"The honorable person is the one who doesn’t always have’ righteousness’."

"What happened here was the original honour person, but he came to Longyou Lake regardless of the danger. How can we, the favored little demons, abandon it?"
Talking to the land Lord seems to be back to the time when he first asked for a letter.
At that time, the land fairy road was cut off, so I had to go to Shinto, but I met the wise and broad-minded old man
[Mr. Wen Rao, when you became a god, you brought the little old man with you to inculcate him]
[It’s a pity that the little old man is dull in talent and didn’t realize your painstaking efforts until today]
[The little old man’s consciousness on one side of the land is not as good as that of an outsider. No wonder it really serves him right that the incense has been lonely these years! 】
Chapter 24 Demonizing Plants
Will that nearly into a fine arc seal after PeiWenDe with a palm golden lotus will instantly disappear.
After reaching Pei Wende’s point, all kinds of magical spells have become natural and can store things. daoist magic has also become a convenient path
It was not until it was determined that the dragon lady never left its breath that Pei Wende crossed the threshold with a calm face and officially entered Zexin Temple.
As Pei Wende imagined, Zexin Temple was covered with all kinds of debris, as if it had not been cleaned for hundreds of years.
It was by stepping lightly on the aisle that Pei Wende left a clear footprint in Zexin Temple.
But those plants that have long been planted with wooden stakes and beams seem to consciously avoid the direction of the gate and leave this sunny area hidden by the eaves alone
Not far away, Buddha statues built on cliffs are dark and covered with moss and lichen.
Looking from a distance, the Buddha carving exposed to the sun always gives Pei Wende a sinister and sneaky feeling, although it looks like vast light.
This feeling not only comes from the extreme contrast of the Buddhist sculptures in the temple, but also comes from the fact that the whole Zexin Temple is not black.
Dropping from the eaves, flowing along the edge of the Buddha carving, and gathering in the trench where vegetation grows …
These can make biological alienation, and black water simply doesn’t give people a different kind of weird and gloomy.
"Nobody …?"
Slightly narrowed his eyes and saw Pei Wende’s hand quietly touching his waist, and his expression was very serious.
Only a day ago, Pei Wende, the director of Blackwater in the Secretariat of the People’s Republic of China, was full of alert for those strange and quiet Blackwater in Zexin Temple.
After all, Zexin Temple has vegetation that covers almost the whole temple, although there are no human beings.
It is a very abnormal situation that these vegetation have not changed after being exposed to black water.
Compared with if these plants suddenly activate into some kind of monster, Pei Wende will feel at ease instead.
"The situation seems to be completely different from what we imagined."
At this time, Xiaoqing, who is wandering in the sky, also returned to absolute being, and looked at this quiet and almost bizarre Zexin Temple with a surprised face.
It’s just that there are no ferocious and horrible monsters, and there are no mice, mosquitoes and animals in such a large temple. This is a bit too exaggerated.
"We didn’t get in first."
Fixed color step forward again PeiWenDe suddenly low explained.
"We have been infected by black water, and creatures will be monsters without realizing those’ monsters’. That’s for us …"
"Look at the plants here carefully. They are not a plant we know."
There was a slight pause in tone. Pei Wende suddenly drew his sword and cut it to one side to cling to the vines of beams and columns.
For a second, I saw that the vine was twisted like a snake, and the place where it was cut by the Buddhist monk’s knife spewed out a dark red juice.
Pei Wende was quite sure that it was definitely not blood, but some kind of mineral pigment similar to blood.
"Maybe real plants look like these plants are also’ monsters’ …"
"Just like we see those monsters."
After saying his word, the vine that was cut off by Pei Wende suddenly dissolved, and his feet and ground were integrated.
Then I saw that the dissolved slate suddenly changed into a stone tentacle and slammed it into Pei Wende.
Pei Wende’s eardrum was hurt by the sound whistling at the tip of the tentacles, but it did not prevent him from wielding the knife again.

Even though the instructor said that the danger across the street was not high, she was scared once, and she dared not enter the terrible world alone.

Even if you really want to go in, you have to ask a mentor to find another thigh.
But since the tutor didn’t ask, well … then don’t try. Go back early.
Leave a bell there for the time being to discuss new trade with the FBI. See you back alone.
"But the bell said …"
"After talking about the order, I will go back and tell my tutor that I don’t want to be stationed here for a long time. I am a medical staff!"
"That’s the exact words of the bell."
An Jian you imitates
Although the bell can talk to him directly and remotely
However, Fang You really didn’t intend to let Yinling stay there. Yinling is not only a doctor but also a chief pharmacist.
Nowadays, a lot of output depends on her. How can she stay secret as a liaison with the FBI?
But it is also important to have a liaison in secret.
Who should go?
Black Knife, that’s impossible. Brother Black Knife is the most important apostle in the organization. It depends on him to train new people.
The punishment is thunder. He won’t be allowed to stay at the material base. Fang You has already kicked him out to work.
Pei Hongjing is the chairman of Pei’s group. There are many practical things. Pei’s security is recruiting people to wake up.
He certainly doesn’t want to come.
Elohi traveled almost everywhere, and occasionally checked her situation and found that the girl’s own organization actually developed.
It’s also amazing
A lot of awakened people have been brought in, and a group of little girls are surrounded. In time, this unreliable organization of Iloshi may actually be reliable and form a good scale.
"It’s not bad for the fire."
"It is equivalent to a peripheral organization that can send talents to the fire."
The Iloshi are the people who pay the fire. He thinks it’s okay.
Of course, Iloshi, she founded this small organization with mixed advantages and disadvantages. We need to wait and filter out the talents who have the potential to take advantage of it.
"It’s too much for a formal apostle to be a liaison."
"Choose a secondary apostle."
The secondary apostle has defects and can call his name directly in his mind, but if modern society wants to get out of the secret place, there is a signal to talk.
And he can still switch the perspective of the secondary apostle even though he is talking with French.
There is no big problem.
The only problem is
"The strength is slightly weak. At present, the secondary apostles are all awakened."
"Little Magic, bring up the panel of secondary apostles."
Master Deng, Gou Ping ‘an, Xu Tian and other two groups of 16 apostles were awakened.
The second batch was just awakened, and he emphasized that it was the first batch of six people.
The highest mystery accumulation is that the light mage has been walking outside to eliminate the evil and clear the road in his heart. At this time, the mystery value has reached 175.
"Soon. It’s only been a few days."
"It’s also that the conditions are different now. The mage often deals with the mysterious evil of two stars and comes back with a wound for treatment."
It can be said that the mage’s fighting style is really fierce.
Mystery accumulation is fast and normal.
His eyes continued to sweep "yi"
His apostles’ mysterious accumulation of 6 ~ 9 is much less than that of Master Deng, but only if you are safe, his mysterious value has accumulated to 173, which is not much worse than Master Deng.
"If Gou Ping-an can be promoted to Erjue this time, it is more appropriate for him to go to the secret place to act as a liaison than Master Deng."
"Don’t be stationed for a long time for a few days and a half months, and there will be many people who can rotate."
"The third batch of membership will soon be confirmed."
"The omen of the treacherous gate in front of Donghuang country has also made the punishment thunder go to him, and he can make a good evaluation alone."
"And Anjianyou, the younger sister, should try again. She can’t delay."
When he walked out of the second entrance to Baijiang office, he saw that this younger sister was sucking milk tea with a happy face.

