Face blocks Wang Dutong didn’t put Chen Yunfei this level guy in the previous step, shook his wrist, shook a discerning pike, and went out to sell it, wrapped in terrorist force, and went straight to Chen Yunfei’s eyebrows to boom!

Not surprisingly, when this pike hit Chen Yunfei, it was also the latter’s head that exploded!
Chen Yunfei frowned slightly and looked at the long gun shot at him. "It seems that … no, that trick won’t work … If the boss is destined … See you in the afterlife!"
After that, his body suddenly surged with filar silk smoke, and his whole skin turned red in a flash. There was a flash of luster like a faint flame in his eyes, and he drank a "drunken Luo Tian!"
After that, Chen Yun flew and gave off bursts of skin and bones tearing. The flying pike was stopped by a heavy alcohol and suspended half an inch between the eyebrows.
"What means is this?" Hong et al. One leng, they didn’t expect Wang Heng, though not included in the list, to be a real adult in the early stage. Compared with the last person, they are almost the same. However, with the strength of Wang Heng, it is really surprising that even Chen Yunfei was defeated by the latter in the late stage of breaking the wall.
"Bastard!" Wang Heng looked at his eyes and then strode forward to gather his hands towards Chen Yunfei with vigorous force.
"Drunk ape dancing on the moon!" Chen Yun flew and shook his feet, but he actually cast a strange gait to his body and suddenly became blurred and several virtual shadows appeared.
"Wang Heng be careful!" Hong said his eyes shrank slightly and hurriedly woke up.
However, after saying his word, Chen Yunfei’s ghostly figure has come to the corner of his eyes behind Wang Heng, and his fists twisted in front of him to raise his hand, which is the condensed power’ wine Pao’ nullified!
"Boom!" Wang Heng also dodged in the future to guard against it, and the whole person in the middle of the back was smashed into the wall like a shell.
However, Wang Heng didn’t suffer too much damage because of this blow. Soon he went on the rampage and got up again. A piece of face blocks with bloodshot eyes also became turquoise "smelly little! Dare to let the old suffer such humiliation! Unforgettable! Unforgettable! I will tear you up completely and hang your head at the city gate for public display! "
"Damn it, this is the adult realm monk strength? I didn’t expect that I didn’t fatally attack Luo Tian with this crazy burning Shou Yuan … and he was the weakest of the three adult monks … This is troublesome! " Chen Yunfei gasped to see the king cross but corners of the mouth slightly permeated with a trace of blood, then you will know that just blow yourself but also let the other side receive minor injuries and my heart sank.
"Smelly little! Go to hell! " Wang Heng swoops down toward Chen Yunfei with a roar.
Chen Yunfei hurriedly bite the tip of the tongue and spit out a mouthful of wine-flavored JingXie, and then his fingers stirred up the mouth JingXie front and quickly drew a character like "wine", and immediately his right hand and left palm slammed the rune.
The spell a quiver followed by a cloud of wine fog scattered to blink Chen Yunfei body wrapped in white fog, together with his body vitality fluctuations also wine fog together!
"Hum! Carving insects and small skills will let you know that the gap between the realms is also a means to make up for it! " The king roars a head into the wine fog.
Followed by the wine fog, there was a continuous mutual communication, mixed with a series of spells and luster roaring.
"This Chen Yunfei is really amazing!" Watching Hong’s eyes flicker slightly with red light, keeping a close eye on the situation in the wine fog and I couldn’t help rubbing the bar and sighed.
"Well, yes, it’s amazing that the late-stage repair of broken walls can actually compete with Wang Heng in the early adulthood. Although Wang Heng is just a practitioner’s step achievement method, the realm is still there. The difference between the two orders can’t be made up by any shocking means!" Pretty also nodded slightly eyes full of surprise.
In the fog of wine, Chen Yunfei’s figure is like a ghost, and he suddenly disappears after attacking Wang Heng unexpectedly, and it doesn’t necessarily come out again when.
Wang Heng was furious in his heart. He opened an early adult immortal who could be broken. In the later period, the guy was so stressed that he had a strength of more than 100,000 yuan, but he could do nothing. Whenever he found an opportunity to counterattack Chen Yunfei, Chen Yunfei’s body shook and left a residual image and merged into the wine fog. I don’t know where it went.
"Smelly little slippery is as annoying as a loach!" Wang Heng’s eyes were bloodshot. Although Chen Yunfei’s attack was like itching to him, it hurt him too much, but this passive beating situation has made his patience reach a critical point!
"Old don’t really do this? This area is foggy and old! " Wang Heng body force rippling eyes stare like two, a roar from the body suddenly drilled a strange thing.
This thing has a diamond-shaped head size and consists of flashing green crystals. It looks like tens of thousands of diamond-shaped sections are faintly flashing emerald and smooth.
As soon as it appeared, it fluctuated with enough force to rival Wang Heng Yuan, and the whole wine fog was also violently churned up, as if it would be blown away by this earth force at any time.
"This … this is Wang Heng Yuan Ling!" Hidden in the fog of wine, always looking for an opportunity to prepare for the sneak attack on Wang Heng. When Chen Yunfei saw the emerald thing, he couldn’t help but shrink his eyes slightly, and the pressure on his body suddenly doubled, which made him feel overwhelmed.
"With this mere means also delusion old contend? Go to hell with your dirty pungent fog! " With a wave of his hand, Wang Hengzhen’s arm, Yuan Li boiled like a pot, and his hands pinched it like a green crystal. Yuan Ling let out a roar and the green light soared.
"The crystal is broken and exploded!"
From Yuan Ling’s crashing explosion, several green crystals swept out in all directions like a green blade, forming a green crystal dragon with a ferocious roar. Whenever you touch the wine fog, it turns green and immediately condenses into the same crystal.
"This move is too overbearing!" Chen Yunfei frightened, though hiding in the fog of wine, was also shaken by the coercion of this technique, and a trace of blood was faintly oozing from his dirty tumbling 7!
"I can’t do this again. If I can’t get a breath, this wine fog will be completely broken. At that time, I can’t help it. The difference between his fighting realms is too big, even if I burn my life, I can make up for the gap!" Chen Yunfei bit his teeth and flashed a trace of madness in his eyes. "In this case, I will add this magic weapon to our department. Although I have never been here before, I can put all my eggs in one basket!"
"Tian Tsunami Spring Pot helped me swallow his Yuan Lingli!" Chen Yunfei beat his chest and forced out a mouthful of demonstrated blood, which was immediately sprayed on the hip flask in his hand.
The whole hip flask flashed a strange color, and then it buzzed. Several strange runes like earthworms emerged, followed by a touch of green luster, and the hip flask kept circulating like rippling blue waves.
Chapter 117 Day Tsunami Spring Pot
As Chen Yunfei raised my hand and threw the hip flask round and round in the whole hip flask, it became several times larger, and the mouth of the kettle was so big that a horrible suction came out of the hip flask!
"Tian Tsunami Spring Pot Swallows the River!"
However, seeing that Wang Heng Yuan Ling released all the green crystals and suddenly changed the trajectory, it was out of control, and it was generally crazy to pour into the mouth of the Tiantsunamis spring pot. Even the light of that Yuan Ling body gradually dimmed. If it was not for repairing the gap, even it would be sucked into the hip flask together with this Yuan Ling!
"Damn it! What is this thing? What a horrible suction! " Wang Heng’s look changed and his eyes were covered with red silk. He stared at the hip flask that suddenly appeared and felt shocked.
"It turned out to be a magic weapon! And this Chen Yunfei doesn’t know what method will inspire the magic weapon of this day. Wang Heng is going to lose! " Watching Hong’s face sink all the time, the folding fan in his hand appeared at an unknown time, and it was prompted by the force of Yuan. It was covered with a layer of hideous red and white fan, and a scorpion image faintly emerged!
"In that case, I’ll help Wang Heng. You won’t do it!" Quite an urn, a step forward, a layer of khaki luster on your palms, and then a hard shot forward!
A gust of wind crashed and rolled up, and all the dust was ejected from the palm of your hand to form a huge tornado, which almost ground the whole famous building, generally mixed with destructive power and blasted into the wine fog, Zhongtian Tsunami Spring Pot!
"Not good!" Seeing the brute force manipulating the tsunami spring pot and Chen Yunfei’s eyes shrinking violently, he could feel that the brute force contained in this palm was waiting for grumpiness, and he could never stop the blow!

