Yu Huifei nodded and took out a photo. That was when Captain Song took a group photo with them in Xiulin Village and asked, "Sir, we are still strangers. Please help me see if you have seen these people?"

Chapter 273 Yin and Yang
The old man took the photo and looked at it, then shook his head and said, "Never seen it."
"Never seen it?" I will not be shocked.
It should be a normal and reasonable step to go to Yue Bai Shanzhiling Village for a rest.
Don’t song captain they went straight to Yue Bai mountain?
Or did Shen Gongbao’s grandson lie to him, Captain Song, and they never came?
"I’ll ask others later," said the village chief.
Yu huifei nodded and sat there waiting.
The old village head went out and soon came back. His ass just woke up after sitting in Qinggeertai.
He stared at the dragon lights in the room with big eyes, and I would have to ask, "Brother Yu, are we dead?"
I’ll give him a sudden chestnut pain in the head. The little yi tooth grinned and sat up and shouted, "Pain, pain, pain …"
"If it hurts, just say you’re not dead. If you’re not dead, just be quiet for a while." I’ll be wrong.
Qinggeltai was very surprised to find that he didn’t die, but he was more happy.
After all, nobody wants to die …
Looking at this is a bit heartless, silly and straightforward, and I will envy him.
In this way, a generation of people really won’t think too much, and everything will be casual and worry less …
It didn’t take long for Xu Qian to wake up. Xu Qian’s performance was much more calm than Qinggeltai’s. She sat with her eyes straight and looked at Yu Huifei from time to time.
Her eyes are full of consternation. Obviously, she can’t figure out how Yu Huifei saved them from more than 100 people’s encirclement by one person.
And it depends on the situation. They seem to be the guests of Ling Village.
The village chief said, "I asked someone who had seen them and chased them, but I didn’t chase them."
I will not say, "Do you know where they went?"
The village head frowned and said nothing.
I will not say, "Ah … village head, you are talking."
Hu Cunchang sighed, "It’s not that I don’t say it, but that I’m afraid I said you were in danger."
I will not ask, "Do you think that is more dangerous than taking more than 120 people to beat me?"
Master’s face turned red and then he coughed "It may be more dangerous to tell the truth"
Yu Huifei froze, "More dangerous?"
The master nodded. "Let’s just say that you came from the southwest and you should see the Huangpi Temple in our village, right?"
I will not nod.
Master said, "Yue Bai Mountain is directly opposite the Huangpi Temple."
I had to think about it, but they came from the southeast instead of from the southwest, but then I got lost, and I didn’t know whether it was a ghost wall or how I finally got around to the southwest of the village.
He can see a shadow of the mountain in the southwest, but he can’t see it clearly.
I will not say, "Yue Bai Mountain is right. I know they should be Yue Bai Mountain."
Sir, what do you know about Mount Yue Bai? Can you tell me something about it? I’m going to save people. Don’t be unprofitable. "
Master said, "if the average person, I’m sure I won’t talk about it. I’m afraid I’ll lose my life if I talk about each other’s curiosity. That’s not good."
But you’re different. You’re an important person. You should be fine … "
My master was a little guilty when he said "should"
Obviously, his lordship didn’t mean all this.
After all, more than 100 people in the village were beaten up, and no one was in a bad mood.
I asked "Tell me about it" without disturbing it.
After thinking about it, the master asked, "Do you know what Yue Bai Mountain is?"
I will shake my head.
The master said, "It is said that Wong Tai Sin really visited the Huangpi Temple at the entrance of our village in ancient times. On a full moon night, Wong Tai Sin, who is one meter high and with bridled eyebrows, went to the temple in Yue Bai. At that time, the direction of the moon was just right in the direction of Yue Bai Mountain, and the top of Yue Bai Mountain was named Yue Bai Mountain.
But this is a smell. Today we have not seen Wong Tai Sin. "
Speaking of this master, after drinking saliva and moistening his throat, he gathered in front of everyone with the help of dim candlelight.
The old man’s shriveled body looks like a skeleton covered with human skin.
But Yu Huifei is not afraid. After all, the other party is more afraid of him.
But Xu Qian was scared to hide behind Qinggeltai, and his face went white.
The master said, "If you want to go to Yue Bai Mountain, I have to wake you up. Since the real dragon was launched, Yue Bai Mountain has been the first place to go. No one knows what’s on the surface and what’s the secret. We are curious, but we are not willing to take risks."
Recently, however, there has been a gray dragon breath in the Yue Bai Mountain. If a real dragon hovers in the middle, especially on the fifteenth day of the first month, it is very miraculous that the dragon breath hovers around the moon.
I guess your friends came here for this. "
I will not say, "I don’t know about this."
Just then there was a noise outside.
Then someone shouted "hit them!"

When she said that China martial arts was not good, my face changed. Look at her face, but at this time, I don’t like it.