There was a dark color in the sky.

No abyss monster can resist this blackening and dark color as it moves so fast.
Bodies fell from the sky.
Red stork and Xiaoxi meet two fates.
At this time, Renee Doyle looked at the boss’s mouth and revealed sarcasm. "It really surprised me. After all, I was around every day, but I didn’t expect him to hide such a card from me-it seems that we are the same."
The boss didn’t speak and didn’t try to explain anything.
Gu Qingshan sighed.
nothing is more lamentable than the death of the mind
Renee Doyle decided that the boss cheated her and was too lazy to explain, so no one could change Renee Doyle’s mind.
How can there be order if the facts are not two people from later generations?
The boss said lightly, "Now we can’t move, so it’s even. Leave here with your hands and we won’t have to meet again."
"Hand over the third fate artifact," said Renee Doyle.
"It’s not my hand," the boss said.
"Do you think I’ll believe it?" Renee Doyle’s way
She reached out and condensed the poor starlight.
Seeing a long-handled weapon about to take shape, a small evening sound sounded in the sky.
"Sister, stop fighting or I will ban your weapon!"
Renee Doyle’s hand suddenly dispersed the starlight.
Her face is gloomy and terrible.
-yes, I can imprison my weapon. If I resist, I can stop it.
"I never thought that someone could ban other people’s weapons with just one card. Do you have a card? Don’t I?" Renee flower calm way
Gu Qingshan gradually felt a bad feeling in his heart.
Listen to Renee Doyle, "My destiny is to be the strongest partner, but there are hidden things in this world that you don’t know. I spent a lot of energy and they became reciprocal."
She recited the contract mantra.
"You have been hiding in the void for a long time. I know you pay attention to everything here. I call on you to come and share all the fruits of victory in front of me."
The five paths in the virtual space are full of vicissitudes of life, and the faint light clusters of ancient meanings appear with them.
There was a sound in a light group.
"Prepare a body for us, and we will share everything in the world with you."
"no problem"
Renee Doyle appeared in front of her with a wave of her hand.
The five faint lights flew towards the body and soon disappeared into the water.
The first corpse of a god opened its eyes and looked around, sending out a vast sound that shook the world. "I, the judge of the fate of all beings, have been in vain for almost eternal years, and now I finally got my wish and came to this sealed place."
The corpse of the second god opened his eyes and looked at the frost-covered earth with greedy eyes.
"Yes, there is a corpse hidden here, and even I am afraid of its power, but if we join hands, we can definitely find a way to extract its power."
The body of the third deity opened its eyes and moved a body, saying, "Mother Wandi, I advise you to be cautious. That body is not easy to mess with. It will probably take us a lot of time to make preliminary preparations."
"You solve the problem first," said Renee Doyle.
"Say what you want first?" Asked a corpse of a god.
"I want to give you the body of the fate artifact for the third time," said Renee Doyle.
"Oh, in that case, we will accept your request," said another corpse.
The bodies of five gods have all come back to life.
Their momentum gradually surged and they soon surpassed everything.
"Two strange guys" looked at Gu Qingshan and the boss and said.
"It is their power that has never appeared in vain, and it is not our ethnic group," said the judge of the fate of all beings
"Are they?" The boss asked in a low voice
His words were too brief, but Gu Qingshan understood what he meant.
"No, my spirit told me it wasn’t them." Gu Qingshan said.
"What would that be?" The boss frowned.
"I don’t know" Gu Qingshan Road
A sword shadow by appearance around the two people for a week.
Two people imprisonment immediately lifted.
"I didn’t expect the world to be a mess," the boss said with a clenched black trident.
"Be careful, I guess the situation we are intuitively afraid of is coming." Gu Qingshan said.
He holds the ground sword in one hand and the six sacred mountains sword in the other.
Suddenly, lines of bloody fine print flashed endlessly in the ares interface.
"The door to the world has been completely opened."
"The end of poverty and the six main fragments of the world are coming."

Hong Ying is kind-hearted and sees Lian Jinfeng in such a hurry to comfort her. "Don’t worry that even if the owner is eaten by it, we will help you catch snakes." Lin Xiang and others squinted at her … She wasn’t worried that no one would help her catch snakes, okay?