This is Yang Tianren’s immortal body, pure Yang’s true element, which does not contain the mysterious energy in the seal of Tianyang’s sacred flame. It can be said that Yang Tianren’s body is the only way to deal with the evil devil.

Brilliant flashes that black gas bear the brunt of the flash, struggling in agony, and the ice and snow melted at once, and hundreds of thousands of demons immediately whined.
Especially the dozens of demon king in Yang days specially take care of directly sealed by pure Yang aura miserable cry when the body was gradually decomposed and melted, although the speed was slow, but they shared some power in the extreme sea.
in a grand fashion
The sword light even flashed through the darkness, and one demon king after another exploded H’s novels. I have already been forced to wait for the old ghost to immediately take these scattered Yin gods. This is the devil’s mind wave.
As soon as the demon king died, many demons immediately lost control and fled, but the ten-handed demon king had led his troops to the periphery and waited for the battle.
In order to avoid big sleep, Yang Tian brimmed with the exhaustion of the real yuan, offering a double seal, forcing ten orders to let his department stay in the large array of all demons that ate God, even those who lost control of the devil were driven in, and at the same time, let the old ghost take heavy hair and others in, and none of them would let ten people intervene.
Who was that fiend just now?
Yang day get everything done looking at listless ten light asked
That’s the image of the all-day magic emperor. He is the god in our hearts who wants us to pray that all-day magic emperor’s power will come.
Ten honest explained
Did I disappoint you?
Yang day smiles to say
I underestimated you.
Ten pour also bachelor, he is going to let Yang Tian those dissidents spell a lose-lose, and then his department will be able to take advantage of it, but I didn’t expect it to become Yang Tian instead.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Crack god blood refined solution
Yang Tian generally saw that once this battle, the devil in the large array of all demons devoured God had reached 100,000, of which nearly 600,000 were waiting for the old ghost and others. I really don’t know when they will finish it, and the consumption of the spirit force will be a very scary number.
Fortunately, the 60 demon kings are also eager to supplement the hard work of the old ghost and others, and at the same time, the thought of becoming tens of millions of hands in the future is immediately more exciting than energetic
At the same time, they also seized 60 pieces of magic weapon, and Yang Tianrang Heavy Hair and others each picked one. These guys were clever and all took the middle device, but Yang Tianrefused to heavy hair and wanted to destroy the flag of God ten times.
I was temporarily suppressed by Yang Tian in the sky seal. First, I still don’t trust him. Second, I am still trying to remove the body seal for him. In the sky seal, the large array of thunder can be isolated from the outside world, otherwise the magic emperor will be able to follow the seal induction all day.
He is calm and has no dissatisfaction with the current treatment. It seems that he is a deep-seated generation. It will not take a long time to be completely healthy.
Yang Tian didn’t stay in the ground, and as soon as the battle was over, he was far away from there. As soon as the joke disappeared, 100 thousand troops were all day long, and the magic emperor would soon realize that when he came, he wanted to leave and couldn’t leave.
From ten, we know that the ten magic emperors’ territories in this first world are surrounded by the graveyard of death. All day long, the magic emperor ranks third among the ten magic emperors, and on both sides, it ranks sixth, and the muddy monty emperor ranks ninth.
It is true that the boundaries between the territories of the major magic emperors are not good, and there are frequent wars. Yang Tian escaped from the pursuit of all the magic emperors and sneaked into the territory of the dark magic emperor.
The graveyard of death is the burial ground of ancient gods and demons, which contains poor dangers and opportunities, but even the top ten magic emperors dare not go deep into it. If you want to enter the graveyard of death, you must go through the territory of the magic emperor to get there.
In addition, Yang Tian also learned that every time the divine domain is opened, the top ten magic emperors will send four departments to arrest foreigners who enter the divine domain. The second is to seize the flesh, and the second is to enter the graveyard of death for treasure hunting.
It’s no wonder that brothers who come in rarely live here. If they don’t protect themselves, they’ll be killed by the big demons first.
Yang, as in the dark, was shocked and full of doubts. Because of these circumstances, the two thunder lords of Qingyang Qingyue took a word without saying whether they meant it or not.
A hidden cave deep underground.
This 100,000 devil can’t completely control the key moment by relying on old ghosts and others. Once there is a riot, it will be wasted.
Yang Tian recovered the true yuan and took a look at it, but frowned. Perhaps he came to a new environment, and some of them didn’t adapt to it. The devil’s army looked grumpy than the old ghost and others did everything they could to stop it. If it weren’t for the large array of power, he was afraid that the riot would itself at this time.
Yang God knows that there is an urgent need for a powerful magic emperor to suppress this hundred thousand troops.

"You’ve been away for half a year, but you’ve worried us so much."

"Half a year?"
Ling Qing found in her heart that it was early July when everyone started, and Tian Ying had just had a summer vacation.
Now that New Year’s Day has passed, isn’t it nearly half a year?
"I didn’t notice all the way. I didn’t expect this vice to take so long."
Zhang Zhe looked at his mobile phone. "This time, the deputy time ratio is about January to year."
"I study! !”
Lingqing was about to speak when she suddenly heard Tian Ying exclaim a.
Then she turned and walked away from the mountain.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry"
Tian Yong a pull her "you are a senior now. The school has already arranged internships and no classes.
Besides, it’s time for winter vacation even when the class is now.
Now also don’t rush to this moment "
"Well, I hope my parents can take a leave of absence from school and don’t deduct my diploma."
Tian ying said some weak and weary through illness
"Don’t worry, it will."
Looking at Tian Yong there to comfort Tian Yingying and Zhang Zhe Zhu Guang, they look at each other and then smile.
That is, it is still a diploma that Tian Ying, a college student, knows.
Where can people get that thing nowadays?
But everyone didn’t say anything.
This is also a book that everyone has lost, isn’t it?
When we arrived at the gate of Daoqingguan, we met Taoist Gathering pace with a crowd.
"Look at the Lord!"
Road flyover gathering pace first asked Lingqing
Then he clapped his hands at Tian Yong and others and said, "Good brothers!"
"Master ok! Uncle Shi and uncle Shi are well! "
A brainwave and Wen Jun made a clever salute and then ran to Tian Ying’s side and grabbed her by one hand.
Twitter said
"ShiShu ShiShu we can also go to play games.
Wen Jun and my school sister entered a game and met many wicked people. "
"Thanks to the baby that Uncle Shi gave us, we escaped."
"Mm-hmm. We also visited a temple fair, which was much more fun than shopping and catching up."
Two people say that they are excited, but Lingqing’s heart is suddenly asked the Taoist gathering pace.
"What’s the matter? Have they entered the time fragment? "
"That’s true. If you want to go back to the view, tell the viewer about it."
Road flyover gathering pace nodded and led the people walked to the view and said
Chapter three hundred and sixty A brainwave and WeiWenjun
When Lingqing was seen by everyone, he came to Qingling Pavilion with Tian Yong and others, Taoist Gathering pace, a brainwave and Wen Jun.
He lives in a small building and takes his seat.

"Yo, the little reaction is quick. This is a villain. Good, good. You can call me general then." General Li laughed.

