It’s good to think about it, even if it’s enslaved by people, but it’s not bad to have immortal power. The only thing that is disgusting about not sleeping for thousands of years is that there is one more master.

"The nether world? Do you know the nether world? " Jade Duxiu’s eyes suddenly lit up and looked at the ice monster with dribbling eyes.
"Some impression I genera seem to have entered the nether world, and some unpleasant things happened in the nether world, and then they were killed by the nether world people and had to be born again. It happened that some memories were worn away in the process of the great struggle, and some memories were vague about the nether world. Some impressions knew such a place as the nether world." The ice monster scratched his head
Pan pan is not without defects, and every time a pan pan is equivalent to a rebirth, the memory of a lifetime will be erased, and there are not many opportunities.
"What may come to mind?" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
The Ice Monster shook his head. "I was disappointed by the Lord, but I can’t remember it. But it seems that there is an aversion to Qi in this world. This Qi is the netherworld. This means that there are netherworld activists in the world of Yang. If the Lord wants to know about the netherworld, he should catch those shady mice and directly force them to ask questions."
As soon as I got to the netherworld, the ice monster suddenly gnashed her teeth and her eyes were full of hatred.
"The world is vast. Have you ever seen a netherworld?" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
Ice monster embarrassed smile "Yang Shi seems to have any agreement in the nether world. The strong in the nether world are not allowed to have Yang Shi, but what is the specific agreement? I forgot that the nether world wants to find a needle in a haystack."
"If you enter the nether world," Yu Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
"The card must be accurate before you can break through and enter the nether world." The ice monster said without hesitation.
"Can you enter the nether world?" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster.
The ice monster heard a strange laugh. "If I belong to heaven and earth before the Lord, I may still have scruples about being suppressed by people. Although I can’t kill those godfathers, demon gods and Long Jun, it is still possible to injure me and fall into a sleeping rock plate or suppress me. But now I am afraid of who came to the nether world except the Lord. Although I think it is not appropriate to enter the nether world at this time, if the Lord commands Xiaoke to go once, if there is an accident, the Lord will revive me."
Jade Duxiu smell speech shook his head. "Come on, let’s talk about it after a while."
At this time, the Jade Lotus has not yet blossomed. I want to resurrect this ice monster, but it will consume the lotus source and delay my own flowers. The ancestors, demon gods and long jun will emerge from Kunlun Mountain at any time, or once the gods and gods walk around the world, the Jade Lotus plan will inevitably be exposed.
At present, the jade show is always scattered, and the ancestors and dragons are forced to form a competition. I dare not be distracted and give each other a plan to solve the secret of Kunlun Mountain for one second.
Yudu Duxiu is a time difference. Before the ancestor’s life is over, Long Jun, the ancestor, the demon god and others control the whole world. If everyone is used to the idea of slow-moving ancestor, demon god and Long Jun, nothing uncontrollable will happen after only a few decades.
Just like an ordinary person in the 21st century won’t believe that there will be a war between the two countries in one second, it needs to be accumulated slowly instead of making a hasty decision overnight.
Ordinary people seem to be those immortal demon gods, Long Jun and Godfather for ten years or a hundred years. Everyone simply doesn’t believe that this’ one second’ world is completely out of control.
"Calculation" Jade Duxiu looked at the ice monster with her hands on her back. "You have something to tell you to do and abandon this big day and go back to your lair to rest."
"The Lord’s ice spirit is in the hands of the Lord." The ice monster looked at Yu Duxiu’s ferocious face and gave me a little embarrassed. The color was full of expectation.
"Ice spirit is a genius treasure, but it is acquired after all. If you want to get a certificate, you can only use the ice spirit first, but it can’t melt." Jade Duxiu didn’t answer the ice spirit words, but spoke another words.
"Is to obey the main command" ice monster low head way
"Don’t worry, you can see through the past and the future. Don’t worry, when you see that the stand is already in the future, you should know that the stand also hopes that you can get the immortal way. If you get the immortal way, the greater the gain for the stand, the stand will plan for you. You must worry." Jade Duxiu slowly dissipates with her hands and her imaginary figure slowly disappears and disappears.
"The future? It’s no wonder that the Lord can see the future step by step. It’s really amazing that I’m now under the control of the Lord. The Lord will never deceive me again. It seems that it doesn’t make sense to deceive me. I also hope that the fairy tale will prove that the innate beast will not die. "The ice monster smiled at the sky and then saw an ice force converge into a whirlwind. The ice monster has disappeared.
It wasn’t long after they left that they saw Han Huan appear in the field and felt a surrounding qi machine. After that, Han Huan’s pupil shrank. "Ice strange qi machine?" The ice monster’s resistance was broken? Who is the ice monster? It’s amazing. "
John Huan slowly bent down to pick up a glittering and translucent get rid of debris in the eyes of a little shekinah flow indefinite guess heart flow.
"Being able to kill the ice monster must be a great doubt" is the only idea in John Huan’s heart at this time.
Chapter 1217 Palm Gankun sneak attack on channelization
John Huan before the two sides met to each other can kill ice monster in such a short time. It is rare to be afraid that it is a quasi-fairy stream.
"Now chaos has appeared around here, and such a strong man is unpredictable for me. Perhaps it is a passer-by who discovered the ice monster and killed it for the great competition." That John Huan was sullen, and plumes of ice jade-like stone in his hand drifted away with the wind.
Dragon Terran Battle Battlefield At this time, the ancient quasi-immortals and the four seas Dragon Palace quasi-dragon kings are constantly crumbling one after another, and the rivers passing by are broken again and again.
I don’t know how many sea monks have turned to dust, and the flesh and blood are flying.
At this time, Jade Duxiu, a mountain peak in Taidao Mountain Gate, has passed by with his hands and eyes. "If this is a barren ancient quasi-fairy, it is not a pity to be reincarnated."
"Everything is born to support everyone, but it destroys heaven and earth, causing several people to be robbed and turned into ashes." Jade Duxiu saw a rabbit eating in the eyes of Jade Duxiu, but who would have thought that a moment of earth-shattering energy fell from the virtual. The rabbit’s eyes were ignorant and turned into ashes
"You are guilty, and you are guilty." Jade Duxiu’s eyes flashed a obliteration machine. "Heaven and earth don’t punish people."
With that, Yu Duxiu was surrounded by a streamer flashing fog ink.
"Covering the battlefield, seeing that these guys are not pleasing to the eye, give them a lesson." Jade Duxiu takes a long way.
"Follow the Lord’s decree." The fog ink respectfully took a step by step to the jade show, and came to the center of the battlefield, constantly shuttling through the battlefield. Thick thick fog covered the field, and the black fog seemed to be the night arrival.
"Fog ink, what are you doing, you bastard? You have not quickly converged the fog and scored too much." The East China Sea Dragon King Yuntou looked at the field and stared at the battlefield. After seeing the spreading fog in the field, he flew into a rage.
"This is?" At this time, the ancient monster at war can’t see the surrounding opponents and suddenly becomes one leng.
However, with the help of the induction of Qi Qi, we found the former opponent and both sides continued to collide.
Looking at the fog pervading the whole battlefield, Jade Duxiu reveals a little sneer at the corner of her mouth for a moment, and the black gas in her right hand flies out and falls into the fog.
"Add a little seasoning for you and ask you to taste the reverse of Yin and Yang, which is fierce." After watching the reverse of chaos into the whole battlefield, Jade Duxiu took a step and disappeared into the fog.
"Time is running out, and these old guys must be given enlightenment before they fall into reincarnation." In the fog, Jade Duxiu kept shuttling back and forth, watching the wanton display of great power, famine, ancient quasi-immortals, and took out a golden bracelet in his right hand sleeve, which exudes immortal vitality and poverty.
"Come on, give up your seat completely." Jade Duxiu’s mouth tilted for a moment and the bracelet flashed out.
In the fog, a barren ancient quasi-fairy can no longer see the distant situation, but she can’t hold it. There are so many monks in the four seas, and no matter where she bombards with her magical powers at will, she can kill and injure a lot.
An ancient quasi-fairy is killing wildly. At this time, the fog covers and gets rid of the entanglement of the East China Sea quasi-dragon king. After that, the quasi-fairy kills one enemy after another with great power.
King Kong Zhuo is fierce, but this quasi-fairy is bent on killing, but she has never been prepared. Even if she finds something behind her, this kind of treasure, especially this kind of disaster and robbery, is not easy to stop.
I was surprised that the quasi-fairy was hit by the avatar by Jin Gangzhuo, and then the liquid splashed like a smashed watermelon.
It’s a great shame that the "bold man attacked the old lady" was short of breath and was smashed by a blow. It’s a great shame to see the whole body’s innate immortality and constant flesh and blood reorganization.
At this time, the virtual solidification of a vortex forms a palm that seems to cover the heavens and the world, and it has already fallen into the vortex before waiting for the barren ancient fairy to recover her body.
A hundred ghosts scattered in the palm of Gankun’s hand, and Road flyover Gengjin stepped forward to wait for the quasi-immortal to react and instantly expose the innate immortal light to Gankun in the palm of his hand again.
"Bold despicable acts unexpectedly dare to sneak up on the seat and make you look good today." This barren ancient quasi-fairy looked at Taoist Geng Jin, who was scattered by ghosts, and suddenly became angry from embarrassment. The innate immortal flashes of light did not return to the flesh and instantly beheaded the Taoist Geng Jin, who was scattered by ghosts.
"Come here and dare to be so arrogant. This old guy is really tired of living. You and I will quickly break this old guy’s innate immortality and help him." Road flyover Gengjin is surrounded by Gengjin shock wave.
"This is a great kindness". All ghosts and scattered people should be United for a moment, but they saw that both sides fought against the barren ancient fairy in unison.
Even if the ancient quasi-immortals are too severe at this time, facing the two quasi-immortals, they will be pound-foolish.
The law of heaven and earth is even more disordered when the virtual turmoil comes. The Taoist Geng Jin’s innate immortal aura is fleeting, and the immortal immortal aura of the ancient quasi-fairy is also uncomfortable to be hit by two people working together and torn apart.

