Even though the instructor said that the danger across the street was not high, she was scared once, and she dared not enter the terrible world alone.

Even if you really want to go in, you have to ask a mentor to find another thigh.
But since the tutor didn’t ask, well … then don’t try. Go back early.
Leave a bell there for the time being to discuss new trade with the FBI. See you back alone.
"But the bell said …"
"After talking about the order, I will go back and tell my tutor that I don’t want to be stationed here for a long time. I am a medical staff!"
"That’s the exact words of the bell."
An Jian you imitates
Although the bell can talk to him directly and remotely
However, Fang You really didn’t intend to let Yinling stay there. Yinling is not only a doctor but also a chief pharmacist.
Nowadays, a lot of output depends on her. How can she stay secret as a liaison with the FBI?
But it is also important to have a liaison in secret.
Who should go?
Black Knife, that’s impossible. Brother Black Knife is the most important apostle in the organization. It depends on him to train new people.
The punishment is thunder. He won’t be allowed to stay at the material base. Fang You has already kicked him out to work.
Pei Hongjing is the chairman of Pei’s group. There are many practical things. Pei’s security is recruiting people to wake up.
He certainly doesn’t want to come.
Elohi traveled almost everywhere, and occasionally checked her situation and found that the girl’s own organization actually developed.
It’s also amazing
A lot of awakened people have been brought in, and a group of little girls are surrounded. In time, this unreliable organization of Iloshi may actually be reliable and form a good scale.
"It’s not bad for the fire."
"It is equivalent to a peripheral organization that can send talents to the fire."
The Iloshi are the people who pay the fire. He thinks it’s okay.
Of course, Iloshi, she founded this small organization with mixed advantages and disadvantages. We need to wait and filter out the talents who have the potential to take advantage of it.
"It’s too much for a formal apostle to be a liaison."
"Choose a secondary apostle."
The secondary apostle has defects and can call his name directly in his mind, but if modern society wants to get out of the secret place, there is a signal to talk.
And he can still switch the perspective of the secondary apostle even though he is talking with French.
There is no big problem.
The only problem is
"The strength is slightly weak. At present, the secondary apostles are all awakened."
"Little Magic, bring up the panel of secondary apostles."
Master Deng, Gou Ping ‘an, Xu Tian and other two groups of 16 apostles were awakened.
The second batch was just awakened, and he emphasized that it was the first batch of six people.
The highest mystery accumulation is that the light mage has been walking outside to eliminate the evil and clear the road in his heart. At this time, the mystery value has reached 175.
"Soon. It’s only been a few days."
"It’s also that the conditions are different now. The mage often deals with the mysterious evil of two stars and comes back with a wound for treatment."
It can be said that the mage’s fighting style is really fierce.
Mystery accumulation is fast and normal.
His eyes continued to sweep "yi"
His apostles’ mysterious accumulation of 6 ~ 9 is much less than that of Master Deng, but only if you are safe, his mysterious value has accumulated to 173, which is not much worse than Master Deng.
"If Gou Ping-an can be promoted to Erjue this time, it is more appropriate for him to go to the secret place to act as a liaison than Master Deng."
"Don’t be stationed for a long time for a few days and a half months, and there will be many people who can rotate."
"The third batch of membership will soon be confirmed."
"The omen of the treacherous gate in front of Donghuang country has also made the punishment thunder go to him, and he can make a good evaluation alone."
"And Anjianyou, the younger sister, should try again. She can’t delay."
When he walked out of the second entrance to Baijiang office, he saw that this younger sister was sucking milk tea with a happy face.

Li Yu laughs at directly adding 20,000 troops to teach Yin and Yang again.

