There was a dark color in the sky.

No abyss monster can resist this blackening and dark color as it moves so fast.
Bodies fell from the sky.
Red stork and Xiaoxi meet two fates.
At this time, Renee Doyle looked at the boss’s mouth and revealed sarcasm. "It really surprised me. After all, I was around every day, but I didn’t expect him to hide such a card from me-it seems that we are the same."
The boss didn’t speak and didn’t try to explain anything.
Gu Qingshan sighed.
nothing is more lamentable than the death of the mind
Renee Doyle decided that the boss cheated her and was too lazy to explain, so no one could change Renee Doyle’s mind.
How can there be order if the facts are not two people from later generations?
The boss said lightly, "Now we can’t move, so it’s even. Leave here with your hands and we won’t have to meet again."
"Hand over the third fate artifact," said Renee Doyle.
"It’s not my hand," the boss said.
"Do you think I’ll believe it?" Renee Doyle’s way
She reached out and condensed the poor starlight.
Seeing a long-handled weapon about to take shape, a small evening sound sounded in the sky.
"Sister, stop fighting or I will ban your weapon!"
Renee Doyle’s hand suddenly dispersed the starlight.
Her face is gloomy and terrible.
-yes, I can imprison my weapon. If I resist, I can stop it.
"I never thought that someone could ban other people’s weapons with just one card. Do you have a card? Don’t I?" Renee flower calm way
Gu Qingshan gradually felt a bad feeling in his heart.
Listen to Renee Doyle, "My destiny is to be the strongest partner, but there are hidden things in this world that you don’t know. I spent a lot of energy and they became reciprocal."
She recited the contract mantra.
"You have been hiding in the void for a long time. I know you pay attention to everything here. I call on you to come and share all the fruits of victory in front of me."
The five paths in the virtual space are full of vicissitudes of life, and the faint light clusters of ancient meanings appear with them.
There was a sound in a light group.
"Prepare a body for us, and we will share everything in the world with you."
"no problem"
Renee Doyle appeared in front of her with a wave of her hand.
The five faint lights flew towards the body and soon disappeared into the water.
The first corpse of a god opened its eyes and looked around, sending out a vast sound that shook the world. "I, the judge of the fate of all beings, have been in vain for almost eternal years, and now I finally got my wish and came to this sealed place."
The corpse of the second god opened his eyes and looked at the frost-covered earth with greedy eyes.
"Yes, there is a corpse hidden here, and even I am afraid of its power, but if we join hands, we can definitely find a way to extract its power."
The body of the third deity opened its eyes and moved a body, saying, "Mother Wandi, I advise you to be cautious. That body is not easy to mess with. It will probably take us a lot of time to make preliminary preparations."
"You solve the problem first," said Renee Doyle.
"Say what you want first?" Asked a corpse of a god.
"I want to give you the body of the fate artifact for the third time," said Renee Doyle.
"Oh, in that case, we will accept your request," said another corpse.
The bodies of five gods have all come back to life.
Their momentum gradually surged and they soon surpassed everything.
"Two strange guys" looked at Gu Qingshan and the boss and said.
"It is their power that has never appeared in vain, and it is not our ethnic group," said the judge of the fate of all beings
"Are they?" The boss asked in a low voice
His words were too brief, but Gu Qingshan understood what he meant.
"No, my spirit told me it wasn’t them." Gu Qingshan said.
"What would that be?" The boss frowned.
"I don’t know" Gu Qingshan Road
A sword shadow by appearance around the two people for a week.
Two people imprisonment immediately lifted.
"I didn’t expect the world to be a mess," the boss said with a clenched black trident.
"Be careful, I guess the situation we are intuitively afraid of is coming." Gu Qingshan said.
He holds the ground sword in one hand and the six sacred mountains sword in the other.
Suddenly, lines of bloody fine print flashed endlessly in the ares interface.
"The door to the world has been completely opened."
"The end of poverty and the six main fragments of the world are coming."

Kimura’s comforting words made me smile bitterly. I nodded and said that I would ask the fortune teller a few more times.