The house will soon come to Xi Tong Yin.

"Sister Xun and Sister Bird, look, I have a kitten and a puppy."
"It’s dad who brought my dad back!"
So Tianyang saw Kaoru and the bird when he entered the house with Qingming.
Hold the two women in your arms and the sun will look around the day after tomorrow.
"Where’s Qianhong?"
The bird looked up and said with a smile, "She went hunting in the forest and said she wanted to get a deer back to mend Kaoru."
Kaoru shook his head and smiled. "I couldn’t tell her that I had recovered, but she said that she couldn’t sit still if she didn’t hunt."
Tianyang nodded. "It’s like she can do things."
Then Xun looked at Qing Ming, who was held up by the airflow. "Did you bring Qing Ming back?"
Tianyang nodded. "I have a hunch that she will soon wake up and bring her back."
Kaori couldn’t help but look at Tianyang with a faint uneasiness in my heart, but I couldn’t say for sure what it was.
"I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?"
Tianyang asked with a smile
The bird patted his chest and said, "Take care of me. I’ll cook now."
Tianyang nodded. "Thank you."
He then asked, "Where is Yongtai?"
Kaori pointed to the top of his head "sleeping"
"I’ll go and see him."
"I’ll go too!"
Xi Tong hugged Xiaohua Mall and said, "I want to tell Yongtai that we have a pet at home. A real pet!"
She put her arms around her and sat almost as tall as her wolf. "Of course I love you, too."
She kissed the wolf.
The wolf suddenly spat out his tongue and gasped.
Second floor bedroom
Tianyang gently pushed the door and saw a fat baby sleeping in a crib in the room.
He breathes evenly, he doesn’t know what he dreams of, and his mouth sucks from time to time.
Sunseeker Tong smiled softly while covering her mouth. "Yongtai, a glutton, must have dreamed that he was drinking milk."
Tianyang touched her head and said, "I’ll tell you a secret. You were like this when you were a child."
Sunseeker tong immediately pursed his mouth.
Tianyang smiled and walked to the bed, stretching out a finger and stroking Xiao Yongtai’s chubby face.
Tianyang’s eyes became soft and reluctant.
He looked at his son inch by inch as if he wanted to see this little figure in his heart.
Looking at such a sunny day, I don’t know the sunseeker Tong’s heart trembled gently, and the sight blurred as if there was a feeling of losing my father forever.
Before she left, her hand tightened Tianyang’s skirt.
not bad
Dad also
He didn’t leave
Tianyang looked back at her red-eyed daughter and said, "What’s the matter with you?"
"Nothing, nothing," said Sunseeker Tong, holding the kitten. "I’ll go and see if Sister Bird is ready to eat."
"Go" Tianyang smiled and pretended that he didn’t know his daughter’s little mood.
After Xi Tong left,
It’s just the sun and the baby in bed

"Why don’t you run away from me …" Fan Hua said with his last bite.