Yang Moxiang is equally anxious. "What now?"
Yu Ying said, "Go back to sleep?"
Lian Jinfeng speaks "…" in his servant girl.
Lin Xiang looked at the young man in the distance and Huang Tiandao, who was wearing a mask, coldly said, "Kill them and then try to save Gong and Zi Ying."
The maids looked at each other and put Lian Jinfeng into the monster beast and dived into the past. Plato was Huang Tiandao’s 36 th party, and he was quite alert at once.
Seven women have saved Lian Jinfeng knowing that they can hide in the distance and look up at the sky.
Seven women stepped on the seven-star anti-yin array to storm a group of Taoists in Huangdao Road, Plato.
However, Huang Tiandao is more numerous and proficient in many witchcraft. Although they killed some people for a while, it was difficult to win quickly.
Plato offered a flying sword with words in his mouth, and the sword flew to Xiangyang Mo Xiang to behead her.
Lin Xiang, however, offered six runner towers. Suddenly, the runner tower smashed the flying sword to curb six yellow-headed disciples.
Plato was shocked to find that the flying sword was broken and spit out one mouthful blood.
Although he is a flying sword, he is not as angry as a knight errant, but his own blood feeds the sword as a magic weapon, which makes him dry. It took me a lot of effort to refine the snake sword. Who knows, the revolving tower of hitting Lin Xiang is like throwing straws at the wind. Lin Xiang hasn’t paid much attention to seeing him dry. The snake sword has been broken.
Although those Taoist disciples were temporarily in the wind, they were able to break away the seven women’s "seven stars against songs", and they were able to stop Lin Xiang’s six-turn tower wheel and seven women. Although they were "cultivated" by a butler’s blood mother-in-law in the past year or two, they also killed many Taoist disciples, one left and one right, and unconsciously killed most of them in Huang Tiandao.
The enemy suffered heavy casualties, and the original number advantage was no longer killed by them …
Bones stab out like sharp knives.
Tang Xiaofeng Wei Ziying flew back and forth to avoid the gastric juice of these bones.
If his ink rainbow sword is unusually sharp, and if he listens to swordsmanship, he will try to trap them. The green python bone will be broken constantly, fearing that they have already been eroded into blood by the green snake’s gastric juice and died on the spot.
Tang Xiaofeng was also glad to escape. Fortunately, Erxiang Wuying had a bad feeling that he had informed his father instead of breaking in to save people after he was imprisoned.
He guessed that this was because they had an ancient beast and soul, so they were more aware of the danger of the green snake than he was, and they were unwilling to come in consciously.
If it’s them who come in, they’re afraid they’re already dead.
I don’t know how many sharp bones appeared in front, but the gastric juice came in like a wave.
Tang Xiaofeng turns out that Wei Ziying will be drowned by gastric juice without breaking the snake bone.
He hastened to offer the Thai evil spirit tripod, which blocked the passage behind them. Even the gastric juice of the green snake corroded the Thai evil spirit tripod, and the outside failed to flood in again.
Tang Xiaofeng makes Tai Sha Ding bigger and bigger.
The green snake growled repeatedly because of its discomfort.
However, although it is extremely uncomfortable for Tai Sha Ding to get stuck in the snake’s green capsule, it is always burst by the method.
Tang Xiaofeng also led out the five essence skyfire from the Tai Sha Ding to burn the flesh and blood of the green snake.
Tang Xiaofeng secretly surprised that Bai Plato was so sure that they could not escape from this prison.
Can they really die here?
Tang Xiaofeng naturally does not believe in this evil.
The seven women of Yin Xuan killed those yellow-heaven Taoist disciples.
Plato didn’t expect that these seven girls were so powerful that they jumped to escape, but they were saved by Joan Ying.
Lin Xiang fell down and coldly tunnel "released my husband from the snake"
Joan British Tiger Claw mercilessly patted Plato back Plato miserably hum a forehead in a cold sweat but Yin crime laughed "want to save the name is tang? Go to the underworld and save him. "
Seven women face slightly changed.


On this day, Yang Guang sat at a table with a reading.
It’s a normal reading instead of a finger. He wants to experience a meditation. It feels different from what he saw in school. At this time, Yang Guang has no pressure
Not with a trace of purpose when I first saw it.
Not long after Yang Guang found himself in front of a piece of paper, a girl with short hair handed it to Yang Guang, but her face didn’t smile and she disliked him.
Yang guang is a little puzzling, but I still pick it up
And the other party immediately sat opposite Yang Guang.
And there is a good-looking girl beside her, and that’s it.
He typed a note and saw a beautiful text "classmate, I don’t know where you got the news. I can tell you now that she doesn’t like you."
Who is she?
Yang guang looked at the girl who just handed the note and then pointed to a girl with long hair next to her for convenience.
Is this her?
Is the other person here to pick up girls or squat?
It’s a little childish, but it seems normal, but who gave the other person the courage to say that he was squatting, and he hasn’t been here long
I’ve seen that pretty girl almost three or four times myself, and I still brush my shoulders.
Yang Guang didn’t experience this when he was reading, because there were a few female students in his world, especially Zhao Lingling, who occupied Yang Guang’s leisure at that time.
Idle position in heart
Does he like Zhao Lingling? I was, but not anymore.
It is even less likely to be love.
Then he can’t be in love with that girl.
Like it? Talk about
However, I don’t know what Yang Guang wants to feel some of this so-called love, and he wants to try it.
So he put his hand down and walked towards the two girls. He looked at the bad hair in the eyes of short-haired girls and said to long-haired girls, "My name is Yang Guangke. Do you know one?"
Chapter five hundred and nineteen I decree by destiny with you
Depending on the drama, many male and female protagonists are easy to hook up with Yang Guang because of some small things or encounters. He feels that the girl seems to have a destiny with himself and he also wants to try a beautiful love.
So ask
Don’t you think what level of beauty I want from Yang Guangtang?
Ok, Yang Guang is not the leading actor.
There is no doubt that he was rejected by that girl without giving him a chance.
Yang guang didn’t pester then left here.
But after he left, the girl with long hair whispered to her classmates, "Tingting, you may have misunderstood him. I found out that he really doesn’t like me. Besides, I’m not a heartthrob. Where are so many malicious followers?"
But this time things Yang guang heart a little touched.
It’s like he seems to have reached a certain critical point.
It seems that this has worked.
So does he need to experience the taste of love?
Pengcheng is full of flowers, drunk and fascinated.
Yang Guang went to some commercial streets and soon bought suitable brand-name ornaments with a casual style. Then he went to a car rental company and paid enough deposit to rent a Porsche coupe for a month.
Why not buy a car?
Because Pengcheng can’t shake the license plate
He is too lazy to move his real identity to get some benefits, just money, there is no need for human feelings
Yang guang didn’t go to those bars to find her "the right girl". He didn’t like it.
But he’s driving around looking for it.
One gain
Of course, I also drove away some people and looked at the luxurious coupe he rented, with glowing eyes.
Said, "I’m a car rental girl."
It’s normal to be scolded according to Yang Guang’s idea. love rat has no money to return it.
However, some women want to have sex with Yang Guang for one night.
Yang guang refused.
He doesn’t like those girls. They taste a little like those seafood.
Rong Yu is a woman selling real estate with a dream, but today her dream was broken.
She was the first in the company to lay off employees.
Because she has the lowest qualifications and the worst performance, it takes luck and connections to do sales without relying on hard work, especially real estate. competitive sales is very fierce
There are some women who can make huge profits by selling their bodies, as if it were a hidden rule, and Rong Yu didn’t mean to despise others.
After all, others paid the price.
She also paid, but she tried hard and didn’t take shortcuts.