Takuya Kimura and I will chat a few more words, and this lunch will come to an end.
After takuya Kimura left, Aoyama Tian asked me where to go next.
Tian Shanao’s inquiry makes me slightly wrinkled. At this moment, I really don’t know where to go.
I came to Tokyo to look for the key and asked the fortune teller to help me divine and find the trace in the white clouds. Now the key has been found, and the fortune teller is unwilling to help me divine and disappear in the white clouds again.
There’s nowhere to go. I’ll stay in the car again for the time being
When I got into Chetian Mountain, the arrogant words sounded, and the other party told Tian Mountain that the boundary of Tokyo was not found in white clouds.
Tian Shanao asked the other party to expand the search scope. After the other party responded, Tian Shanao hung up.
Tian Shanao’s call made my heart sigh. I tracked Wang Haowen through the joint, but the invisible paper men also knew that Wang Haowen had sent people to Kato, and Wang Haowen had never found or received them in the white clouds.
Tian Shanao just hung up and it didn’t take long for Tian Shanao’s mobile phone to ring.
Tian Shan proudly took a glance at the mobile phone and immediately sat up straight and said to me that it was the main family and then answered the phone immediately.
The clan owner came to cheer me up immediately. When I heard that the clan owner came to let Tian Shan take some food to the fortune teller, I lifted my forehead and shook my head.
I can do things for the time being, plus Tian Shanao doesn’t go to the cave where the fortune teller is. I’ll take food with Tian Shanao and go to the fortune teller’s place.
Tian Shanao directly bought four people to eat for three days, saying that he wanted to fight a protracted war with the fortune teller for three days to see if the fortune teller would let go.
Go back to the soothsayer for three days, and the soothsayer still hasn’t let go.
In these three days, Wang Haowen has returned to China because of the evil faction, and he has brought all his hands back to the evil faction
Before returning to China, Wang Haowen met with Kato Koji, who promised that he would keep his hand searching for the white clouds until he found them, and he would immediately inform Wang Haowen of any message in the white clouds.
Without the old Kato Jun, the little Kato Jun has improved a lot in speech and behavior. When he met Wang Haowen, he always beat about the bush about Wang Haowen’s true attitude in the white clouds.
Wang Hao’s IQ must be to catch up with several small Kato Jun. Naturally, it is easy to deal with small Kato Jun.
Wang Haowen explained to me that he was going back to China and wanted to bring all his hands back to the evil faction, saying that he was unlucky not to wait until I met again after a long separation.
I told Wang Haowen that there were many opportunities to meet after that, and Wang Haowen said with a wry smile, maybe.
Although I have wiped out many evil brothers, there are still many evil brothers who are thinner than horses.
Wang Haowen hurried back to the country because there were three white clouds in the evil faction who wanted to take advantage of Wang Haowen’s absence to jointly control the evil faction.
I said to Wang Haowen, bon voyage. Wang Haowen said that he would never let the evil faction fall into the hands of others and would never let the evil faction bother me again.
Jesse has been shopping like crazy for three days, and nothing has changed over there.
I sent out to look for traces in the white clouds, but the invisible paper men never found traces in the white clouds again.
At the end of three days, I sat at the stone table in the cave where the soothsayer was located and looked at each other because the soothsayer had just been bothered by the three of us for three days and left home.
The clan owner asked me what to do, and I said there was nothing we could do to stay here. If we left, the fortune teller who ran away from home would have to go home.
Tian Shanao objected that we should make persistent efforts to stay here so that the fortune teller can’t return home.
Finally, a show of hands was held to vote for me, and I suggested that the proud clan owner of Hotan Mountain leave the fortune teller cave.
When I left, I cleaned the fortune teller’s cave and sorted out all the leftovers for him.
Tian Shanao said that what I did was meritorious, and I said that I had been bothering the fortune teller for three days, so it was natural to do these things.
After I left the fortune teller, I refused to accompany Tian Shanao. I discussed that Chetian Shanao, a prosperous area in Tokyo, sent the clan owner back to Tian Shanjia.
I want a car in the downtown area of Tokyo because I can hide the paper man by tracking jesse. I know jesse is there at the moment in a big shopping mall and hasn’t left for a double row.
As far as I am concerned, jesse received a suspicious message shortly after the owner of Hotan Aozu left the fortune teller.
I can’t hear the other person’s voice, but I can hear jesse’s simple answer to Bai Hao and Hao Hao. It’s hard to hide his fear after seeing jesse’s face full of surprises.
I don’t feel tall about not hearing the other person’s voice. I already know from Dan Tai Li that it’s a good skill to condense the voice for one person, which is equivalent to entering the secret. I have also practiced the technique.
I guess jesse was calling from the clouds, so I have to talk to jesse.
Jesse took that and sat on that floor as a guest rest place, staring blankly and nervous.
The road to the floor of jesse’s shopping mall passed through the invisible paper man’s eye. I saw jesse sitting for a long time, and Jesse reacted again.
Jesse, like a rude awakening, hurriedly took out his mobile phone to make a call and told the other party in a low voice that I had come to Tokyo, and her aunt and Rowling had both died in my hands.
I may have come to Tokyo to find her hand, but not necessarily.
Jesse’s words made me laugh, and jesse felt a little better about himself. I did come to pick on her now, but I just stopped by.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-nine Liquidation
The answer was jesse’s mother. She asked jesse where he was and asked him to go home quickly.
Jesse was ready to get up from his seat with shopping bags of all sizes.
I happened to be on jesse’s floor when jesse did this.
When I saw jesse move, I immediately led out of the boundary, included jesse in it and imprisoned my body.
In this way, jesse can continue to sit in the shopping mall’s special guest lounge and make a gesture of lowering his head with a shopping bag in his hand to double-trash.
After the enchantment imprisoned jesse’s body, I listened to jesse screaming in horror and went to sit next to jesse.
The enchantment can block the enchantment from making sounds, and the non-enchantment master method can not attract outsiders’ attention at all when jesse is frightened.
Sitting next to jesse, I put myself into the boundary, smiled and asked jesse who was the man who took care of her in front of her house. Which one did I call her just now?
Confined by my enchantment, jesse can tighten his body after hearing my voice.
Seeing jesse’s reaction, I reached out and put the shopping bag in her hand and put it at her feet to make a gesture of intimacy. I grabbed jesse’s shoulder and took her cell phone out of her pocket.
Looking through jesse’s cell phone, I found the last answer on her cell phone. I memorized the phone number and put it in my pocket.
The enchantment force slowly gripped jesse’s throat. I said I would give her one minute to think about it, and then she would count down to sixty seconds.
Bustling people come and go, and no one in the mall comes to take a seat. jesse and I are in the corner of the shopping mall where guests rest.
Jesse kept his head down and couldn’t move. Many facial expressions appeared after her throat was clenched, or she could sit next to her and sit in my eyes.
Jesse’s mood changes as I count down to 60 seconds.
When I counted to three, jesse told me that the man she had taken in was Baiyun, and she just called at the behest of Baiyun.
After hearing jesse’s answer, I removed her throat barrier and asked her to tell me something straight.

"The woman who escaped was shining with Buddha’s light. I estimate that the old man sighed by her ancestor Guo." Although Qiong Qi didn’t find me, I was still injured. Fortunately, I have an ancestor’s imitation curse, otherwise I can’t be lucky either.

