica and said, "So … please go ahead. There have been many visitors recently. If you meet them, you can almost know what’s going on here."
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Reception
This view is … quite interesting.
After leaving the flower field, Lin saw a pure white land.
There are many square pools of different sizes on the surface, which are filled with thoroughly purified water.
At the same time, there are some conical or spherical things floating in these pools.
Lin would have seen some Walsh scenery when she left Huatian, but she changed to another scene as soon as she left.
And Lin can see many creatures here.
These creatures are numerous, and most of them are like eyeballs and float in one direction.
Lynn asked them some questions, but they didn’t respond.
The former green-haired Ershimin said that you can understand the situation here when you meet creatures. It seems that … not necessarily.
It’s the one who doesn’t want to tell Lin that it’s too diverse, so Lin will leave it alone and continue to explore
Manager Lin feels that there is also a great connection with Sally here.
"The receiver comes here, and the receiver comes here."
At this moment, Lin found a creature like a crab appeared on the ground ahead.
It has a size of more than ten meters, and its shell is metallic blue. This thing is slowly crawling over.
All the creatures flying around gathered around it, and Lin found that the forelimbs of this’ crab’ touched these creatures.
The touched creature will leave soon, and then it will touch one.
So Lin also went over.
"Are you also the receiver?" The crab said to Veronica, "It’s rare to feel …"
"What is this place?" Lin doubt way
"Don’t you know?" The crab was surprised and said, "This is a place where people will be received if they want to discuss biology …"
Then Lynn went on asking for a detail, and it also told Lynn.
This place is mainly because many unpredictable creatures will come here, and they are all relatively powerful species.

The real level difference between the two smelly chess baskets is not too much. Qin Zheng may be a little higher. Liu Zhongmou loses more and wins less. Every time he wants to regret playing chess and take advantage of Qin Zheng, he will scold a few words,’ Liu Zhongqi, you are so old and shameless.’ After listening to Qin light language, he simply called Liu Zhongqi’s mud leg grandpa. I didn’t expect to see this girl for so many years, but I still didn’t change it.

Next to Qin Mufeng, if you want to change people, even the four the9 who are always perverse and sleek are so flattering that three generations of young people are afraid to catch a breath in front of the old man, and even so, it is difficult for them to get a good face in front of the old man. It is really wonderful that this girl dares to run great risks without saying anything, and can make the old man laugh so heartily.
He was also very happy to see the old man so happy after the secret service respected the sofa
In my impression, this seems to be the happiest time for the old man in more than ten years.
Liu Zhongmou seldom eats at the dining table. It is not that Qin’s light language cooking is not to his liking, but that all diets are usually prepared by special nutritionists. The source of diet therapy and the collocation of food intake are strictly controlled. Unless it is a state banquet at his level, there is little chance of eating out like today. Even if there is, he will eat as little as possible and selectively according to the doctor’s advice.
At their position and age, it is the contribution of the people of the country to live one more day, and everything has a complete process.
Eating less means being able to talk more. For Liu Zhongmou, this kind of absent-minded conversation opportunity is rare.
And Qin light language said some intimate words after active Qin Mu wind about the 49 cities.
"It’s said that Nani’s situation in Tongjiao Temple has improved. It seems that she may wake up soon."
And Qin Mufeng immediately froze when he put chopsticks on his mouth after hearing the first sentence. His face changed slightly, and there was a rare excitement in his eyes!
"Is Liu Shu’s news reliable?"
"Baoshan Special Care Hospital came out early today. It should be right that I received the message from your house!"
Qin Mufeng rarely opens his mouth with joy when he puts bowls and chopsticks.
Liu Zhongmou smiled and was indifferent to Qin Mufeng’s abnormality. He thought it was normal for Qin Mufeng to have such a reaction. After all, they were so good in those days.
"Pastoral wind, don’t be happy too soon. I heard that you set the family name Jiang Xiao on fire in Wenxuan’s bones. The wolf nature won’t say anything, but it’s natural to be a mother to protect calves. If Ni wakes up, she may not be the first to come to you and say that you abused her son!"
Capturing the words "Jiang Xiao" to listen to Dad and Grandpa Mud Legs talking, Qin Qingyu immediately became as cautious as a rabbit when he refused, for fear of missing something.
"Mud leg grandpa mean Jianghan? Who is connie in his mouth? Jianghan mother? "
Qin Mufeng’s face lit up, but instead of worrying about Liu Zhongmou’s words, he said, "If she can really wake up, I wish she would come to trouble me!"
I don’t know how to always be iron and upright. Qin Mu Feng’s eyes turned red after saying this sentence!
Liu Zhongji sighed slightly in his eyes.
"Grazing wind, I understand your mood. I know that you have regarded that Ni as your own sister since childhood, but don’t be too optimistic. Even if that Ni can really wake up for a while, it is impossible to leave Tongjiao Temple. It is even more difficult to reunite their family!"
"I know why I will set him on fire!"
"Talk about easy!" Liu Zhongmou said
"In those days, you brothers failed to do things together, so you should put your hopes on him? Is that kid really worth your attention? Pastoral style, it’s not that I hit you. It’s always too much! "
"Just because we can’t do it doesn’t mean he can’t do it either. Give young people a chance and trust them. That’s what you told my dad when I left Yanjing, isn’t it?"
Liu Zhongmou one leng immediately grinned.
"Smelly enough to teach me a lesson."
Qin Mufeng smiled and Liu Zhongmou looked at him with the wave.
"Since you have so much confidence in the little one, then bring it to me to meet the words that I teased the little old man at the beginning, but I took it to heart. I have to take revenge when I see the little one!"
"Don’t don’t don’t mud leg grandpa! Don’t be angry with Jianghan. Jianghan is a very good man. You see, my life is saved by him. No matter what he said to you, please forgive him in my face. "
Qin Mufeng hasn’t spoken yet, and Qin Whispering has been forced not to interrupt.
Liu Zhongmou Qin Mufeng two people looked at each other with surprise, while the latter was a face of nai.
Liu Zhongmou turned his face without saying a word and looked at Qin’s light language with great significance.
"What are you looking at me for? I’m serious!" Qin light language some embarrassed.
"xiao qing, how did you tell Grandpa that I said that Xiao was the Jianghan in your mouth?"
Qin Qingyu looked embarrassed and pouted. "Can you show it a little more?"
Liu Zhongmou laughed and teased, "What a stinky little fellow!"
Jianghan Chen Yanguan paid for Haidilao and left without eating. Now he still needs to find a roadside restaurant to pad his stomach.
It’s really amazing to say that flowers are your own Qian Jianghan. Think that flowers are Cao Yun’s girl Qian Jianghan, but some of them hurt.
But there’s nothing I can do. Let’s just say that the girl made a fortune and squandered it once. Jianghan can comfort himself like this.
After dinner, look at your watch. It’s already 1: 50 at 2: 00, and it’s time to talk. It’s not urgent for two people to be close to the company. It’s just that when two people are near the door of the company, a man sneaks into the pre-sale hall and they look at each other and freeze there.
"Oh, I’m really not afraid of death. This little guy dares to come to the company!"
They saw none other than Ping Huang!
This little boy dared to go back to the company class after only one afternoon!
Volume 5 Fei Long Tian Chapter 461 Unexpected!
Jiang Wei, who is indifferent to the appearance of Jianghan Chen Yan in Ping Huang, also didn’t see the manager. He didn’t even ask Ping Huang about absenteeism for one afternoon.