I grew up looking down on precious things, most afraid of being devalued. This is my bottom line and the bottom line of every martial arts practitioner.
China Wushu is a spiritual belief for martial arts practitioners.
If Zhao Wen belittles China martial arts so carelessly before the release, it will immediately lead to disaster, that is, some rules of modern martial arts will be faded, and we will start talking about it.
But since this woman said such a thing in front of me, I can’t turn a blind eye.
My affection for her has dropped to freezing point.
Wang Juan knew something about me. When Zhao Wen belittled China Wushu, she looked at me and saw that my face was gloomy. So she quickly said to Zhao Wen, "Zhao Wen, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand."
"I don’t understand? Wang Juan, don’t you know that it was yesterday that a high school student who studied martial arts went to our Taekwondo Gymnasium to run wild? Our instructor didn’t make a move. He just called a female student who had studied Taekwondo for a year to take part in the battle. Guess what happened in the end? The female student kicked the high school student who practiced martial arts with one foot and fainted and giggled … "Zhao Wen even laughed."
"Really?" My voice was flat, but there was a trace of disgust in my eyes.
Worship foreign things and flatter foreign women!
No matter how beautiful she is, I have no affection for her, because I am a pure nationalist, and what’s worse, she belittles my treasure martial arts.
I can’t stand it!
But she is a woman after all!
I got up and picked up the plate and said, "Wang Juan, Chen Chao, let’s eat there!" "
I don’t want to look at this woman again, a woman without national pride. I don’t think she deserves to be friends with Wang Juan.
Although Chen Chao is weak, he rushed to meet the ghost fist that night. He is a tough guy. I agree with him in my heart that he won’t mind his two strokes.
Chen Chao followed me to the next table. Wang Juan took one look at Zhao Wen and then resolutely got up and sat down next to me.
Wang Juan knew that Zhao Wen had completely offended me before she knew it. If Zhao Wen was a man, she might have been beaten into a pig head by me now.
"You … Hum!" Zhao Wen’s face was stunned, and then it was cloudy, and she snorted and left with a plate.
"China Wushu is rubbish. If you don’t hit Liu Jun, you will think you are very powerful. Try our Taekwondo Hall on Sunday!" Zhao Wenyin came over.
"Our coach said that Taekwondo is the greatest competitive skill in the world!"
I looked at Zhao Wen’s back and didn’t speak, but I will definitely go to Q Taekwondo Hall on Sunday.
"Xiaoyun, don’t be angry. She has always thought that everything in foreign countries is good since she was a child. Her ideal is to get an American green card and become a so-called free American." Wang Juan comforted me.
"Forget it, it’s just a young girl. I won’t argue with her. It’s her who belittles what I value in front of me. I can’t help but react, otherwise it’s against my heart to associate with you. I won’t object." I smiled at Wang Juan. How can I really be angry with a young girl?
"The two of us are not particularly good friends. Every time she talks to me, she just shows off herself in front of me," Wang Juan wrote.
"hmm? Show off? " I’m a little puzzled.
"Before my father was the technical deputy director of Qingmian No.1 Factory, but her father was just an ordinary worker. The living conditions were not as good as my family’s. I was the beauty queen of Qingmian’s primary school, but although she was very beautiful, she just silently heard that she wanted to show her superiority. I can understand it." Wang Juan told me about her past with Zhao Wen.
"So it is! Then don’t be intimate with her in the future, and you need to let her show your superiority in front of you. You are a hundred times better than her! "
"Of course!"
The unhappiness caused by Zhao Wen just now quickly disappeared, and we almost had lunch.
I took Wang Juan and Chen Chao to the classroom, but when I walked out of the dining hall, I felt a malicious look.
I turned my head towards the dining hall and saw Yale staring at my back at this time. It seems that my eyes gave a vicious look.
"It was him!" My heart andao
Yesterday, Wu Chengjun won Aaron Mayasi, which made the underworld in seven provinces and ten cities in Qiao Liu famous. Although it will not threaten the righteous hall of the master elder brother for a while, the master elder brother and Qiao Liu have to end it sooner or later.
There is another message that I don’t know, that is, Li Zepu saw Wu Chengjun, so that Qiao Liu took a line with Li Zepu.
After Qiao Liu learned about Li Zepu’s background, Ma expressed his willingness to help Li Zepu.
Li Zepu is going to build a local gambling boxing ring in Q city, which is as large as the former Colosseum in Rome, but he can’t come forward to do it behind the scenes and find an agent in Q city.
I came to Li Zepu to see the Yizitang, but the master brother naturally won’t work for him!
Then Li Zepu found Qiao Liu and they hit it off.
And this thing Liu Jun naturally knows, and at the same time, he also knows the background of Li Zepu. He didn’t dare to show such a vicious expression to me today.
It won’t be long before Li Zepu will uproot the righteous word hall through official power, and then Q city will have a dominant family in the west of the city
"Li Xiaoyun will have you look good then!" Liu Jun saw me looking at him, so the horse lowered its head, but his mouth muttered something.
I frowned and didn’t think too much, because Grandpa and Master Brother are stepping up their efforts to deal with the Qiao Liu West Gang.
Day by day, I spend my days at school and nights at Jinshawan Villa practicing Xingyiquan and Dagong!
Wang Juan bought a lot of meat, fish and vegetables and learned to cook.
However, two days ago, she cooked the roots so hard that she couldn’t eat them until the third day.
A week passed quickly, and the last class on Saturday afternoon, Wang Juan’s face was awkward.
"What’s the matter? If you have something to say, say it! " I glanced at Wang Juan.
"Xiaoyun Xiaorong called at noon to say that my mother asked me to take you home for dinner tonight," Wang Juan said with his head down.
"What? Your mother asked you to take me back to your house for dinner? " I’m a little confused. Although I said I would take care of this matter, I really want to see Wang Juan’s mother. I’m still a little scared. After all, I’m still a high school student. Even an adult will be more or less nervous when he meets his future mother-in-law.
Chapter 32 Meet Zhang Guilan
"If you don’t want to go, forget it. I’ll talk to Xiao Rong!" Wang Juan saw a little resistance in my eyes and quickly said to me.
I think she occupies a very important position in her heart now. Besides her mother and sister Rollin Wang, she is the most important person and the most important person.
"Forget it, I’ll accompany you back later. If I don’t go to your mother, I’m even more worried. So is your mother. I’m afraid you’ll learn badly."
"Thank you Xiaoyun!" Wang Juan didn’t expect me to really agree to come.
"By the way, did you go to the car?" I bought a herdsman SUV for Wang Juan last Sunday, and today is the sixth day.
"No, I won’t!" Wang Juan shook his head.
"I didn’t ask you to sign up for a driving school?"

Everyone sat together in the living room and raised their drinks and drinks.

Sheriff Hankrone said, "Let’s welcome Steve Rogers to the 19th precinct."
Police officers have attached and sent blessings to their new colleagues.
Captain Schneider was very enthusiastic. "Captain, I have been your idol since I was a child. I remember that the first cartoon I read was Captain America. At that time, I saw you and cried for a whole day when I saved the people of new york from crashing into an iceberg …"
Steve was embarrassed. "Really? To be honest, I didn’t expect my story to be made into a cartoon. "
"By the way, captain, have you ever been to Captain America Memorial Hall? It’s just five blocks away. If you haven’t been there, we can go shopping later, "Anna said with a smile."
Steve smiled and shook his head. "I haven’t been there, but Officer Goofy gave me a brochure for the memorial hall. I have read the brochure. The memorial hall is quite good."
Sam said with a face of regrets, "It’s like a dream. Our police station has two superheroes, Officer Goofy and Captain America at the same time … I don’t think which crime will dare Brooklyn to commit evil? I want to have a brain disease or a dead person to do this. "
Captain Schneider nodded, "Yes, this Brooklyn public security will definitely become a benchmark in new york, but since the captain joined the 19 th branch, our branch has become a target of public criticism. Everyone says that the 19 th branch is too greedy, and it is not enough to have a high flying, and even recruited the captain. The captain should be left to Manhattan, where the police force is seriously lacking."
Goofy stand hand laughed "what’s the matter? I recruit people on the basis of things, not by cheating. Right, officer Steve? "
Steve smiled and nodded. "But I volunteered to join the 19th precinct. After all, I am a native of Brooklyn. Manhattan is too far away."
Captain Schneider said with a wry smile, "But now there are no policemen in the Manhattan police station. Many police stations have only one sheriff, army of one … It is really difficult to say."
Goofy smiled. "Don’t panic. We’ll be seconded then. Anyway, at present, if Steve and I are named Brooklyn, we can always live in peace and stability. We don’t worry too much."
Captain Schneider smiled slyly. "I’m just waiting for your words."
Chapter 155 Secondment again
Captain Schneider, this bad old man is a thief and a chicken. The root cause of attending the party is impure motives.
At the sight of his sly smile, he turned white in an instant.
You, a German, call yourself a fan of the American team?
You’re a liar!
During World War II, the American team played the Germans.
So goofy frowned and asked, "What? Something happened in Manhattan again? "
Captain Schneider even put on a considerate look and shook his head. "I can’t let work ruin your good mood without talking about work at the party."
Goofy almost bought it back. Captain Schneider is the kind of leader with a good family.
As a result, an hour later, as soon as everyone’s enthusiasm for chatting showed signs of fading, Captain Schneider leaned in.
"Okay, the party’s over. We can talk about work."
Goofy is speechless. You said you waited for this hour?
However, since he promised Schneider to fly high, it was naturally hard to shirk, so he specially called Steve to sit down and listen to Captain Schneider’s talk about work.
Let the new employee realize the danger of the workplace early!
I didn’t expect Steve to be very excited. He is a workaholic. This week, the apartment has been idle and waiting for some excitement.
So Captain Schneider gave his statement.
"After the Badea incident, the police force in Manhattan was seriously lost. Now the number of police officers in several jurisdictions in Manhattan is less than two-thirds of a month, and the loss rate has accelerated so far …"
Gao Fei deeply understands that "it is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and no one wants to die."
Captain Schneider nodded. "And the loss of police force caused social unrest. After more and more policemen resigned, the public security in Manhattan immediately became chaotic."
Steve nodded gently. "Everything has a cause and a consequence. Without police supervision, the crime will inevitably become active. What’s more, Manhattan is a rich area, which will attract all kinds of criminals."
Goofy asked, "Captain Schneider, you don’t want to secondment Steve and me to patrol Manhattan, do you?"
"Of course not," Captain Schneider shook his head. "I came to see you this time because there was a difficult case in Manhattan and NYPD didn’t have enough police force to take charge of it for the time being."
"Difficult case?" Goofy asked curiously, "How difficult is this case?"
"Very difficult" Captain Schneider didn’t sell it, but told the case directly "Norman Oss was assassinated two days ago"
"What?" Goofy smell speech one leng "the murderer succeeded? Is Norman Oss still alive? "
Schneider shook his head and said, "It didn’t work. Norman Oss was at least a character who wanted to assassinate him. It wasn’t so easy for gangsters to kill two security guards in Oss but failed to end Norman Oss’s life."
Steve looked puzzled. "Who is this Norman Oss?"
Goofy directly searched Norman Oss’ introduction entry on his mobile phone and handed it to Steve.
Steve looked shocked. It’s the information age!