Brother Zhengtong is really a Buddhist brother who has been merciful all his life. Why did he give the life-saving sutra to others?
Wang Sang Yu and I were just communicating with our eldest brother and suddenly saw a flash of light in the distance!
"Bad someone is coming.
Hummer quickly started, drove hundreds of meters forward by moonlight and hid a pile of trees.
In the moonlight, I saw that a few cars were actually men in black in the 51 ST district of the 7 th National Security Department.
It seems that they are also preparing to enter the Grand Canyon at night.
This group of people went along the original mountain that was leading to Big Brother and then to journey to the south. "It’s not quite right," Zu Guo said to me. "Although I didn’t know where you were going, I heard a few words saying it was in a canyon, but now it doesn’t look like entering a canyon.
"Then let’s go straight into the canyon. I thought about it and said," Mr. Zubi, why don’t you hide in the ring?
God knows if there are people left in this road, and we can change to another road.
The height of three kilometers is not close to climb this section of the road. We have been at the top for nearly two hours. I finally got to the top, and I spit out my breath and sat on the ground. I took a rest.
"who?" Wang Sang Yu followed me, but her eyes were still pulling out her waist and ruler sword.
This is Sang Yu’s strength. I’m naturally more sensitive about ghosts and spirits, but if there is someone, I can still see her.
As she called me, I looked over-not far from a rock sat a guy in black and sunglasses!
His mouth slightly tilted to reveal an imperceptible strange smile.
"Men in black in Area 51?" This guy wasn’t the first person I saw in black in our hotel-but what did I feel so familiar with? -By forgetting that I can’t speak English!
"Sang Yu, tell him your English …" "No, I can understand it. This guy came slowly with a smile.
Nimata’s Chinese is not only standard, but also has a Shaanxi accent.
"I didn’t expect you to speak Chinese well. I praised it." There are still local words.
"This is normal." He took his sunglasses and pulled the corners of his mouth to stick off the fake beard. "Because I am from China.
Shit, thirteen little!
Section sixty-two cipher text (first watch 35)
"Thirteen little how do you this pair of dress? -Are you the fifty-first district of the United States? "
"Fuck you, how can I be Area 51?" He took off his black body. "I just changed my clothes and went to the jǐng Inspection Bureau to find some information. It’s so convenient. When I came back, I heard that you dropped in a black suit and threw it into the grass."
"Come and do what? We don’t have Qiong Qi here. "Thirteen little this guy seems to have talked about serious things recently. Instead, he ran around looking for me." That ya ran away.
Thirteen faces are still indifferent and jokes are not humorous at all. "There is no Qiong Qi here but Qiong Qi wants something." What? " I didn’t hold my breath. "Does Qiong Qi want something?"
"Let’s go. Come with me. He cut the clothes inside and turned to go." This was also my accidental discovery.
Follow Shisanshao all the way to the east and smell a faint fragrance-can this guy not wear perfume?
He told us all the way that he found that according to the original study of Situ Tea, Qiong Qi had stayed here many times, so there should be something that attracted him, and the only thing here that can conform to the antiquities in history may be in the site of the Indian Anasazi people in the 13th century living canyon!
It is said that both Zhengtong and the present members of the Seven Departments of National Security must investigate one by one according to the original site of Anasazi people.
But thirteen have different opinions.
He thinks that although what Qiong Qi is looking for is antiquities, it is limited to China antiquities and the Anasazi ruins, and the only possibility in the Grand Canyon is where China antiquities can be taken instead of belonging to the Grand Canyon.
He set his sights on the Blinks vault robbery in the United States in 1995, and one of them was stolen from Tao Ding in China during the Yin and Shang Dynasties. At that time, after the gangsters were arrested, they did not recover the stolen money and stolen goods, but an unofficial said that the gangsters hid the $120,000 cash and $150,000 cheque in the securities department in the Grand Canyon.
This explanation makes sense, but it’s a little bit, and I actually believe it!
I don’t know why I believe him!
This grand canyon is not just one, but nineteen canyons, collectively known as thirteen. The one we took was not the largest, but a slightly smaller canyon next to it.
It seems that he knows something when he leads the way, but you also know that this guy is unfilial and has a very unpleasant relationship with me. How can I ask?
Although it’s a long way to wait for us here, it will take at least a few days to walk alone, but it’s still something that I can’t walk too far. I saw two ATVs!
Damn it, I can’t ride!
Thirteen Shao and Wang Sang Yu rode one by one, but it was difficult for me. Can you call me that car?
Miss Wang’s Cong saw what I meant at a glance. She beckoned, "Liu Gelai and I have a car."
Looks like this is happening, right?
I’d rather have a car with a beautiful woman than a car with that sissy!
"Toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot …" A mountain bike briefly twisted its handle and a puff of black smoke came out from behind it like a left-handed arrow-I threw myself back and hugged Wang Sang Yu’s waist in a hurry.
Well, this is also a heart!
I don’t know if Sang Yu is oversensitive, but we didn’t talk. The two cars ran like this in tandem, and the moonlight and the night wind were hunting, so I couldn’t say how comfortable it was.
The modified mountain bike is really good. It’s powerful and fast. I was comfortable when I heard Wang Sang Yu whisper, "Brother Liu, do you think there is something we need to find here?" When she spoke, she turned her head slightly. "Is there such a coincidence?"
It turns out that I think too much, and the big lady has no idea about it.

They were chosen by the black hand behind the scenes, and there was no way to obey his will, but many people’s will was directly shaken by the high-level forces behind the scenes and turned into accomplices who inflicted pain on Blue.