The fairy didn’t have any injury, and her brain was far away, and her brain was detected by mental waves. She didn’t suffer from trauma, so she chose to rest and wait for recovery.

The ins and outs of Wanqiu, Wang Bo, finally got out of the way.
That was a few months ago, one day, Tiantong Town suffered a rare hurricane, which caused the wind and cloud to change color and destroy mountains and cracks. Finally, the gas refiners in Tiantong Town jointly fought against this hurricane, and the hurricane was about to dissipate. In an instant, a door slammed into the Wangs’ mansion.
Wan Qiu woke up a few days later. At that time, Wang Bo, the manager of Wang Bo, had confirmed that the bloodline had always been Miss Wang’s identity. It was declared to the Wangs that Miss Wang was sent away more than ten years ago and now she has received pressure, which made everyone believe that Wan Qiu was a member of the Wangs.
Lu Li nodded, and he would do the same thing. He can’t let the sound scatter, which is harmful to the stability of the Wang family
About half a day later, the Wangs recovered from a lot of medicinal materials, and Xiao Liu was quickly sent back to the Wangs to arrange a new place to cultivate herself. The fairy’s breath is getting stronger and stronger, and her breathing is getting more and more even, and her face is turning rosy. This is a trend to wake up.
After a few breaths, a pair of big eyes slowly opened her eyes and she woke up completely.
"You’re awake!"
Lu Li is very happy to meet an old friend in another country, which is something that can’t be asked for. He escaped from danger in autumn and a stone fell to the ground in his heart.
The fairy slowly opened her eyes, and then she saw Wang Bo from Lu Li. She slightly tilted her head, first glanced at Wang Bo, and then noticed that Lu Li’s eyes were strange, as if she had met deja vu, and finally she suddenly woke up and exclaimed, "Xiao Li!"
Lu Li was startled, and Wang Boze almost laughed. If it weren’t for Lu Li’s sweeping snake valley, he would have laughed on the spot.
"How can you be?"
Lu Li is still the first to ask questions, and the other person can recognize that his brain region should have no traumatic memory and no cracks.
The fairy pouted, "I’m starving. Can I eat first?"
There is nothing to eat when Wang Bo is startled from here again. The only living thing is the magic beast in the deepest part of the capsule. It has been a long time since the magic beast moved. He was simply sealed by Lu Li, the deepest part of the capsule. He was a three-holy beast larva and swallowed up a part of the thousand-eyed magic power. Finally, he entered a semi-hibernating state, and he had to slowly smelt the essence to wake up.
Wang Bo hurriedly waved and soon someone sent some rare dishes, wine, meat and cakes. Of course, the fairy just woke up and could not let her drink. This wine was prepared by Wang Bo himself.
After all, the Wangs are the largest family in Tiantong Town with rich financial resources. There is no shortage of delicacies in this table. The little fairy drank a bowl of Qingluan boiled soup to wake her up, and then ate some jade rabbit cakes and side dishes alone, which quickly restored her strength.
Seeing her gradually eating and leaving home, she asked, "Wan Qiu, do you remember anything before you came to the Wangs?"
He didn’t directly call it a fairy and didn’t want Wang Bo to hear it.
The fairy shook her head and said, "I vaguely remember some things, such as a small building in the middle of the lake and the fact that you and I went to Kyushu League. The memories are a little blurred."
If Lu Liyu said so, wouldn’t the little fairy even forget that the dust fairy Sect was destroyed?
Do you want to tell her yourself?
Chapter 19 Check in Snake Valley
The fairy gradually recovered her strength, and several people talked again. In the end, Wang Bo accepted the ending, although she was somewhat reluctant.
Obviously, there is no doubt that she will follow Lulu back to the wasteland after her appearance.
In this way, although Wang Bo is full of loss, Wan Qiu does not belong to this day. The Wangs in Tongzhen are separated from each other. Who can stop them?
On the whole, although the Wangs lost a younger generation with strong bloodline, it was a great kindness to wipe out Tiantong Town in Snake Valley.
Besides, if there is no separation, Wang Jialigen can’t save Wanqiu and it will threaten the status of the Wang family, which is not worth the candle.
In the end, Wang Bo expressed his gratitude and took out an ancient book saying, "This is my Wang family’s gas refining method. There are three volumes, and the first three realms of gas refining are recorded. If you don’t dislike it, Lu Shaoxia will accept it. Your injury can be cured by Tiantong Town Method. Perhaps Haotianfu can have a solution. My Wang family’s gas refining method has these three volumes, and each family has its own gas refining method, but the division of big realms is the same. Many ancient families are searching for gas refining methods everywhere. You should be more careful and the safety of Wanqiu will be left to you."
"Don’t worry, I won’t let her get hurt. Let’s go."
Xiao Liu said goodbye for a while and will leave soon. There are still many moments to delay in finishing things.
He took some food from Tiantong town when he left with the fairy.
The fairy is now practicing, and ordinary people almost directly took her to the snake valley, where the dead snake has been cleaned up by several hard workers, not to mention the identity of which is the Zhou family.
These Zhou family members, three men and two women, are all refined and irritating, and they can barely work hard. Soon after they left, they secretly told them to clean the Snake Valley and plan the road behind the temporary shelter of the Snake Valley underground cave.
Where did the three young tycoons and two young ladies of the Zhou family usually do such hard work? They all cultivate delicacies according to the expert seedlings of refined gas in the family. Although they are called elixirs constantly, their physique is also good. After all, the mess in Snake Valley was cleaned up by five people. Several Johnson ordered the Snake Valley Department to temporarily sort out the remaining part of the snake demon snake spirit minister.
When I came to the snake valley, the fairy pie mouth said, "I said that we will live here?"
Lu Li-nai said, "Tiantong Town shouldn’t stay long. Let’s stay here for the time being. We will leave for Haotianfu after I adjust and practice the two methods slightly."
The fairy screamed, "That old snake is so fierce. You should clean it up this time!"
Lu Li heard the words and laughed. "The old snake is a slave at present. They kill people like hemp and are evil. I have to think about how many years it will take to let them go."
Two people entered this underground cave, and most of the snakes had been wiped out. Plus, a few snakes escaped from the snake demon while taking advantage of the chaos. There are about a dozen ordinary snakes and snake spirits, and more than a hundred of them have left their bodies. They also have some rejection of snakes and don’t like the feeling of snakes dancing around, so they are assigned some caves by several Johnson, which is far from the land and the fairy.
It is natural that the main side of the snake valley is the poisonous tooth and the grotto. The poisonous gas in the grotto is dense and miasma, which is not suitable for terrans to live in. Therefore, the little fairy has temporarily lived in the grotto of the snake and the venerable snake, and she is temporarily living in the grotto of the black python and the grotto. They can also be transformed into human bodies. There are quite a few stone tables, stone beds and stone benches in this grotto, and some light candlesticks are also carved and made of lingshi, which has a unique charm.
The little fairy was very satisfied that her stone bed had been covered with several layers of silks and satins, and the Zhou family girl went back to the house to retrieve a lot of living things, and everything was lacking.
Three men are three brothers, named Zhou Gu, Zhou Yi and Yu Zhou, who practice meditation at almost the same level.
The two women are Zhou Linger and Zhou Huaner. They are young and they are also 15 or 16 years old. They are called Xiao Ling Xiao Huan by the little fairy. The two young ladies of the Zhou family have become close-fitting maids of the little fairy. This is also a command from afar.
There are two maids, a group of snake spirits around them can’t hurt the little fairy, and Zhou Jiasan’s male guards keep away from the little fairy’s abode of fairies. You can know that there is a strange place outside the only road that you must pass.