"Little yes! Promise to serve the general well! " Muqingfeng also replied with a smile that no one found that cold murder in his eyes.
Soon Muqingfeng took Li Shen to the foot of the mountain in the future and wanted to enter the mountain. Muqingfeng stopped Li Shen.
"General, our troops have just gone through a battle, and now they have some energy and physical strength that they can’t catch up with. It’s better to rest and let those bandits escape."
I think Mu Qingfeng said something. After all, Taolin Town is not close to here, and my stomach is really hungry.
"I ordered to rest in place and be on the road after eating and drinking!" General Li reached an order in situ.
"General villain is not hungry, why don’t I just touch the mountain and say hello to Mao Ge, or the bandits will be in trouble if they get separated. After all, this hill is a little big." Muqingfeng’s urgent task is to get ready to avenge the dead refugees from this place
"You’re so thoughtful. Go quickly. I’m giving you a fireworks. This is the contact signal of our Nanyue Army. Send a signal when everything is ready to remember your great achievement!" With that, General Li took out a long barrel.
"Thank you, General. Listen to my good news!" Muqingfeng took the fireworks and disappeared in the Woods without hesitation.
At the same time, Li Daoling and Zhuo Nongyue are looking around nervously. According to the plan, these three or four hundred people should follow them away. However, Li Daoling’s killing the cat is so horrible that many people are afraid to follow him. That’s why the tragic scene just happened in the mountain.
Now these people are tigers and tigress. It’s really a strange animal to persuade them to leave. Mao Ge is a heinous gangster, and some people believe him because of the so-called "road ahead"
Just when Li Daoling was going to see what was going on in the mountains, a sound came over.
"Master, are you all right?"
"The elder brother of the peak! You’re here? " Zhuo Nongyue waved happily and then looked dim. "Brother Feng, I really didn’t. Not everyone has gone with us. Some of them didn’t listen to our advice and went to the mountain."
Li Daoling’s eyes are brilliant. For the first time, he found that his brother’s face was a little cold, which he had never seen before.
"I know that just now all of them were killed by a team of so-called loyalists! Now those animals are around. "
Mu Qingfeng’s words made Li Daoling stunned on the spot. More than 100 fresh lives were gone?
"So what are we going to do? I’m sure they’ll come to search the mountain again. Will these people escape from their opponents? !” Zhuonongyue is also a little panicked.
"run? These people can’t run far. They have money and military exploits in their eyes, but they can’t run away from Master. You taught me to kill people and save people! "
"What are you going to …" Li Daoling vaguely understood Muqingfeng’s meaning
"I’m going to send these bastards to hell myself!"
(of troops) advance (on)
What is the virtue of his apprentice? I know it best in my heart, but Li Daoling knows that Mu Qingfeng is not the kind of cruel killer. But now that he hears this from him, Li Daoling can understand that those troops have done widespread indignation and discontent.
Mu Qingfeng asked Tiger and Tigress to call people up and tell them their plans, but surprisingly, most people actually opposed it.
"What to start work with officers and soldiers? So don’t we really rebel? "
"It’s not that you’ve gone too far to get to this point if Mao Ge was beheaded by the old Taoist sword."
"I don’t care who I love, I don’t care anyway."
Such remarks abound, and even those who don’t say anything, Mu Qingfeng, see something called unbelief in their eyes.
"If you want to die and be regarded as a climbing stone by those so-called loyalists, you will continue to quarrel!" Rarely lost his temper. Mu Qingfeng stopped the noise of the crowd with a big drink.
"You Mao Ge really take you to find Xanadu? Open your eyes and see here, and the horse will be out of Liangzhou. Where can’t you give birth? What, Mao Ge brought you here? And didn’t more than 100 people just leave without listening to advice? Why don’t you ask them how they are now? "
"Little brother, what happened to those people? The mother didn’t want to follow her father with me. Are they all right?"
A sallow and emaciated man asked carefully
To the edge of the massacre MuQingFeng face couldn’t help a dark low said, "I said you must hold on to those people just met Nanyue king soldier of fortune, all of them were killed as bandits and most of the women inside were …"
Mu Qingfeng said he couldn’t go.
Hearing the news, the man’s eyes were quickly filled with tears, and he muttered to himself, "Son of a bitch, I said that Mao Ge is unreliable. Why don’t you just listen?" Why don’t you just listen? "
Just now, many of the mountain people were living relatives of refugees here. When their families heard the news that their relatives were not there, many people couldn’t stand sitting on the ground crying, and the whole rest point was gloomy for a while.
The man who lost his wife just now finally came to his senses and said nothing and wanted to go up the mountain.
Li Daoling load a pull him low drink a way "you die? ! The mountains are full of soldiers. Do you want to give them some more heads? "
The man struggled for a few times and found that the root could not earn, so he shouted, "Let me go! I’m going to fight those animals, even if I die, I’m going to pull a cushion! "
The male roar and desperation infected many people in the camp, and they were all indignant and wanted to avenge their loved ones without worrying about their own lives.
"Come back!" MuQingFeng big drink a way "you this is to die, you know they also have weapons and armor in their hands? Are you going to bite your teeth and fight? ! Revenge we must report, but don’t sacrifice in vain. "
Mu Qingfeng jumped a prominent rock, and inspiring people before the war was always his strong point.
"Brother, we know that it was you who held off the loyalist and let us live to the present. If you can avenge me, our life is you! You say it, we will listen to you! "
A strong-look man stopped that stir crowd.
"good! In this case, I will do my part. All women and children can’t fight in this battle. They have to protect their lives. I can tell you that there are 300 or 400 government troops in Shanda Gai. We have to make them pay the price. Now they are not afraid of death and take me one step forward! "
Nearly a hundred people walked out of the crowd without hesitation. It seems that Shan was killed and there are many relatives.
"We don’t have weapons and equipment now, and we don’t have an advantage in combat literacy. The only thing that we are better than those soldiers of fortune now is our revenge, so I hope everyone will not retreat and show their manly spirit!" Mu Qingfeng continues to cheer people up.
"People die and birds die in the air for ten thousand years. It’s enough for that group of chop suey to kill one and earn another! !” Many people have been inspired to be bloody and intend to fight with them.
"Good to everyone have the heart, then listen to me to arrange these animals, and we can’t let go of them! Now act according to my plan! "
Muqingfeng arranged the countermeasures, and then shot Li Shenjiang with fireworks, which was particularly bright in the dim sky.
"Ha ha! Brothers, it’s time for us to get rich. Follow my mountain and let’s take the military to the next level. "Li will immediately greet people and head for the mountain.
I didn’t expect to touch Mu Qingfeng with a big sweat before I left for a long time.
"Why don’t you wait for me at the gathering place with Mao Ge?" Li will be unhappy. In his opinion, Mu Qingfeng is called AWOL.
"Good! Lee doesn’t know how to let the cat out of the bag. Those unruly people know that Lee was so excited that he killed Mao Ge! If I hadn’t played it by ear, I’m afraid I would have confessed. Now they are scattered. "
"Waste! What a fucking waste! " Smell speech great anger Li ginseng a whip in MuQingFeng body he immediately appeared a whip mark.
"The general calm down! The general is angry! " Mu Qingfeng was so afraid. "Although Mao Ge is dead, they are trapped in the mountains. Are you afraid that we will not get a record if we want to reorganize our troops?"
Muqingfeng’s words have made Li’s face look good. You know, in Li’s eyes, those refugees are a group of Uzbekistan, and Muqingfeng’s idea is not bad.
In the end, Li can’t let the credit run away in this situation, so he finally agreed to Mu Qingfeng’s plan to divide his army into more than a dozen teams.
"Listen to you when you are young. What reward you can get from me depends on how many gangsters you have caught with us!" Li will command the lofty.
| "The general doesn’t have to worry about the villain’s assurance. When I escaped, I remembered the escape route of a group of women and children. Let me lead a group of military men to catch them as hostages, not afraid that others will run away. In addition, although it is dark, the military men had better not light torches, otherwise I am afraid of startling them." Mu Qingfeng made his own plan without moving.
"good! It’s sinister enough. I’ll listen to you if I like it! Zhang San-donkey, take twenty brothers with you and catch those women first! "
As general Li told a dark-faced team to come out.
"Give me three donkeys, general. No problem. I’ll definitely catch these bitches and leave them for the general." It was a feather in a feather, and Li’s virtue was doomed to bring bad soldiers.
As Li will command the whole Nangong army to disperse.
Muqingfeng and Zhang San donkey laughed and led them to the place of death.

Pepper giggled. "That’s a nice nickname!"