After the match between Lazio and Genoa, the achievements created by the constant victory became a topic of discussion throughout Italy.
Pacheco is not happy about this.
Everyone is touting his constant victory, but he has to pour cold water on it. In the past, such changes can show that he is a conscientious, moral, calm and wise media person.
Don’t obsess, don’t follow the trend, and don’t follow the trend.
He keeps his own independent opinion. He is a good reporter with attitude.
So he wrote an article criticizing Lazio for winning five consecutive championships.
"Lazio beat Genoa on the road and won their fifth consecutive league title … Today all the media cheered in Lazio, but I want to ask,’ What’s wrong with you?’ "
"Lazio people cheer for their champions. I can understand why neutral media are so happy. It may be a blessing for Lazio to win the championship with such a huge advantage, but it is definitely not the case for the whole Italian football! "
"Let’s take a look at the Seven Sisters era in Serie A, that is, when it was recognized that Serie A was the highest level. What was the team’s championship score at that time?"
"According to the two-point system converted into three points, in 19199, Inter Milan won the championship with 14 points in 34 rounds. In 199199, it won the championship with Naples, Diego Maradona. In 1991991, Sampdoria was 71 points. In 19911992, AC Milan was so strong that the points were only 70 points. In 19921993, AC Milan was converted into 60 points. In 19931994, it was also AC Milan with 69 points. In 19941995, it was a match. The quarterly three-point scoring system is Juventus 73, AC Milan 73, Juventus 65, Juventus 74, AC Milan 70, Lazio 72, Rome 75, Juventus 71, Juventus 72 and AC Milan 12 … "
"From the point data, we can see that in the heyday of the Seven Sisters in Serie A, the points in Serie A were far less outrageous than today. Even if it was very high once in a season, it was quickly neutralized. In that year, Juventus won the championship with 65 points in the thirty-fourth round, and now this score is enough to rank fourth!"
"In those days, there was an inevitable factor in winning the championship with low points. The strength of the seven sisters was similar, and it was possible for them to win the championship. The competition in the league was far more sophisticated than that of the big teams now. At that time, Serie A was the most difficult league to play. In this league, it was difficult for the seven sisters to win points from each other. After the expansion of the army in 1919, Inter Milan and AC Milan in 19911992 were two special cases."
"In the 2324 season, Lazio and Parma declined, and Florence was no longer Rome. A group of powerful people walked back and didn’t supplement the corresponding level. Serie A gradually became a three-legged champion, and the points were changed from 70 points in the past to 10 points … Now after the scandal, Juventus was relegated to AC Milan, and there were two teams in Serie A, Inter Milan and Lazio, who could compete for the championship, so that Lazio won the championship for several years in succession."
"It is not a good thing to outshine others. Lazio’s strength can say that the Italian league has lost its competitiveness. What is the attraction of the league? The audience and fans watch the fierce league competition instead of Lazio’s one-man show! What if Lazio gets a perfect score of 114 points in a season? It is still meaningless for the high league level! Other teams will also lose their competitive mentality when they see Lazio’s long-term dominance, reducing the loss of investment stars and making Serie A even worse … If Serie A wants to develop, it must curb Lazio’s dominance! "
A few thousand words said a meaning-Lazio won the championship and the Italian league declined. If the Italian league wants to rise again, Lazio must not win the championship!
The logic of this article is chaotic, but it looks professional because of the detailed data, which can scare many people.
But anyone who really understands will know that this article is bullshit.
Lazio won the championship not because of the decline of Serie A, but it is reasonable to say that Lazio can easily win five consecutive championships because of the decline of Serie A …
It is even more ridiculous to stop Lazio from winning the championship in order to make Serie A brilliant again.
Is it true that Lazio won a game and scored two points, and lost a game and deducted three points to prevent Lazio from winning the championship, so there is hope for Serie A?
Afraid of being finished faster
Pacheco knows this logical problem in his heart, but in order to disgust Lazio, he can just speak without conscience.
Changsheng refuted Pacheco’s fallacies in a net.
"Some people say that our success is the root cause of the decline of the Italian League. We are the chief culprit in the decline of the Italian League … I am really flattered! I didn’t think we could destroy a national league. Come on, idiots who believe this stupid theory! Our success comes from our hard work and the decline of Serie A. Is there nothing to revive Serie A? It’s a short answer. I’ll tell you it’s really simple. All the teams are working hard to beat us. That’s all! "
"Don’t want us to win the championship, then beat us! If we can’t win, we will kneel down and lick our toes! Don’t talk sarcastically there! "
After winning the championship, the first home Lazio opponent was Inter Milan.
Come on, if any other opponent wins, you may just find someone to play.
But the opponent is Inter Milan, and your meaning is different!
Inter Milan will once again welcome them at the forefront of the game!
The last time I did this was in Mancini’s time … In 2627, Lazio won the championship in the first three rounds when they beat Livorno 5 times at home.
Next is the away game against Inter Milan.
In that game, Inter Milan players lined up at their home to welcome the new champion.
It’s a great shame for Inter Milan, which has been competing with them for the league title …
And this time they will be humiliated again!
Chapter two hundred and five The Champions League has four strong teams and three strong teams to thank my emperor
Before the game, the team welcomed their bitter rivals to win the championship, which was not only a shame for Inter Milan, but also a shame for Mourinho.
This is the first time in his coaching career that such a situation has happened …
Whether in Porto or Chelsea, he is a winner, and others lined up to welcome him. He did not say that his team lined up to welcome others.
I didn’t expect … this time, it’s a coincidence and unfortunately.
And this is not something that Mourinho can change by working hard.
Actually, Inter Milan has done well enough this season, and putting 91 points into a league is a shame to be the first.
But it’s a pity that they have to look at Lazio’s face after winning.
They can’t decide whether Lazio wins or not.
They can pray that Lazio can’t win.
It’s a pity that Lazio won the cup before beating Genoa 21 away.
Now Inter Milan’s away game against Lazio has become a show for Lazio to prepare for winning the championship …
However, Mourinho obviously does not intend to throw in the towel.
Even though they have lost the league title, they can still choose to make a scene in the other team’s championship celebration!
So before the game against Lazio, Mourinho said to his players, "Actually, you have done well enough, guys. We are all champions where we put the 91 points. You don’t have to be depressed and … now we still have a chance to spoil their championship celebration!"
"It’s our shame to line up to welcome them before the game! Now put this shame on our motivation to beat them! "
When Inter Milan players lined up on the sidelines to welcome Lazio, everyone looked ugly.
They stared at the Lazio players, clapping, but there was no blessing, no congratulations and … hatred! Deep hatred!
Lazio players’ complacent faces and fans’ laughter in the stands have deeply stimulated the hearts of Inter Milan players.
As Mourinho said, they want to turn humiliation into power!