Zhou Jiaxun’s jade slips are very good, and the range of ten miles can make it possible for Lu Li to hold a jade slip and the Zhou family can hold one, so that the range of ten miles can be effectively and urgently crushed. It is easy to come to an emergency signal, and life and death are difficult to move.
The nearest location of the jade slips should also be Hao Tianfu to get Lu Li. Give one copy to the little fairy to ensure that she can communicate with her, and two copies are the envoys of the Zhou family.
Hao Tianfu is an important place of Yan State, where a spirit snake venerable person and others can enter by law. After all, there are experts in refining gas who sit in the demon spirit and evil spirits. Unless there is a powerful force in the land, the spirit snake venerable person and other talents can follow, but the eyes are definitely not.
The fairy settled down for a while, slowly cultivated the Kwai Shui Ling tactic, recovered her physical strength, and entered a short-term closed state. He wanted to realize that Wang Jia’s practice of refining qi was to get a reward from Kyushu League, a sharp fingering-long finger.
The practitioners of Yun Sheng Tian Ji are trapped by multi-teachings, but they are illusory. The so-called Buddha’s heart, Tao, bone, Confucianism, magic, devil’s refining body, devil’s refining gas and demon’s variation into a unified audience’s hope that heaven and earth will eventually become a road.
Lu Li said to himself, "Wutiandi Avenue will pitch all beings and eventually become unified. This seems to be a kind of transcendence over climbing to heaven, stepping on the sky and finally surpassing everything, as white clothes say?"
He then sighed and felt that the road ahead was long and everything was not easy.
As he was talking to himself, a very familiar voice suddenly said from his ear, "Good disciple, you will finally take the path of enlightenment, which is the only way for all monks."
Chapter 20 A good one and a bad one
The long finger is a sharp fingering technique, which means that the true element is compressed into a line, so that it is possible to pierce the long sharp anomaly with one finger.
However, the reason why I didn’t practice before I left the land is that the process of true element compression is very dangerous. If I don’t practice, I may bite myself, which is a desperate road.
Master Chu Yunyin emerged, and the whole person’s spirit was shocked and surprised. "Where are you, Master?"
Chu Yun shook his head and said, "Teacher, it’s full of drudgery here, but there’s also good news that something happened in that white suit. You don’t have to be too concerned until the time is right. I’ll tell you in detail which one do you want to listen to first?"
Lu Li said decisively, "Let’s talk about the bad news first."
When Guanghua flashed, Chu Yun’s virtual shadow turned into a statue. Chu Yun’s virtual shadow deviated from the landing. "The bad news is that the lotus soul has been damaged to varying degrees, and it can live for up to three years."
Lu Li clenched his fists. Instead of arguing with the master, he continued to ask, "What’s the good news?"

The mosaic of mulberry flowers was blown down by the autumn wind and fell to the ground in the forest. Two pairs of young girls were reluctant to sleep this night.

Hundreds of Sect in Seven States in Tiandong.
There are 100 statues of the guardian, 12 stars and 12 famous and powerful people.
They live in seclusion in the twelve star rivers, even if there are hundreds of patriarchs, it is hard to meet ordinary people.
However, at this time, there is a rich and jade-like looking Lanling teenager in a time-honored temple in the twelve star rivers. That said, Jun Mou played a black-and-white game with nine planets’s cat.
In the center of the temple, there are 19 chessboard battlefields engraved on the earth, which occupy the whole hall.
Who will win or lose a game in Zhongzhou in this long and short day?
"Three years ago, Luoling was killed by your uncles, but I didn’t find that map. Although it seems to have been put on hold for three years, the rivers and lakes have already been raging. Now Yanbailou has entrusted her palm to the old guy in the Pu Yuan, which has caused the world to stir up. Does her think that I should take a move in this matter?" The cat star lit up a black ghost every once in a while, which was like being killed by Samsung and Luoling turned into a black fog.
His breath is long and distant, his manners are elegant and free and easy, and he lives up to his reputation as a jade gentleman.
He is quite similar to the young man across the street.
Huiguang’s flashing eyes stared at the nineteen chessboards of the spreading hall, like deduction and calculation.
A moment later, the boy smiled.
"Master’s peace of mind is to stay on the mountain when this dish ends in Zeyu …"
"oh? You’d say … "
"In fact, all this is just the imperial art of the Yanbailou. Imagine if the sky is not in the hands of Luoling, who is most likely to fall into it?"
"Of course it’s his main Yanbailou."
"Since ancient times, I have to die when I want to be a minister, but Yan Bailou has become loyal, but I have sent a foolish loyalty to Luohe in error." It’s a pity that I let out a sigh when I looked at the young man who gradually dispersed the black fog.
"So you think everything is Yanbailou trick? False rumors mislead the world to return the sky to Luo Ling’s hand, which has long been in his pocket, so that the perfect White House God will take the initiative to do a lackey and slaughter Luo Jia’s house, so that the world will be furious and punish Luo Ling to force him to appear? "
"This is my brother’s speculation about the truth. If my brother worships in the monastery, the princess will be able to get to the bottom of it since she was a child."
Chapter Tiandong people are as good as jade, and the world is double.
Zeyu, a famous young gentleman.
It’s a twelve-star nine planets cat.
This teacher and disciples sit and talk about the sky, and everything seems to be on their feet.
Every game they play is a deduction of the general trend of heaven.
It’s better to calculate thousands than days.
The door is still open!
There is also a teenager living alone!
And the real picture of the country is his body!
The teenager has been away from the world for three years, and now he is in the mountains!
The goal is to go to the monastery!
They will be classmates in the near future!
This is providence!
Law deduces providence!
Pu Yuan is located at the junction of Dayan Empire in seven states in Tiandong, which is a holy place in Tiandong, independent of the separatist regime of this group of heroes. In addition to hundreds of cases, there are also Jiange in Kunlun Mountain in Zhongzhou, which is comparable to being free from war and the world of mortals.
Over the years, the teaching concept of educating people in the college has naturally cultivated many celebrities. Many experts in the seven states of Dayan were students who came out of the college. In addition, the college has made great contributions to summing up and carrying forward the six-character Taoist scriptures of practitioners.
The Puyuan built on the mountain is a famous Pucheng with four access points.
Connecting the fortress city of Dayan Empire in seven States, Pu City is naturally a constant stream of contacts.
Especially in recent years, Tian Yingjie has gathered here to make this Bodhi city noisy and prosperous.
General Yuwen, Yan Lingwei, secretly escorted Cher and Luo Changfeng and other people all the way, and never encountered similar assassinations and successfully arrived in the city of Pu.
This is due to General Yuwen.
Yan Lingwei, the most elite of Dayan Empire, is the new leader. How can you really lose your princess? Otherwise, this Yan Lingwei is already unnecessary.
After being stopped by Jiang’s parents, Yan Lingwei of Luohe County found that it was unreasonable to make a decisive move and then left smartly. Jiang’s parents always complained that the tiger fell to Pingyang and regretted not taking his 3,000 brothers with him.
General Yuwen discovered Cher’s whereabouts in the forest, but it was not easily exposed.
As Cher said, I have never seen the outside world since I was a child … Yuwen Valve, after all, couldn’t bear to add a pair of chains to her, so Yan Lingwei’s brothers secretly followed all the way and got rid of those sinister stumbling blocks to clean up all the way, in exchange for a happy journey.