Xiao Yi is adamant. "Then what’s your name?"
"My name is Luo …" Pepper suddenly blushed and skipped her name directly. "I’m my brother and sister in crow ridge. They call me Mu Mu!"
Wenleyang one leng her nickname is nice and not so spicy. He didn’t know that the nickname originated from the tigress and gradually developed into admiration.
Zombie baby seems to stay chatting, chubby body wobbles towards one side, Wen Xiaoyi is full of curiosity and carefully follows behind zombie baby, Wen Leyang is a little worried and takes a look at Xiao Yi.
Pepper Mu Mu smiled and said, "Don’t worry, A Dan won’t hurt anyone at ordinary times. Little Sun, have you come to Emei Mountain …" Suddenly, he lowered his voice, "Cut the ancient cave of Yanfeng?"
Wenleyang eyebrows a pick gently nodded his head.
"Did the Wen family know about the strange thing that happened to Yan Feng four months ago?"
Wen Leyang didn’t answer but asked, "Did you come to Emei Mountain to cut the wild goose peak?"
Pepper shook her head in a few minutes, and her burning eyes and burning lips turned into temptation.
Chapter 25 Sink a corpse
I don’t know how many years of silence, the first-style murals and the secrets of Wen’s family appeared in the ancient cave, which not only attracted Wen Bucao’s attention, but also shocked the crow ridge, where Luo’s family, Wen, Miao and Luo Lai were of the same origin, and they all knew each other a little, especially several parents’ masters, and it was not difficult to recognize each other’s stunts
All three families have their ancestors’ training and brothers’ efforts to find out the original mystery of Tuoxie’s ancestors, which has been blurred for more than 2,000 years. Suddenly, a new clue has emerged. The theory of ancestors’ legacy is whether Jiuding Mountain is warm and grass-poor or crow ridge will not die, and they dare not neglect to bring people to Emei Mountain.
About three months ago, two parents in Wuyuling led a group of experts in refining resin evil spirits into Emei Mountain, and there was no news coming back. The Luo family kept the experts and forbade pepper to look for their parents. She secretly came to Emei Mountain under the banner of tracking two old thieves to pursue her baby. Secondly, she mainly wanted to cut the wild goose peak.
Pepper is eager to tell the truth about what she knows. She has just entered the mountain and has almost been with Wenleyang.
Wenleyang listened to her finish and also told the original story of Wen’s family going to chop the wild goose peak.
Mu Mu heard that several parents of the Wen family went into the mountains at about the same time, and at the same time, they took many masters with them. Suddenly, their eyes unconsciously thought of a terrible possibility
The zombie baby has reached dozens of meters away and is squatting on the ground shaking his head carefully.
Xiao Yi is behind the egg and looks at the land with his head sideways with a puzzled face.
Wen Leyang knew what Pepper was thinking and quickly shook his head and asked her, "How important is it for your family to tell the truth and find out what happened to Tuoxie’s ancestors?"
Pepper looked at him puzzled for a while and suddenly smiled. White teeth and red lips set each other off. It was decreed more than 2,000 years ago, and even if the ancestors were unwilling at that time, they were just illusory now.
Now that there is a clue, which one will be traced, but if you really want this clue or are now fighting with the other two families, the possibility is too small, so grandpa is sophisticated and cunning. It is estimated that if you meet the Luo family, you will probably happily join them in the cave to have a look.
No matter which family can pass the 10-year exam, the younger brother will not be too stupid to understand the tunnel theory carefully, and no parent will be so stupid as to abandon his life to fight with the other two families without any practical significance.
WenLeYang and longed for here said not far away to zombie baby suddenly turned to them making baby ah called two bodies clumsily waved the suddenly jumped up more than three meters high horizontal weigh in hand with a little hard from half rammed himself to the ground! Behind the egg, Xiao Yi exclaimed, ran over and helped him reach half way, remembering that the fat baby was a zombie and shrank back quickly.
The egg got up and looked down at the land, and jumped up again, just like before, slamming itself on the ground again.
Pepper longed for his face, and then it became dignified and graceful after a moment of surprise, and he quickly pulled Xiao Yi up to the four men in Wen’s house and said, "Don’t bother him if there is any egg."
Zombie babies fall in one place for a while, and kung fu has been smashed continuously. I don’t know how many times, sometimes they jump a few meters high, and sometimes they just jump two or three feet and land.
"The egg is a child corpse who can feel the injustice and anger. This side has caused the death! The higher he jumps, the deeper people are buried. "Pepper is low for Wenleyang and Yi Yi, explaining that her face is becoming more and more horrified. This technique of finding a child’s corpse is a secret method of Luojia. Generally speaking, the more times a zombie baby hits the ground, the more bodies there are. Eggs fall one after another, and the area covered by it is getting bigger and bigger. Although it is not big, it has almost been scratched in by him.
Ah Dan finally stopped. His felt hat and sunglasses on his face had long since fallen. He rolled around in thick mud. The ground was full of potholes. Pepper Mu Mu twisted his brow and took a few steps on the ground over there, pointing to the shallowest seal. "Dig here first!"
Although there are no tools to take advantage of, Wen Leyang’s hands are not as rich as steel claws. When he touches the soil, even if the Wen family can’t get through the corpse, he feels strange. In winter, the mountains should be frozen and hard. Here, the soil is soft, but you can’t see anything strange from the outside, but it feels like it has just been turned over.
It didn’t take much time for Xiao Yi to suddenly scream and hide behind Wenleyang.
A slightly rotten head suddenly appeared in front of everyone!
Wenleyang and pepper looked at each other in the same direction and stopped digging straight next to the body
Like a carrot, the corpse stands upright in the soil. The dead man’s eyes and mouth are all angry. The inside is full of dirt. His fingers are hooked. His legs are unnaturally bent. Wen Leyang’s face is blue, and his anger is suppressed. He gnashes his teeth and says, "Yes … Brother Four!"
Although the body was slightly decomposed, he could still vaguely recognize that it was Wen Leyang, the fourth son of Wen’s eldest brother, who was buried vertically in the soil, and made friends with a group of brothers and sisters. Although there was nothing special about the poison of the fourth brother, he was alert and tactful. He often ran errands for several parents at ordinary times, and he didn’t spend much time in the village.
Wen Leyang gently picked up the fourth brother’s little finger and touched the blue. Wen Si had pinched poison in his hand when he met the enemy, but the root didn’t pop out.
Pepper longed for his face and chose an egg to leave a mark. No matter how his slender fingers were dug up quickly, Wen Leyang gently put the body of the fourth brother on the ground and came over to help her. Soon after, Wen Leyang cried again, another Wen Jiadi’s body was buried in the soil vertically, just like Wen Si’s.
A few people looked at each other silently, and they were horrified. Without saying a word, they scattered around and followed the zombie baby to leave footprints and dig up more and more bodies. They dug up all the bodies from noon until the middle of the month.
Chapter 26 Lively
A total of 17 bodies have mostly rotted, but it is not difficult to tell from their belongings that they are all Wen Bucao’s younger brothers, mostly Wen Leyang’s older brothers, and a few of them are uncles’ elders. All the bodies are hideous, and they are buried vertically with mud in their fingers, as if under some spell, they suddenly sank into the soil while walking and were buried alive to death.
Fortunately, there were no dead people and four grandfathers among the dead. My uncle should have sent me to Emei Mountain to look for four grandfathers. Wen Leyang rested for a while and dug a hole again to bury his relatives’ names. He vowed to take them back to Wenjia ancestral grave as soon as the matter was over and pray for the dead to bless the four parents.
After burying the body, Wen Leyang hit the ground with a hard punch, and the soil was like a sudden encounter with charcoal, snow and ice, and Wen Leyang’s right arm was deeply immersed in the ground.
Wenjia Village in Jiuding Mountain is located in western Sichuan. Like Wen Leyang, these dead people all entered Emei Mountain from the west to bury their bodies. The place is a gentle hillside. The younger brother of the Wen family has to go through here to cut the wild goose peak. After four parents led the elite to enter Emei Mountain, Wentonghai sent his younger brother to listen for news several times. Unexpectedly, most of them were buried alive here by the enemy.
Pepper saw that there was no Luo family in the body, and then he felt a little relieved. "Yes … someone ambushed the Wen family’s shixiong and Shibo here …" As he spoke, he lined up a new grave to comfort the undead according to family rules.
Settle down all the bodies. Wen Leyang closed his eyes. When there was just a glimmer of light on the day, he picked up Xiao Yi and hurried in the direction of cutting the wild goose peak.
Pepper longed for red eyes, and the zombie baby followed her dejectedly …
Another day later, Wen Leyang and his party suddenly saw many layers of mountains in front of an unknown dangerous peak. There was a faint fog everywhere, and it was easy to turn over the map and point to a steep mountain that seemed to be cut out by the axe. "There is the wild goose peak!"
From a distance, the wild goose peak is trapped in the endless mountains, and it is scattered with a sharp momentum and is out of place with the surrounding mountains. It is like a lone wolf mixed with sheep, which can be recognized at a glance.
After the famous dangerous peak, the terrain is gradually widened and flat. Although the feet are still rocks and winter forests, they are gone. When they first entered the mountain, they were steep and even more surprised. In response to the bleak and desolate winter mountain, it gradually became lively.
From time to time, people cross the valley or climb over the hills, and groups of people gather from all sides in the direction of cutting the wild goose peak. These people are dressed in different styles, men, women and children, with white powder and red flowers. Old women have bars that are almost stooping to their feet. Old men wear Adinike, and young people have a mobile phone in their hands, looking for signals all over the world, complaining about middle-aged people.
There is a posture of lightness and a step of tamping. With an exception, both eyes are shining with abundant light. When they meet each other, they either greet each other with great familiarity or look at each other with malicious eyes.
This group of people are all grotesque and unruly. Even if they appear in Wangfujing, it is estimated that the headline of Sina will become "Aliens Mixed into Beijing Shopping?" The subtitle is-Welcome to Beijing.
It is even more incredible for them to appear in the desolate mountains. Sure enough, there is a reporter-like person in the crowd holding a camera and constantly taking a picture of a fat man who shows his heart. He is unwilling to come over and scold angrily, "Take a portrait of a bird’s hair!" Said the deep cattail leaf fan miraculously hand knocked over the reporter’s camera.