The imperial elder is also a poor eye and directly pegged to the Yin and Yang teaching box.
How dare you play down a peg or two in front of the four imperial figures?
Is it really a recession when the four dynasties recuperate?
150,000 Jin source!
And directly added 20 thousand Jin!
The monks in the field are suffocating. This man is too cruel. Where is the price increase of 20 thousand Jin? The source is that Yin and Yang teach the face to smoke two big mouths and walk on others.
At this time, the Yin and Yang Sect can’t sit still, but whoever bids for this catalogue is bound to fail!
"I taught 170,000 Jin from Yin and Yang!" Yin and Yang taught elders to grind their teeth again and added twenty thousand catties to their mouths.
His eyes are a little red, keeping a close eye on Li Yu’s box, as if a moment is about to come out from the inside.
Although it is a bit rude, people can understand that it is suspected to be the abode of fairies and immortals after all. This price is normal and even a little low!
To know what the ancient sages represent, it is far beyond the known power in China today. Who is not crazy?
If it weren’t for a quarter of the time, the price would have to be doubled!
Looking at the embarrassment of Yin and Yang Sect elders in the box, Li Yu laughed inexplicably.
Soon he waved his hand and shouted again, "Every time you increase the price, you should bring the title of Yin and Yang. How can you teach the title well?" I don’t think so!
Look at the auction site, it’s a source with no money. What are you pretending to be poor and arrogant? 190,000 Jin of source! "
190,000 Jin source!
Cried the solidification in the field, no one thought that the man was so fierce that he didn’t give Yin and Yang a teaching face and even mocked it.
No source. What are you pretending to be?
Is the name of Yin and Yang religion very big?
A lot of people in the reverberation field laughed in their hearts. This Zhongzhou rampant Yin and Yang religion actually has such a bad day. No one really thought of it.
"The pavilion is rich." At the moment, the elders of Yin and Yang Sect look ugly, and this number has approached the dynamic boundary brought by his visit.
I didn’t expect it to turn into this situation. I really didn’t expect it
"It’s not worth a long time to see some Yin and Yang teaching titles, which are far less resounding than the four dynasties!"
Box dynasty lodge old cold mouth a burst of Yin and Yang religion direction between eyes let people a thrill.
"I’ve always known that the four dynasties are in Zhongzhou, and I’ve never heard of how brilliant Yin and Yang religions are."
Gu Yue, the king of Daotai, was also cold-snorted, but it exploded like thunder, which made the elders tremble.
At that time, I didn’t dare to talk again, even my bidding mind went out.
The crowd was surprised that the characters in the box really got along with the king of Gu Yue. This is really a great thing. Yin and Yang taught to kick the iron plate and show off in front of a big shot!
But it didn’t work, and it was humiliated for a while. It was really a boring loss and there was no reason to go.
In the end, this quarter catalogue was photographed by Li Yu and delivered by Gu Yue Wang himself. Of course, it was earned. What happened to him?
"Brother Huang, don’t be in a hurry to leave my peers at that time. Some guys are carried away by temptation."
King Gu Yue didn’t leave in a hurry, but stayed in situ to escort Li Yu away.
He also glanced at the direction of Yin and Yang religions. In recent years, with the recuperation of the four dynasties, it seems that all the religions have become active and forgotten their majesty.
"Yin and Yang teach hehe"
Li Yu shook his head. This cult was vicious and domineering. The saint was beheaded by Ye Hei one after another. It is also the most diligent holy place for Beidou to change saints.
I didn’t expect to hit my hand now, so I can say that their fortune is really bad
Soon, the auction of one heavy object after another came, and the auction came to a close.
And Li Yu, a colleague from Gu Yue, was not in a hurry to explore the heterogeneous source of the three-color mountain from the ancient Ming treasure que.
He moved the Xuan pupil eye contact heterogeneous source divine power slowly cut the shell.
In an instant, the three-color glow rushed up and dazzled Li Yu’s whole palm.
And the depths of the heterogeneous source impressively has three together slightly shrinking way!
Fire channel species, wood road species and waterway species; Three kinds of vitality with weak fluorescence are weak and surrounded by five elements, but they are flourishing before.
"It really is the five elements!" Li Yu’s face lit up. Although it is far less than the immortal ancient method, it is also precious.
And after seeing it, he had an idea!
I am about to step into the secret realm of Daogong to nourish the five elements and five zang-organs of the human body, which can just bring these five elements into the body!
The human body raises five elements and five internal organs to give birth to Tao!

The beating black fire.