"I still say that we have always organized goods as much as we want!" Yun Nie said very domineering! A man sitting around the world is so confident!

Chu xiaoxiao doubted Yun Nie’s words after the nuclear fuel incident when his eyes lit up.
"I don’t know how the price is?"
"The market price is cut in half!" Anyway, if you don’t want money, you should make small profits but quick turnover!
Chu xiaoxiao stare big eyes can still be so pricing? !
Chapter 59 Fear
Yun Nie said it was casual, but Chu Xiaoxiao’s business genius knew the weight of Yun Nie’s sentence.
Chu’s intelligence department naturally made a detailed investigation on this industry since he wanted to show the iron and steel trade industry of Riyao Group.
At present, the florist is the largest steel producer in the world, accounting for about half of the world’s total steel output. However, due to the lack of iron ore resources in China, a huge amount of iron ore raw materials are imported from abroad every year, and% of them come from kangaroo country!
Kangaroo, the first exporter of iron ore, earns amazing profits from florists every year by monopolizing iron ore resources, which makes Chinese steel producers very passive and a lot of profits are seized by raw material suppliers.
If we can hit the Chinese market at such a low price, it will break the monopoly of Kangaroo Iron Mine, which is definitely a strategic victory for florists!
What’s more, Yun Nie needs a lot of steel!
Due to the economic slowdown, China now produces a large amount of surplus steel and dumps it abroad every year.
In 2017, the world’s 5% anti-dumping investigation was aimed at florists exporting steel! This makes florist international very embarrassed.
If we can buy iron ore and sell steel indefinitely, it will be of great significance to solve the two major problems of flower-growing countries at the same time!
Of course, Chu Xiaoxiao is now evaluating the impact of Yun Nie’s trade volume reduction method, but the price alone made her realize the amazing value at once
"Are you sure to sell at half the market price? I am afraid that even Chengdu is not enough? " Chu raining sit upright body seriously ask
Mining? Do I have that?
"Don’t worry when I said something big?"
Chu xiaoxiao thought about it, but there is really no time when you say that you want to sell nuclear fuel, rather than a thermos!
Relative to that kind of thing, iron ore should be regarded as a "small business" for the Yun Nie organization, right?
"But is it okay for these iron mines to have no certificate of origin?" Nie Yundao.
In a sense, these are smuggling without an export certificate from other countries!
"This is no problem. We are now a military enterprise, and the government can grant special permission through the military! This kind of thing is of great benefit to the country. They hope that the more goods you give, the better! "
It took them less than half an hour not only to finalize the military order, but also to book another big order, which was not efficient.
When ChuFeng called two people to eat, she was stunned for a long time after listening to Chu Xiaoxiao’s story.
Two problems besetting Chu’s family, one is the qualification of sea import and export, and the other is the business problem. I didn’t expect Yun Nie to easily solve two transactions.
If Nie Yun’s orders for iron ore and steel are not capped as he said, then those Chinese businessmen will be eager for Chu if they don’t say hello! Soon, Chu’s family will become a hot topic for all steel enterprises in China.
Compared with Chu Xiaoxiao, Chu Feng is more experienced and has more great eyes.
Iron and steel is the core material of infrastructure construction. Dumping iron ore to florists at almost half the price in Yun Nie will greatly reduce the national infrastructure!
It is equivalent to reducing the production of almost all enterprises in China, which will enhance the competitiveness of domestic and international markets and stimulate the national economy immediately!
Where did such a large amount of cheap iron ore come from? NieYun and organization behind him ChuFeng eyes more mysterious …
Xiacheng bureau of public security
"chief! Scar, when the population gets it! But … "Report hand trembles.
"say it!" Liu Guodong frowns
"Things generally pass through and there is not much difference between the former intelligence and the other, according to Scar’s hand, a mysterious man paid hundreds in advance to Scar to let him seize Yun Nie and force him to ask for something and promise to pay hundreds after the job is done.
As a mysterious person, the other party is very careful and doesn’t even know scar! "
"Hum! Hide your head and show your tail! " Guo-dong Liu had a guess about the forces behind the mysterious man in his heart.
With such financial resources and motives, who else but the Ri Yao Group!
"In addition, the suspected disabled scar and the gangster went to the town hospital not long ago, but the doctor could do nothing about it.
There was no trauma, but they lost consciousness in their right arms. The town hospital couldn’t even find out where the problem was. It was very strange, and then an even weirder thing happened! "
"What is it?" Guo-dong Liu to the interest of NieYun means he is also very curious.
"Scar and his men returned to their stronghold shortly after Scar was strangely paralyzed and the symptoms were very similar to high paraplegia! Now the whole person in Scar is stupid, and his mouth keeps calling-‘Devil’! "
"psst!" Guo-dong liu stare big eyes to draw a gasp.
Demon? If it’s really that Yun Nie who did it, it’s really called a demon!
"High paraplegia? ! Are you sure he hasn’t suffered any trauma or blow? "
"It’s absolutely true that professional doctors have seen it!"
"Where was Yun Nie then?"
"Although I don’t know where he was at that time, there were a dozen gangsters in that stronghold. No one saw Yun Nie. He has an absolute alibi!"
"This ….." Liu Guodong felt that he heard the news one day today enough to surprise him for a year!
He bowed his head and thought for a moment and immediately ordered, "The target looks more dangerous than we thought. It has unknown means. Tell the police officer who is looking for Yun Nie immediately. Don’t act without authorization after finding the target. Tell me immediately. Never conflict with the other party!"
"yes! Chief! That … Deputy Director? "
"Hum! Never mind him, I’m afraid they have received the news and are having a headache! " Guo-dong liu smile some schadenfreude.
"What? You said you were looking for someone to be abolished? "
Han Yi was grounded by Han Xiangsheng in the past two days, and he was already in a bad mood. At this moment, hearing a bad news made him even more agitated.
"What happened to the forces behind each other?"
"No, it’s not … something weird …"
The man was about to find out what was going on, and he said it in detail. The more Han Yi listened, the tighter his brow became.
"You mean he just took that scar away and scared him out of his mind?"