The troops settled down in the two sides, and the people introduced the dragonfly colorful winged king to each other. Although they were human demons, they were infected by each other’s temperament as soon as they met. The beauty of colorful winged king gave the dragonfly and others a great shock, and colorful winged king also liked the dragonfly’s temperament.

After a simple greeting, the two sides quickly entered the conference room to prepare for the upcoming exhibition.
There is a rectangular wooden table in the conference room, and both sides sit on both sides. As soon as they walk into the conference room, the colorful winged king has been staring at the dragonfly as if enjoying a precious art. Although it is uncomfortable to be seen by the colorful winged king, the dragonfly can also face it. After all, it is not convenient for him to take the initiative to ask.
However, I didn’t expect the colorful-winged heavenly king to be more eager to break the silence than the dragonfly to see her quietly lowering the bass and stifling human language while everyone was distracted. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to be so young.
Hearing the colorful wings king suddenly talking to himself, Dragonfly was stunned and then politely replied, thank you for your praise. In fact, I didn’t expect that the colorful wings king who ruled a quarter of the inferno turned out to be such a charming girl
After listening to the dragonfly, the colorful-winged king looked like a little girl with a red face and a hint of joy. He said again, Hee hee, I still think you are a difficult person to get along with, and you have been forbearing to speak. I didn’t expect you to be like this. It seems that you are very different from your reality
Oh, that’s right. What happened to me? It seems that I was interested in the words of the colorful wing king. Dragonfly asked
Hee hee said that you are a sinister, vicious, lewd and demonic figure. The colorful wing king said with a light smile
Haha, I’ve heard of all kinds of smells, but I haven’t heard of this exaggeration. Dragonfly said with a smile
Please don’t mind. In fact, I know you won’t be like this, but after hearing it for a long time, you will feel a little scared. Now it’s all right. Now that you can follow me, I believe we will have a good time together. Looking at dragonfly with a smile, it seems that you are sincere and willing
Dragonfly can’t be careless about all the performances of Colorful Wings King from beginning to end. After all, now Dragonfly is not the teenager who was a few years ago.
He has been wallowing in battlefield politics for many years. The more difficult he is to deal with the enemy, the more weak he will be in front of himself. At present, the colorful-winged king is selfish and beautiful, and he wants to be naive. The dragonfly is well aware of this, so it is not significant.
At the moment when the two men talked, both sides of the negotiation were ready. In Shiller’s eyes, he motioned for Dragonfly to make an apology to the colorful wing king. Then he got up and said to people, before the meeting, please allow me to thank the colorful wing king for taking the trouble to get here. It is because of your hard work that we can avoid the embarrassing situation of military confrontation and sit here calmly to discuss an agreement that is beneficial to both sides.
Here, I sincerely thank all of you for saying that Dragonfly saluted the officials of the inferno with colorful wings.
In the face of dragonfly etiquette inferno officials in colorful wings king led in return.
After a while, the meeting was held in an auspicious atmosphere. Although the officials present were very wary of each other, on the surface, the two sides seemed to be very harmonious. Whether it was a condition or a bargaining party, none of them blushed and had a thick neck. However, this situation is not for a while. When the two sides talked about some sensitive topics, the atmosphere became dignified.
Mr. Hiller, are your conditions too harsh? After all, we are now discussing whether to talk or not to surrender. You must insist that we give up the fortress, which is equivalent to letting us finish the land in the hands of your army. I believe that both the position and us can accept the objection of the senior officials of the necromancer to Hiller.
Hearing the other party’s answer, Shearer said quietly as if of course, I hope you don’t misunderstand our military intentions. I’m sure you must know that we are not here for sightseeing.
Over the past few years, our human world has been threatened by demons. First, half of Punk’s country fell into hell. Later, when you signed a peace agreement, you openly and unilaterally provoked war, which made Desit, a northern province of China, suffer from war.
Not to mention the economic losses there, even the people are as high as one million and have been captured or killed by you.
This time, my Lord led a million mighty men to come to the inferno for thousands of miles. Is it possible to sign a non-binding agreement again? I believe that the wisdom of the cabinet will surely be white. This is impossible
Of course, we know that the colorful-winged heavenly king didn’t directly participate in the war of aggression in Desite, but from another angle, you have been cruel to the Northern Ghost Army. Now we don’t want you to be responsible for the losses in Desite, and we don’t ask you to surrender conditionally, but should you also be sincere and give us the greatest convenience in road access?
You can look at a map that you gave us. According to the current position of our army, if we want to enter the territory of the King of the Northern Ghost, we have to go deep into your territory for nearly a thousand kilometers, except for more than seven foreign military fortresses in the city.
To tell you the truth, I don’t doubt your sincerity at present, but once the war takes an unexpected turn, I don’t want to believe that Shearer, a country that has openly torn up the peace agreement, has left no room for bitterness.
After listening to his words, those inferno officials will turn against each other on the spot as soon as they look constant. It is not the colorful wing king who glances aside to stop these soldiers. It is likely that the negotiations will end here.
Actually, the dragonfly shearer doesn’t want the colorful-winged heavenly king to lead the inferno troops. After all, anything can happen in the war. However, in the past few days, they have grasped the bottom line of the inferno, that is, the colorful-winged heavenly king doesn’t want the dragon army to fight. After the negotiations enter the topic, Shearer will preempt the aggressive conditions.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Ping decisive battle
Shearer said that no matter how ugly the other person’s face is, he gently put the quill pen in his hand on the table and leaned back to the chair slightly as if waiting for the other person to fight back more sharply.
Shearer’s move is a great shame for inferno negotiators, and even the colorful wing king who wants to ask for a temporary recess is angry and forgets to speak at the moment.
A long time ago, the grim-faced necromancer officials finally couldn’t help saying that Ge said that it was right for several times in the human world that the main reason for the war in our inferno was in our inferno, but as Ge said earlier, our colorful wing country was not the most powerful country in the inferno.
At that time of pressure from Beiming, we also have to do something that we don’t want to do, just like in the regrettable Desit War, our country not only didn’t get the war benefits of Desit, but also lost 100 thousand cyclops troops.
The necromancer officials haven’t finished yet. Shearer is impatient to sit up straight again with an angry face and interrupt the other party. Pay attention to your words. Everything in Desite Province has been plundered by your shame and greed. This is a war of complete aggression. It is said in the cabinet that war benefits are our national wealth.
At this point, Shearer took a deep breath as if he had calmed his excitement. It took a long time to say it. I know this is not the time to talk about these old scores, but I still want to repeat what I said earlier. Since you want our cooperation, you must take credible conditions to let our army enter your country, which may be cut off at any time. Then we are willing to count the lives of noble soldiers to open a road to revenge.