Also attached to him automatically.
Chengta little decoration
There are four pairs of weird long horns on the top of the head and two pairs of thick wings behind it, while the tail slowly shakes behind it. Although it still has a similarity of six or seven points, it still has many inhuman qualities.
All this shows that [Jia Luo] does not belong to [human] and [real identity] for a long time …
Even if you do nothing.
Show [real form] him
It’s just simple
The huge pressure and erosion of his body still made the structure of [pocket] dissolve involuntarily.
Make it more stable than the time structure under the control of dr. manhattan.
Just like encountering high temperature ice and snow, it has gradually become out of control!
This is also the time.
[dr. manhattan] [Neng]
Then he will wake up [crisis energy] after he has surpassed [mortal]
It is clear that an alarm has come to him.
Wake up in front of him. This is the real meaning. The damage lies in destroying his strong man!
Especially in the hands of 【 Jia Luo 】 that handle floating several mantras sword.
It is even more dangerous for him! !
After thinking for a while.
His face
That blue face that hasn’t shown any intense expression for a long time.
Show joy.
"It’s a nice feeling …"
"… just like I’m really alive …"
Familiar and unfamiliar crisis
Let him experience the long-lost excitement!
He is very happy! !
And in an instant
Black shadow spread
It is not a simple [three-dimensional level]
But from many different levels
"Four dimensions", "five dimensions", "six dimensions" …
[Past], [Present], [Future] [Multi-Universe (D)] Normal manifestation They are usually in the [Four-dimensional level]
The so-called "prophecy" and "future vision" …
In most cases, a little information was born because of peeping into this level.
And the "five-dimensional level" belongs to the "image power" level.
Here [time] [] is the most basic thing.
Flow backwards.
"Past", "Present" and "Future" at the same time
It is not difficult.
[dr. manhattan] In perception.
Only a few are strong enough to touch this field.
For example, someone named "troublemaker" and "five-dimensional life"

Only when he summons his own game tuba, that is, the [main avatar] in the [terminal venue], can he make the power break through many restrictions and reach the real [abyss Lord level] to unlock most of his own power.

But he wants to summon the game tuba and needs to meet the prior conditions-the current [plane] is in the [plane’s prosperous period] and most of the traces of life in it are destroyed!
This is still in its infancy
Even the life group has not yet multiplied, and it is not prosperous at present.
Obviously, it is a matter of returning the law to complete …
To really destroy something, at least wait for something to actually appear …
That’s why.
Only when the temporary method completes Olga will the target be chosen to be rotten.
Even the conditions for killing the quartet first have not yet been produced.
It’s true that he’s too lazy to work harder …
of course
Even if the conditions are ripe, he may not work hard.
Maybe he will be more relaxed and happy if he does something else with that time.
in like manner; in a similar way
Just as he wants to restore [Abyss Lord], it will be difficult.
If the remaining contestants want to activate the power of the Abyss Lord, they also need to meet various completely different conditions.
Although the project is slightly different
But it’s mostly something quite difficult ~
after all
Who will restore that level first?
Then even if you are ashamed, you have laid the foundation for victory!
Unless it’s bad luck, there are several guys at the same time to restore that level …
Looking not far away, it seems to be thinking about something [Fern Yates]
The corners of the mouth of Olga’s mouth are connected by consciousness, so it can be regarded as a single person doing multi-line exercises, which directly reveals the same evil smile at the same time.
He doesn’t know what the other person thinks.
I’m too lazy to make all kinds of guesses.
Just want to have some fun …
As long as things are interesting.
"I finally got a little interest."
In such words,
The Olga opened their mouths at the same time and stated
"You don’t want to let me down …"
after that
They all held out a finger.
They all point to [Vernyates]
a moment
Poor power

Fufeng Qian’s loss is slightly smaller than that of Cang Li Ling’s. At least one Buddhist monk named Tsukiji died, that is, he had to repair Qian Yue in the middle of Tsukiji.