Great people at this time think it’s no good to do so.

They thought about it for so long that they came up with very little to add something to the meat loafers.
Huge people think they need to know the specific settings in the Star Bus Project.
Knowing less probably gives them an imaginary direction.
So the great people made a decision, and it decided to try to’ get’ the details in this plan.
Chapter three thousand two hundred and twenty-nine Deep thinking
They … try to go deep into the meat’ thinking’.
Although the huge people don’t know whether there is such a thing as "thinking structure" or "brain" in the meat body.
Since it can make various actions, it must have some kind of’ mechanism’ to drive it to move.
If they can go deep into the meat thinking, they should be able to find detailed information about the Star Bus project from it.
Great people think they can find it somewhere.
Actually, a huge number of people can know that the meat is mainly due to a device.
This device was also found in the sea.
This actually belongs to the legacy of the "Ershimin" … When the great Ershimin imagined setting up the Ershimin language, they thought that a "supercomputer system" had been established under the sea.
This thing is the most powerful computing system from Ershmin, which can be calculated from common weather conditions and star explosions.
And the meat block also made one of these things in the sea according to this idea.
After the giant Ershimin came to the bottom of the sea, it found that this calculation was running all the time, and it added a lot of … new functions.
Great Ershi people find that these are functions that they didn’t expect.
One function is that it can connect some pieces of meat. Through this calculation system, it can know the location of these pieces of meat and know what they are going to do.
So the giant Ershimin further transformed the computing system to make it more powerful.
It is also through this system that all kinds of information about meat pieces can be slowly studied.
Giant Ershimin intends to let leaf-cutting ants further strengthen this computing system to see if they can learn more about meat … things.
So the leaf-cutting ants sent some troops to this computing institute and made a careful study.
Leaf-cutting ants found this system … really powerful.
It seems that it can directly connect the meat’ thinking’
This system has a thing called’ thinking sharing line’, through which leaf-cutting ants can learn the thinking of meat pieces by connecting its arms.
However, leaf-cutting ants also found that the thinking mode of meat pieces is really different from that of ordinary creatures.
Meat usually doesn’t think about anything, but occasionally a goal pops up and goes to accomplish it.
Meat pieces don’t think about how to accomplish this goal and what to accomplish.
This makes the leaf-cutting ants feel that the meat is like suddenly receiving an order and then completing it.
Huge Ershi people also know that meat is like’ life’ by observing these sudden targets for a long time … but it is more complicated to study the target of meat with Star Bus Project.
Giant Ershimin said that it is impossible to see that they have a star bus just by observing the usual movements of meat pieces.
However, as it upgraded the calculation again and again, it slowly detected the’ deep thinking’ of the meat.
Giant Ershimin wants the leaf-cutting ants to connect it with this deep thinking function to see what the leaf-cutting ants think about it.
Because it has always wanted to continue to upgrade the system and detect more parts, the huge people found themselves upgrading the system to a’ bottleneck’
And leaf-cutting ants may find the possibility of continuing to upgrade the system.
Because of its huge size, people think that … the wisdom of leaf-cutting ants is much higher than it.
So the leaf-cutting ant agreed.
It brought a group of arms to the unification center.
The whole compute system looks like a big build from that outside.
It looks like a fortress to be exact.
Leaf-cutting ant troops came to the center of this fortress and found the main part of the system here.
When actually entering here, the leaf-cutting ants already felt it.
It seems that the closer it is to the center, the more it can feel the meat and the more thinking it has.
By the time you get to the center, the leaf-cutting ants have completely felt’ immersed’ in the meat thinking.
At that time, it could clearly’ see’ the … Star bus plan hidden in the meat thinking.
It’s a kind of’ illusion’ feeling that the leaf-cutting ants can see the planned buses spinning in front of their own eyes.
And can see the terrain environment and so on.
This makes the leaf-cutting ants feel … wonderful.
When this wonderful feeling lasted for a while, how long could it be confirmed?
But when the feeling was over, the leaf-cutting ant found that … its’ body’ had disappeared.

The golden light blooms outward from the palace’s blade body, and the bucket stick takes the palace’s huge blade body into the worm sea.