"It’s a good idea, but I have a little question to ask you." Qin Mu Ye’s face became serious.
"Excuse me," Fan Hua felt a little uncomfortable.
"Why?" Qin Mu Ye asked.
"What?" Fan Hua wondered why? He is a little hard to understand.
"Why do you want me to bear you with you when you make a mistake? I can say that I am a complete stranger, so you are involved in this catastrophe. As a result, I give you advice and you say no, but you want me to bear it. Why do you say this?" Qin Mu Ye stared at Fan Hua and asked very seriously.
At that time, Fan Hua was also speechless. Don’t say no because Qin Mu Ye said it was true.
This made all kinds of thoughts keep pouring out of his mind. Hui Jian wanted to help him cut off these troubles, but he stopped him. This is really not authentic.
"I … I …" He opened his mouth to say something to explain, but he was stuck in his heart and couldn’t say it.
"You shouldn’t let me bear the trouble you caused. My life here is good, but you made it look like this. Or did I wake you up because of my kindness?" Qin Mu Ye directly pointed at Fan Hua from a moral high point.
It seems that this young man has become an honest man directly after his transformation, and so does an honest man.
Otherwise, how can I say to find an honest man to take the blame? Isn’t it just bullying or worse, or when the other party doesn’t make sense?
"I went to ask … people even … even … to recognize it." Fan Hua said that she stumbled to say a name, but she couldn’t say it.
"Ah, this … I don’t think you can survive. Why don’t you get stronger first?" Qin Mu Ye thought that he really wanted to go to the rich woman to solve the problem. What else could he have fun with?
"Besides, your condemned man doomed love might have to carry a hundred piles before he gets to the Mu family. Then maybe he will form an alliance of victims to jointly kill you. Do you think you can handle it?"
Qin Mu Ye’s understanding of the yellow hair gift package is still very profound
Fan Hua’s face turned green, too. Qin Mu Ye said it was very reasonable. He has experienced a lot of losses in this kind of thing. He has the help of Hui Jian and runs fast, which only provoked the Mu family. If he is not strong enough to go rashly, the road will be dangerous.
If you are not careful, he will get stuck again. If you really want to set up this so-called alliance of victims, you may have to form a vicious circle.
"Daoyou willing to help me?" Looked at Qin Mu Ye Fan Hua look some wonderful.
Qin Mu Ye face a black "I can be a little forced? I was willing to help you? That’s because you pulled me to help you. "
This made Fan Hua instantly embarrassed.
"No, Daoyou, just be strong yourself. Why should I be strong?" Fan Hua also reacted that there was something wrong with this logic.
"What gives you courage to think that I can break through Luo Jinxian before being hacked to death by the Mu family?"
"The best solution is that you become stronger and show enough potential, and then chop down the other person and fly with your rich woman, and then we will bury the hatchet and everything will be solved."
Qin Mu Ye’s idea is the optimal solution. After all, it’s not that big for others to have opinions. After all, it’s a son-in-law who can enter the Mu family. It must be a son-in-law. Generally speaking, it’s not very popular.
"This … really work?" Fan Hua’s little appearance seems to be a little heart-warming, but it seems that he has thought of something again and is a little depressed. "I’m not good at it."
"Don’t worry, I can help you. You can’t do it. After all, if you want to die for both of us, it’s natural for you to be chased by the Mu family, but I don’t want to."
"So if you don’t think about it yourself, you have to think about me."
Qin Mu Ye took each other into the pit without hesitation.
Chapter 763 Leave to kill abandoned shakotan coast
"Lie trough run! ! !” Qin Mu Ye mirror demon mirror, the golden light pushes forward all the way, and also follows the dusty Fan Hua. He is flying with the royal sword, and naturally it is Hui Jian.
I have to say that this thing is really capable. It seems that there are a lot of spirit and beast skills besides the natural spirit and beast skills. Otherwise, how can it be condensed into essence? After all, this thing is a physical attack and an attack on the soul rather than the flesh. Now it can run away with Fan Hua. It must be assisted by his spirit and beast skills.
"Dao you this cat calculus is not allowed, how can you be ambushed" Fan Hua is also a nai.
He followed Qin Mu Ye’s plan to leave the city and find a secret place to experience and see if he can find some resources to raise the spirit beast. Unexpectedly, he was stared at by the Mu family before he left the city.
People just killed them and surrounded them, so they could run away.
Qin Mu Ye’s hand mirror demon can use the golden light in the mirror as a propeller, but it is really not good if it really comes to fight.
Although Fan Huahui’s sword has a sword in its name, it is actually a very auxiliary spirit beast. It is not very good at fighting. It is really the help of sitting in the soul, other spirit beasts and spirit benders
Both of them are mixed up, but how can they fight each other across from the main C.
"If I am a diviner, you can guess how I was implicated by you?" Qin Mu Ye quite some language said.
"…" Fan Hua felt that Qin Mu Ye agreed to be reasonable. How could it be possible to fall into this field?
"Then where should we go now? How to dump them? "Fan Hua is also helpless. After all, when he was killed before, he just chose a direction to running all the way.
It’s different now. With Qin Mu Ye, he can choose better. After all, he is good at cat calculus and maybe he can find some chance to live.
"Going anywhere is the same as dumping them …" Qin Mu Ye manipulated the golden light in the mirror to escape a fireball before saying, "Do you think this group of people can really dump them if they bite so tightly?"
"Otherwise, just visible, we can go back and hack them to death, and everything will be solved."
Qin Mu Ye said that he could not solve this problem but could find a way to solve the manufacturing problem.
"Daoyou is the possibility that the two of us together can’t beat the group behind." Fan Hua said that what you said is very reasonable, but the problem is that if they can’t solve the problem of manufacturing, people will not be hunted down.
"PSST ~ You are good at such an inscrutable question today." Qin Mu Ye said with a gasp.
"Cough friends don’t be poor. Do you have any idea?" Fan Hua asked
"No, I want to have a way to run early." Qin Mu Ye glanced at the people who came after him and always felt that there was something wrong.
It’s like deliberately killing them, not really killing them. If you really want to catch Fan Huamu’s family, how can there be so many people? It’s a shame.
At one time, there was no Mu family in the big family of Lingdi, so the Mu family was devastated and did not exterminate.
But even if it’s bone-breaking, it’s also a big family. It’s not true that Fan Hua has fled many times before sending these crooked melons and cracked dates. What Qin Mu Ye feels like is deliberately chasing after rather than catching Fan Hua.
Another is that he remembers that there is no pick Jin Xian in Mu family, and the bone is broken because Mu family pick Jin Xian was killed by the spirit emperor for a reason, not only Mu family, but also his big family, and now it has Jin Xian level.
It seems that he is almost dead, too. It is the spirit emperor who fucked him. It is not generally cruel to maintain the stability and reform of the whole spirit dynasty.
Nowadays, the high-end combat power of the whole royal spirit world has plummeted to 7 th-order Jin Xian except the spirit emperor and his spirit beast
From the point of view of Lingdi, it is really not a big problem, which weakens the combat power, balances the benefits and liberates a lot of resources, so that he can better grasp the situation.
But from the perspective of the whole spiritual world, it is not a good thing, and it has weakened its effective strength.
This is a good thing for Qin Mu Ye. Without the order, Qin Mu Ye can handle the exposure risk better and reduce the exposure risk a little.
However, even the 7th-order Jin Xian is enough to suppress the aristocratic families. After all, everyone is half a catty, and the spiritual emperor’s rank is too high, and he has got what they want, so everything will naturally remain the same.
It is those big families who are also holding back bad things. It is very difficult to find a way to make Jin Xian in the family break through pick Jin Xian. It is really difficult to break through long ago, but there is no way to break through in a short time.
"Isn’t that always trying to get rid of us …" Fan Hua was a little anxious.
"I’m relieved. Anyway, it’s all death. Fear of death and happiness are two ways to die. Let’s be happy." Qin Mu Ye didn’t worry about it.

Easy to find a bench in the quiet square, sit on the top of your head, step on the ground in the bright sun, watch the crowds surge, hear and hear the whistle, feel the wind and dust.