Many of those malicious people were also neutral and belonged to different camps, which is also the reason why the so-called devil lords in the later period of Blue Star’s suffering also separated from each other and fought against each other as enemies while helping the behind-the-scenes people find traces of diluted divine power.
Tang Chuan’s divine drive enables him to look at the problem from the macro perspective and know that some malicious people are also trapped.
But who let him be the protagonist in this matter, and human nature is rekindled here, so it is not up to him to double the standard.
Whether he is the mastermind or trapped, he has the ability to make Jian Lan pay the price, and he is bound to do that.
There are still many rogue gangs lurking in the stars, and prayers in the corner will not be liquidated.
But it’s in vain. Tang Chuan will send the door wherever they hide.
But anyway, they can’t escape from this universe, so let them wait for their revenge in trembling.
Now he needs to rest for a while and feel that the blue brings him a long-lost and cordial attachment.
From this dimension, Tang Chuan’s flesh reappeared, and the blue star took a deep breath on the surface, and the familiarity of this filthy gas flooded my heart
Even though the atmospheric composition has changed completely, after the liberation of Gaia, this familiarity and kindness reappeared, which made it difficult for him to hide his touch.
When Tang Chuan reappeared, people exploded in an instant and presented their own respects. On this day, everything left tears to water the fertile fields.
Listen, be familiar with your native language.
Look at that human faces gathere in all directions.
Tang Chuan opened his arms to embrace this crazy throbbing moment of human nature, and all kinds of beautiful feelings flooded his heart.
The universe can come to this blue race to belong to itself. Congratulations, even though human beings have managed to capture those blessings, it does not prevent the blue star from becoming the center of the universe at this moment. Hundreds of millions of creatures look at each other and wish.
Tang Chuan’s figure is slightly raised, and he bears countless awe. It is not necessary to praise God in the universe, but one should feel happy at the same time.
I cheer for everything in the universe. My vanity needs to be filled by you, and humanity needs your help to build it.
The crowd is crazy, like the craziest devout believers in classical oil paintings, coming here, extending their palms to Tang Chuan, presenting endless respect and gratitude. There is nothing else in the eyes that is firmly grasped by the light of the Savior.
The world’s best praise surrounds Tang Chuan.
People lifted him up and made people move around, and Tang Chuan just drifted with the tide and deeply enjoyed this human recovery.
He was sent to all the enemy groups to be crazy and it seemed that the worship of never-ending had reached an uncontrollable level.
At this time, Tang Chuan was only slightly suspended from the crowd, and he knew that he should say something.
People quickly suppressed their madness when he moved, full of faith and expectation, and wanted to listen to the proverbs of the savior.
Tang Chuan slightly raised his left hand and said, "Go and rebuild your homeland, and it will limit prosperity."
He raised his right hand slightly and said, "Be full of hope. Blue hope will never be cut off."
Finally, I looked up and said, "Everything in the universe remembers this touch of blue, which is the most miraculous color in all the years. Please be respectful but be gentle."
Two words to human blue star.
A word to all things in the universe
Tang Chuan felt that he had been a stick for a long time and unconsciously entered the role.
But the difference is that the origin universe is to build a shape, and there is no fluctuation
But at the moment, I really give these faces a motto that this blue universe belongs to me.
He loves it here.
Both physically and mentally.
"Welcome to the new era!"
Chapter 597 Violation
A new chapter in history, for human history, these years of pain and suffering are also a flick of a finger, let alone the long years of blue star.
But this time, the change of everything in the Blue Star is unprecedented, and it must be written into historical documents and remembered by the grandchildren of this planet forever.
Not only can the culture inherit the tampering from gene to soul of human beings, but even if it is corrected by Tang Chuan now, it will certainly flow. It is difficult to stop the ancestral experience every time it is inspired.
Just as human beings keep all kinds of stress reactions today, they are also written into the genes by ancient ancestors, and many of them have been affected from generation to generation, although they don’t know their origins for a long time, but they are still left today.
It is said that this new historical chapter will be very different from the past. Not only has everything in the universe watched the blue star, but every living thing in every corner of this planet will remember that the world has undergone great changes in a short time.
In the long-term celebration, this scene will also be recorded in the book of literary achievements to remind future generations.
However, everything will eventually fade away. Human beings should be motivated to vent their accumulated emotions and they need to rebuild the text.
Like Blue Star, Tang Chuan will help them and will not give them directly. Because they can travel through the long river of time, they don’t know what they will look like in the future, and neither do Tang Chuan, let alone be watched by more eyes on Blue Star.
Although human nature enjoys the result of the process of salvation, Tang Chuan himself knows that the Blue Star can have a savior, but it can’t have a savior, which will breed illusory prosperity and break the powerful bubble at the touch of a button.
The blue star should be self-reliant and self-reliant, rather than clinging to someone to shelter and lose itself.
He believes that these familiar faces here can survive and help themselves out of the glorious era of belonging to themselves and not relying on other things.
In the following period, people started to rebuild their homes with great energy.
Because there are superhuman beings such as Tang De, the God of War is similar to housing construction, so the shelter can be rebuilt quickly.
It will take some time to pick up the lost cultural heritage and bring forth the old and integrate it into the new cosmic era, but everything is developing in a good direction.
After Tang Chuan helped them get on the right track, they rarely showed up again.
In addition to recuperation, he also found some problems of his own, that is, the resurgence of human nature will lead to some conflicts in divinity, which will sometimes make his own behavior extremely "weird"
In any case, divinity will always occupy a dominant position. No matter how hard he works, he can only keep Wang Yang, the divinity of the sexual part, from being overthrown and erased.
Now let him do something that normal people can do, but it will be very disobedient and resistant
Just like the end of the process of enjoying salvation before, it is to stimulate humanity to rekindle, but the emotions expressed by the words are also "awesome"

Lead a secluded moment to bully.