The giant blade across the virtual annihilation contains the true meaning of poor fate. The Ganges water has almost eternal immortality, but it evaporates in a flash at the giant blade!

"Fate gives you one last chance to integrate yourself into the wild, so we will stop at once and even help you to transform smoothly with one arm."
Breathe a sigh of relief. Yuan Heng once again made an ultimatum to fly his opponent with poverty in his eyes.
"Haha, my strength is exhausted in this river of life, even if you contain most of my sources, even if you can kill me ten times, a hundred times and even ten thousand times?"
Laugh wildly to keep the river from shaking. "What about you? I’ll see what you can do to beat me …"
"And your qualified helpers have been intercepted by my top ten incarnations, asking me to drag through this period of weakness and give birth to the word fate. Then you will be nothing but ants!"
"What on earth are you going to do?"
"Glory to me …"
A thunder!
Fate Ganges gave birth to the spirit fetus. Fate fiend unexpectedly …
Shout the glorious Lord-Brother Yuan Heng!
At this time, the original Ganges water gradually subsided to reveal Yuan Heng’s confrontation with this fiend …
Unbound, long silver hair flying, holding a pole, and the same silver pike showing its face …
Tongyuanheng looks exactly the same!
It’s not only similar in shape, but also very similar in charm!
It also seems to be able to embrace the cosmopolitan spirit and the same breath of absolute beauty!
While this statue of fiend corners of the mouth with a hint of evil smile seems to be able to distinguish yuan heng.
Yuan Heng looked at each other’s face and said nothing with himself as if he were twin brothers.
At this time, Yuan Heng’s situation is not good, and he has almost been bathed in blood. The silvery white blood is sending out the best way to keep falling and sinking into the bottom of the Ganges.
However, even in the face of the erosion of the river of life, these blood are directly condensed into pearls, and the immortal and eternal breath directly evolves into a small eternal domain.
Unfortunately, these eternal domains are too small relative to the Ganges of fate!
"Hey, don’t think that procrastination is bad for you."
Fate looked at the silence and Yuan Heng drew a radian at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t imagine that this avenue will really hesitate to make a move. My destiny is also a cornerstone of the avenue. It is impossible to tear everything away from fate."
Looking at the opposite Yuan Heng, his mood is extremely complicated. He can feel this fate …
There is no doubt that it is very close to its own mysterious connection-it is indeed its own brother, and it is even closer than Li You, its own twin sister!
But brother?
Yuan Heng can’t understand it. He knows very well that his memory is absolutely complete except that he experienced chaos and evolution at the beginning, and some of it was avoided because of metempsychosis. After avoiding metempsychosis, he couldn’t bear to be temporarily closed up.
At the same time, Yuan Heng also knows very well that his own source is equally perfect. Even when he was in chaos bead Spirit, those avenue sources were not inherited, but in fact, those sources are avenue mother sources and they are not too big with themselves.
So even if these sources are similar to their own couplet, it is impossible to be higher than Li You …
"But in any case, since he is my brother, he shouldn’t be so eager to split the source and fate of the universe. If you do this, you will be careless enough to make the universe that has already had an impact on immortality and eternity accumulate and be destroyed once …"
Yuan Heng’s heart is surprised and angry … There is a hatred!
Can you not hate it?
Seeing that the universe is perfect, the order of robbing heaven and earth is gradually established on the right track. One by one, the top fiends are born, and the background of the universe is getting deeper and deeper. Finally, Gao Weiye is getting closer and closer, but the fate of the Ganges is so confusing that the situation is suddenly more dangerous than it is.
"Fate, you should know that even if you finally succeed in splitting the source of the flood and the fate will be split in two, only the flood and the disaster will have an impact on immortality. I hope you are self-destructive and doomed."
Yuan Heng shouted at fate, "Only immortality is our only way out. If you are completely integrated into the wild, then the grasp of immortality will be greatly increased in the future. Do you have to deal with the wild and destroy the immortal hope?"
Yuan Heng can’t help but calculate many clues in his heart.
Fate …
It seems that the desire for immortality is not strong.
But even so, it’s going to destroy the vast expanse and the immortal opportunity?
This incident puzzled Yuan Heng.
In the final analysis, this fate is really my brother, and it should not conflict with itself.
"Needless to say, my brother, beat me. Only by beating me can you know the answer."
Fate in the face of yuan heng questioned also convergence corners of the mouth smile light replied.
"numerology, theorem, truth"
As soon as fate takes a shot, it is the "three principles" that make up the ten mainstream branches of the road of destiny. Every one of them in the Ganges of fate is full of poverty and power, almost no less than the road of three thousand sources!
There is texture in the sky, and its name is "fate", and its name is "determination". If you want to die, it is destiny, and you have to die. This is the truth and this is fate!
"Hum, the strength is exhausted?"
In the face of this terrible ferocity, Yuan Heng snorted coldly. "Did you come from the same source of the top ten destinies?" What about your fate? "
Although it’s not the iron calcium dobesilate capsules’s constant blade, it gives a strange blow like gold and iron.
Yuan heng directly cut ling Xu without any firm but gentle class sharpness.
The instant numerology theorem changes, the truth is shattered, and the fate offensive is directly cut in half and no longer exists!
This simple blow has no shocking power, no Tao, magic and rules. It is such a straight blow that the Ganges River will be wiped out!

Yu Long joked, "Han Jie, why don’t you apply to be transferred to the come team …"

"Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?" Han Yue smiled and said, "Xiaoyu, I have to go to consult with Lin Fenglian before it’s too late …"
"Wait-!" Yu Long eyes swept to Han Yue body when they suddenly saw her red thong after a brief surprise Long Yucai now eye closed the eye.
"What is it?" Han Yue saw that he was surprised and asked quickly.
"It’s okay … Han Jie, actually, I think it’s better for you to wear a triangle …" I don’t know if others like it, such as Yu Long. Personally, I don’t like to look for women’s pants or triangle is pleasing to the eye
Han Yue show leng not to throw Yu Long a discontentedly eyes Han Yue said "flow.
"Remember that we remember our reward-!" Yu Long quickly shouted at Han Yue’s back.
Sitting in the car, Han Yue’s chest fluctuated. She carefully checked a pair of pants. She was puzzled that she was dressed so tightly. Does he know that?
"Sex maniac-!" Han Yue looked up at the Yu Long window and cursed at the sentence that the train left without a safe sleep
Wake up at dawn for a moment
Yu Long was woken up by the mobile phone bell. A closer look at the words from Han Yue. China and South Korea reported two things to Long Yutong.
One is that Liu Qi’s strong support for Huang Da has turned into ashes, which is said to have been scattered in a corner of the municipal garden and filled with fertilizer.
Yu Long is very satisfied with this. I think it’s a compensation that Huang Da did not do good things when he was alive but made fertilizer when he died.
Secondly, after consultation, the city bureau and the politics and law Committee are going to reward each other with 20 thousand yuan, and a total of 40 thousand cash will be delivered to Yu Long personally by Han Yue at noon today.
Compared with the first news, Yu Long likes it more in his heart. The second news is that he made a profit of 20,000 last night when he cancelled this exorcism.
Twenty thousand dollars is a lot of wealth for ordinary college students, but it is nothing for Long Yu.
He spends too much.
Who told him that he had a vampire-like Yukime sister?
After thanking Han Yue, Yu Long agreed to send the money. After that, he hung up and dialed Yukime dialect.
Calling Yukime means very much. Yu Long hopes that the news of the magic fox can go to Tang Xiangxiang in Younger. Anyway, it is an account for her.
At the beginning, they were in a fog because of the magic fox in Yinshan
Now that the magic fox has been destroyed, it is a sigh of relief.
Yukime said after seeing his thoughts, "Xiaoyu is really embarrassed. Xiang Xiang has been closed for a year, and no one can disturb her. Even if I do this, I can’t go to see her. Tell her yourself after Xiang Xiang comes out …"
Yu Long answered a heart is a little depressed, it is good to say it personally, but the key question is how Tang Xiangxiang will treat him after one year.
Since it was too Xuanshan from Xuanmen headquarters, Yu Long felt that he was in a bad mood. The reason for the bad mood was that he had never been able to understand it.
There is no doubt that his heart is upset because of Younger Tang Xiangxiang.
Yu Long has never been in love since he was a child. Before the Yinshan incident, he was so pure that he didn’t even pull a girl’s hand. After the Yinshan incident, it was a coincidence that he and Younger were born again.
It is also because of that double cultivation that he was ignorant of his feelings in his heart. Although he has not yet set off any big waves, he has already had a shadow of Younger in his heart
More accurately, Yu Long has a concern in his heart
Although I am not worried about it, I still have some thoughts.
Yu Long can’t imagine seeing Tang Xiangxiang again a year later. Should he feel at home at that time? Is it trying to arouse Younger worldly desires or watching yourself become a passer-by with her?
"Why doesn’t Xiaoyu talk?" Yukime said with a smile, "Xiaoyu, I know what you’re thinking, but things may not be as bad as you think. By the way, tell me the truth, do you really like Xiangxiang?"
"I don’t know-!" Yu Long’s EQ is really not so good, otherwise he wouldn’t have been arranged by Yukime to be in love.
Although he has some worries in his heart, he still knows whether he likes it or not.
Xue Jiwen was silent for a moment. You are still young. You really shouldn’t think too much about these things now. Remember that you are studying and practicing now. Don’t forget that your parents are still alive and dead … Be immersed in love and be short of breath. "Yukime added.
"I know-!" Yu Long said seriously that there are actually three days of courses without a week and five days.
As a result, Long Yu went to the Xuan territory to practice more.
Through his continuous efforts, he is now in the fifth place in the practice of flashing beasts in the five-game show, and he has also completed the practice of fire-eating martial arts
When they cast fire bite tactic, he can easily release the real power of fire power
Although Tao Li Xiu still stays in the purple realm, the Tao Li is more concise and Rowling has perfected the sword that day.
Yu Long now holds the sword tactic of Tianshi, which is divided into five realms: killing evil, breaking demons, purifying heaven and destroying heaven. In fact, it is said that the complete sword tactic of Tianshi is seven. After a lot of analysis and calculation, Rowling finally perfected the last two sword tactic of destroying god and punishing heaven.
It is said that the last sword of the Heavenly Master can definitely summon the divine dragon body, even in the face of the gods, and it is not easy to achieve that state.
According to Rowling’s explanation, the final double loss of Tianshi’s sword decision is due to the difficulty of cultivation.
Whether Yu Long can be built in the future is also unknown.
Today is Wednesday, but there is a physical education class today.
For a monk like Yu Long, the so-called completion of physical education class is a matter of course, and cut class has entered the mysterious realm.
But this time he went alone.
As early as three months ago, when Jinfeng helped Yu Long, he had already transferred the coordinates of the Falun Gong to Qingxin Xiaozhu, which was many times more comfortable than before.
But not every time I come back to Xuan Jing, I can see Jinfeng.
Jinfeng is still so mysterious. It seems that it is difficult for Yu Long to come to Qingxin Xiaozhu for ten times and never see her figure.
"Xiaoyu, you’re here-!" Surprisingly, this time Jinfeng was waiting for him in front of the array. After greeting, Yu Long smiled and said, "Xifeng, why are you so rich today?"
"Ha ha!" Jinfeng smiled and said, "I’m here waiting for you … The Duanmu Lord sent the message of Long Tianze …"
Yu Long was in a hurry and asked, "Tell me about where my uncle is? Is it Hengshuicheng? What is the situation of others now? " Don’t worry yet! "Jinfeng smiled and said," Let’s go to the drawing room and have tea and say … "
After coming to the drawing room, Tong Huaan took a sip of fragrant tea, Jinfeng, and moistened his voice. Then he said, "Xiaoyu has inquired about Long Tianze, the duke of Duanmu, according to the date of Xuanjing, and now he finally has an exact message."
"Yes-!" Yu Long was very grateful.
But he wants to know more about the recent situation of his uncle Long Tianze.
"Long Tianze has been imprisoned, and the other person is a person who wants to have a world of flowers." Jinfeng said, "Don’t wait to hear me out first … We are definitely going to save people, but you can’t be impulsive. I hope you can practice in the fresh house for a month and then I will accompany you to Hengshui City …"
Yu Long is very difficult.
According to his intention, he couldn’t wait to fly to Hengshuicheng immediately to save his uncle Long Tianze.
However, Jin Feng’s temper and personality are clear to him. If she decides, it seems difficult to change things.
"Xiaoyu, I can understand your feelings, but I hope you can think calmly …" Jinfeng said, "Heng Shuicheng is the most chaotic place in the cities of Xuanling Heaven. Some people call it purgatory, while others call it paradise … There are people and snakes everywhere in the five heavens and the earth. There are good people, bad people, just people and evil people. Baihua will be a non-simple faction. Although their president was killed six years ago, the skinny camel is less than the horse, and your strength is definitely not equal to Baihua."
"Didn’t you help me?" Yu Long asked to be continued. If you want to know the funeral, please go to chapter 6 for more.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
The fifth chapter 16 Xuan condition hard training

Let alone easily beat the Fenrir Wolf to death, Ye Yu, the level of fighting power beyond the theory.