A young girl wearing trendy ornaments walked down the street and looked at Yi twist her head and said to her companion, "KINOMOTO SAKURA, have you seen that man? My hair is so long, bright, floating and smooth, better than mine. "
KINOMOTO SAKURA walked forward and turned to look at the man from time to time and said to his companion, "Yes, I have seen this man for a long time. It’s strange to sit there motionless. It was almost an hour when we came here."
His temperament is outstanding, his face is handsome, he sits motionless in the central square, and his long hair is swaying in the wind, which frequently arouses passers-by to watch. There are also people in the tall building who stop him as soon as they see his eyes.
Endurance: Insist on the body’s immobility. Put your mind to the outside world. Your mind is not strong. Join the subjective consciousness. When you are a pure bystander, your distractions are not strong. Just stay somewhere and leave a little "according to your heart".
But it’s easy to tolerate people’s eyes when people treat this street like monkeys. It seems that some mysterious fluctuation will move for a long time and make him have an unnatural reaction.
It’s easy to have more distractions in the brain, and the outside world is noisy, so it’s even more difficult to look at things with both eyes, such as seeming and not looking at physical cohesion, that is, to integrate the whole world’s vision without distinction or hierarchy.
It is easy to fall into a kind of spiritual realm, turn a blind eye to the outside world, seek quietness and movement, and realize that it is rare to be quiet and not stick to one method.
Finally, pedestrians stopped looking at Yi frequently, just like sitting here without this person, Yi also realized a little integration of heaven and earth in a quiet machine.
At noon, a young man in his thirties with a soft face and elegant temperament came up in the distance and took a close look at Yi.
He said, "The Tao is friendly and elegant, but it is a perfect place to practice God here."
Yi glanced at him lightly, nodded, got up and walked a few steps without a trace of fireworks. The large square had left a warm smell of chair wood.
The man looked at Yi so distracted and swept it several times, knowing that it was a master, patting his face with his right hand and saying to himself, "This mouth is owed! I know that people are refining their gods, but they are out … Hey! "
Easily perceived
The beauty of uniting the heavens and the earth is always somewhat inductive, but the pagoda seems to be silent and thoughtful.
He flew all the way to a man’s valley in Nanling, sitting cross-legged and closing the curtains, which interfered with the quiet place. He forgot to help him find something, that is, he was "refining gas in a quiet place"
"It is impossible to observe the motive by observing the movement and taste in the stillness and observing the stillness."
In this way, "refining the spirit in trouble", "refining the spirit in silence" and "staying in Dan’s realm" were repeated repeatedly for three points and one line, and they were not moved by the outside world for 20 days until Suoya called.
Easy-to-sit chair in the central square. The old sound track is put in the ear. "Is it arranged?"
SuoYa hate tunnel "the younger generation this more than a month but lost a circle and acting and pretending that the king egg track down … then pretend to be close to the younger generation, the younger generation didn’t say that he blocked the house for two times according to the plan! Senior, you don’t know how hard that Chang Guang’s fist is, so that one of his ribs is broken. You have to kill him this time to relieve your hatred! Now Chang Guang has restored seven floors to repair the younger generation, and he will come out in tandem for a while. The predecessors are now going to the cave of Langya Mountain to arrange and wait for a younger generation and Chang Guang to leave after an hour. "
"Well done, kill him neatly. I’m good. You can use the" baby burning and body burning hermetic "! And are you sure to sneak attack and kill him in one fell swoop? "
Suoya sounds a little proud. "The younger generation deliberately forged a dagger to hide poison and filth, and once he punctured his skin, he was told to die. This poison was obtained by the younger generation in his early years, and it was so toxic that it never touched even pure gold."
"It’s no good for the younger generation to refine this dagger with the protection of the symbol. At this time, this dagger will be corroded clean. The younger generation also arranged several malicious spells for the dagger to pierce his body. The younger generation will instantly launch the dirty energy department and be blown to a pulp … haha …"
Easy to nod. "Don’t be afraid to delay too long at the beginning. That little secret means to connect others will be called Mangshan when you learn that it’s bad for you." Tell me again that Chang Guang has a powerful magic weapon? "
"His magic weapon is a big black banner, where 30,000 ghosts are hidden. It’s simply a cover day to launch together, and it’s dark and fierce to scream together. If people guard against the instantaneous flying of souls, don’t be lucky to kill many people by this move. Be careful.
Easy to think, I want to cover the Xuan Hun God’s curtain with the highest plough outside.
"And he refined Yin Lei bombs to hurt the flesh. As far as the younger generation knows, there is no external object to protect the body and refine the spirit. A virtual person can be blown to pieces by Yin Lei bombs."
"When another poison barrier canopy is sacrificed, it will turn into colored poison smoke, which will form a size of ten feet. As he moves closer, the poison barrier will automatically attack. If you inhale a little, you will be implicated in the poison barrier. If you drive away the poison, you will always know where you go, and the poison smoke will do the greatest harm to the Yuan God. Anyway, you should always use a magic weapon to protect yourself when your predecessors are against the enemy, or you will have to catch him. There are many magic weapons that are very sinister. The younger generation didn’t find out clearly, but he wanted to let the younger generation seize the opportunity. He was
"Ha ha, good, good, good, old man, I’ll ambush you, and then I’ll arrange two laws outside the cave, and then I’ll meet you as a treasure hunter, and then atrix will improvise."
"Good elder, I’ll come out as soon as I clean up."
"Well, the old man is leaving now." Easy to leave for Jiangxi Province with his mobile phone.
During the period, Xuan Hun released the curtain to protect the skin in vitro, and some ebony aura was absorbed in the other day’s gangqi possession, which became the devil who took treasure in the East China Sea island that day.
Fortunately, it’s easy to develop the practice of the plough cover in my spare time, so that I can always connect myself. If the outside world doesn’t touch the plough cover, I won’t be a spark.
However, it needs to be controlled by God at all times, or it will automatically dissipate the waves. If Suoya finds out, I don’t know what the consequences will be
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and seventy-five The whole wide ghost.
The road was hidden from the monks who crossed the three provinces along the way and came to Hefeng, Jiangxi Province
Boming in Hefeng Jiangxi Province said that Gu Dayu was still a mountain bag when he was controlling water, and then he stayed here for three days.
In one night, I dreamed of cranes flying down the earth and woke up to see that my residence had turned upside down. Looking down at Fiona Fang, it turned into large and small peaks for dozens of miles, and all of them looked like cranes. They were very gods, so they named themselves Hefeng and announced the flood.
It is easy to see that the main peak is a bit like a crane, and the rest of it is the general peak, which may be the former government. It attracts tourists to write stories in person to form a unique humanistic story background, which makes people have an intuitive impression. When you think of Dayu, you think of Hefeng.
There is a secret cave in the back of Hefeng Mountain, where Suoya personally searched and found the implementation place of this plan.
Although this is a crane peak, there are still many snakes here. It is easy to find a lot of poisonous snakes. This is why no tourists come here to explore. So it is a good place to find a career.
There are several arrays at the entrance of Yi cave, and a little smell of dragon, toad essence and giant scorpion Dan is released nearby, so that Chang Guang can’t tell the truth of things, so he goes into the cave to find treasure.
Although the layout is a little crude, it is necessary to be curious and go into the hole to find out.
It is easy to walk along the tunnel direction and gradually widen. It is found that another Gankun is a small stone bud cave with uneven yellow-gray walls and scattered crystals.
Stalactites on both sides of the cave roof are connected to form a strange stone pillar, which is very inconspicuous without beautiful visual effect.
Going further inside, the tunnel becomes narrow, so that two people can walk side by side. It is easy to walk for a long distance, and it is found that this hole leads to the ground, and there is a pool, a river and other waterways.
Yi returned to the previous Shiya Cave Hall as soon as he arranged along the way, took out the flying sword and hacked around for a while, sprinkling some blood to confuse people’s minds.
Soon he came to talk outside the cave, and then he roared, and the cave trembled, and stones shot in, followed by footsteps and two people talking.
SuoYa chagrin anxious voice to "how did that happen! I’ll arrange the array. How can it be ruined? Someone must have got there first. Let’s go in. "
Chang Guang tapering voice out "nonsense Laojiu, if you had told me earlier, maybe the turtle at the bottom of the pool would have fallen on me … we have it in our hands … Shit … someone is fighting … the blood is still wet … Let’s go …"
Two people just want to go in along the stone bud cave hall, but a broken tunnel is quickly returned by the junior and senior.
A sound changed from vague to clear: "I just killed two treasure-hunting monsters, but I didn’t expect two little lambs to come again. Today, I called you back and forth."
Then Yi appeared in front of two people with a steel seal wrapped in green mist in his right hand.
Look at Chang Guang’s small nose, triangular eyes, sparse hair, yellow color, green face and brown fur robe.
Chang Guang couldn’t see each other’s meditation and couldn’t find out what to make. I knew that I had encountered a hard stubble, and my eyes turned and quickly waved. "Wait, wait! Since Taoist friends come first, my other disciples are not good at stealing people’s beauty and leave now. "Say that finish, I pulled a handful of rope to go."
Suoya was anxious, but he didn’t dare to struggle. His left eye blinked at Yi and chimed in, "Yes, let’s go."
"If you break the old law, you can come and go whenever you want. How can there be such a good thing?"
It’s easy to drink the sacrifice, and it’s a big thunder, and it’s changed into a half-acre-sized stamp, and it’s smashed at the mouth of the cave. This smash has enveloped most of the cave halls.
Chang Guang see each other unappreciative heart to gas also offer a dark seal against the top of the head.
Suoya pretended to retreat, took out a small prayer, read a spell, released a piece of black gas, and attacked Yi, unhappy and slow. At the same time, he watched the four directions and paid attention to Chang Guang’s dynamics, ready to give him a dagger at any time.
It’s easy for the body to shake, and the thunder and fire seals are knocked back, so I hurriedly pinch the tactic and hit it again. At the same time, I shipped the floating wave technique to dodge the black fog coming from Suoya.
Chang Guang saw that his magic seal was lost to him, so he quickly took it back and hid to one side, took out the magic complications and put the ghost out, and it was dark.
"Rumble ….." Print hit the ground easy to flash to the mouth of the cave, and the right index finger is far away, and it suddenly flies up and changes.
There was a burst of noise in the split, and the blue-green earth arc and the soaring flame attacked Chang Guang with fierce power like a shock wave. The dark ghost scream flew around and was split by the arc without escaping the moment.
How many magic runes did Yi depict when refining the thunder seal of Dadu? How many exorcism tricks have you played? Even if he can’t count it himself, and it’s thunder and fire, it’s a good effect to deal with this kind of ghost
Chang Guang is so angry that the hole is blocked and the hole is still so small. The other party takes out such a small thunder and fire seal to attack this magic weapon, but they have to put the magic seal forward.
I don’t know how easy it is to read my mind, and I’m afraid of those ghosts.
The two seals hit each other, and the seal won and thundered, and the bottom of the seal flashed against Chang Guang.
Chang Guang raised his hand and let out a piece of black light to protect his body. He gave up control. When he breathed in his hands, the black light stood up and split to form a large black palm.
"bang! Bang! Bang! Bang … clicked his heels together … boomed … "Dong Xiang irrigation three people eardrums roar noise than noise.
Yi Shennian is connected by the thunder and fire seal, and it is also trembling all over with this palm. It seems that I stepped back a few steps to spray blood on the fire seal and read two spells to pinch the tactic and urge it.
Chang Guang looked at his palm work and smiled proudly. Then he looked at the hot stamp and turned red. A piece of power was more prosperous. A blue thunder split at himself and quickly dodged his hands and split the seal.
If you don’t work hard next to Suoya, jump to Chang Guang’s right and shout, "Brother, I’ll help you!" Said is also a big black palm forward split printing.
"good! Help me hold on! " Chang Guang saw SuoYa help to take out a gray bead offering. The right hand in front of him pointed to the gray bead and turned it round and round. It was dazzling to split it and turn it around, and it seemed to be sucked in.
This also don’t give up Chang Guang and throw a khaki magic weapon five meters in front of the ground at the rebuke of that thing into the ground.