When I first saw Luo Changfeng, Yuwen Valve felt a sense of familiarity and intimacy. But after three years, Luo Changfeng’s appearance has changed a lot. From Luomen to a bowl of water, a steamed bread can satisfy the determined young man’s thin face and slender head.
Besides, Luomen was robbed all his life, and he personally verified the idea of taking the lead and recognizing that his eldest brother Luoling was also killed. The fire was just a doubt and there was no more thought.
The Youlong cold gun is a magic weapon with a handle, which is very spiritual and has long been put away by Luo Changfeng, otherwise his identity will be exposed with this Youlong gun.
Li Zhai-zhu and his party sent Li Xingyun to Pu City, and then they said goodbye to everyone outside the city. They were hired by Li Xingyun Village, and naturally there was no need to stay. The mountain outside Pu City is the courtyard, so although the dragons and snakes in the city are mixed, they need to worry about the order and security.
I believe that if anyone in this city dares to pay attention to the students in the future school, they will die miserably.
Cher and Ling son are finally relieved.
Two pairs of teenagers walk through the wide and busy streets, and people of the same age are everywhere. I’m afraid it’s a long time before they get familiar with the city.
"Come on, come on, come on … the hospital released the list."
"What? Has the hospital released the list? "
"Hey, wait for me …"
Every year, the enrollment of Puyuan will be officially assessed. The list released three days before the exam is not the list of the winners, but the list of matters needing attention in the examination subjects of this year’s admission examination. Those students who want to enter Puyuan are prepared in advance.
The crowd around me was surging, but Cher clapped her hands and turned around and smiled. "Let’s go and have a look at the list of Changfeng Big Brother Hospital?"
Haven’t ask for the consent of Luo Changfeng ling son is excited to pull up cher hands two people ran past first.
Li Xingyun muttered behind him, "It’s strange that she has a letter of recommendation. Why are you more anxious than me?" ……
There is a hall of learning in Pucheng, and this place is right in front of the hall.

The slender white fingers of the female shook one eyelash after another, as if two wanted to fly, but the butterfly fluttered its wings one after another.

I feel a slight threat to this woman. Of course, even here, I still hold the exorcism battle tightly in my hand, and I have the ghost dragon armor armor I brought from other ancient tombs at hand. I will fight with this woman regardless of the willy-nilly.
At last, the woman regained consciousness, and her eyes slowly opened. To my surprise, the woman’s eyes were red, red and narrow at that moment. The eyes were so similar to those in my dream. The eyes were him who was always in my heart.
But no matter how surprised I am, I don’t have the shock. After all, I already know that everything is related to this woman, the woman and those eyes in my heart, and that should be the case.
The woman’s eyes slowly turned from red to black after opening, and finally she reached out to hold the edge of the crystal coffin in peace, and then she jumped over the coffin in front of me with a slight leap.
I was surprised to see that women’s mental activity is not like lying in a coffin for so long, but more like a healthy girl who has been exercising all the time.
Ah, it’s so angry outside. The woman stretched out her hands in front of me and turned around without fear, then turned her head and looked at my brother faintly. It’s been a long time.
The woman who spoke jumped at me unexpectedly, hugging me tightly and being too intimate.
I struggled, pushed the woman back, looked at me and said, your sister, I’m reborn. Let’s celebrate. Don’t be such a bitter face.
I stared at the woman and didn’t know what to say at the moment. After a good half-day, I said, let you let my friend go.
The woman smiled calmly and said that she didn’t want them. I’ve let the goalkeeper let you go. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you. If you don’t believe me, you’ll be talking. The woman waved her hand twice in the middle, and then in the second half, there was a picture in it. When we arrived in H city, Ma Xiaolan, Qin Gan, Zhu Yan, the master of good governance, Zhang Qiu and others were surrounded in the supermarket picture. It seems that they really left the zombie leader control long ago. It is estimated that people have been released when I arrived at the zombie cave.
I am relieved that these people are all right. I look at the woman and say, since you are so relieved to let them go, why don’t you give me something to hold on to?
The woman immediately laughed and said, you’re right. I do have something on you. I want to make a deal with you
I knew in my heart that this woman was difficult to deal with and looked so harmful, but I didn’t know what kind of person she was secretly.
Tell me what you want me to do. By the way, tell me what you have on me. I look at the woman and say that the woman is still talking about it. I’m not going to prepare for it.
Lend me your body for a month or help me do things for a month. After a month, you can do whatever you want. You can live a good life with your wife or continue your grave digging career or exorcism pavilion. But a month ago, you must help me do things. I will do whatever I want you to do, the woman said seriously.
Then what do you want me to do? Why should I do everything for you for a month? I looked at the woman and asked.
It’s simple. If you don’t help me, I’ll help your wife with the baby. Do you believe me, I can get into your wife’s belly and attach it to your baby, just me.
It’s not like this in my heart for a while that a magic charm can be attached to someone else’s child and then do something. This saying is called a ghost, while a general magic charm can be attached to a child who is still in his stomach with a stronger ability to act, so that the child is controlled by a magic charm from birth.
I shudder at the thought that my child has been controlled by this woman all his life.
No, absolutely not. Even at the expense of myself, I can’t let my child do this. Just when I was ready to fight with a woman with a ghost charm, the woman actually saw through my mind. The woman shook hands with the white flowers on the other side and said faintly, I know you want to fight hard with me, but you can’t win. Don’t forget that it’s bad for me to ask you outside. I believe that even if you are alive, you will never see your wife and children again.
The talking woman disappeared before she shook her hand, and the mirror reappeared. I saw the scene outside the supermarket. I saw several zombies arrayed at the door of the supermarket and looked up at the front door as if looking at me and laughing.
Dragon Girl said 3a, if you dare to touch my hair, the door will rush in as soon as I feel it. At that time, there will be no one left inside, and the zombie virus will spread to the world irresistibly. At that time, both wife, children and people in the world will be destroyed, and human culture will perish. Do you want this?
I watched in horror as a woman was more vicious than I thought, so what do you want me to do?
It is very simple for you to help me do something, or it can be said that you can help me kill a few people. The woman squinted and said that there were a few cold lights in her eyes, and then she almost gnashed her teeth and said that they would be fine if they died. I can still find you in reincarnation. Even if you are alive, I will let you ruin our people. I will not let one of them go.
I panicked and watched the dragon lady become more and more fierce. At this moment, the dragon lady suddenly changed from a docile cat to a big lion with a big mouth and sharp teeth as if she were still dripping blood.
As the woman talked, she turned to look at me and said, brother, I know you have forgotten bloodthirsty day, but I will remind you that it will remind your department. Have you forgotten those pictures that were once your favorite?
The woman approached me slowly with a faint smile and a bad smile. My legs seemed to be fixed on the ground and I couldn’t move. I could watch the woman approach.
Soon the woman was close to me, her hands were on my shoulders, her face was in front of mine, and then she reached out and held my head, and her forehead stood on tiptoe and touched my forehead.
When I touched my forehead for a moment, I felt as if I had passed through. As soon as I followed, I felt something slowly losing from the woman’s head to mine.
First of all, in my mind, it was a bloody scene, as if the world were full of blood. I watched in horror. Then I saw a golden dragon flying in the sky and the camera kept passing by. I saw the dragons killing people as if they were possessed. As the dragons kept killing people, I felt something in my heart lit up and pounded.
The feeling of bloodthirsty was once a demon to me. I am a demon, and there is a demon in my heart.
I mumbled and looked at the dragon lady. I seem to have a little impression that we are twins. Twins always have a lot of places to figure out, and we are the same.