Euphorbia swept and smashed the demon handsome white tiger, and the prime minister’s chest abruptly flew the two men back.
Tai Lin, the son of Qinglong Kuotai, has been accumulating power for a long time. When he saw two traitors flying backwards, he suddenly jumped to a height of 100 feet.
Near the demon handsome white tiger, our son broke out with the strength of unicorn arms, grabbed the fenglei wings ranked first in the magic list with his bare hands, and then pushed his right leg out toward the back of the white tiger demon handsome.
The crack of bone is accompanied by the tragic cry of the white tiger demon handsome, which almost half nullifies the demon handsome white tiger’s wind and thunder wings.
Boom a bundle of fairy locks and tie them up. It’s possible for two people to smash the Qinglong platform and shatter the slate before escaping.
This series of moves to see Luo Changfeng grazing Yun Jian city dumbfounded.
Not only surprised by our son’s strength and speed, but the two leaders of Green Red Luan Wei are really worthy of being the strongest in today’s demon domain.
It can be said that their precise timing is perfect because they have not given the demon handsome White Tiger a chance to fight back.
This let just teamed up against the demon emperor Luo Changfeng grazing Yun Jian city to shame.
Leading the secluded, the palace evil spirit, and Tai Lin’s son fall into the incomplete platform.
Gave the Prime Minister a cold look at the demon handsome white tiger, and the leader of Qingluan Wei showed a ferocious face, like a golden retriever roaring in the face of the sky, and a pair of troops outside the Bailiyun Palace signaled.
Coincidentally, with this long whistle, the devastating and violent rain suddenly stopped.
Leaves all over the floor, hibiscus trees hiding in three giant temples, the demon people, the guards of the Cloud Palace, carefully looked up at the still gloomy face, full of doubts and fears.
They still dare not walk out of the giant temple.
For nine days, Dapeng, the demon emperor’s golden wing, is still hanging there with his mouth open, which means that the white dragon that was swallowed in his stomach is not dead.
The battle between the two saints continues.
Even if no one knows what it’s like to have a belly with golden wings hundreds of miles in size.
However, it is conceivable that God leads the saints to cultivate the level of life and death struggle, even if they are as small as ants, they are not qualified.
Unable to bear the aftermath
It is a strange sight. A heavy rain almost destroyed a third of the elephant hall. If there is another snow, will there be a way for millions of demon people?
This idea just flashed through my mind. Lin Shi, a teenager of Zhuquemen demon clan, stretched out his hand toward the outside, and then his eyes showed horror. He looked up at heaven.
A desperate tone said, "It’s snowing! It’s really snowing … "
Chapter one hundred and nine At that time, there were ten suns hanging from the hibiscus tree.
A devastating heavy rain made the six hundred-mile-long Jueyunling a mess everywhere, but it seems that the weather did not pity the demon race, millions of people, and the snow stopped at the beginning of the heavy rain.
Goose feathers and snowflakes fall with a sharp drop in temperature and humidity, and Yunling blinks to usher in the winter.
The water in those peaks and forests gradually froze, and the vegetation and rocks wore glittering and translucent jade armor, and then they were quickly covered with a layer of silver and snow, breathing for six hundred miles.
Several courtiers helped the old teacher to the hibiscus tree and looked sadly at the falling snow all over the sky, regardless of whether the bones could withstand this colder environment than the cold winter weather
Looked at the four elephant temple koo disaster lifeless people old teacher gue wind violently cough a few "days to die my demon race ….."
What is providence?
Perhaps the six people in Qinglong Kuotai and Luochangfeng grazing in Yun Jian City know clearly in their hearts that it is God’s will to die compared with heavy rain or frozen snow. Everything is just a vision caused by the life-and-death confrontation between two saints.
Raise one’s hand and cast one’s feet to change the astronomical phenomena, which can only be realized by the sage who leads the world by God. In addition, ordinary people can stay at a respectful distance even if they achieve the goal of transforming the world into a robbery.
All they can do is wait.
Waiting for the snow to stop, waiting for the nine-day saint war to end.
Frozen snow is dotted with six hundred miles of unique Yunling Mountain, and heaven and earth seem to fall into hibernation with silence.
So there was less whining and less war.
There are fewer landslides and cracks, and fewer trees are broken.
Those demon people who narrowly escaped the disaster poked their heads out of the caves, from the ruins and from all the places where they could hide, and looked at the sky warily and carefully.
After observing for a while, they finally got up the courage and came out.

"Grandpa gave it to you today."

Said MuYu will hand bag mu yan ran palm.
"There are enough resources to support you until the later stage of the foundation. You must take good care of it and don’t take advantage of others."
"This time, Grandpa burned Shou Yuan Cang Li Ling’s family to solve the problem of a monk in the late period of the foundation, and let Cang Li Ling owe me a favor. After Grandpa sat down, this favor turned to you."
"Grandpa, how can you repay me for thinking like this?"
"Silly girl!"
"Remember grandpa’s words. No one in the world of cultivating immortals is safe and reliable. You must practice hard."
MuYu trust don’t admire yan ran worried that she was bullied earnestly to persuade.
In Fufeng Island, a cave dwelling is sitting on a futon. His figure is low and slim, and he wears a green gown with a beard and exudes a strong momentum.
Shao Qing this man received the work and looked in the direction of Cang Li Dao. His eyes were shining with golden light.
"Fufeng Qian’s opportunity to unify the cloud islands has come."
See this figure a flash of blue light to cang li island.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three I’ll meet the real person!
Nine families suffered heavy casualties, and their strength was greatly reduced. They were worried about being broken one by one by Cang Li Ling’s family, so the department gathered in Fufeng Qian’s camp.
There were more than 1000 practicing monks and 10 Tsukiji monks, but they suffered a big defeat in the previous one. Now there are less than 100 practicing monks and there are only 11 Tsukiji monks left.
Although Fufeng Qian lost a lot of practicing monks and even died in the late period of the foundation, Qian Dafang, the middle period of the foundation and Qian Dafen, the early period of the foundation, there were three Qian Qing practicing monks, but there were nearly 200 practicing monks in the late period of the foundation, Qian Daqing and the middle period of the foundation.
This kind of loss also made Fufeng Qian hurt his bones and muscles but failed to hurt his roots. His strength is still not a family to challenge.
In another family, it’s the best situation to be able to live with two Buddhist monks and seventy Buddhist monks. If the situation is not good, there is only one injured Buddhist monk plus more than 30 Buddhist monks.
Even if people come here, most of them are wounded and their fighting power is greatly reduced.
The loss of a single family may be nothing to Fufeng Qian, but for a family, it is definitely a bone injury.
In the center of Fufeng Qianshi camp, there is a big account and a lot of money. Daqing sits high in the first hand, and on the left and right sides, in turn, there is a family-based monk.
One by one, depressed and sad, like a defeated cock.
Silence needs to be broken after all. General Qian coughed a few times before putting his hand in his mouth.
"Cough cough"
Suddenly, the cough seemed very abrupt, which attracted the attention of all the monks in the field. They looked at the first sitting, Fufengqian clan, and the money was big.
"Dear Taoist friends, I know that your families suffered heavy losses this time, but I helped the wind, so did Qian. Only Godsworn Tsukiji died, and three of them died, but can we retire?"
Smell speech a family monk thought deeply.
Qian Da went on to say, "Dear friends, don’t you want to avenge your brother’s death?"
"Our nine families have killed so many monks from Cang Li Ling’s family, and they have forged a blood feud with them. It’s not that you can retire if you want."
Indeed, it won’t be a good family to give an account to the dead people.
"At this time, if we don’t work hard to destroy Cang Li Ling’s family, it will be us if we slow down."
There is a lot of money here. "I, Fufeng Qian, have a real person in the town, so I’m not afraid of Cang Li Ling’s revenge, but can your respective families stop Cang Li Ling’s revenge?"
Smell speech face nine preconditions for monks show some panic for a long time, nine preconditions for monks just a little calm want to white another.
That is, compared with a family, Qian Shi is the number one enemy of Cang Li Ling Shi. It is absolutely very safe to have a family in front of Qian Shi.
Therefore, several Buddhist monks directly discussed the retreat. After all, at this time, their families could avoid losing again, but the benefits promised by Qian’s predecessor could not be achieved.
However, if you don’t retreat, you will risk genocide if you continue to hack the Ling family.
This is a dilemma to the future of each family.
In this regard, the nine Buddhist monks of Tsukiji are obviously divided into two factions. One faction is the two families that suffered less losses in the pre-war and gained the promised benefits of Fufeng Qian. These two families are willing to fight with Cang Li Ling’s family again.
On the other hand, six families suffered heavy losses in the former World War, and these six families advocated that the loss of retreat should continue to expand.
After all, if the strength of each family loses too much, even if it is finally destroyed, Ling’s family can be assigned a small part of the benefits.
If the Tsukiji Presbyterian Department in the family dies, it will not only get the benefits of destroying the Ling family of Cang Li, but will become a Ling family of Cang Li and be destroyed by other families.
For these families, which have been inherited for hundreds of years but thousands of years, they are more willing to calm down the family to have hope than take great risks with the death of the family.
At this moment, a family has long forgotten that when they formed an alliance, they made a common pledge of advance and retreat.
Seeing that there is no result for a long time, Brother Jianping’s preconditions said, "Chief Qian’s things have evolved into this. In contrast, our nine families have suffered heavy losses. In contrast, Ling’s only lost more than a hundred practicing brothers, and a guest in the late stage of Shou Yuan’s few preconditions."
He paused and said, "Maybe it’s not time for Cang Li Ling’s family to fall."
"Who said that Cang Li Ling’s family had not yet fallen?"
This Hong Zhong Lu sound seems to be said in everyone’s ear
However, no one could hear it except eleven monks in the tent.
Along with the sound, but a blue light went straight into the central tent of Fufeng Qian’s camp. When the blue light disappeared, I saw a thin old man standing in the middle of the tent with a green gown and a beard, which made a lot of monks feel depressed.
Money, money, Daqing, first one leng, then suddenly got up and went to the old man with ecstasy.
Qian avenue "children visit their fathers"