"A thirteen is too bad, okay?" Wenxuan is in charge of this activity. After being fooled by Lin Jin and getting lost, they directly chose to take a taxi. Now they spend more than a dozen yuan for dinner and more than 20 yuan for Wenxuan’s heart.

Although his students are quite rich, they just spent hundreds in the last two weeks, and now he is too poor to buy games.
"Lord …" Lin Jin gently coughed a little and walked to Wenxuan and Wu Min’s desk with his head down. Although he picked the long gloves with white silk, they felt very good, but they were particularly easy to slip. Yesterday, when he was not used to it, he knocked over three or four plates. "Wenxuan Wu Min went back to my class and waited for me to change clothes."
"Then you hurry up." Wenxuan looked down and found that she set off at 5: 30, but it was almost seven o’clock in the blink of an eye
"You eat too slowly." Wu Min has finished eating early and is now ready to lick the plate clean.
In the dressing room, Lin Jin took off the maid’s clothes and threw them into the dirty clothes basket, revealing the maid’s clothes, big boxers and white short sleeves. Just glance at the wardrobe and see the stacks of white stockings and white gloves inside, and I always feel that my mouth is sobbing.
These white stockings are said to be bad taste. Sister Chen bought them for the staff. Everyone in this restaurant should have long legs with white silk, but the staff protested strongly that these white stockings belonged to Lin Jin.
Even if you lose a pair of stockings a day, you can wear them for months, right?
With a sigh, it’s only the second day today, and I’ve only been working for more than an hour, but he can’t stand it anymore.
Calling people "master" every day is almost a mantra. The first sentence of meeting someone will pop out of your mouth uncontrollably.
Conveniently change clothes in the closet. Although he wore a short sleeve next to his skin, it was a little uncomfortable for him to wear women’s clothes, but Lin Jinke didn’t want to be really naked in this strange environment.
In good clothes Wenxuan and Wu Min two people have been waiting for Lin Jin to say hello to mom and then follow them to leave.
"How long are you going to do it?" Wu Min today, Lin Jin doesn’t seem to feel anything. When he was working, Wenxuan kept taking pictures of him, while Wu Min kept bowing his head to eat, just like a hungry ghost. Now he left the restaurant, but suddenly he talked more. "It takes half an hour to walk by car every day to come and work. Should the salary be quite high?"
"Just do it for a week." This is the first time that Lin Jin appeared in front of them in normal women’s clothes. She always felt a little stiff. "The salary is quite high. Fifteen yuan an hour. If I am willing to miss school, I can earn three or four thousand yuan a month."
Having said that, Lin Jin is also planning to finish it. At that time, the salary will be increased and the brand-name clothes will be sold. It is not certain that there will be a lot of money in the account.
After all, although I am used to being a maid these two days, Lin Jin is still reluctant to keep doing this kind of work.
"You are going to Taiwan to sing on New Year’s Day, aren’t you?" Wenxuan walked side by side with his hands in his coat pockets and Wu Min. "Are you going out to live this semester?"
"Ah?" Lin Jin didn’t understand Wenxuan’s sudden words.
It’s fun to live in a dormitory with three people. Why let him go out suddenly?
"You are a girl, of course, you can’t always mix boys’ dormitories." Wu Min naturally echoed Wenxuan’s words. He looked at Lin Jin’s back and felt that Lin Jin’s women’s clothes were much more beautiful than men’s clothes. Although her personality was still so feminine, she could be regarded as a woman instead of getting along with him day and night
Is that wig the main foil?
Lin Jin is still a ponytail today, but this time it’s a single ponytail and a double ponytail, which is a bit too secondary. I always feel that it’s not suitable for reality. Liu Hai is a flat bangs. Fortunately, it’s a changeable wig, otherwise I’m afraid I have to go to the barber shop to get a flat bangs.
"Speaking of which, you have put on your women’s clothes today, or go to my house?" Wenxuan took one look at Lin Jin and said, "Although it’s quite late, my mother certainly won’t hold you back for dinner so late."
"Really?" Lin Jin hesitated to look at the night and glanced at Wu Min. "Where is your home?"
"The taxi will arrive in the past half an hour outside the island" Wenxuan yawned.
"This ….." Jin Lin finished not ready to see Wenxuan’s mother. After all, he agreed to wait until the week when he felt it was still early, so he simply forgot about it.
Hesitant cell phone trembling helped Lin Jin choose the answer smoothly.
"All right," he hesitated just now. He immediately nodded and took out his mobile phone. He glanced at it and found that it was a temporary sigh. Now he wants to rack his brains to think about how to deal with Wenxuan’s mother. "Is your mother good at fooling?"
"Good fool don’t worry" Wenxuan decisive nod and then to one side Wu Min said "you go back first? Or come and play with me? "
"I’ll go home," said Wu Min, laughing. "Just call me when I meet Lin Jin’s mother-in-law."
"You go! It’s not that I don’t know it’s acting. "Lin Jin rolled his eyes. He can be sure that Wenxuan doesn’t have his ideas for him, okay? There is no Wenxuan name on the admirer’s side.
"I’ll call a car."
Lin Jin looked at Wu Min by bus and glanced at the bench in the bus, sitting with a big makin knife and legs apart.
Eh, I don’t know if Wenxuan’s mother is really easy to fool.
Lin Jin took the initiative to merge her legs. Although it was a fool, she still had to be gay, otherwise it would be bad to be lectured by Wenxuan’s mother in the past
Chapter 13 11MMP!
While waiting for Wenxuan’s mobile phone software to call for a taxi, it suddenly occurred to Lin Jin … It seems that in many novels, there are protagonists pretending to be girlfriends, right?
Is it possible to learn directly from the protagonist’s actions in the novel?
Lin Jin frowned slightly and kept remembering that he had read the transformation novels during this period, but except for those urban novels in transformation skin, he found that although he did read several novels disguised as his girlfriend, he could not remember the plot.
"The car is coming" Wenxuan suddenly woke up.
"Oh, oh," Lin Jin got up and glanced at Wenxuan beside him. This guy is not one meter and seven thin. He is like a skin and bones. Although he is wearing women’s Wenxuan, there is no couple around him.
"Do you want to pay attention to anything when you go to your house?" Lin Jin took a taxi, and it was like waiting for the execution ground. "Will your mother have any rules? What do you have to wait for your elders to eat first, don’t pout or give gifts when you meet for the first time? "
"There aren’t so many rules." Wenxuan yawned beside Lin Jin and turned his head out of the window. "If my mother thinks you are good, she should give you hundreds of dollars in red envelopes, right?"
"Well …" Lin Jin nodded. If Wenxuan didn’t say that his mother would give a red envelope, Lin Jin wouldn’t go, okay? A few hundred dollars in red envelopes, eh? Anyway, I’ve lost all my moral integrity, and there’s nothing wrong with losing it again.
Anyway, I have money to take and the black cat gave it to …
Meet the parents temporarily!
Although you are not a real parent, you should also accumulate experience with parents ~ You should work hard to finish this temporarily! But also let Wenxuan parents agree with you!
Reward the perfect corset [so that no one in your boys’ dormitory will notice that you are a sister! 】
Punish the little brother by 3CM [in this case, you will become a famous deputy! It’s six centimeters.
Looking at the phone, Lin Jin’s mouth involuntarily sobbed.
"Hey! What the hell is this little brother shortening three centimeters? " Lin Jin had a bad premonition that when he saw the punishment, he almost felt like a lightning strike.
Mp has shrunk a lot since the black cat or unified reasons. Do you still want to do this now?
Minus three centimeters …
Lin Jin is very skeptical about whether she still has three centimeters to reduce, but she is still very satisfied with her existing length of nine centimeters.
After all, I heard that the average Asian is only 12 centimeters.
But! If it’s really punish! That’s the level of being laughed at! Although it is hard for Lin Jin to make herself hard now, is this a man’s talent? !
Lin Jin deeply frowned and admitted that she should be recognized by Wenxuan’s mother no matter what! After all, the punishment is absolutely unacceptable to him, and the reward is good. Although it’s nothing big now, it will be great when it comes to summer. Okay.
Perfect corset! It sounds beautiful.
Lin Jin temporarily forgot that the punishment was very serious for him, and pinned his beautiful fantasy on the reward, asking him to hide his chest perfectly and become a big man after this!
Of course, it may also be an airport girl.
"Here we are"
Thinking about the heart, Lin Jin didn’t have the scenery around his heart. wait for a while followed Wenxuan’s car and looked up to find that he had come to a community.
A small river in this community looks like a newly-built community, and the greening has not been completed yet. The trees on both sides of the street are still small saplings, but the residential buildings are amazing. Each building has about 34 floors. At first glance, the dense residential buildings see Lin Jin dazzled.
The main entrance of the residential area is four meters high and about ten meters wide. The road in the residential area is wide enough for three or four cars to parallel without congestion.
"Where do rich people live?" Lin Jin said to herself.
"No, my home is very small." Wenxuan took Lin Jin into the community and turned to the cobblestone pavement of the garden after passing a road. "It seems that my family bought a house three years ago. If it weren’t for my university, I would rarely live in it."
"Really …" Lin Jin sobbed at the corner of his mouth. "Not the kui is a rich man. There are three buildings in my community, and my house is only over 50 square meters and there is no furniture."
"It’s not like you to pretend to be miserable." Wenxuan said that he didn’t believe what Lin Jin said
However, Lin Jin is telling the truth this time. His father sold all his furniture at a low price because of gambling. Now there are a few lamps and a few stools left in the furniture, but fortunately, there is also a video camera that is even smaller than a notebook screen.
Wenxuan turned seven times and took Lin Jin along a strange path. Lin Jin looked at the route with a stupid face and turned it about three times. Later, he didn’t have enough brains to let him completely forget how he should go back.
Take a residential building Wenxuan didn’t take the ladder and walked directly to the fourth floor. The key opened the door.