Where the golden light blooms, Sun Hao has formed a huge golden light group. Anyone who is close to the war worm without golden light or Sun Hao fights against the sky stick will be wiped to death, forming a huge golden zone and killing the six Mahayana combat forces.
Exhausting the worm sea can’t stop Sun Hao from killing six powerful Mahayana fighters with wild ambition, so he has to fly back quickly to avoid Sun Hao’s sharpness.
Chapter DiJiuSanLiu Destiny Avenue
A pack of wolves met a lion.
The wolf really wants to bite the lion, but if the lion swings his paw and hits the wolf, it will make the wolf eat more than he can chew.
Sun Hao and Samoyed summoned six Mahayana fighters to fight, which is really like a lion fighting a wolf.
Although the six Mahayana fighters are not weak, they are still Nai Sun Hao. On the contrary, if Sun Hao catches an opponent, he will be able to hit him hard in nine cases.
Exhausted worms hatched by the great reproductive avatar really caused a lot of troubles to Sun Hao.
This is indeed the magical power that the mother emperor is good at. A mother emperor can automatically generate this powerful number of winning magical powers.
Moreover, the mother emperor is also born with a certain ability to sense wormholes, but in this virtual reality, he can always perceive that the sneak attack on Sun Haoshi Avenue can always retreat when his companions help to cover the sea of worms.
Sun Hao simply changed his mind and threw two yin and yang doors around the two female emperors after several strong kills.
This is Sun Hao’s powerful ranking, and the number of avatar envoys generated by the top ten avenues is quite small. At this time, it was given out in the fierce battle.
The door of yin and yang is a thought of yin and yang and a thought of life and death.
The two female worms were frightened and fled in the center of the door cover of Yin and Yang, but Ma found that this strange door seemed to have no attack effect, as if it were just a door.
Sun Hao’s heart is also a little resistant. Even the dzogchen of Yin and Yang Avenue is a limit. The emergence of dzogchen will also limit a certain range
The two female worms have already surpassed the fighting capacity in the middle of Mahayana, and their vitality is even more vigorous than that, but it is not that their magical powers of Yin and Yang can live and die.
The failure of Yin-Yang Gate to directly seize the lives of two female emperors does not mean that Yin-Yang Gate has no special effect.
Sun Hao will exert two female worms through the yin-yang goalkeeper’s yin-yang force, and suddenly the strange attack effect comes out.
The two female emperors were horrified to find that they had lost their fertility inexplicably, and the reproductive technique failed inexplicably.
The most powerful combat skill of the mother emperor is the great reproduction avatar. Now Sun Hao has disturbed her body, and Yin and Yang suddenly can’t give birth to eggs and insects.
Without the big reproduction, the female worm is equal to losing the weapon, and the soldier suddenly becomes at a loss.
Neither the mobility nor the carrying and hitting ability of the two females are strong. Sun Hao deprived them of the large-scale reproduction, and soon Sun Hao forcibly blocked them, and directly took the bucket stick to break the head and took away the mother crystal.
The Mahayana siege of Sun Hao has fallen four times.
It can be said that there are four Taoist beasts left in the overall situation of the first world war. Although they are fierce and fearless, they are not Sun Hao’s opponents.
The battle really came to an end when the arm Naga finally won the round eye of Sun Hao and was reincarnated alive until the strength of her remaining arms was greatly reduced and she was killed in vain.
All opponents for ten Mahayana, including Poseidon’s three siege Mahayana department fell into the hands of Sun Hao, and it was empty and clean.
Sun Hao was not so happy in his heart.
After silently collecting the benefits of floating virtual battles, he held his head high and said, "Do you think it is time to listen to our opinions carefully, and should we sit down and talk about it?"
White light illuminates the virtual Satsuma, and the face still appears with an angelic smile. Sun Hao’s voice is still softer than "agarwood". Do you feel proud enough to defeat these Mahayana monks? Or do you think that if you can kill these Mahayana monks, you can talk to me on an equal footing? "
Sun Hao said slowly, "Aquilaria doesn’t think so. Aquilaria doesn’t think we need equal dialogue. I hope to find out the problem of virtual boundary and let us share the difficulties together. I hope to find a way to break the virtual boundary. Besides, I don’t have his thoughts and plans."
Satsuma smiled and said, "It’s good not to. I really want to tell you that there will be as many opponents as you want just now. If you need them to reappear and fight with you again, it’s not impossible. Didn’t I tell you? They’re just an illusion I imagined. Even if you kill them all, what can you do? I think they can come out again … "
Sun Hao’s monty couldn’t help swearing, "Oh, my God, you are too shameless, aren’t you?"
Sun Hao smiled faintly and raised his mother crystal in his hand and said slowly, "My predecessors may be able to fantasize about their illusions and let them fight with me again, but I know for sure that they will never be able to generate the mother crystal again. Their strength is only 50% to 60% at most, and I also think that the illusion ability of their predecessors is quite exhausting. If you think too much, you will be tired. I wonder if I am right?"
Samoyed slightly a stay a claw up as if to Sun Hao a thumbs-up sign "agarwood, you can walk all the way to the front of me now proudly, so it’s not unreasonable. You’re right. After they reappear, their strength will drop greatly, but so what? If I think about it, I can come out and spend a lot of energy."
A listen to the strength drop monty immediately laughed "hag, what do you think these strength drop little guys can do to us? Ha, ha, ha, to tell you the truth, no matter how much you think about Sun Hao’s ability, the final result will be destroyed … Isn’t it Sun Boss? "
Sun Hao ignored Monty, but looked at Satsuma and said very seriously, "I really want to solve the problem, and everyone needs to really sit down and think about ways and means."
Satsuma’s face is full of laughter. "You don’t know something about agarwood, even if you are a monk from the parent star, even if you are an entity and you can observe his virtual shadow and collapse them into entities, but one thing you can’t change …"
Sun Hao’s eyes narrowed slightly. "I would like to hear more and ask my predecessors for advice."