Although it is not clear, it can still be seen from their body shape and dress style that this is not the person who entered the mirage together.

It is exactly the same as the monster in the hall, and they have not observed it.
What reason can such a group of grasshoppers who are obviously in the same boat fight together?
It’s just chaos, and there is a big reason for them to have chaos in such a community of interests, which may be that they have discovered some concession treasures …
Of course, it is also possible that some mechanism has made them insane …
But whatever the reason, this group of people can’t beat what they have delivered to the door. What reason is there not to get involved?
If there is a treasure, Tang Chuan will take it.
If there is danger, these people can not only beat themselves, but also run away from themselves …
Tang Chuan looked at Ugly and said, "We’re going out, Ugly. Are you sure you don’t want to go out with us? It’s the same if you don’t find your master."
Tang Chuan won’t take Ugly away by force, nor will he be taken out of a mirage, but he can let him have a look at Wang Yang’s body for his master.
If there is such an early recognition of reality.
This is not the same as being directly away from Oni Tsuka and discovering that time has long passed and being able to guess his master’s death without confirming it.
Although the former is sad, it is better to get the answer simply and directly than to wait here alone for eternity.
The latter will fall into contradictions and entanglements, which will aggravate ugliness and sorrow.
If Wang Yang didn’t find his master so ugly, he could still look forward to the future.
And Tang Chuan, they can also find out what the identity of those undead bodies is.
And Ugly must know more about the mirage than anyone else. He may know where to be safe, where to be dangerous and where to hide really precious treasures.
This is Tang Chuan’s selfishness, but it will not force this soul that makes his part of humanity loyal.
Ugly struggled a little and shook his head again as expected. "No, I’ll wait here for my master to go home!" "
"Well, then we’ll be able to see you again without hope."
"Goodbye guests …"
Chapter 435 Ghost Guanyin
Ugly went to hit the cork and exposed the glass curtain.
Tang Chuan led the crowd to this small gap and said, "Goodbye Ugly, we will remember your entrustment."
Ugly and clever nodded to hide his loss.
Tang Chuan also didn’t say what led them to the outside world.
This is an ugly place with a very abstract arrangement and a huge pile of all kinds of things. The bottle is also a drop in the ocean here.
The ground is inlaid with crystals, bricks and other gravel.
The walls on all sides are even more exaggerated, just like a group of syrup that has not solidified and rolled over the garbage dump. What bottles, instruments and sculptures are all included in front?
I don’t know what caused this. It’s like everything has been melted here.
At the moment, the first group of people in Liana are horrified to look at a companion in the rear. Many people are injured in the path, and some people are torn to pieces and lose their vitality.
What makes them panic and flee is that they have become a mixture, and a companion can vaguely see some traces of the original from that huge body.
However, it has grown several times in size, and it seems that it has absorbed and integrated many dead people’s limbs and claws, emitting animal roars.
And those fusion limb knots absorbed by him also seem to have undergone some power transformation, generally becoming stronger and stronger, and still maintaining some energy fluctuations of the original owner.

"Listen to me, I agreed to pay a thousand dollars in advance, then I’ll take a thousand dollars." Tang Yuan reached out and put his due money in his pocket and rushed Zhao Bao with alacrity and said, "Let’s have dinner."