The dragon lady can find me through that magic, and she keeps coaxing me and leading me to this place.
Dragon girl doesn’t seem to care at all. Now I, she has told me a lot of things. She said that she used to be very good to me. We are a very good brother and sister. Although she has been a black dragon all her life, she has not brought her unhappiness because of her. I am a very good brother to her.
However, when she fell in love with a mortal, everything changed. People didn’t approve of her being with a mortal. Nu Wa tried every means to obstruct her. There was a fierce battle between Nu Wa and the Black Dragon, and the Dragon people also talked with Nu Wa about the conditions. At that time, I had to help kill her on the Dragon side because of my physical conditions.
But at that time, I finally felt sorry for my own sister and finally thought of a way to seal her up.
The seal has been reincarnated for several times, and I have never succeeded in finding my own sister. In this life, I have successfully found the dragon lady.
The man who caused the fierce battle at the beginning was the devil. The devil died when the dragon lady was hunted down. After she died, she wanted to be with the dragon lady and was imprisoned by the devil in hell. It was not until later that the devil in hell unloaded the present devil that she became the devil.
The woman didn’t talk about things in too much detail. It was simple. After telling me for a while, let me know and stop talking.
And I was silent after listening to the female ha u, but I didn’t feel some blank feelings
The woman said that she had thought of extinction later, and it was because of this idea that the terrifying said that she would come to destroy her.
But the woman says that she has no idea of extinction now. She wants to kill all the people she has dealt with in the past. Chapter 47 Frozen cocoon coffin 6
After all, I nodded and promised the woman. I don’t know if my decision was right or wrong at that moment. I know that I pity the woman from the bottom of my heart or that she has never done anything wrong, but it is really pitiful to be forced into this situation.
This, of course, also stems from my personal interests. I really don’t want Ma Xiaolan or my children to get hurt. I would rather have someone else’s life in exchange for theirs, even if I end up having a hard time, so I decided to do it.
The dragon lady said that you are a wise man, so it is good for you and good for me. In fact, I don’t want to hurt you. Anyway, you are my own brother, even if you turn around for the tenth time, this fact can’t be changed. When you sealed me, it was actually good for me. How can I not be white?
I don’t remember the past and I don’t want to talk about it. What should I do now? I looked at the woman and asked.
The dragon lady looked at me for a long time with a faint smile in her eyes. Only then did she say two ways: one is that you help me directly, and the other is to lend me your body and I will solve my hatred myself.
After much deliberation, I finally chose the latter one, and let me kill directly. I think I can’t stand it. If I can accept it, I will let her do it herself. After all, she hates herself and should do it herself.

This Su Yu can’t stay!

129 Chapter 129 White Senior Secret Method
"I also want to kill me! ?”
Su Yu’s eyes burst into a fine mans with a true imperial sword in his hand.
His voice fell, his sword flashed, and he repelled a senior honour person!
This, this is impossible!
Su Yu has become a top saint, so it is impossible to repel the venerable one!
Venerable people are ants!
Say not only that the venerable sir is powerful, but also state the distance between the two forces!
However, such a strong fighting force law was actually broken by Su Yu!
"How can a top saint attack me!" Blood clan honour person also eyes show shock color.
Su Yu is not a venerable person but a top saint!
In the past, he killed the sacred land, but today he can’t stand a top sage Terran who has just reached the top!
Such an absurd thing is a fable!
"Do you know what are the two most fundamental source forces in the world? I can kneel before the source even if you are an honorable person!"
Su Yu sneered that his words made the foreign venerable people change their faces in succession.
The origin of the blood clan goes back to ancient times, and they all know something about Mi Xin.
Endowment and deprivation of two sources are the most original and pure source killing tactics.
The level of this source is useless in front of the comprehender!
Su Yu and Su Yu turned out to be such mysterious source comprehenders!
They know it too late!
If I had known him earlier, I would never have let Su Yu grow to the top saint!
At this time, the blood clan venerable person regretted that he had not destroyed the Yanhuang Empire earlier, but tortured the Terran in the most cruel way.
But everything can’t come
"Honour person don’t insult I want you to pay the price! You still don’t start work! "
Blood clan honour person calling on him, his voice fell and the other four honour persons made moves at the same time.
Has responded to the fox nine and other venerable persons, showing a democratic and bloody figure and blinking in front of the aliens!
The blood clan venerable person’s posture is different, and he almost let this group of aliens succeed before he found out!
Nowadays, this group of aliens want to sneak attack again. When they are a few necromancers, they can’t be decorated!
Fox nine shaking Kyubi no Youko a pair of eyes flashing talent to meet the blood clan honour person!
The bull shows the golden body of the orc, and his face is ferocious to meet another lion honour person.
Xuanye, Magic Xiu and Authos each chose a venerable person to meet them!
"If you want to kill Su Yu, you should also ask if you have passed us first!"
Five venerable men, such as Fox Nine, shouted at the same time, saying that ten venerable men had been torn to another place to fight!
Who let the human plane and many of their descendants fight the Terran!
The venerable ones’ fighting gave Su Yu a breathing space, and Su Yu quickly put away her spiritual strength and consolidated her self-cultivation.
Well, although it was a forced breakthrough this time, the breakthrough can only be carried out smoothly because of the solid foundation of Su Yu, the source and the owner of the human world
In particular, Su Yu just played against the blood clan honour person at the moment to let him know something about his own strength.
After all, top saints and venerable persons are difficult to cross the gap.
Su Yu’s summit of the top sage is still a long way off, but he still has a fighting capacity.
After mastering the source of deprivation at a deeper level, Su Yu will not lose even if he won’t win!
"Emperor, are you all right?"
The terrans who protect the outside world are the strength of the sacred land, and they have no ability to fight with the venerable one.
What makes people even more shocked is that their own emperor is powerful!
They saw with their own eyes that the emperor changed hands to repel a blood clan venerable soon after he reached the top of the top saint!
This, this is a miracle!
Throughout Xinghai, no one can beat off the venerable one like this!
"I’m fine"
Su Yu’s voice fell to his ears and a familiar sound came, "Brother Yu, you are ill."
This sound makes Su Yu’s face light up.
Su Yu sat cross-legged and waved his hand at the dharma protector. He closed his eyes and unified the system, so he heard and saw the voice communication received by the unified party.
"Senior Bai, you can facilitate my communication. I have something important to ask."
Su Yu sent the communication in the past. Soon after, he received a voice communication from Bai’s predecessor. "I have roughly figured it out because of the current situation in the human world, but I didn’t expect this coincidence to break out."
"The shortcut to practice is to learn the initial achievement method, which has already decided everything. I can modify the basic volume of the True Emperor’s Treasure Volume for you, so that your current problems can be solved and you can rest assured that even low-level fighters can be quick and worry about the future."
Not long after Bai’s voice fell, a special scroll system helped to get Lord Su Yu’s backpack.
In the first place, it was written in plain English.
"I have risen from the abyss, worshiping the immortal way, tasting the divine way, and adopting hundreds of parents to learn martial arts. My younger brother has learned something about martial arts all the way, and it is indispensable to cultivate wisdom, body and soul. There is a secret method, which can re-practice wisdom, reshape solids, and refine the soul. The martial arts can make rapid progress and stabilize the foundation. Great things can be achieved."
After that, it is the important law of the secret law.
"Fortunately! Senior Bai is really my benefactor’s brilliant plan! The true emperor’s treasure scroll is known as the first martial art, and the white predecessors can actually repair the basic scroll. It is really unpredictable! "
Su Yu got the secret method and looked it up, and her voice was even more excited. Senior Bai was really a strong man, and he could also make improvements in this dance technique.