Satsuma looked up at the sky and said, "You can’t change your destiny. It’s like a play has been written. Everyone’s destiny has been written from the moment before birth. This is the first destiny avenue of Sanqian Avenue. Do you want to know what your destiny is?"
Destiny Avenue! Sanqian boulevard head
Is your destiny fixed? Corleone took a deep breath and slowly asked, "What do you mean, senior? Is it fate that I can find here to talk to you? "
Satsuma said leisurely, "Why isn’t it fate? The situation in the virtual world is extremely inappropriate. Every once in a while, there needs to be a monk who is extremely tough and needs this monk to save the most dangerous and difficult moment in the virtual world. This is the fate of the virtual world. The big tree is so integrated with ghosts and gods, and so is the chaotic fiend. You just came into being to solve the fate of the virtual world. Otherwise, why do you think you can practice so fast? Why can you go straight to the top of the virtual world? To put it bluntly, it is fate. "
Is this all fate? Is it fate to be here?
Sun Haoshuang’s eyes twinkled and he bowed slightly and said slowly, "So I should thank fate for its favor and arrangement, otherwise I would definitely not have such an opportunity as this?"
Chapter DiErJiuSanqi Established Destiny
Satsuma smiled like an angel. "Of course, there is a certain scale of fate. You can appear here and have such a magical performance. Destiny is certainly one aspect. Your own efforts also have a great fate. For example, the performance award can range from 100 to 10,000 agarwood. Your achievements have made me sit up and take notice, almost reaching the limit of 10,000."
Corleone smiled lightly and said, "Will there be that kind of special situation?"
Satsuma smiled and asked, "What’s the situation?"
Sun Hao laughed with his head held high. "The amount of reward is 10 thousand. Will I break this limit and get a reward of 11 thousand or even 23 thousand?"
Satsuma froze and shook his head with a chuckle. "Aquilaria, you think too much about the amount of fate. It’s not the kind of extreme that you practice at a high level, but it’s like your reward amount has risen to a higher level, but it’s also fate."
Sun Hao nodded and said, "So that’s what predecessors mean. Is my fate already set? That is to say, my final result will go to the same fate? "
Satsuma nodded and smiled. "That’s true. In the end, your fate will be similar, but the result will be similar."
Sun Hao laughed. "Then things are simpler. If you want to come to the elder, you are the master of destiny. Then we might as well make a bet. I say my fate is not up to me. What do you think?"
Satsuma looked at Sun Hao with amusement. "Aquilaria, do you mean to challenge fate?"
Sun Hao nodded to Kan Kan and talked about "the elder controlled his destiny and was bound by the road of destiny. Even if he knew the way of self-help, he could not extricate himself from the wheel of destiny. Today, I can only have a chance to reverse the final fate of the virtual world if I break the fate arrangement in front of my elder. So, can you know what fate my elder Sun Hao and Sun Chenxiang will eventually have?"
Satsuma closed his eyes as if he were thinking for a moment, then he opened his eyes and said solemnly, "If you don’t challenge your destiny, you will contribute to the imaginary world for a long, long time. If you want to go out from here, your horse will forget what happened today and return to the path of destiny. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to challenge your destiny."
Sun Hao said flatly, "I have made up my mind and I really want to see what my fate will be?"
Satsuma closed his eyes again as if he were thinking for a moment, then he opened his eyes and swept Sun Hao deeply. "There is one more thing I have to tell you, agarwood. Once you decide to challenge your destiny, not only you, but all the monks involved today will step into the path of destiny and enter their established destination. Are you sure you want to do this?"
Sun Hao threw his eyes into the void and suddenly laughed. "Does the elder mean that the ten Mahayana monks just now will really hang on to this void and never live again?"
Satsuma said stupidly, "It is true that their fate will fall into your hands one by one in the future, but if you insist on challenging their fate at this time, their fate will come forward and they will never live again."
Sun Hao held his head high and burst out laughing. "Well, I dare to ask these guys to really never go out again, so the imaginary world has finally been able to be stable for many years. I have come to challenge a fate and it is unbelievable that we Mahayana monks will fully agree."
Behind Corleone, the God Monty shouted, "What is fate? Don’t we ever believe that our Mahayana monk’s fate is always in our own hands, witch. Don’t talk nonsense. "
Satsuma showed a solemn expression and said slowly, "Those who challenge fate will be ravaged by fate once they fail. Are you really ready?"
Sun Hao, the monty, shouted behind him, "Come on, come on, my pike is already hungry, so come boldly."
Monty’s repeated ritual collision finally aroused Satsuma’s anger. Sun Hao’s challenge to fate also made Satsuma’s heart fidgety. At this time, he finally became angry and dismissed lightly. "In that case, you can start your final destiny …"
Satsuma’s eyes flashed white light and covered Monty.
Almost at the same time, Monty cried, "What’s going on? Go away by the dead transvestite. Go away …"
The divine voice also flashed out. "I want to go far, too, but don’t you think we are having a strong attraction that makes us inseparable?"
Sun Hao was horrified to find that the two gods and monties began to approach quickly after being photographed by white light. They started screaming and started to push each other, but all of them didn’t help. In the end, the two men faced each other and then overlapped and synthesized.
See this strange than phenomenon Corleone is not frightened in my heart.
Samoyed’s voice came over. "You two are destined to be like twin star fields. You will finally meet and integrate the chaotic ghost body, and then collapse together with the twin domain and shrink into cosmic dust. However, what you are challenging your destiny for now will not become dust for the time being, but will become a chaotic stone ball."
The words sound just fell, and the gods and monties joined together, and the body suddenly fell to the front of Satsuma with a loud bang, and suddenly it became a big round stone.
Sun Hao’s earnest perception is that he failed to perceive the breath of the gods and monty from this stone ball.
The two of them seem to have disappeared completely.