Zhao Bao squints at Tang Yuan. "I finally know what you are like."
"Things have to be seen from two aspects. I’m going to become the kind of person who is cheap. You can sit here and drink with me now." Tang Yuan has a good temper and doesn’t care about Zhao Baoci.
"This is" Zhao Baowen nodded seriously.
"Bao, when the dust settles today, we must have a good drink." Tang Yuanduan raised his glass and said smilingly.
"What’s the reason?" Zhao Bao rictus asked.
"Let’s see," Tang Yuan thought for a long time and immediately smiled and said, "Here’s to you and me. You’re still a young boy after a trip out of campus society. You haven’t changed. I haven’t changed. I’m still friends with a little wine. That’s good."
"Here we go." Zhao Bao was slightly excited by Tang Yuan’s statement. He raised his glass and yelled at it and gulped it down.
That night, when they were on two campuses, their opponents and friends fell and bumped into each other, which made them excited
On this night, they recalled all kinds of the past, and their hearts were full of nostalgia.
On this night, they are glad that their appearance has changed, their social status has changed, but when they were young, their initial ideals were still surging and excited …
So their shabby little restaurant cooked wine at night, talked about the past and now talked about the future, and they were drunk before they knew it.
When leaving, Zhao Baofu posted a post and grabbed Tang Yuan’s wrist and said, "Come to the webcast station when this matter is over. I’ll arrange a place for you …!"
"Don’t go" Tang Yuan shook his head drunk.
"You step on the horse is sick! When you enter the webcast station, you will have a stable income and all kinds of living benefits … You will be able to marry and have children, you know? "
"Baby, if you really want to help me, give me a column on the separate legal column official website," Tang Yuan replied with a hiccup.
"Isn’t this the same meaning?"
"It’s not the same as my column’s ability to earn money. If you think I’m good, you think I’m bad, so I’ll leave." Tang Yuan looked at Zhao Bao with a crooked neck. "Eating, drinking and drinking cost you more money. That’s brotherhood, but you keep me and help me live … I can’t afford this favor."
"Old Tang …!"
"Zhao Bao used to be a teacher and school. Tianjiao was a schoolmate. Idol was a paper, so I could be praised by the propaganda department. But I lost everything this time … my girlfriend ran away with someone for three years. My father died of illness. I didn’t even have money to buy a cemetery." Tang Yuan’s eyes were red. "I didn’t have a home until I got the cash … Now I’m left with this hard bone. Isn’t it a joke that I’m going to bend over and do things before? Brother let you say that people can live as jokes? "
Zhao Bao looked at Tang Yuanyan.
"I don’t regret some of my choices," Tang Yuan looked at the snowflake outside the window. "But if I were given a chance, I might not have been able to realize my ideal in my heart. Now this society is different from what our school saw!"
"… ok, I’ll give you a column, and no one can stop it!" Zhao Bao clap table should way
"Ha ha!"
The two brothers talked and walked out of the small restaurant.
Snowflakes fluttered in the street, and they staggered along.
At the crossroads, Zhao Bao was too drunk to dare to drive, so he stretched out his hand and stopped a small moving car.
"Let’s go and see you off!" Zhao Bao turned around and shouted after drilling a small train.
"No, we’re not the same. I’ll go by myself." Tang Yuan shook his head.
"God, I’ll come to you!"
"Good le you slow down!" Tang Yuan waved and shouted in the snow.
"I am happy today when I return to China for so long!" Zhao Bao lay on his back and moved a little. "Just have fun today …!"
Said the small move slowly driving into the distance and Zhao Bao also fell asleep by car in a daze.
Tang Yuan twisted a snot on the roadside and didn’t want to make a joke and walk away.
Five or six in the morning
After Tang Yuan returned to his residence, he lost his personal data to his brain and habitually kept it in the cloud.
Back to the bedside, Tang Yuan burned a pot of hot water, took off his clothes and went to wash.
Yuanwai Hu tong
Two cars slowly stagnate, and the individual pushes the door and pushes the car.
The leader pulled out a steel knife from the car and stepped forward with it in his hand.
In the silent street, people crunched on crystal snowflakes.
A dimly lit warehouse in Black Street
A young man sat in a chair and said nervously, "Just take things back, right?"
"You don’t care about that." Next to the middle-aged man, he crossed his legs and threw 40 thousand dollars. "Logistic walking, you can help me and I can help you."
"… I think you just need to get your things back." The young man insisted.
"Hehe" Middle-aged suddenly smiled "Yeah, I know"
Tang Yuan got ready for bed after drinking a glass of water.
A sour tooth rang outside.
"Who is it?" Tang yuan frown shouted a.
Chapter 266 I didn’t betray my friend
A stuffy flat door.
Tang Yuan suddenly sat up and looked up and saw a group of men carrying steel knives coming into the house from the ice and snow.
Yang Nan, the leader of the snowflake drifting into the house, turned his head and looked at the surrounding environment with a straight face and scolded, "Xiao Zhi, a stupid dog, has been lying on the road for so long, and he can still make the two ignorant and cheated."
"You are …!" Tang and Yuan dynasties should grasp the kettle on the bedside table as soon as they lift the quilt.

Zhang Zhe felt a little disobedient when his words were robbed, but he still smiled.

Before the slightly indifferent expression also melt at this time.
"Although I can’t let you in, you can stay here.
My strength is not as good as that of warlocks, but I will protect my students, including you, before I die. "
Zhang Zhe these words from the heart and let Xu Le couldn’t help but give birth to some goodwill.
"thank you, teacher"
"You’re welcome. After all, you are a student."
Xu Le looked at Zhang Zhe and was silent for a few seconds before deciding to report to him when he saw the situation.
Because he doesn’t seem to have anyone to count on except Zhang Zhe.
"Zhang Zhe teacher I just …"
"What happened just now?"
"I just saw Wu Chan, who couldn’t see clearly with half the teacher’s body in his hand."
"WuChan you mean WuChan? Black or white? "
Hearing Wu Chan Zhang Zhe was a little shocked and did ask black and white questions, so Xu Le Bai asked the right person himself.
"So! Ok, I know. "
Zhang Zhe nodded thoughtfully and took out a strange piece of paper. The paper was lit and disappeared immediately after the blood was pressed by fingers.
"Thank you for your important information.
I will definitely reward you afterwards. "
Although there are some expectations for the so-called awards, Xu Le still feels that his life is more important
"Teacher, what is so weird in school? What about the night watchman and the school garrison? "
"What’s your name?"
Zhang Zhe didn’t answer Xu Le’s question immediately, but asked Xu Le’s name.
"My name is Xu Le."
"Xu Le, some changes have taken place in the Kuroshio today, which may be different.
The specific situation has not been said yet, but it is certain that today’s party is much more dangerous than before. "
"I know that."
Xu Le certainly knows that the Kuroshio today is not just a simple Kuroshio.
Red crescent robbery is the real name of Kuroshio tonight.
"Teacher, you look like you know something about Wu Chan. Can you tell me about it?"
"Of course, but I don’t know much."
"Say as much as you want."