In order not to crush the game too early and create something dramatic, it is necessary to formulate special rules of the game.
"Before announcing the special rules, please allow me to talk about the competition process first! This competition is not pursued by all members of the team in the stadium, but in the form of a competition! In order to satisfy us, the audience will have a short-term decisive battle! Although the contestants are all young demons, this competition mode is the professional competition mode of the demon! "
The host continued to say this, while Ye Yu turned over a supercilious look. He always felt that he had no chance to play, but Leah’s eyes were dignified over there. I’m afraid she also thought of something.
Then the special rule says go on.
"Then there are special rules for this game! Please move the’ king’ of both camps to the special setting platform. "
Leah silk and the other position, Serra Og, moved to the front of their respective positions.
Several machines appeared at the setup desk.
The camera is also aimed at the setting table, where the dice appear.
"There are dice! This is the special rule key! The rules of this competition are officially ranked as one of the main competitive events in the competition! ‘die·figure’!
"die·figure ………."
Knowing what this is, Yuuto Kiba began to explain.
"there are many special game rules in the real ranking competition, which we used to be relatively common. Besides that, there are dice like this one or a banner in the center of the competition field for both sides to compete-the game rule called’ Slable Flag’ and’ Die Figure’ are the most representative games to make dice play."
"It won’t be that each family member represents a number and then throws it to someone?"
Ye Yu so curious asked Yuuto Kiba nodded again.
"Yes, that’s the rule."
Yuuto Kiba said that Ye Yu was absolutely sure that he had no chance to play, and the host on the other side continued to explain.
"I don’t know much about this rule. Now I’m here to say one again! Make the dice have six sides like ordinary dice in the game! The six sides of the dice turn from one to six to decide which side can play! "
We all know that the value of "soldier" is 1, that of "knight" is 3, that of "monk" is 3, that of "chariot" is 5, and that of "queen" is 9.
"according to the roll, the numbers can make the family members with equal value play. This is the way to fight in this competition!"
I understand the rules of the game. Ye Yu rolled his eyes again. It is well known that he reincarnated Leah’s soldier chess. It seems that the number of the whole game is greater than the number of points, so it should not appear.
Chapter 338 Indra Day
Although there may be some disadvantages in the rules, it is only natural that if Yuzryha really comes out, there may be a wave of defeat on the other side.
Although it is said that it is a competition that determines the strongest of the younger generation, but there are more, I still want to create a program effect.
The final result is similar to Ye Yu’s thought. He really didn’t have a chance, but even without his terrible strength in Fenrir, the wolves, Leah, they still won.
It’s just that Cheng is watching a play at the stadium and Ye Yu has some chats.
"I’m sorry, Ye Yu. I didn’t expect them to be like this."
After the game, Leah said with some apologies.
"Well … I also know that it will be the result. It’s not a surprise."
Ye Yu’s so-called refusal to let him play is not only because he is too bullying, but also because he doesn’t want to expose his true strength in front of so many gods, right?
Especially when Hades is still hiding in the dark and observing here.
After the game, Ye Yu and Azazeru walked towards the VIP lounge together.
During the game, I couldn’t leave because of the explanation, but I got the news after the game. Azazeru left directly with Ye Yu, saying that he was taking him to see someone.
The VIP viewing rooms are all separate rooms. There are many in the venue. It seems that Odin is already full for this competition. The old man is in the ‘waluhara’ room. Zeus and Poseidon are in the ‘ryubss’ special room. Everyone has a guard handle outside to protect them.
Followed Azazeru two people into one of the VIP rooms.
At this time, the owner and his escort happened to come out of the room. It was a casual man with a round convex lens on his head, a rosary on his neck and a VIP.
Azazeru looked at each other very well, greeting.
"Isn’t this the Indra Temple? What do you think of the game?"
"oh? Hello, brother justice degenerate angel! It was a really exciting game! Are you very happy that your student won, brother degenerate angel, who is hooked up with the current King Pie? There are too many unconventional guys in the Gumongli team. Generally, the team is not an opponent. "
With a sarcastic expression on his face, the man called Indra Day glanced at Ye Yu’s face and didn’t see this mysterious soldier’s hand. I have to say it was a very uncomfortable thing for him. This time, his biggest purpose was to see Ye Yu’s strength.

Playing tai chi means that the two sides have no feelings to talk about, and they are based on interests. On the contrary, if they are so straightforward, they say that the two sides are close and there is no need to make those twists and turns.

Sure enough!
With a little more appreciation in his heart, Helu said quietly, "A lot of things don’t have evidence, but it doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t know. It’s just as simple as Hanro’s friendship with you is not as simple as Kaqi’s and yours. I believe that the Polish neo family is qualified to move now, especially me."
Han Luo, whose beard is gray but his face is ruddy and burly, said faintly, "Helu, you old thing, don’t talk nonsense. I am a little tenth speaker. Compared with you, the Polish Neo family can’t compare with the fierce Lan family."
"We are old friends, aren’t we?"
With a strange light in his eyes, Helu said, "Those two old things are an eyesore to me. I prefer my old friend to be the second speaker or the third speaker."
There are a total of ten speakers in the Principality of Defly, whose ranking is directly in their hands. These speakers are also distributing, among which the third speaker’s first fierce Lan family and the tenth speaker’s first Polanyio family are in the same faction.
However, although the two families belong to the same faction, they are limited to dealing with other factions, and they are by no means completely sharing benefits.
"If the two seniors want to discuss these things, I don’t want to get involved." Chen Han smiled.
"Don’t worry, little guy. It’s a lot to you."
Helu didn’t shy away and didn’t care much about the presence of the Imperial Finance Chief. "What about a Polish neo family, a fierce Lan family and a Downs family, a community with national interests? We are not satisfied with the current position. When the three families unite and carry each other, the result will be wonderful. "
The other two old guys suddenly brightened up at the moment but shrugged their shoulders. "I’m sorry I’m a trivial businessman. What does this have to do with me?"
"This plan can’t be realized without you," said Helu directly.
"What are my interests?"
"What benefits do you want?"
"Ha ha …"
Chen Han couldn’t help laughing and said in a joking tone, "What do I want from my predecessors? If I want to get a country, I want to be the master of a country, I want to unite the Kanpa Empire and the Principality of Defly, and I want to expand this new country to a limited size. Will you promise me? "
The old guys first looked one leng and then all burst out laughing.
Since Chen Han is joking, they naturally take this as a joke, and they can take this as a joke.
The celestial world is not the celestial world. The rules here are more one country, and the core super family is not in the so-called compulsory loyalty.
However, this does not mean that you can seek to usurp the throne!
Take the Kampa Empire as an example. After hundreds of millions of years of running the most powerful family, what power has the royal family accumulated?
The most important thing is that the royal family has established subtleties in various families through various means. Unless these families can unite, it is almost impossible to shake the royal status. Even if they unite to rebel and pull the royal family, who doesn’t want to be the future leader?
So many families compete for victory, and one other family is still a minister, which will be greatly affected by the loss of strength.
Besides, China’s power in fighting in the Ministry will surely be greatly weakened, and it will also lose power in the competition with other countries. Except for the only family with the throne, other families can’t get any benefits, so it is impossible to rebel without absolute assurance.
This is not to mention that the hidden power of the royal family is incalculable, and no one dares to say that he is sure.
The federal parliamentary system is similar in the Principality of Defly. They all have problems that they have to worry about, but there seems to be almost no precedent for rebellion in the divine world.
"What benefits do you want?" Helu once again questioned and looked solemnly a lot.
"I said."
"You …"
"Speaker, RalfLose is my friend, and you are my elder. I don’t want to hide anything."
Chen cold thoughtful wanted to think eyes swept hundreds of people present "the fact that I said these but the fact is also a joke that no one can take me out how to * * * * * * * somewhat self-protection ability. If it is an ordinary civilian, you can get beheaded and blame me. Who can easily kill me? You can take the words as a joke. "
The three old men looked solemn. Helu looked puzzled. Sun Luose’s voice became deep and serious. "Get out!"
"What happened to Grandpa?" RalfLose was confused.
"I said out!" Khululi drink a way
"Cage, Duchenne, you go out, too," Hanrow said flatly.
"Caroline, get out."
"And your department, get out!"
Helu’s strict eyes swept all the guards in the three parties, and hundreds of people walked away in a blink of an eye, even if a few young players were very reluctant.
Finally, the three old men looked at Aubrey and others with hundreds of top players beside Chen Han.
"Aubrey, Hammer and Maimon ‘ao, take everyone with you."
"no! Eldest brother you fix … "
Mai Meng ‘ao quickly stopped him. Although he knew some of the boss’s strengths, at present he was the strongest family owner in both countries. Each of them was the top and strongest. They could easily kill Chen Han when they built one. In front of these people, Wan Xu Zhu may not be able to take it out at the right time.
Of course, he didn’t know that Chen’s cold strength was less. After he came back this time, he didn’t know what Chen’s cold was.
Fight the emperor in the late spike?
Others don’t know, but he knows that the physical strength of the boss is stronger than the power of quarrelling, which makes the pure strength. It is normal for the emperor to be killed by him in the later stage. However, this is caused by underestimating the other side, which doesn’t mean that he has the ability to fight against these old things. In front of the three old guys, he doesn’t even have a chance to call out the master in the pearl.
Chapter 79 Peak matchup 1
"Get out."
"But …"
"You can really ink when the boss has done something he is not sure about?"
I have to admit that Hammer has reached the level of blind worship of Chen Han, and his confidence in him is even more in Mai Meng ‘ao, who pulled him to flicker out of the hall.
So there are now four people left in the hall, three dead old men and a young man.
"Aren’t you afraid?" Helu suddenly smiled.
"I’m not afraid because I’m sure I can’t let you go out."
"The Speaker wants to try?"
Helu body suddenly burst into a strong murderous look, a handle like Wu Gou sword weapon with a strange semi-permeable flow around the body.
In fact, it is not surprising that the third speaker of the Principality of Defly is strange if he doesn’t even have a sacristy. The key is that his energy score is recognized as the most powerful attribute in the ten energies of the divine world
It’s just that the other two old guys didn’t stop them from retreating to the side with a dignified face.
Obviously, among the three people, the shallowest one with Chen Han is Helu, that is, his Sun Luose had little contact with Chen Han twice.
Chen Han’s half-truths, if others say it directly, will be beheaded by an insurrection crime, which won’t give him a chance to defend himself. But he is different. He has a magic feather Teng dragon background, and he is a big boss behind the scenes. His every move has been to the economic rise and fall of several countries, and he is also in charge of an extraordinary team of experts. If you are serious, he will say that it is impossible for him to kill his roots with a joke alone. * * * * * * * The big boss is not a bully. He didn’t see the big emperor.
Therefore, it is the best time for Helu to take two different attitudes when he is escorted by a group of experts.
Strong enough to say that he is qualified to talk about conditions and can continue to talk.
If his strength is not enough, he will be killed by himself, and the three parties present will share it equally. * * * * * * He can talk about Chen Han’s feelings.
Indeed, whether it’s the crazy development of business or his performance at the banquet today is enough for him to appreciate, but appreciation doesn’t mean anything compared with huge interests, but it can be directly regarded as cold as well.
He didn’t expect the other party to treat himself as a confidant when they met for the first time, and he would give them 120 thousand letters. Without emotional foundation, everyone can speak with strength and proceed from their own interests.