When driving, he looked sideways into the distance and sent a warning look to some people.

He knows that the Japanese branch is not at ease with the Ministry Commissioner, and he can detect someone watching everywhere he goes out early.
He’ll put up with it when he comes, but he won’t be disturbed to watch it anyway.
But these people in the Japanese branch are stepping up their surveillance of others.
He thought that it was true that our department would demonstrate in Japan, but it didn’t mean that I would make trouble in the city. I’m not a high-risk hybrid.
Now when he comes to Disneyland, he wants to relax and play with these "modern" entertainment facilities, and he doesn’t want to be stared at by a group of eyes and maybe even be photographed.
What should I do if I go to college?
He can even think of finger. Fuck, the news department is busy
At noon Lu Chen was very satisfied with Disneyland.
However, some projects, such as roller coasters, pirate ships and jumpers, are not exciting at all.
If he is too extraordinary and insensitive, the girl sitting next to him doesn’t seem to be afraid to react. After several laps of the roller coaster, the other person also raises his face and says "Do it again"
Painting pear clothes seems to be really heart-warming. Although Lu Chen didn’t see her smile again, her body atmosphere became a lot more lively.
Lu Chen handed a strawberry-flavored ice cream cone to a bench and painted pear clothes. At this time, he was holding a balloon in one hand, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse were dressed in Donald Duck puppets. The painted pear clothes seemed to like them very much in the lottery.
See painted pear clothes stretched out his hand, but not as white as Zhang Luchen. The other party meant to help her hold one so that she could free up one hand to eat cones.
But Lu Chen wants to spit out that it is a girl. Can’t you hold two balloon ropes in one hand?
But he still took Mickey Mouse’s balloon painting pear clothes and took the cone.
"a little ice"
Lu Chen woke up and said that it was winter, and he didn’t realize that he seemed to have bought something wrong until he spoke.
Because of his physique, if it’s delicious, he doesn’t care about hot and cold weather, but it’s still too cold for the average person to eat ice cream in winter.
"I’ll change you a cup of hot milk tea."
After Lu Chen realized it, he got up and prepared to buy it again, but his feet froze because the girl grabbed his skirt and his palm was still clutching Donald Duck’s balloon rope.
Pear-painting clothes gently shook his head, then reached out with a pink tongue and gently licked the cherry blossom-like lip of the cone with water vapor rising to tell the truth about the cold in winter.
"It’s not my fault that my stomach hurts."
Liu Chen shook his head and smiled, so they sat on a bench to rest.
In addition to the rustling of various entertainment facilities around them, there are pear-shaped clothes, nibbling at cones and ringing sounds. When the sunset is slanting and warm, the moment seems to be getting longer, as if reluctant to let this quiet atmosphere flow.
In the evening, Disney also had a float parade, painted pears and was lucky enough to win a medal. They were invited by Mickey Mouse to join hands and dance together.
They may be the worst parade dancers in history. Although Milanella and other Lionheart members have to attend some important occasions to prevent him, they have also given him dance training, but he can be regarded as a semi-crane, and painting pears is even more a shrine dance.
The two clumsy floats twisted the roadside audience followed the input and gave a kind smile. Lu Chen looked at the painted pear clothes and suddenly laughed because the other party had just pulled the "Donald Duck" and smashed her head.
Lu Chen suddenly felt childish, but it was the first time since he came to this world.
There is no secret party. For the first time in ten years, he spent a happy time with others in such a place for pure pleasure.
This is a time he once dreamed of.
At this time, the fireworks rose with colorful lights to illuminate the sky and the faces of young girls. The huge red hearts in the sky lit up as if they had dyed people’s cheeks red.
In the distance, when a worker dressed in Donald Duck hides in the dark, biu pulls out his "head". If children see this scene, they will be scared out of the shadow of childhood.
"Donald Duck" took a deep breath in the three-five-divided-two puppet costume, which was fresh and proud. Even in dim light, his figure was so conspicuous, and his long legs made the top supermodel feel ashamed.
"It’s really not human to arrange the work by the boss."
Of course, she didn’t complain to herself that another woman in the hotel was listening to her complaining.
"It’s a pity that he can figure it out. Gee, it’s a pity that you have such a pair of long legs to hide in a puppet. If those children’s fathers know that Donald Duck is so fragrant, I wonder if they will give you a hug."

"Grandpa gave it to you today."