Lin decided to … Look at what this creature is.

When Lynn thinks so, the cracks become more and more.
Some liquid squeezed into the crack and flowed out.
These flowing liquids have gathered into … a colorful creation.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and four Dangerous creatures
"I came to this world again … I want to destroy everything I see!"
"Ah … the shadow is the creature raised? Come here quickly! We will fight it back! "
This is a fierce war, and several mantis-shaped creatures are wearing all kinds of weapons and rushing to their targets without fear of death … a huge black shadow.
And their theory is that attacking all methods can do effective damage to this shadow, and the shadow can kill a large number of mantis-shaped creatures with a slight movement.
"I will exterminate your department from here!"
When mantis biological bodies piled up into a hill, the shadow climbed to the mountain and mantis biological language said such a sentence.
This creature … seems quite interesting.
Lin, two pompoms are floating, and there is a mass of creatures ten meters in front of them.
This creature is pure color. It is like a lump of soft mud and has no fixed shape … It was true at that time when it first emerged.
Now a part of its body forms a sphere with a diameter of more than one meter, which can be said to be a display screen.
Because there is a demonstration … those mantis-shaped creatures were slaughtered.
It’s like a movie. There are not only pictures but also … voice-over.
"This horrible creature has been released, and it will destroy the world, all living things and other gods."
"Who can stop it? Who can avoid this horrible destruction? "
When the ball plays the picture, it keeps clicking. This is the mantis-shaped biological language, which is probably what it means in translation.
Then … the picture disappeared, and the creature slowly changed back to the shape of mud and crawled slowly.
"Do you want to destroy them?" When it crawled for a while, Lin asked a pompom to click.
"…" The colored mud didn’t speak but stopped. Lin found that its body bulged in the shape of a ball.
After a while, the bulging part cracked and crawled out of it … a ball almost the same as a fluffy ball.
The size and diameter are all one meter, and the only difference is that the fluffy balls it extrudes are colored.
However, this colorful fluffy ball showed its fluff at the moment it came out and stabbed Lin’s fluffy ball at the same time.
And Lin’s fluff ball also stabbed it at the same time.
So a lot of fluff collided in the air, and Inlin and it … both hardened the ends of the hairs, so they collided and the air kept crackling.
Lin feels that it’s quite like … Ershimin’s sword fight.
Every fluff is a sword. When a large number of fluff collide in the air, it seems that there are many small sparks.
Moreover, Lin found that the colored one was almost as fast as the fluffy ball, so it was inseparable.
So Lin asked the captain-shaped pompoms next to him to send some commands to the colored pompoms and mud.
But Lin found that they didn’t respond at all. It seems that they are not creatures that the captain can command.
And Lin found that … the soft mud seemed to notice Captain Lin’s fluffy ball after receiving the information.
So its body bulged with a spherical structure. After a while, another colored fluffy ball emerged from the soft mud.
This new colorful pompom doesn’t have tentacles to fight, but it will send out a lot of signals like Captain Lin’s pompom.
These signals are very … miscellaneous, not the mandatory command signals of captain creatures.
Talking stubbornly is similar to noise, which can not control organisms but can interfere with biological nervous system.
It seems that this ooze … is really interesting. It will imitate creatures and create a similar’ arms’ in a short time.
"It … escaped … put it …"
Then Lin noticed that a statue of mantis moved next to it.
Its blade-like forelimbs suddenly became extremely dazzling and looked like a’ lightsaber’.
It came at once and shone, and its forelimbs slammed into the colored mud, but the colored mud hid faster.
At the same time, Lin found that a colored fluffy ball sent a lot of’ noise’ signals to mantis, which made mantis stand still.
And the mud body bulged again at this moment. After more than ten seconds, Lin found that an individual who looked exactly like this mantis had emerged from the mud.
Of course, it is also color.
"No …"
The mantis-shaped creature recovered at this time. After seeing the scene before it, it spoke words containing despair.
Then it was pierced by colored mantis.
Then this colorful mantis and two other pompoms attacked Lin’s pompoms.
So Lin let the pompoms explode.

But unlike Yi Yue Lu Xi, he vaguely felt the oppression from the golden Guanghua man in front of him.