Zhang Chengyuan suddenly asked, "At Shige’s, Tae-yeon and I finally won it last night. Is it a waste if we don’t get up to make breakfast rewards?" His face is quite "angry"

Yu Jae Seok laughed and said, "No waste, but no fire."
"Make a fire?"
"Do breakfast have to make a fire? And it takes a while to make a fire, right? At this time, everyone can still go back to the house and have a rest, and Tianxi and his chosen partner will be responsible for this, "Yu Jae Seok explained."
Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Was Brother Xi unable to choose Tae-yeon and me that day?"
Yu Jae Seok said "of course"
Zhang Chengyuan nodded slightly satisfied and stopped talking, but Li Tianxi shook his head in disappointment. He wanted to choose Kim TaeYeon as his partner, which fell through.
When Li Tianxi chose Yu Jae Seok as his partner, it seemed that he wanted to announce this way to vent his grievances on him. Who let him give the award of "The winner of the glutinous rice ball competition didn’t cook breakfast" last night?
Yu Jae Seok was dumb immediately after he was selected, and he felt quite trapped. If he hadn’t refused to agree to Zhang Chengyuan’s proposal and changed himself into a reward last night, there would have been no such situation.
Then they went back to the bedroom and Zhang Chengyuan didn’t stay because he noticed that Lee Hyo Ri’s breath was not smooth and seemed to be unwell, so he followed Lee Hyo Ri and went in.
Sitting next to Lee Hyo Ri, Zhang Chengyuan asked softly, "What’s wrong with you, sister?"
Lee Hyo Ri was lying on the pillow and whispered, "I ate too much last night and choked. Now I feel a little uncomfortable. Please help me tie my fingers." Last night, she not only stole the rabbit-shaped glutinous rice balls made by Yin Zhongxin and Li Hongji, but also took away the two glutinous rice balls made by Zhang Chengyuan, and Kim TaeYeon ate a snake-shaped glutinous rice ball or Zhang Chengyuan saved it for her.
Zhang Chengyuan whispered, "What finger? This indigenous method is painful and not necessarily tube or my true qi to help you massage. "When he said this sentence, he slightly cast a paragraph for Lee Hyo Ri to hear alone.
Lee Hyo Ri gently shook his head and glanced at others’ eyes. "There are too many people here to do this."
Zhang Chengyuan understood his meaning and smiled in her mind. "I didn’t massage you. Others can’t see it." Say that finish, before Lee Hyo Ri nodded and agreed, he reached out and helped her up and sat behind her.
Lying next to it, park ye jin felt a little strange and asked, "What happened to Chengyuan?" Smell the people also have to look up.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled gently. "It’s okay. Sister Xiaoli didn’t sleep well last night. Her back hurts a little. I’ll help her massage. You go back to sleep." Then she patted her back and arms in Lee Hyo Ri and secretly used her true qi to help her clear her blood.
After a while, Lee Hyo Ri felt much more comfortable, and then he lay down and continued to rest, while Zhang Chengyuan also lay down and directly lay beside Lee Hyo Ri.
Lee Hyo Ri was shocked and kicked him to signal him to go to other places, but Zhang Chengyuan smiled and used Yuan Shen’s means to directly say in her mind, "The camera next to my sister was damaged by me, so what you need to worry about is that it will be filmed and sent out, and I didn’t lie beside you when recording the program?"
After hearing what he said, Lee Hyo Ri stopped caring.
After lying down for about twenty minutes, Yu Jae Seok went into the house with an alarm to urge everyone to get up and make breakfast, and everyone got up one by one.
This morning, breakfast was pumpkin porridge. I could have breakfast early and send food to the old people in the village, so everyone got down to work seriously. First, I cleaned the pumpkin, then peeled it and cut it into small pieces. Because I had to do too much light, these steps took half an hour. This was still Zhang Chengyuan’s effort. Of course, he didn’t make the fastest speed, but what he did was almost the sum of what others did. Yu Jae Seok immediately gave him a nickname called "Aauto Quicker, a national kitchen knife". In his opinion, he was afraid that even professional chefs would play with knives.
After making pumpkins, people put them in a big pot with boiled water and cooked them. At the same time, yesterday, glutinous rice dough was rubbed up into pills, which were much smaller than the glutinous rice balls wrapped yesterday, with a diameter of about one centimeter and no stuffing. It was very simple to make them, and it didn’t take long to rub out hundreds.
Then, when the pumpkin is cooked badly, the glutinous rice balls are poured into the pot in batches, and the people take turns to stir it in the big pot with wooden spoons. Because there are too many things in the pot, it is difficult to stir it up, and this kind of effort is hard to live, tall and strong, and full of strength. Naturally, it will take more effort.
So after a short period of time, some sugar was added for seasoning, and the pumpkin porridge was finally ready and tasted quite good. Everyone suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and said, it’s really not easy to make a large batch of food, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. I don’t know how the chefs in some big canteens hold on like this every day.
At this time, everyone was already hungry and didn’t say much. Ma Sheng had ten bowls of pumpkin porridge, and everyone ate it cheerfully, and the more they ate, the more they praised it. Perhaps the food they cooked was particularly delicious.
Chapter five hundred and seven Return trip
After breakfast and washing and changing clothes, everyone was divided into three teams and went out to the village fields, vegetable fields, orchards and other places with glutinous rice balls made yesterday and pumpkin porridge made this morning to give to the elderly or uncles and aunts in the village.
Zhang Chengyuan went to several fields with Lee Hyo Ri and Li Tianxi, and was received by many villagers who were simple but warm. They even returned some local fruit specialties to them. In terms of value, these specialties are obviously more valuable than the food they sent, which makes everyone feel that they are the recipients. Fortunately, the villagers are very satisfied with the food cooked by their families and praised them. The three of them feel a little comforted.
After the food was delivered, the families reunited and set off for the vegetable field where they stayed to finish the last family-picking cabbage.
This cabbage vegetable field is located on a hill in the back of the village. It takes a long way to get there, but it is lush and green. In the distance, mountains, blue sky and white clouds meet each other, which constitutes a wonderful landscape picture. Everyone feels like being in a fairyland and can’t help but be suddenly enlightened and relaxed.
When I came to a relatively flat mountain, the scenery suddenly changed, and a valley suddenly appeared in front of everyone. Everyone suddenly stopped to play, and suddenly they shouted at the opposite mountain, and then they heard echoes and bursts of fun.
Then everyone was in no hurry to stay here and play on the spot. First, they brought a guitar to accompany them and danced and sang songs such as drei and whasup, and then they had a simple football game and had a good time.
However, when playing football, Zhang Chengyuan was excluded. He became a referee. After all, he was able to sweep the other nine people in this physical fitness competition. If he played this game, it would be unfair and meaningless.
Zhang Chengyuan didn’t care much about watching the fun, even the referee didn’t care much. At most, he announced the scores of both sides in a game. Of course, this is also because there are no rules for this family game. Everyone is yelling, cuddling, and fighting for it. They can have a good time almost as they want, but they will also pay attention to where they should pay attention.