Even JianJia very sure said, "go! After all, if we can make Haiguo our alliance report plan, there will be a big leap. "

Tianyin is very serious. "But what we are going to is this deserted city, and what we are going to take is also the treasure of this deserted town."
"What’s the matter with the desert city? It’ s not that a city will have a town treasure? " Even a little bit puzzled by Jia Jian.
"Four years ago, the deserted city was still a deserted country. You should imagine that the deserted city is extremely unstable now. Many people would rather treat the horse thieves in the western regions better than the peasants in the deserted city." The last sentence of the day is exaggerated but it is true.
Even Jia Jian knows the danger of this trip, which makes this day more or less safe. "It’s not like a few of us will go to this sea and our peers will take the opportunity to understand that this sea is not good at kung fu?"
Day nodded "then miss don’t we act together"
"I know you’re thinking about safety, but those Chinese people believe in me, not you, and I have to go. Besides, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this golden snow lotus, and I don’t know whether it’s alive or dry, or whether to look after it myself."
"Miss, can you ask them what they want this golden snow lotus?"
"Detoxification" is not even prepared to hide this matter. "The sea temples are actually poisoned by the elders. This poison can be alleviated, but if we want to completely detoxify, we need this golden snow lotus as a medicine guide, but after all, they are Chinese, and this golden snow lotus is particularly well protected. They let me do things to attract the attention of this prefect."
"isn’t it too dangerous to attract attention? !”
LianJianJia looked at him and nodded. "They seem to want me to lead a group of dancers from the Western Regions to perform everywhere in this deserted city until the prefect invites me and then attract the attention of people in this mansion, but as you said, it looks like a dangerous thing. If the golden snow lotus is stolen, the first suspect is us."
Stunned and pouting, she also wants to dress up as this dancer this time. Fortunately, this female guard has to learn some dance basics. "Don’t they have a better way?"
Even gave them a look. "I don’t know. We always follow them first. If there is danger, we will withdraw at the first time."
I’m very worried. This deserted city not only has the forces of the western regions, but also the remnants of this desolate country. Moreover, just acting together with this Haitian made him very scared. Now he can say that 50% of himself is pretending to have recovered.
"Let’s send heavy snow and light snow to the desert city first."
Even what Jia Jian told the sky was half true and half false. The poison was true, but besides this golden snow lotus, there are two treasures from the desert, and the seagull hand asked himself not only these treasures, but also more important things to finish before June, which is actually very unpleasant.
LianJianJu in Tang Cheng suburban villages and seagulls round, seagulls saw LianJianJu turned to the maid is a slap in the face, "this is what you said you invited experts? Who gave you permission to drag her into this matter? "
The seagull’s slap was a great effort. The maid knelt on the ground and banged her two heads, then quickly wiped the blood from her mouth. The seagull didn’t like to see blood, which seemed to tell him that she really didn’t want to live.
"Eldest brother, although she told me this, it was my decision to come here."
"Nell, go home. My brother will handle things here himself." Seagull went to Lianjian and "be good and obedient."
LianJianJian shook his head, seagull black face "ni son! Disobedient brother is going to be angry. "Even JianJi didn’t flinch or stared at him.
"You go and get my box." Seagull knows that she can’t beat her. "Nell, we are going deep into the western regions this time. You also know that there are quicksand, horse thieves and sandstorms in the desert. So why don’t you stay here and meet her?"
"Bad brother, we haven’t acted together for a long time … don’t worry about me?"
The seagull was brought to the box and sent to Lian Jian. A dozen guns were lying quietly inside. "You can take it with you if you lose your brother."
"Eldest brother, after I bought these things this time, I have …" Even JianJia quickly refused.
"This thing is my brother’s, and you won’t have any consequences after I do it, even if you don’t put it in your body." I don’t know whether the first half of the sentence makes sense, or whether it’s the last half of the sentence.
"We’re going to set off for the northwest desert city now. We’ll arrange it on the way."
The desert city is three days away from Tang Cheng, but it takes more than a month for the three elders to return to the sea country, and it is late spring. If the sea is not calm, it may take another three to five days. Now all the people believed by seagulls are here in the western regions. If they find this antidote before the elder urges poison, they will win a third.
Chapter 119 Preparation
The desert city is an oasis city, and even when you get there, you will realize that each of these four gates leads to this desolation. The south is bare loess and flying sand, and the road is far away. The east is Gobi, the north is Huangshan, and the west is desert. Only this desert city has this plant, but even in the late spring, the northwest is still bleak, and a few courtyards are somewhat green.
Since this barren country turned into a barren city four years ago, it has become a lifeless city. After all, the living people have to accept the fall of conquered people after observing filial piety. Once the barren country moved to the land, the remnants of the royal family often stationed troops here with Geng Guo.
The city was assigned to the most worthless eleven princes, who had no feelings at all. His mother was Zhaoyi, who was backed by this Lu family, but he failed to live up to expectations and his mother was destroyed in the hands of the current queen mother. It is natural to add insult to injury that such a devastated city has fallen into the hands of such a loser.
Even WanJian entered the city to see what this deserted city looks like. After all, this kind of architecture used to be a foreign country, which is not necessarily exactly the same as Geng Guo. However, the sky sealed the window and the curtain was pulled tightly. Even WanJian asked the genius to give an explanation.
Because of the lack of men in the war, many old bachelors from Geng Guo came here, and women from Geng Guo were afraid to go out, because their fathers or husbands were soldiers who were guilty of this crime. It’s only a matter of fact that they went out this day, and it’s very likely that they would be stared at by this Geng Guo, and if they were accused, they would be dealt with by this Geng Guo army, but after a person was dealt with, many of their peers would continue to oppress the people in this barren country instead.
You can contain the trained soldiers, but you can never deal with these chaotic people.
When the army is tired of dealing with it, it turns a blind eye. In this way, after four years, the deserted city has stabilized a lot, but there will still be many incidents of robbing ordinary women. Although they can kill these people, this is not to rock the boat.
The desert city is a city full of despair.
Seagulls have been transported in this deserted city for some time. This stronghold has already been arranged, and it seems to be convenient to do things. This stronghold is not far from the official warehouse of this deserted city.
The seagulls joined the western region dancer to meet them. However, this dancer is not the same as Lian Jian’s imagination of the western region. She is not as exaggerated as she thought, but she has a more three-dimensional facial features than this Geng nationality. Of course, it may be just this person’s problem
Lian Jian looked at the dancer. She didn’t wear a dancing dress, just like ordinary Central Plains girls. She liked the colors too bright and puffed up. Few Central Plains girls like this dress.