It’s a real person
And it is not simple.
A new contact with the world should have such a strong person?
But I am a guide, and I am from an oasis. I want to be elegant and calm.
Yi Yue Lu Xi restored calm. "You are the host. Tell me what you want to buy."
In front of him, the man pondered, "How much do you know about evil spirits?"
Evil god!
"I didn’t expect you to have heard of Baal."
She was slightly surprised. "I don’t know much about the evil spirit, so I will send you some information."
Consider it a personal favor.
The world’s potential seems beyond imagination. Now is the time. You can earn more by collecting projects later.
She said, "Evil gods are located in the deepest part of the mysterious world. There are some simple honorific names to shape them, such as" dark shadow ","scarlet moon ","twisted black river "and" fallen emperor ".
The specific silver-haired woman seems to be really unclear.
However, she said, "Evil spirits are too far away, and cultists who believe in evil spirits are already the enemy of our mankind, no matter which world or oasis cultists come from, they are absolute enemies."
"At the beginning of your world, you may still think that the real disaster comes from the evil spirits. There are a lot of evil spirits, but there are no intelligent monsters after all, and the sacrifice of evil gods can control such monsters."
"Not only that, but in the eyes of normal world evil gods like you, they will do their best to sacrifice the world to them and believe in God, and they will continue to develop cults."
"The simplest comparison is that our normal human awakening needs to go through many crises. One carelessness is serious injury or death, but cultists are different. It is not difficult for them to accumulate mystery and break through, and it is much easier to be attacked by evil spirits."
Sophisticated evil is a natural breed of monsters in the realm of deception, and there is no wisdom
Cults are transformed from human intelligent creatures.
Awakening is easier to break through the pass, there is not so much danger, and it is easier to walk freely in the paradox world than to walk like them.
Such a contrast seems that the normal road awakens have no advantage at all, and they are crushed by the evil way!
Fang you thought
Punishment thunder can’t help but ask what’s on his mind. Good question.
"Since cultists are so hanged, isn’t everyone going to believe?"
If faith is free, it is ok to believe a little.
The strength and life are not poor.
But the punishment of thunder is not so simple.
Sure enough, the silver-haired woman said, "It’s too beautiful to think that everyone who is a cult can be punished because the cult can’t call anyone, even if he used to be a man, but once he believes in an evil god, his body and mind are all that evil god."
"They give everything to Baal than fanaticism and don’t transfer their will. In other words, from the moment they believe in Baal, you are no longer you."
Punishment thunder wanted to mean to ask.
"If you pretend to be a heretic, it is impossible for an evil god to note every believer."
"It’s true that the vast majority of believers are dispensable for evil spirits, and they will be sacrificed and pretended to be from time to time, but if a promotion ceremony … well, that is, a cult awakening ceremony, it will be assimilated and can’t be saved."

Ling Yuan was frightened like Ling Dingzong.

Later, Ling Youdao described in detail what happened after they went to the Wan Islands chain. Of course, the Qingdanmen Lingmai Lingyan incident did not.
After listening to his explanation, Ling Yuan was like a sigh.
"So you got the jade slips of recent times?"
In recent times, the prosperity of Beihai Terran Xiandao is far from that of Beihai Terran Xiandao today.
Many monks hope to find inheritance from the ruins of 10 thousand years ago, so as to make the fairy road of Beihai Terran bright.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Tianhe Dafa array true solution!
Ling Youdao greeted Ling Yuan like Ling Dingzong and nodded, "Yes, we did get a lot of jade slips in recent ancient times this time."
With that, he let out all the jade slips in the bag. After a flash of light, many jade slips piled up in the middle of the hall like a hill.
The sudden appearance of so many jade slips has given Lingyuan elephant Lingdingzong a great impact.
The two men were speechless with their mouths open.
Later, Lingyuan Xiangcai said, "There are so many jade slips in recent times."
Ling Youdao sighed, "Alas, although there are many jade slips, it’s a pity that there are a few jade slips for the family."
Although Qingdan Gate was powerful in recent ancient times, there were many Yuanying bodhi old zu sitting in it.
However, after all, it was an elixir force when it was destroyed, and it took ten thousand years to destroy what was left in wartime, which really didn’t have much to do with Cang Li Ling’s family.
"There is a saying that you must not look at the problem like this. After all, these jade slips refer to things in recent times. Although they may not necessarily enhance the strength of the family monks, they also have unique features that are definitely helpful to the family."
Ling Youdao’s heart slightly vibrates and surrenders modestly, saying, "The second grandpa’s lesson is"
Ling Yuanxiang nodded with satisfaction, "Confucianism can be taught."
Immediately, he said, "You put these jade slips away, and we will check them one by one before sending them to the family sutra depository for reading."
Then see ling Youdao’s right hand a recruit piled up like a hill, and the jade slips disappeared instantly, and the missing part was put into the bag in his hand.
The bag suddenly floated towards Lingyuan Elephant.
LingYuan like deep right hand bag firmly fell into the palm of his hand.
"Second Grandpa and Fourth Uncle, in addition to these jade slips, we also got two jade slips in the ruins, which have a shit on the family, which is incomparable to all the jade slips in front."
Ling Yuan looked at Ling Youdao like Ling Dingzong in surprise.
Jade slips in Lingyuan elephant’s hands say that the value is great, and the value is really great, but if it is small, it is not much smaller.
Not to mention the geographical records of China, we can convey the distribution of some forces in the terran environment in eastern China in recent times.
Today, monks can also look for the remains of Zongmen in recent times according to geographical records.
There are many benefits, but it is not easy to list them one by one.
If the five major factions of Beihai Terran know about it, they will certainly find an excuse to ask for it, although they may not necessarily rob it.
And the value of a bag of jade slips is actually not as good as that of two jade slips. What "shocking" is burned in the two jade slips?
At the thought of this, Ling Yuan, like Ling Dingzong, couldn’t help shivering.
"There is a saying that since you dare to say so, you have seen it?"
Ling Youdao made no secret of this and nodded directly, "My second grandfather said yes, and I started two people, all of whom have seen the two jade slips."
Lingdingxi looked at Lingyoudao in surprise because she didn’t know about it from beginning to end.
But listen to Ling Youdao slowly explained, "These two jade slips are severely banned on the third floor of our Qingdan Gate Sutra Pavilion. Although ten thousand years have passed, it is still difficult to crack them."
"We didn’t care about the ruins of Qingdan Gate because we couldn’t protect ourselves."
"We didn’t ring these two jade slips until we returned to Cangli Island Road. It was only half a year before we cracked one jade slip each. It was also at that time that we read the jade slip."
After listening to Ling Youdao’s talk, Ling Yuanxiang said, "If it weren’t for your family, you wouldn’t have gotten these two jade slips. You can’t be ashamed to see them."
"Yes … if it’s as you say, the less people know about it, the better. Once it’s done, it’s not a chance for the family, but a disaster."
"What Grandpa Er said is exactly what we thought."
Ling Youdao took out a jade slip and Ling Dingshan also took out a jade slip next to it.
When two jade slips appeared, Lingyuan looked straight at them like Ling Dingzong, which meant that I couldn’t wait to steal them for reading.
But the two of them can get by with their gas-keeping skills, and they can resist the throbbing of their hearts
Ling Yuanxiang quickly asked, "What was burned in two jade slips?"

After the knot, Qin Yu ordered the guards to take away the parachutes and let the communication group assemble the array of military communication equipment at the first time.