Said MuYu will hand bag mu yan ran palm.
"There are enough resources to support you until the later stage of the foundation. You must take good care of it and don’t take advantage of others."
"This time, Grandpa burned Shou Yuan Cang Li Ling’s family to solve the problem of a monk in the late period of the foundation, and let Cang Li Ling owe me a favor. After Grandpa sat down, this favor turned to you."
"Grandpa, how can you repay me for thinking like this?"
"Silly girl!"
"Remember grandpa’s words. No one in the world of cultivating immortals is safe and reliable. You must practice hard."
MuYu trust don’t admire yan ran worried that she was bullied earnestly to persuade.
In Fufeng Island, a cave dwelling is sitting on a futon. His figure is low and slim, and he wears a green gown with a beard and exudes a strong momentum.
Shao Qing this man received the work and looked in the direction of Cang Li Dao. His eyes were shining with golden light.
"Fufeng Qian’s opportunity to unify the cloud islands has come."
See this figure a flash of blue light to cang li island.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three I’ll meet the real person!
Nine families suffered heavy casualties, and their strength was greatly reduced. They were worried about being broken one by one by Cang Li Ling’s family, so the department gathered in Fufeng Qian’s camp.
There were more than 1000 practicing monks and 10 Tsukiji monks, but they suffered a big defeat in the previous one. Now there are less than 100 practicing monks and there are only 11 Tsukiji monks left.
Although Fufeng Qian lost a lot of practicing monks and even died in the late period of the foundation, Qian Dafang, the middle period of the foundation and Qian Dafen, the early period of the foundation, there were three Qian Qing practicing monks, but there were nearly 200 practicing monks in the late period of the foundation, Qian Daqing and the middle period of the foundation.
This kind of loss also made Fufeng Qian hurt his bones and muscles but failed to hurt his roots. His strength is still not a family to challenge.
In another family, it’s the best situation to be able to live with two Buddhist monks and seventy Buddhist monks. If the situation is not good, there is only one injured Buddhist monk plus more than 30 Buddhist monks.
Even if people come here, most of them are wounded and their fighting power is greatly reduced.
The loss of a single family may be nothing to Fufeng Qian, but for a family, it is definitely a bone injury.
In the center of Fufeng Qianshi camp, there is a big account and a lot of money. Daqing sits high in the first hand, and on the left and right sides, in turn, there is a family-based monk.
One by one, depressed and sad, like a defeated cock.
Silence needs to be broken after all. General Qian coughed a few times before putting his hand in his mouth.
"Cough cough"
Suddenly, the cough seemed very abrupt, which attracted the attention of all the monks in the field. They looked at the first sitting, Fufengqian clan, and the money was big.
"Dear Taoist friends, I know that your families suffered heavy losses this time, but I helped the wind, so did Qian. Only Godsworn Tsukiji died, and three of them died, but can we retire?"
Smell speech a family monk thought deeply.
Qian Da went on to say, "Dear friends, don’t you want to avenge your brother’s death?"
"Our nine families have killed so many monks from Cang Li Ling’s family, and they have forged a blood feud with them. It’s not that you can retire if you want."
Indeed, it won’t be a good family to give an account to the dead people.
"At this time, if we don’t work hard to destroy Cang Li Ling’s family, it will be us if we slow down."
There is a lot of money here. "I, Fufeng Qian, have a real person in the town, so I’m not afraid of Cang Li Ling’s revenge, but can your respective families stop Cang Li Ling’s revenge?"
Smell speech face nine preconditions for monks show some panic for a long time, nine preconditions for monks just a little calm want to white another.
That is, compared with a family, Qian Shi is the number one enemy of Cang Li Ling Shi. It is absolutely very safe to have a family in front of Qian Shi.
Therefore, several Buddhist monks directly discussed the retreat. After all, at this time, their families could avoid losing again, but the benefits promised by Qian’s predecessor could not be achieved.
However, if you don’t retreat, you will risk genocide if you continue to hack the Ling family.
This is a dilemma to the future of each family.
In this regard, the nine Buddhist monks of Tsukiji are obviously divided into two factions. One faction is the two families that suffered less losses in the pre-war and gained the promised benefits of Fufeng Qian. These two families are willing to fight with Cang Li Ling’s family again.
On the other hand, six families suffered heavy losses in the former World War, and these six families advocated that the loss of retreat should continue to expand.
After all, if the strength of each family loses too much, even if it is finally destroyed, Ling’s family can be assigned a small part of the benefits.
If the Tsukiji Presbyterian Department in the family dies, it will not only get the benefits of destroying the Ling family of Cang Li, but will become a Ling family of Cang Li and be destroyed by other families.
For these families, which have been inherited for hundreds of years but thousands of years, they are more willing to calm down the family to have hope than take great risks with the death of the family.
At this moment, a family has long forgotten that when they formed an alliance, they made a common pledge of advance and retreat.
Seeing that there is no result for a long time, Brother Jianping’s preconditions said, "Chief Qian’s things have evolved into this. In contrast, our nine families have suffered heavy losses. In contrast, Ling’s only lost more than a hundred practicing brothers, and a guest in the late stage of Shou Yuan’s few preconditions."
He paused and said, "Maybe it’s not time for Cang Li Ling’s family to fall."
"Who said that Cang Li Ling’s family had not yet fallen?"
This Hong Zhong Lu sound seems to be said in everyone’s ear
However, no one could hear it except eleven monks in the tent.
Along with the sound, but a blue light went straight into the central tent of Fufeng Qian’s camp. When the blue light disappeared, I saw a thin old man standing in the middle of the tent with a green gown and a beard, which made a lot of monks feel depressed.
Money, money, Daqing, first one leng, then suddenly got up and went to the old man with ecstasy.
Qian avenue "children visit their fathers"

Has been greatly separated from the original material, making the ground a wonderful’ distorted jungle’

As soon as it landed on the surface … it felt familiar information.
This particularly distorted tumbler is actually … a minibus.
Symbionts found that it was finally found again … its maker.
Although it feels like finding it by accident
But it hasn’t been confirmed yet
Symbionts immediately went deep into the earth’s surface and tried to confirm whether the familiarity they felt from here was true or not.
Then it met … the same distorted minibus organ.
When it touches the minibus organs, it also feels the minibus consciousness.
This consciousness is completely in a’ normal’ state.
That is to say, I felt exactly the same as before … when this minibus found symbionts, I immediately spoke to it.
First, the minibus expressed its surprise.
Then I expressed my loneliness.
It says that it has been here for a long time and nothing has happened.
It feels very … Chat.
It’s great for symbionts to be here now.
The symbiont felt danger at this time, but it was too late for it.
Because it found its body … and the organs of the minibus’ glued’ together completely.
It’s as if the two sides have merged, and it finds itself completely unable to move.
And then … it’s always been like this.
Exactly the same as before.
The minibus trapped it here and continued to tell it all kinds of stories.
Of course, before the peace, some different minibuses mainly told stories about their own’ distortions’ infection.
It tells how these distortions spread from themselves and finally infect the whole star.
No living things in the star can escape, and all of them become a part of distortion.
While the symbiotic embodiment still has a sense of perception, it feels that it is exactly the same as the previous’ life’.
So it tried to … escape from here.
But this plan has never been smooth because it has no idea how the minibus trapped it.
What will their body structure merge … It can’t figure this out, although it knows that the reason why they merge is probably because they are two original creatures.
But it just doesn’t know that the minibus is like controlling its own organs.
Later, it thought of the way to "clear the encirclement" mainly because it learned some knowledge with the creator before.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and sixty-three Attraction
"What …"
It has always been very incomprehensible.
What kind of minibus likes to trap it and talk to it all the time … all kinds of things?
What’s even more amazing is that …
It always feels’ desperate’ when it is trapped in a minibus.
It doesn’t feel very desperate about the minibus anger class … it doesn’t feel’ future’.
But this time I was trapped much faster than before.
Because symbionts send some signals to the virtual.
When the symbiont came here, it actually detected that there was not a bus biological signal, and there was another creature.