Sixteen years later, the two then families have just recovered.
Although they did not reach an armistice agreement, they also reached a tacit understanding with each other, and they were very restrained. Although there were many frictions, neither of the two families did it.
Of course, there are also two then real constraints.
It is in this way that Ling Jiexin dares to send a bunch of talented people to the border of Huangxie Island to stay on the island.
If the two families are in a period of war, each other’s monks are willing to kill each other’s family genius brother Ling Youxian and others are naturally protected objects. How can they be sent to let each other kill?
According to Ling Jiexin’s expectation, the 37 monks with words in the island accepted the scope although they would have injuries.
A whole thing also developed according to his expectation. After several people died, Ling Youdao and others honed their arrogance, learned to be cautious and prepared, and directly killed Friar Qian, a practicing monk in Fufeng.
Not surprisingly, if you go to Ling Youdao and others, you should know how to unite and cooperate with the array. It is impossible for Brother Qi to break through all the arrays, let alone kill Ling Youdao and others.
The rule is that the dead are alive.
Ling Jiexin’s arrangement is to plant a panacea on the island.
Planting the elixir is mainly because the island needs to be stationed on the island without planting the elixir, and it will be lost.
What if there is no panacea planted on the island and people need to be stationed?
Several people are stationed on the same island, and the elixir is also planted on the same island.
Although not every island is guarded by people, a few people stationed on the island can radiate the surrounding islands. Naturally, his monks dare not stay on the nearby islands for a long time.
For example, Cangli Island is near Cangli Lingshi Camp. Many islands have never been stationed by monks, but no one dares to station on those islands.
Because in that case, it’s just a piece of fat in Cang Li Ling’s mouth.
By the same token, if many people are stationed in Feilangyu, then there is no practice of monks to drive the islands around Feilangyu to stay.
One, those islands are too barren, and two, we need to be on guard against Feilangyu monks watching and worrying all day.
This is a defeat without fighting!
However, before Ling Youdao and others realized this, unexpected things had happened.
Ling Jiexin never thought that Ling Youjun would touch Qian Yugong and slay each other.
Of course, his heart is still better.
But I didn’t know that I met Qian Datong, a person who didn’t want to face the skin. He violated the tacit understanding between the two families and had an army killer who only practiced gas.
Because of the pressure from his family in many ways, his original plan of good training almost went up in smoke.
For Ling Jiexin, Qian Datong is the culprit who ruined his plan and challenged the majesty of Ling’s family.
Ling Jiexin said, "It’s not enough for me to hate not killing you, and it’s not enough to shock all parties."
I heard that Qian Datong was angry. At least he was a monk in the later period of Tsukiji. You are too crazy.
He immediately flew out of Tongdao and came to the sea, followed by the red eagle flapping its wings.
Qian Datong waved weiyun sword in his hand, and the sea water was pulled to form a huge waterspout with a height of more than ten feet.
Ling Jiexin grabbed the silver horn in his hand and raised my hand with a stroke of silver, which divided the waterspout into two halves.
Followed by several waterspouts easily blocked by Ling Jiexin.
Qian Datong threw several salamanders; gold knives and another Zhang Jingang in a row.
Weiyun sword cloud transpiration a blue-and-white wingspan of more than three zhangs micro cloud bird virtual shadow appeared.
Three salamanders entwine two golden knives to compete.
Then I saw a golden bell suddenly appearing to cover the flaming snake, like a hot golden knife, as sharp as a bell.
Ling Jiexin stepped on the red eagle and held the silver horn gun on his head, but the golden bell was imposing.
As soon as he shook the silver horn gun, a huge one-horned silver rhinoceros appeared in front of him.
"Borrow your head!"
He shot at Qian Datong with a drink and a cross-day.
Chapter 59 Powerful Ling Jiexin
Qian Datong waved his wings with a sword, and he was not afraid to meet the one-horned silver rhinoceros.
Then I saw the two monster beasts fighting and tearing each other in the virtual shadow.
The micro-cloud bird is just a second-order monster beast, and the strength of Datong is not good. Where can it be a one-horned silver rhinoceros virtual shadow opponent?
After only a few breaths, the virtual shadow of the cloud bird was torn apart and a little starlight disappeared.
The virtual shadow of the huge one-horned silver rhinoceros instantly contracted and gathered at the tip of the silver horn gun to form a little silver.
Passing 18-wheeler, the whole process takes less than one breath.
"Drilling the sky!"
Qian Datong hurriedly offered his own defensive spirit to block his chest and then applied the second-order diamond charm before matching.
He can also be a dead horse as a living horse doctor at this time, hoping to block Ling Jiexin’s blow.
Silver horn spear stabbed his defensive spirit, Ling Jiexin shook the gun body, and the defensive spirit in front of it was instantly shocked by the silver horn gun, which easily pierced the golden light outside Qian Datong’s body
One shot and a long blood spill.
Chase is extremely unwilling to die.
Take the money, Datong’s head and body fall quickly.
"No, four elders were killed."
Ling Jiexin fell to the ground and caught a Friar Qian who helped the wind.
"Say Qian Yugong’s grave?"