"Quasi" Qin Yu crouched in the snow shell and frowned. "We have fallen to the border area of Xinjiang. At present, we have not found the enemy. Please ask the forest command of the northwest advance army to come to the rescue immediately! ….. 927 location meet "
The members of the communication group fully understood Qin Yu’s previous words, but they didn’t understand the location code of 927. They asked, "Commander, we don’t have this code in the array code library … this is …!"
"Just follow this code!" Qin Yu did not explain and urged, "Lin Command Gu Yan sent a copy to the northwest advance army."
"white!" Members of the distribution group nodded.
"After the delivery, the horse will disassemble the military communication equipment for line silence. They will search the plane and the horse will come in," Qin Yu ordered.
A minute later, the communication group directly dismantled the military communication equipment after sending the message, and Qin Yu and others quickly disappeared from the parachute landing site.
Qufu World War II Command
Chief of staff frowned at Gu Taixian and said, "Commander, don’t worry about ghosts on our side. Qin Yu is out of control over there! The feedback from the military intelligence department shows that his landing place is in the border area, and we will definitely take the lead if we dispatch troops now. "
Gu Taixian’s face is calm, but his mind is very complicated. There have been too many changes in Qin Yu’s being sent to Qufu. He not only needs to absorb all kinds of complicated information, but also keeps making decisions for a short time, which is not easy.
Gu Taixian thought for a long time and immediately ordered, "Let the military sects reconnaissance plane directly under the headquarters enter the parachute area of Qin Yu and others to search!" At the same time, I ordered the military intelligence department to do everything possible to keep an eye on Lin Command and … and the Northwest Advance Army! You tell the person in charge of the second department that all the undercover military personnel here are not hiding their identities now. If you can get me the key information, it will be a great achievement! "
The Chief of Staff felt that Gu Taixian’s decision at the moment was a bit procrastinating and urged urgently, "Commander, whether there is a ghost buried across from our side or not, whether the information we have is complete or not … but it is a fact that Qin Yu landed in Xinjiang now! ! There’s no one there. We can send troops to push him in! Catch him first! Otherwise, once Lin reacts, our geographical position will not be dominant! "
Gu Taixian looked up at him and answered, "Now it’s the end of life and death. We must be careful! All incidents occurred. No, we expected this feeling to be wrong! I have to wait for things to move closer to our predicted direction! "
At the moment, the Chief of Staff feels that Gu Taixian has really changed, and he has become more cautious and hesitant compared with his decisive command style. This feeling can be felt in his heart and is also the most authentic response of a person in a critical moment.
But the chief of staff doesn’t understand that the vast majority of people in the League are opposed to the integration of the system from the outside, and Gu Taixian is the principal offender whether he wants to do it or not, whether he is defeated or not.
The results of these two identity changes must be completely different, and Gu Taixian’s changes in his heart are reasonable.
District Yanbei Gu Yan has already responded to the Northwest Advance Army for the first time at this moment. It is also very simple. "The horse dispatched the 1 ST regiment directly under the military department to descend into the border area to meet Qin Yu … At the same time, the two brigades on the back side of three san immediately turned around and entered the border to prepare for the battle!"
"Yes!" The Northwest Advance Army Department immediately responded.
At the same time, the Lint War Brigade rushed into the airport to board the plane and prepare to fly directly to Xinjiang.
Border people’s area
More than a dozen reconnaissance planes circled to search for radar, infrared detection instruments and other equipment to search for Qin Yu and others crazily.
About twenty minutes later, Gu Taixian’s headquarters got feedback again.
"Report!" The Minister of Military Intelligence 1 personally walked into the office.
"speak!" Gu Taixian, reply.
"Gu Yan’s Northwest Advance Army Department has already made a big move. Two brigades outside three san suddenly married, and at the same time, two fraternities directly under the military department also rushed to the small airport to prepare for boarding!" The Minister of Military Intelligence 1 spoke very quickly and said, "Lint War Brigade also left Xinyang Airport by plane five minutes ago."
Gu Taixian hands behind his back two palms unconsciously rubbed his forehead has taken up fine sweat.
"Commander, these two feedbacks have proved that our guess is right …!" A staff officer got up and said
"Wait a minute!" Gu Taixian waved his hand.
"Didi Lingling!"
As soon as the voice fell, the bell rang and the chief of staff went to the desk and picked up the microphone. "Speak!"
"ZongCan, we have just received the news that we flew to Yanbei about three minutes ago. It is an outside line that deliberately evades our protection zone," said MI2.
Chief of staff immediately looked up at Gu Taixian report after hearing this.
Gu Taixian after hearing the news in the mind really have a decision "damn it! ! I told you, if Qin Yu played the Jiangzhou sideline in the previous war, it must be his instruction! There is an emergency. The state of war must be panic! "
Say that finish Gu Taixian immediately said, pointing to the chief of staff, "command near the border 935 division immediately send troops to catch the forest and Gu Yan northwest advance army arrived before I besieged Qin Yu! After people are trapped, don’t worry, wait for their support to reach Lihuo! Notify the southeast line troops to be ready to attack Xinyang at any time! And inform Chen to prepare them to cooperate with our military operations … prepare to fight according to the No.1 plan! "
Lao Zhan frowned at Fu Zhen and asked, "The Commander-in-Chief has come down to the border of Xinjiang in an emergency … This is too dangerous. Many reconnaissance units of the other side are near here … I personally think they are in danger of being intercepted by fire prevention …!"
"It’s all of a sudden." Fu Zhen replied solemnly in battle. "But … but I don’t think it’s a big problem for them to land safely … As we all know, the commander-in-chief of Sichuan government is a paratrooper … He is very experienced. Did you make it? !”
Chapter DiErSiLiu Search
Qin Yu, a man-made area on the north side of Xinjiang, fled in the wild for nearly half an hour with guards and soldiers, and then arrived at a famous holy lake area.
Years ago, it was the only water source in the nearby Gobi Desert, surrounded by mountains and difficult roads. However, after years ago, this water source was completely frozen, most of the ice on the lake was buried, and a small part of the snow leaked outside.
On the left side of the sacred lake, Qin Yu ordered everyone to make a knot at the captain of the guard. "We can’t run any more," he ordered. "The reconnaissance plane skimmed over our head, which means that the enemy has locked our landing site. It is estimated that their army troops will also enter the scene to search soon."
"Yes," the captain of the guard nodded in agreement. "We dare not call the communication equipment now for fear of being scanned for signals. If we wait for support, the best way is to hide. It’s a vast area and few of us enter the venue to hide. It’s not a problem to delay for a certain time."
"Don’t leave the holy lake. We’ll hide here." Qin Yu looked down at his watch. "Wait for three hours."
"Yes!" After the captain of the guard nodded, he immediately said to everyone, "Go into the snow hole on the left side of the mountain to insulate the heat quickly!"
Command of all directly rushed to the left side of the mountains.
The nearest unit of the League near the Xinjiang border is the 935 division commander, who followed Gu Taixian as a valiant soldier for many years and called Li Yong-nan to make meritorious military service during the regional war. After one leg was injured, the doctor advised him to amputate several times, but he refused. He would rather be on crutches than cut off sequelae. Many people in his department nicknamed him General Tieguai.

"What you have is a hundred years."

"Say that you will eventually have a spiritual state’ transformation’"
"In particular, during the process of world destruction, several outstanding and outstanding heroes made rescue actions, but they all failed."
"Come on, you act and tell the world what a true master of salvation is."
"If you can succeed, you will gain the last power to build the world."
All the firefly fine print disappeared completely as soon as it was collected.
At the same time
Loose during solidification Gu Qingshan found himself free to move.
Many small noises reveal a sense of tension through construction.
Gu Qingshan don’t know exactly what is now good to sit tight.
Anyway, I have lost all my strength. The only thing I can do now is to collect information.
Speaking of it, the will of the world has given itself a hundred years to limit itself. At first, I thought it was a lot, but now it seems to contain profound meaning.
I just don’t know what kind of test I will face.
So many people have failed to save this promising, new and powerful parallel world. What should they do?
Gu Qingshan seriously thinking.
Suddenly a surprise sound pierced the eardrum. "What a lovely boy!"
Noisy sounds resounded around.
Gu Qingshan felt that he was caressed by several hands and washed with water at the right temperature.
The hand who bathed him were very dexterous, gentle and experienced.
Many female faces leaned in and stared at themselves closely.
"Look how cute he looks."
"Yeah, big eyes."
"Holy Mary, I liked her as soon as I started."
"I wonder why he doesn’t cry?"
It’s quiet all around
Gu Qingshan saw that the girl was not worried.
This is really-
Gu Qingshan said in my heart
He opened his mouth and cried loudly.
I haven’t cried for a long time, but I didn’t get used to it for a while and I coughed.
People around you were shocked.
The uneasy atmosphere in the air arises spontaneously, and the sense of anxiety is even more obvious.
At this time, Gu Qingshan finally mastered the skill and cried loudly and rhythmically.
"He cried so loudly!"
Renren boulevard
The women all laughed.
The atmosphere eased as soon as it started.
Gu Qingshan also breathed a sigh of relief.