However, if Zhang Chengyuan didn’t play this game, Yin Zhongxin, Yu Jae Seok, Li Tianxi, Lee Hyo Ri and park ye jin joined forces to cuddle and pull him to stop him. When he led his team to win, he once again achieved his reputation as the "game king" in the family.
After the game, everyone finally set off again, and soon they came to the cabbage patch and started to work. It was not difficult to pick vegetables, so it didn’t take much time to pick enough cabbages and then brought them back to Zongzhai. This was a complete success, and the recording of this program was almost necessary
Afterwards, everyone cleaned up, tidied up their homes, and prepared to welcome the return of the original owner of Zongzhai. The tape recorder recorded some words of thanks. At about four o’clock in the afternoon, the host family came back, followed by some greetings and a group photo. After this filming, the family members left one by one.
Because Zhang Chengyuan was in a hurry to go back to the crew to continue filming the TV series "The Painter of the Wind", he didn’t plan to go back to Seoul with Lee Hyo Ri this time, but he still pestered Lee Hyo Ri because of a short journey. By the way, he also invited Kim TaeYeon. After all, there were more people, and it seemed too different for her to invite Lee Hyo Ri instead of Kim TaeYeon. The nanny car that Lee Hyo Ri and Kim TaeYeon used to take followed.
Sitting in the car, the three chatted casually. First, they talked about some people, especially Kim TaeYeon’s performance in "The Family" and gave her some helpful suggestions. Then they talked about the recent situation of their living workers. Because they are close to each other, they naturally chatted very well. It is inconvenient to talk about some private words between Zhang Chengyuan and Lee Hyo Ri with Kim TaeYeon present.
After chatting for more than half an hour, Zhang Chengyuan suddenly remembered something and asked, "Sister, I have a question for you. Why did you refuse to let you perform naivety in Brother Shi in the bed fight game last night?"
Lee Hyo Ri saw his one eye light way "nothing is just don’t want to perform".
Zhang Chengyuan naturally wouldn’t believe this and continued to ask, "Is it because of me?"
Lee Hyo Ri hesitated for a moment and sighed lightly, "Well, I admit it’s your fault, just like Brother Shi said. I’m really embarrassed in front of you. How did act young say that I’m your sister, too? If you really do this, how can you let me teach you a lesson with a straight face?"
"That’s not the reason!" Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and then said, "It’s not just this reason. Please tell me."
Lee Hyo Ri shook his head nai way "you this guy why always like to get to the bottom of a small matter also ask a chatter! Well, I’ll tell you what. I did it because I saw that you wanted Tae-yeon to be the first in all competitions or games yesterday and wanted to give you a hand.
At that time, Tae-yeon had just finished performing the dance, which was the best time for everyone to remember her. At that time, it was very likely that Tae-yeon would win by voting, but if she went on, it would be difficult to guarantee that Yi-jin would not perform very well and win the first place. It would be absolutely easy for her to show naive acting skills as an actress, so you would not be able to do so then. "
Actually, this is not the real reason. The real reason is that she would rather let Kim TaeYeon sleep with Zhang Chengyuan than let park ye jin sleep side by side with him. After all, Zhang Chengyuan is so attractive to women. If park ye jin gets too close to him, she will be uneasy. If she is tempted by him carelessly, it will be troublesome. Of course, this is what Kim TaeYeon thought at that time, but now she regrets it a little, because she saw something she didn’t want to see when she got up last night and went to the toilet.
Hearing her words, Kim TaeYeon hurriedly thanked Zhang Chengyuan, but Zhang Chengyuan still had some doubts. However, he deeply understood Lee Hyo Ri’s character, and when he asked again, he couldn’t ask anything. When he changed a topic and asked, "Sister finkl’s ten-year concert and your personal debut ten-year concert preparation, how are you doing?"
Lee Hyo Ri said, "At present, I am mainly preparing for my personal concert, which is progressing smoothly in the preparation of finkl’s ten-year concert. I rarely take part in occasional opinions or take some time out. They practice finkl’s singing and dancing together. It is mainly decided by Zhu Xuan, Zhen ‘er and Yuri, but I believe that even without me, the three of them can prepare very well. Well, if you have something to do, you should help more."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded and said, "I will, but sister, are you too tired to practice two concerts at the same time?"
Lee Hyo Ri said, "I’ll take a rest. Don’t worry."
This is obviously a comforting answer, which can not dispel Zhang Chengyuan’s doubts, but he is too busy to help her for a while and can wake up and say, "Please let me know if I feel unwell one day."
"Smelly little you curse me? Don’t worry, I will be fine. "Lee Hyo Ri said with a smile.
"Elder sister I which dare? Oh, by the way, while Tae-yeon is here, let me give you a suggestion. What do you think of inviting’ girlhood’ to be a guest performer at finkl concert? " At this time, the notice of girlhood has decreased significantly, and he wants to take this opportunity to slightly increase their exposure.
Lee Hyo Ri said coolly, "We are all from our own side. I have no problem with it. You have to ask Zhu Xuan and them again."
"If you agree, they won’t refuse."
It didn’t take long for the car to drive to the location of the crew of Wind Painter. This time, the crew was located in Taoshanyuan, Anton City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, not far from the shooting place of this issue of Family. Soon after, Zhang Chengyuan said goodbye to Lee Hyo Ri and Kim TaeYeon, and immediately got out of the car, but asked his assistant Jin Youji to continue driving them back to Seoul.
Lee Hyo Ri and Kim TaeYeon don’t refuse. After all, Zhang Chengyuan’s car is very comfortable after his special transformation, which is much better than their company’s nanny car. In addition, the two of them still have something to say. It is also convenient in Zhang Chengyuan’s car. Jin Yuji has always been silent and has a much tighter tone than the people around them. He should not listen and ask things and never do them.
Lee Hyo Ri said, "Tae-yeon, how long have you known Chengyuan?"
"For more than four years," Kim TaeYeon replied in a disguised manner. It is difficult for her to be a little nervous when she is alone with Lee Hyo Ri, the big sister and elder.
Lee Hyo Ri continued, "How is Chengyuan treating you?"
"Good. Although we haven’t seen each other many times, I feel more and more that Brother Chengyuan is like my own brother. Well, it’s even closer than my own brother. Every time I meet him, I feel very kind and inconvenient to talk to my family. I can speak to him frankly." Kim TaeYeon said frankly.
Lee Hyo Ri crooned, "This guy is the one who can easily make people feel that he is the closest person to you." Suddenly he said slowly, "Do you sometimes … feel that he is too close to you or your sisters? Or does he have some thoughts about you that he shouldn’t have? "
"Too close? Shouldn’t have an idea? Ernie, am I a little white? " Kim TaeYeon was puzzled.
Lee Hyo Ri thought for a moment. "Well, let’s just say, did he deliberately want to get close to you, such as pretending to hug you and kiss you casually?" This method is Zhang Chengyuan’s usual way of pursuing women-Lee Hyo Ri also received it a long time ago.