After marveling, Su Yu did not delay. He hurried to use personal expedition to kill this alien army several times in the future!
The safety of the human world has been lifted for the time being. Su Yu quickly took out the secret method to let a Terran come to implement an effect.
Sure enough, the lower fighters have made rapid progress and have no future trouble!
"It’s amazing that the emperor is so wonderful!"
Wang Chuanyi said excitedly, "I’m going to arrange for my Yanhuang Yierlang to learn this secret method!"
Wang Chuanyi voice down quickly leave.
After two months, the number of Chinese low-level fighters has broken through to the sacred land strength.
Some people with better talents are climbing to the top sacred land!
Su Yu stared at the army in front of him. "Yi Erlang has become an army! The enemy will fail! Danger in the human world will be solved! But it seems that the situation outside the country is not good. I hope that Bai’s predecessors can survive this robbery safely. "
13 Chapter 13 God Terran Rebellion!
After three years of siege, the terran and alien wars finally broke out.
The Red Dress Society and the Dragon and Phoenix Alliance, the two transcendental forces of different nationalities, have made a total attack!
Human world

Lin Xiao didn’t want to cause any trouble here. He decided that the first rule of his azure mountain was to keep a low profile and then keep a low profile!

But Lin Xiao just kept a low profile for a night, and the old gentleman hurried over early in the morning.
I was so angry that the bearded and bearded old gentleman kicked off the door of the Jade Building. He rushed to Lin Xiao’s bedroom and screamed, "Mu Shuang! You have to give me this evil breath! Give me the old man to kill the vice president of the Fourth Instrument Hall! "
"ah? Kill? " Lin Xiao is completely stupid!
Killing people in the core area of azure mountain? Lin Xiao thinks that either he is crazy or the old gentleman is crazy. One of them must be crazy.
The old gentleman nodded solemnly. "It’s for the old man to kill him!"
In some places, there is a struggle. God is not a god, but a man, but they are just people who have mastered super power. Their struggle is even more cruel and higher. If God can break everything and stop fighting, they will no longer be imprisoned in the divine world, but have already taken the last step and chased the ancient sacred immortal Buddha road to all the gods, who are destined to have a struggle.
Holding a slightly cumbersome pot-bellied and bearded old gentleman, pointing to palaces and castles around Azure Mountain, he said, "Mu Shuang, the 360 outer managers of Azure Mountain rank third, alas ~ No one dares to provoke the God of World War II who ranks first, and no one dares to provoke the God of World War II." Hey, if I’m crushed by someone, I’ll lose face myself. Isn’t it a loss to follow the old lady after many things? "
Lin Xiao, who is close to Hao Laojun, asked curiously, "Do Jin Jun and God of War dare to provoke?"
Hao Laojun clapped his hands fiercely, and he said happily, "Jinjun is the daughter-in-law of God, and the God of War is the son-in-law. They are responsible for taking care of it. Of course, people dare to provoke them!" Shaking his head, the bearded old gentleman sighed, "It’s a pity ~ it’s a pity that the two old children don’t live up to expectations, otherwise if they can marry the God’s daughter, gee ~"
Lin Xiao pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. The old gentleman sighed for a while. It was a long time before he shook his head. "The old lady’s master refiner is forging the God of War and several disciples to join hands. His two vice refiners are also busy. Someone must have known that the old lady made you a fledgling vice refiner of the third hall. They deliberately lost the old lady’s face! Mu Shuang, you must fight for the old lady! Can you beat the vice president of the Fourth Hall? "
Implicitly smiled Lin Xiao shook his head. "I’m not sure that Xiaogen doesn’t know what level the vice president of the Fourth Hall has. Who can say that it will be better than them?" But just do your best. "
Hao Zhuan Lao Jun took a deep look at Lin Xiao and nodded, "Just try your best! I can’t be wrong in my eyes. You can refine the artifacts in the early stage. I can’t be wrong in my eyes! This time, half of my fortune has crushed you. You must try your best to show me your performance! If you win the money, the old man will give you a dividend! If you lose ~ hey, both the old lady’s children and daughter-in-law have lost! "
Pat Lin Xiao on the shoulder. The old gentleman smiled proudly. "Fortunately, they know that the old man has appointed a new kid who takes refuge in our azure mountain to be the vice president of refining. No one knows that you can refine the artifacts in the initial refining, or hey hey, it’s hard for the old man to calculate them this time!"
Nodding lightly, Lin Xiao asked curiously, "Can you still bet here?"
Hao Zhuan Lao Jun raised his eyebrows and sneered, "Of course you can bet! The old man and the old guy Qingmei bet against more than 300 foreign managers. Do you want to join in the fun? Hum, at least one of them also bet a million magic stones ~ thirty-five old people won the bet, and more than three hundred of them bet that old guy Qingmei won! You must meet otherwise there are so many bets ~ the old man’s money will be clean and walk. "
Although he is the head manager outside the azure mountain, he is still a slave first-class figure. Although they are rich in wealth, they spend a lot of money every year like other gods, especially there is a large family behind them who keeps it in their accounts every year. This is a great consumption. The old gentleman can convert his possessions into standard gods, but there is not much this time. The fourth head manager looks up to the old gentleman.
Of course, the man of God will live a red face after drinking the northwest wind for hundreds of years, but no one can hang on this side, can he?
All the way to his third hall with Lin Xiao, the bearded old gentleman urged him to ask Lin Xiao to win this game no matter what.
Lin Xiao is not sure. He can assure Hao Laojun that he will go all out. If it is a competition to refine all kinds of magic pills, Lin Xiao simply refines a furnace of nine turns of elixir, so no matter who has to give up, but when it comes to refining, Lin Xiao is really not sure. Although refining is crooked, there are not many people who devote themselves to refining, but what kind of perverts are there in the divine world? In case the vice president of the Fourth Instrument Hall is a pervert, Lin Xiao is really not sure to surpass him.
I can’t say that I can guarantee my position in the eyes of the old gentleman. I have won a more important position in the Qinqin Shrine. Lin Xiao must keep it this time.
The third instrument hall is located in a valley in the south of the main peak of Azure Mountain. The valley is hundreds of miles wide and stretches for more than 10,000 miles. The mountain walls on both sides stand like knives. In the valley bottom, people’s magic has cut it flat like a rock. The square appearance of buildings is harsh grayish brown and the overall color of Azure Mountain is out of place. Stone buildings stand in the valley. The third instrument hall has a chief refiner, a Galindo, and three deputy refiners. There are more than 1,000 people in his refiners and assistant refiners, and the number of craftsmen and handymen is over one million, but the It’s also very limited, because refining an artifact takes more than a hundred years, and it takes tens of thousands of years for the refiner. It’s the third hall where hundreds of thousands of years of hard work have been done, and only one artifact comes out every ten years, which is already very rare.
In the center of the valley is a square house with a width of 30 miles and a height of several miles. The whole house in Fiona Fang is made up of dozens of huge stones. Not a single pillar in the house has been finished. At this moment, there are hundreds of deity figures scattered in the house. More than half of these people are the same identity as the old gentleman, and some of them are important people in the azure mountain. They all came specially after hearing that the young eyebrows respected the gods and the old gentleman had a gambling fight.