Your position in the business of economic man will rise.

Therefore, Mosio does not reject and always win.
Recently, Changsheng received a message from Fa Erkao agent Mosio.
In the words, Mosio told him that there were many clubs interested in Fa Erkao, but Barcelona was the most interested.
"Barcelona?" Constant victory rhetorical question
"It’s Barcelona," Mercio repeated.
Changsheng smiled.
Barcelona has a lot of troubles this season.
In the league, they were firmly suppressed by their bitter rivals, Real Madrid. Last season, they lost the league title because the two sides were behind in the same score.
This season, they have been lagging behind Real Madrid by a big margin. If there is no accident, this season’s league champion will probably be Real Madrid.
After winning the League title and the Champions League in succession, Barcelona encountered the same situation as Lazio, that is, the desire for honor in the dressing room has lost, and they are more concerned with their own economic income than maintaining their competitive level.
This team has come to the end of its cycle.
It used to cheer people that Dream Team II was about to step on the historical stage.
The team’s locker room, Ronaldinho, degenerated into Eto ‘o’s big mouth … Rijkaardo gradually lost control of the locker room.
Similar to Lazio, but with different results.
Changsheng also has control over Lazio. Although there are some uneasiness, it is still within the control of Changsheng on the whole.
Rijkaard completely lost control of that team.
In the past two years, Real Madrid is not the strongest in terms of strength, but can play Barcelona without fighting back.
The top management of laporta’s first Barcelona club obviously knows this. Rijkaard led Barcelona back to the peak from the trough and achieved the reputation of Dream II and won the second Champions League in the club’s history.
He has finished himself.
Now, if Barcelona wants to move on and remain brilliant, it must be completely changed from arrival.
The head coach and players have all been replaced.
Can’t control the locker room. The head coach doesn’t need to stay.
Without the desire for honor, there is no need for players to stay in the team and sell them while they can afford it.
Then, we should buy some qualified players to supplement the team’s strength.
Besides, Barcelona can’t just buy some cats and dogs. It needs powerful, influential and legitimate red players.
In this way, Barcelona naturally set its sights on Lazio Fa Erkao.
At this time, Fa Erkao is said to be renewing his contract with the club, but it has not been settled yet. The media suddenly increased a lot, and Fa Erkao will leave the team after the season.
Now is a good time to start!
In this way, Barcelona found Fa Erkao’s agent Mosio.
They hope that Mosio can put pressure on Lazio to facilitate the transfer deal.
"Besides Barcelona, which clubs are interested in Fa Erkao? I say they are giants," Chang Sheng asked.
"Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid …"
Mosio said
"We fired Claudio and now it is announced that these clubs all want Fa Erkao, especially Real Madrid. You know Barcelona and Real Madrid are terrible. If Real Madrid wants players, they will definitely grab them … and then you can tell Fa Erkao that our negotiations have broken down. If he wants to leave, I won’t stop him."
Changsheng said in the words
"OK, I’ll tell him, but won’t it affect his performance on the court?"
Changsheng shook his head. "You won’t tell him that if he wants to go to a big team and earn more than 5 million players a year to become the world’s top star, he will try his best to help Lazio reach the top of the Champions League in the last half of the season."
Mercio was about to hang up when he suddenly remembered something. "Oh, yes, there is something that makes me think it might be better to tell you … Yesterday, the reporter named Pacheco from Gazzetta dello Sport called me. He wanted to interview me …"
Chang Sheng smiled. "It seems that you are interviewed by him before he gives up. We were still talking about letting the media help us get the news out. Isn’t this just a chance to send the door?"
Hang up and always think about Pacheco.
It seems that the Gazzetta dello Sport reporter will not stop until he messes up his dressing room …
In fact, many players and agents have taken the initiative to find themselves out and want to renew their contracts with the club.
They’re not showing loyalty
They are robbing in troubled waters.
I hope to break the club’s annual salary limit of 2 million euros