She doesn’t want to do things, and no one can ever force her! Even those who were rescue by her own hands!

She didn’t compromise in the face of Jiang Baiwei in those days, and now a Li Rong can’t make her submit.
After listening to Pan Hui, Li Rongyuan was as white as a sheet, and his face was even more ugly. His lips moved lightly and he finally didn’t say anything. He still stubbornly lowered his head and put his hands on his fists, and there was no intention of giving up.
Pan Hui gently snorted and stopped talking to him, but got up and cut her dress. She didn’t bother to look at Li Rong again and walked outside.
Mu Yan turned around Li Rong twice as if to say something, but a spirit can communicate with Pan Hui now. Li Rong doesn’t know what it really wants to express. The long lamp is just curious about him.
Pan Hui turned her head and glanced at Mu Yan lightly. "Do you want to stay with him?"
Mu Cong obviously heard that Pan Hui was in a bad mood now and quickly flew back to Pan Hui’s side to please her. Pan Huinai looked at it in circles and shook his head and stopped caring about it. After all, Mu Cong was actually a cute little brother to her, so he was a younger brother rather than a younger sister. That was because Mu Cong once emphasized that he was a boy!
At this time, Du Ruo is still taking care of the pots on the stove surface, and Xie Suixin has come to the eaves to accompany Du Ruo, but still relies on the mottled blue brick wall to communicate with each other.
Pan Hui walked slowly to Rico’s side and asked, "Can you make any progress?"
Du Ruo long spit out a sigh of relief and shook his head in a passive manner. "I tried a lot of things that didn’t seem to be symptomatic, and I also sent some to the people who volunteered to try medicine in the hardest hit areas. Although they got a little better, they died in the end. I always felt that there should be something I ignored."
Pan Hui just mused, "Otherwise, I’ll go to Zhouying to have a look. After all, if the epidemic comes from there, maybe I can find the source of the disease."
"no!" Du Ruo refused directly without thinking.
What a joke! Even Xie Suixin Duane didn’t ask these two big men to venture. Now, how can Pan Hui go by herself, not to mention that Pan Hui doesn’t know anything about medical skills? What if one accidentally catches the disease?
Du Ruo once again stressed that "this matter is absolutely impossible! I haven’t even developed an anti-epidemic drug yet. I don’t want another patient! In case something really happens to you, Duane, don’t tear down my medicine! "
Pan Hui leng leng immediately laughed and turned back to the house.
It’s just a simple conversation or two. Pan Hui never noticed Xie Suixin’s eyes and naturally didn’t find a thoughtful look in the eyes of the Tsing Yi swordsman.
Pan Hui saw at a glance that Li Rong was still in place, but moved a little in one direction. At this time, Li Rong was facing the outside, and it was obvious that Pan Hui Du Re would finish listening to the conversation.
When he saw that Pan Hui didn’t want to talk to him at all, he took the initiative to say, "In this time, I was ordered by my brother to come and marry Zhou princess royal Jihe for him. I went to Chen Guo to get married and princess royal was in the middle of the week."
Pan Hui’s footsteps stopped instantly. She knew what Li Rong meant, but she was not in a hurry. She stared at the twilight king of Chen and waited for him to continue to say something that would make her move.
And Li Rong did not disappoint Pan Hui. When he saw that Pan Hui did not directly refuse, he knew that he still had hope. He immediately continued, "Li Rong asked the fairy to help him send Li Rongan to Zhou Ying, so he didn’t need the fairy to intervene in the dispute between the three countries."
I don’t know his whereabouts this time, but Song Guo knew that he was almost destroyed by an elite ambush escort team in Song Jun. Several relatives escorted him and fled out. Those relatives stayed on the escape road, and he was in a coma in the Woods because of his injuries. Now that I think about it, only a few relatives should have died. If he wants to arrive in Zhouying safely, he can rely on the present.
Pan Hui nodded slightly, saying, "I will never indulge a seriously ill patient who doesn’t want to be lost by me and get better soon."
With that, she never said anything again and went back to her rest place to close her eyes and practice.
She didn’t know that she cared so much about the plague, and she felt as if the sky were guiding her forward, and it seemed that if she followed her heart, she would get closer and closer to the truth.
She doesn’t care what the truth will be, but she knows that there seems to be several big plots behind her, and each plot seems to be inextricably linked. If she wants to find out one of the truths, she can dig out the hidden darkness bit by bit and finally expose those evil departments to the sun, which is fair.
Li Rong’s injuries were all trauma. Although he woke up and offended Du Ruo, Du Ruo was not a person who would care about human life. He still let Li Rong recover from the injury as quickly as possible, and then he couldn’t wait to drive away the man who looked at him from left to right.
Chapter 311 to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (2)
Pan Hui has been on the sidelines and never helped Li Rong out. Anyway, she thinks this man is a little unpleasant, but she didn’t deliberately try to embarrass him because of Jiang Baiwei.
A few days to get along with Pan Hui is to know that Li Rong Jiang Baiwei turned out that these two people were referring to the belly marriage. However, because of the two magic doors of Qi Arctic ice sheet, Chen Guo is behind three mysterious doors and a Qingyao Mountain Emperor Palace. Therefore, Jiang Baiwei has been dissatisfied with this marriage and has been trying to ask for a break-off.
But to Pan Hui’s surprise, Li Rong seems to be very satisfied with this fiancee. She has always insisted on marrying Jiang Baiwei and doesn’t care about the undercurrent of the cultivation sects behind the two countries.
Although Pan Hui was slightly satisfied with Li Rong’s insistence on the engagement, after all, she had regarded Jiang Baiwei as one of her own after the death of Uncle Feng Zi. Although she was a layman, she was still regarded as her school sister, but this did not prevent Pan Hui from seeing Li Rong in every way.
I don’t know. She always feels that this Li Rong’s mind is hidden deep. Although he is a mortal, he seems to know the form of Tianxiu Xianshan Gate very well. He always inadvertently reveals some opinions on certain sects and pretends to make a slip of the tongue after touching her eyes.
Pan Hui has never been a person who likes to be mysterious, so Li Rong’s manner makes her feel good about everything. I hope this man is sincere to Jiang Baiwei, otherwise she doesn’t mind to let this man die. Anyway, it’s easy for a cultivator to have a mortal life. It’s even easier to be invisible.
What she hates most in this life are those ungrateful people! Naturally, it is impossible for people who care about themselves to be hurt like this.
Du Ruo has been opposed to Pan Hui’s decision, but she can not resist Pan Hui’s stubbornness and compromise, but she still doesn’t trust to give her some self-defense medicine, saying that it is to prevent the epidemic. Pan Hui knows that if she doesn’t accept Du Ruo, she will definitely not feel at ease and accept it.
Until the day of departure, Pan Hui pulled Du Ruo aside and whispered, "I don’t know when I will come back. You and Xie can get along with each other at will! I don’t know what your problem is, but everything can be solved. If you are willing to talk openly once, you can’t solve the knot unless … you are afraid of your own heart instead of him. "
Du Ruo looked calm for a long time before she nodded gently. Pan Hui smiled and thanked her for helping her answer questions a few days ago. Did Du Ruo listen to it in her heart? She couldn’t force it. After all, everyone has their own insistence that others can persuade but can’t push it too hard, which will be counterproductive.
Pan Hui turned to greet Li Rong and was stopped by a swordsman when she passed by Xie Suixin.
Xie Suixin handed her a small scabbard, which was a finger long but beautifully carved.
Pan Hui looked at Xie in amazement and listened to the Tsing Yi swordsman at a glance. "This is our inexplicable token. It is a whistle. If it is difficult to blow it, Fiona Fang Baili inexplicable brother will go to help."
"Thank you" Pan Hui didn’t mention it and put the scabbard in the sleeve directly.
She has never been a friend who pretends to be lofty. She will certainly help you in time. People who are willing to help you will be ungrateful. Even if you owe it, you can always pay it back unless you don’t intend to pay it back. She is a lover who cares very much. She would rather be owed by others than by others.
But this other person does not include relatives and friends.
In this life, she divided people into two kinds: one is her own and the other is an outsider.
Xie Suixin saw that Pan Hui took the whistle away, and his heart was a little more settled. He turned and walked back to Du Ruo without saying much. This time, Du Ruo didn’t immediately avoid it and didn’t look at him. His eyes were still on Pan Huishen. Xie Suixin was surprised at the same time, and what Pan Huifang did was not grateful to Pan Hui.
Pan Hui smiled and left without looking back.
Li Rong couldn’t help but look at Du Ruo and Xie Suixin and secretly think about a secret cliff brother, a strange pavilion master, which is really interesting. Now it seems that the whole cultivation world is getting more and more interesting to add a long porch female brother!
When Pan Hui and Li Rong disappeared completely in the mountains, Douangfang appeared next to Du Ruo Yaolu. Xie casually glanced at him and said, "You didn’t follow?"
Duane light say with smile "who said I don’t like? I just came to say goodbye to you, but it seems that you are quite harmonious, so I won’t bother you. Bye! "
Du Ruo facial expression, a just come up with a rebuttal, found that Duane had no figure to leave her, and the two men looked at each other.
Duane was escorting Pan Hui to Zhouying, and it was calm all the way. Perhaps the plague spread across the border, but not many people, even if there were, were refugees. All towns and towns were closed, and those villages infected with the plague near the city gate were completely isolated. No one could escape and doctors and outsiders were not allowed to approach.
Du Fangfang didn’t leave until Pan Hui Li Rong entered the weekly camp. Although he wanted to stay with her all the time, there were some things he hadn’t solved and Pan Hui needed to grow up. He had been guarding her all the time, which could really protect Pan Hui enough, but it would hinder her growth. The seedlings were well protected, and he didn’t want him to become a vulnerable person.
After Li Rong was sent to the barracks, Pan Hui was retained by Zhou Guo and princess royal. It was a kind of fate to feel at home, and Pan Hui inexplicably saw some hidden deep sadness from the princess royal’s eyes, so she agreed, but it was also convenient for her to look at the plague situation in the army, so she didn’t care too much.
In the past few days, Pan Hui has learned something about the source of the plague.
The soldiers said that they had the plague shortly after the war between Song and Guo, and then they checked the water source and diet and found no problems. However, people were still infected with the epidemic every day, but they didn’t die immediately. They felt full of strength, and then people gradually became more and more haggard, and then they would have hallucinations. They always saw an altar calling them, and they seemed to see those who had died and waved their hands at the altar.
Chapter 312 to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (3)
Pan Hui’s heart sank slowly, and sure enough, as Du Ruo guessed, the epidemic may be more like a witchcraft than a disease, especially the altar that the soldiers said made her care very much.
She tried to contact the soldiers who were infected with the plague for a few days and found that she had no signs of being infected, which made her more sure that the plague was not simple. She left the barracks under the pretext of going out to find the source of the plague and searched in the approximate direction of the soldiers’ mouths, but she found nothing in the past day.
The mountain forest on the border of Song and Zhou Dynasties is too big, and the soldiers can shape the general appearance around the altar, but these signs are just as small as a drop in the ocean in the whole mountain forest.
She searched aimlessly in the mountains for a day, and finally prepared to go back to the barracks at sunset. According to the soldiers, every time she got sick after sunset, ten people fell ill every day with little warning. These people even had no trauma.
Pan Hui vaguely felt that all the keys would show clues after sunset. Maybe she could find some traces when those people got sick. It is also possible.
She took a little direction and headed for the barracks, only to find that she didn’t go far. A huge white tiger swooped at her, accompanied by a roar.
Mu Yan instantly gave off a dazzling light, and a blue light arrow flashed at the tiger. The tiger’s body barely avoided the key in the middle of the meal, but it was still hit by a light arrow and suddenly bleeding profusely.