People who practice divinity and immortals have to worry about many things every day. They have to be careful about the trouble that happens in their own territory. They have several things to be busy all the time. But these gods who are attached to such a top power as the Three Gods and Five Days are really bored every day. They have reached a bottleneck, and there is no big chance that they can go any further. Their divine power has also reached the limit that they can bear now. They can’t find any recreation all day. They wander around all day, and what is lively is like smelling bad meat flies.
A handsome young man with a pair of strange dark green eyebrows hung straight into the main room of a handsome young man. In the middle, he saw a handsome old gentleman coming in with Lin Xiao, and the young man suddenly laughed. "Brother, is this your new life vice president refining division of the Third Hall? Hey hey so tender little guy! "
Hao beard old gentleman sneers "green eyebrow cut the crap! You choose the three master refiners of the old lady, close the opportunity and cause trouble, so you can be proud first! We’ve agreed on the rules and don’t talk nonsense. Mu Shuang, this is the green eyebrow monster. The guy around him who is dry and seems to have been squeezed dry by a woman is the’ Ghost Craftsman God’, the vice president of the Fourth Instrument Hall. It’s good to ask them for advice. If you lose, you won’t lose face! "
The statue of God in childhood and the gaunt face around him that looks like a big monkey statue of God at the same time, a red eyebrow statue of God said lightly, "If you can’t afford to lose this time, we will cancel the gambling fight. After all, it’s always reasonable for you to order Mu Shuang Xiaoyou, the vice president of the Third Instrument Hall. If you say that you are wrong about someone, you have lost your eyes and eyebrows this time, and I will turn around and leave without saying anything."
A retreat drove the bearded old gentleman’s eyebrows to tremble. He was about to speak. A red-faced man sitting in the corner of the room was at least five feet tall and shouted, "Bullshit! Qingmei, if you dare to turn around and leave, I’ll rip off your lair! You got up early to watch the fun here, but it’s not for you to say a few words of bullshit and then leave! Be sure to win or lose! Grandma has put a billion magic stones here. Do you say you won’t play if you don’t play? "
A billion magic stones! Lin Xiao couldn’t help jumping out of the corner of his eye when he heard this number. This red-faced man is so generous! He actually bet a billion magic stones on a mere bet, and I don’t know who he bet on to win. Lao Jun’s savings are millions of magic stones. How can this Han easily come up with so many magic stones?
Lin Xiao is hesitating here. The red-faced man is pointing to Lin Xiao and drinking "Mu Shuang? You are young! Zun Zhanshen today paid a billion stone to bet you win. If you lose, hehe! " Grinning with a grimace, the big red-faced man raised his fist and waved his hand. Suddenly, the room was full of ShaQi Teng, and there were several ghosts and wolves howling from the distant horizon. This big man’s practice is an war, and a sharp condensation of ShaQi has reached an incredible level. He has made it to the present level and I don’t know how many people he killed! Lin Xiaoxiu felt that the source of divine power was faintly shaken and withered by this ShaQi attack, and his body could not help but retreat a few steps.
Everyone in the room looks ugly. It seems that this God of War is also a role that everyone fears.
Qing Mei respects God with a quick smile. "God of War is absolutely right. You must gamble. What do you say?"
Haobeard old gentleman took a deep breath and he nodded, "Let’s gamble! After three years, Mu Shuang can allocate all the materials you want from the warehouse at will. After three years, you will decide your victory or defeat according to the quality of the artifact forged by you and Heiming, the amount of materials consumed and the preciousness of the materials. If the artifact is not completed in three years, you will be negative. Are you sure? "
Forging an artifact in three years? In this way, the quality of the artifact is bound to be impossible to be too high. It is a great thing to be able to forge a Chinese artifact according to the standard of the general refiner. If it is not an accident, it will not be enough for an ordinary refiner to forge an artifact in three years. If it comes to that kind of strength, it will be too bad for the man of God to finish what he has done when the materials are pure. The old gentleman is worried that it is completely reasonable. Lin Xiaoxiu is far from being black.
But Lin Xiao nodded his head, and he said lightly, "What’s the matter with the old gentleman?"! Don’t prepare all kinds of fire attribute artifact materials. "
Various fire attribute artifact materials? Haokuai Laojun suddenly thought that Lin Xiao’s specialty is fire control. Although I don’t know what level Lin Xiao has mastered fire, I want to forge an artifact that matches his own attributes. This difficulty is reduced too much. Haokuai Laojun’s face suddenly relaxed. He nodded and attracted several genera around him to give them a command.
Lin Xiao and Black Ghost sat twenty miles apart according to their requirements. All kinds of materials were put in a bracelet, and the old gentleman clapped his hands in front of them. Suddenly, there was a third instrument hall. The man of God launched this big house and banned the original room with a length of thirty miles. The Wan Li giant was more than three thousand miles high, and the onlookers were far away from the corner. Lin Xiao and Black Ghost God of War were shrouded in their minds, and the statue was constantly urged. "Hurry up and start work. If the billion-dollar magic stone won ~ Hey, but!"
God of War’s words made his face dark. If God of War wins, he will certainly have a good time, but God of War will have to tighten his belt for a long time. But what bothers him most is not what will happen if God of War wins, but what will happen if God of War loses ~ According to God of War’s temperament, he will definitely take out this billion-dollar stone, but he won’t be able to wear it for him in the future! Who doesn’t know that the God of War is the most afraid, but his wife is the most famous miser in the azure mountain, and she is really a skinflint!
At that time, the childhood sweetheart almost didn’t cry, and he didn’t even know if he should expect the dark ghost to win or lose! He secretly blamed the god of war. Why didn’t he bet on Dark Ghost to win? Qing Mei worships God, but he is sure that Black Ghost will defeat this Mu Shuang. He is sure that there are at least 71% conscious gods. Even if the refining device is a genius, he can’t defeat a God-respecting refining division, right? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if the god of war bet on the dark ghost to win?
God of war statue is sitting in a big chair for a few followers around strange laughed. "What do you know? It’s only by betting on the side door that you win more! One-to-five handicap, do you think it’s crazy to bet on this little guy named Mu Shuang? It’s the only way to gamble! Alas, if this handicap wins, I am afraid I will lose my pants! If you lose ~ hey, old gentleman, your pants have to come! "
It was said that the faces of the green eyebrows and the bearded old gentleman were all black, but Lin Xiao and Heiming moved at the same time.
Black Ghost took out a lot of refined pure water artifact materials from the bracelet. The first thing he took out was ten grains of condensate Yin liquid. There was a mass of silvery white in his palm, which was composed of fine gravel. This cold inflammation was cold and bitter. The distance near Wan Li was still like a knife cut for the onlookers. Ten had been purified once, and the burning volume of condensate Yin liquid cold inflammation was rapidly reduced. After about a month, it was purified to 99%.
It’s very important that a humble deity can make the condensate Yin liquid pure to 99% by cold attribute Yin fire.
Looking at the black ghost with satisfaction, he nodded his head in accordance with the law. "Black ghost has improved a lot. Three hundred years ago, he couldn’t pure condensate Yin Shen liquid so quickly."
Lin Xiao took it out of the bracelet, but it was a nine-yang divine iron with a head size of more than 30,000 kilograms. This nine-yang divine iron was bred in the core of the sun, and it was a kind of liquid property between gas and liquid. Pure Yang just needed a cold treasure to take it out of the core of the sun and solidify it into a shape. An original evil wind burst into the room, and suddenly a heat wave hit Lin Xiao’s face. His satisfied finger struck a piece of this piece of head, which was almost pure and red. He praised and said, "Okay, let’s collect this nine-yang divine iron. The
Green eyebrow statue of god’s face suddenly changed slightly, and the old gentleman nodded his head.
This piece of Jiuyang Shentie is the best piece of quality in the warehouse of the third hall, and its purity has reached the level of almost no flaws. It is mixed with a little jade essence that is also produced in the core of the sun. Compared with Black Ghost’s ten drops of condensate, the purity is far less than that of this piece of Jiuyang Shentie Lin, which is extremely cheap.
But this can’t be helped. How high is the core temperature of the sun? The environment there is very pure, and there are very few materials, but the condensate Yin Shen Liquid is produced in all kinds of pure Yin metal veins, and it melts all things, so there are too many mixed impurities.
They watched Lin Xiao play with that piece of Jiuyang Shentie for a while and then shook his head. "It’s a pity that the purity is still slightly lacking."
Chapter three hundred and seventy-four See you after ten million years ()
Many gods are frightened at the same time. Is this purity of Jiuyang Shentie still called a lack of purity? Everyone knows that the pure Jiuyang Divine Iron is the best material for refining the fire attribute artifact, but it may take three gods and five days for the pure Jiuyang Divine Iron to be taken out, but do you want to ask the three gods and five days to give you pure materials? Are you dreaming?
But something happened that made everyone even more frightened. Lin Xiao held this group of nine-sun divine iron with his hands, and then a wisp of faint, but the temperature of the whole room soared rapidly. The scarlet flame spewed out from Lin Xiao’s hands in a blink of an eye. It was produced in the core of the sun and had adapted to the horror and high temperature at the core of the sun. The nine-sun divine iron’ scoffed’ and melted into a mass. Fiona Fang Xu Xu almost made the liquid and gas rush red.

The teeth are ringing. At this time, Shen Aotian is like a grinning wolf, which makes people shudder!

Who knows that Jianghan didn’t even look at him with a backhand and a slap? Just now it was the left face, and this time it was the right face. Shen Aotian’s fingerprints were symmetrical immediately!
After Jianghan, no matter what Shen Aotian’s reaction is, a face is almost stuck together with the latter.
"I’ll ask you one last time, why did you send someone to kill me?"
"You fucking want to die!"
If you don’t move like a mountain of thunder, you have been forbearing Shen Aotian. Finally, you were hit by Jianghan’s two slaps, and your right shoulder shrugged and hit Jianghan’s temple like a mountain!
Three years ago, my husband’s only son, the border wolf, used to be the wolf. This Shen Aotian really has Jianghan’s ability to fight World War I, but today Jianghan is not three years ago, but Jianghan Shen Aotian’s ability still stays three years ago!
Punch before knee!
Shen Aotian’s punch has just started. Jianghan’s feet are already ling!
Before the big leg folded knee festival, it suddenly sank its shoulders, bent its elbows, waist and abdomen, and demonstrated its vitality. Suddenly, it was like black dragon’s tiger returning to the sea, Shen Aotian and Land Rover overlapping behind him and being directly overturned!
First, people and cars touch each other, then suddenly they roll Shen Aotian, and then they are stuck on the Land Rover door and fall down!
The instantaneous impact broke out with a loud noise, and then smoke billowed from the front lawn. The small security guard Qin Qingyu, Shen Qinghe and those people who came out of the coffee shop because of the previous attack, all those people who saw this scene held their breath consciously.
Is it true what I just saw?
People can’t help but flash across such questions!
Human knees overturned the car and heard about it, but they saw it with their own eyes!
At this moment, it seems that the whole world is quiet!
Volume 5 Fei Long Tian Chapter 47 Want your legs!
"Still want to kill people?" Jianghan looked at Shen Aotian, who seemed to have lost his ability to act, and approached step by step.
"Since you haven’t answered me, I’ll take it as your default."
"Since I have admitted that I tried to kill me, should I explain something here?"
Jianghan walked slowly and his voice was not as angry as before.
At this time, Shen Aotian has crawled from the rollover Land Rover with a mouthful of blood, leaning against the Land Rover chassis and sitting half-squatting, staring at the face that is close to Jianghan without saying a word.
"How can I punish you?" Jianghan looks difficult.
"How about this? It’s not hard for me, not to mention that I bully you. How about you want me to die and I will give you a leg? Fair! " Jianghan smiled.
"Ahem ~ play you and then play me to see if you can live through today!"
Shen Ao day a mouth blood flow down the lip Angle again.
Jianghan surprised way ""play? What’s on? "
"No matter how much you pretend, it won’t change the fact that you have to die!" Shen Aotian spat out one mouthful blood again, and the white teeth stained with a layer of blood film became ferocious!
"Jianghan! Don’t! You’re smart! Everything you do now has been planted in your way to bear the consequences, even if you are the captain of the hidden dragon! Jiang Wenxuan can’t keep you and Qin Mufeng can’t keep you. You will die and you will die. You have to pay the price for a terrible thing. Don’t try to escape! "
Shen Aotian ferocious smile.
Yes, I can’t beat him, but what’s the matter with what he just did? No one can protect him. He will definitely die!
"Really?" Jianghan looked at Shen Aotian like a fool.
"Shen Aotian, do you take yourself too seriously?"
"But there is a saying that you are right. Everything you do has to pay a price, just like you sent someone to kill me. Now I want your leg to suffer some losses. I admit it, but you should thank me for my kindness!"
Jianghan smiled and bent down, and there was already a carved cement floor tile in his hand. This is just now that Land Rover rolled over and loosened the parking floor tile. He approached Shen Aotian with a brick!
Just now, my face was full of Jie’s abuse of Shen Aotian’s instantaneous pupil contraction. This king’s egg is crazy!
"Jianghan, how dare you!" Shouted Shen Aotian!
"What’s not!" Jianghan shouted back!
"If you dare to do so! I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s dying! Jiang Wenxuan can’t live, and the sleepy woman in Tongjiao Temple will be buried with you! "
"Really?" Jianghan approached Shen Aotian and his face became extremely gloomy when he said the word wife.
"And you those women will be buried for you one by one! I haven’t forgotten your daughter, Jianghan. You have a daughter. He will die worse than you! " Shen Aotian watched Jianghan approach almost crazily step by step, and his words became more and more insane!
He dare not!
He won’t dare!
But dragons have scales!
"Very good, Shen Aotian. You succeeded in angering me. I promised you one leg just now, but now I want both!"
At this time, Jianghan has been commanding the floor tiles and raised high above his head!
"Jianghan don’t!" Qin light language shouted behind him
Door girl knows what it means to smash this brick.
She doesn’t care whether Shen Aotian is disabled or not, but she cares about Jianghan’s safety. She doesn’t want Jianghan to put herself in danger for a while!
I turned a deaf ear to Qin’s whisper, Jianghan, and the brick slammed.
Qin’s heart was in his throat when a tall figure came from a few meters away and almost blinked to Jianghan’s side. The brick in Jianghan’s hand was about to break the kneecap of Shen Aotian’s left leg and firmly held Jianghan’s wrist!
"Jianghan is enough!"
There seems to be some dissatisfaction with Jianghan in the timbre, which contains the momentum of not being angry and self-defeating.
Jianghan didn’t return to the sidewalk. "You want to stop me, too?"
"If you can’t bear it, you will make great plans. It’s not good for anyone if you do this before you finish tearing your face!"
"I don’t need benefits, so what if I lose both sides? I want them to taste the pain. Why can he touch me and I can’t touch him!"
"Jianghan, you know this is a misunderstanding!" The hand sound of people holding Jianghan already contains anger.
Jianghan sneers!