The green cow has a sharp brain turn. This guy has lived for many years, just like a fox.

"Hum, you deliberately led the smiles send us light. I’m afraid it’s not a good thing to talk to me about this?" Green cow saw Guo Yiyi at a glance.
"Good thing is absolutely good. If you succeed at this time, you can not only find countless treasures, but also find a fairy secret." Guo Yi laughed.
Once the matter was told, Guo Yi knew that this greedy cow would definitely hook up and be more active than him.
Sure enough, after hearing Guo Yi’s words, Qingniu immediately jumped up from the ground and shouted, "Is this really true with a fairy?"
The green ox is whiter than Guo Yi, how ethereal and great the immortal is, and even if it reaches the star Lord, it is still thousands of miles away from the immortal.
The star master and the immortal are separated by several great realms. Compared with the immortal, the star master can’t even compare with the ant.
Guo Yi nodded his head. "This matter originated from an ancient time in the ancient Xuanyu world. Once you have collected the seven star devices and the Six Buddhas, you can make a shocking treasure. This treasure not only includes a world wealth, but also seven stars and a fairy secret."
Qingniu’s long tongue keeps adding lips, as if she were seriously thinking about something. She said to herself, "There will be immortal secrets in a small ancient mysterious area. Do you know that if you are in contact with immortals, everything can cause desolation and looting? Even if the immortals have touched a stone, it may lead to a blood shed. What’s more, it’s an immortal secret?"
"Are you sure it’s a fairy secret?" Green cow couldn’t believe Guo Yi’s words and asked the same question again.
"Amitabha Ox Poison King, you won’t have your head broken after his mother was seriously injured, will you, poor monk? I can tell you that there was a fairy level in the ancient Xuanyu World. This time it was definitely a fairy, not those who practiced advanced cultivation." This time, it was not Guo Yi who spoke, but Jia Ye, an old monk, who ran out from the heavenly sword. The old monk was also very coveted for fairy secrets and wanted to join the treasure hunt.
There are quite a lot of fairy tales, but most of them are left by people who practice advanced cultivation. After several years, the more miraculous they are, the more they become fairy tales.
Only the young cattle are worried that the secret of an immortal mentioned by Guo Yi is that of a person who practices advanced cultivation.
"By Jia Ye monk incredibly ancient xuan domain met you, you are not five hundred thousand years ago was abandoned by the northern wilderness emperor? I’m still dead, even the slag is gone. I didn’t expect that there would be a remnant soul left. "Green cow immediately laughed after seeing monk Jia Ye now, as if they had known each other."
Green cow laugh is very carefree, that point is schadenfreude!
Volume VI Wyndell Dichinson Xuanji Mountain
Chapter 375 seeks the decision
Jia Ye monk and Qingniu once knew each other for sure, but it was 500,000 years since the mouth of QingNiu Yi, which immediately made Guo Yi feel that this cow was boasting about the atmosphere. After all, the Dharma Master can live for a thousand years, and it is impossible to live for more than 100,000 years. If someone really lived for 500,000 years, wouldn’t it be immortal? But it is obvious that the Jia Ye monk and Qingniu and the word "fairy" are irrelevant.
After hearing the taunt of the green cow, the monk Jia Ye immediately snorted coldly: "King Niu Poison, aren’t you badly beaten by others? Even Yuan Ling was scattered by the earthquake, which is not much better than me. Now I’m afraid even the star master can’t beat you?"
"Fart! Is it true that a mere star master can kill his opponent with a dose of poison, but now you have lost your sword spirit. I’m afraid you were exiled by the Northern Wilderness Emperor? " Green cow is laughed
"Fuck … Amitabha, the Northern Wilderness Emperor is waiting for a character to defeat his hand. It’s not wrong, but I told you that I will return to the Northern Wilderness in the future, and even the Northern Wilderness Emperor will be able to pull over." Jia Ye monk said with a confident face.
After Guo Yi finished, he couldn’t understand what Jia Ye monk and Qing Niu said, but he could roughly guess that it should have something to do with the outside world of ancient Xuanyu.
Green cow sloped smile debut "you continue to blow! If people exiled by the Northern Wilderness Emperor dare to set foot in the Northern Wilderness, it is simply a death. "
"You say it’s true that Wei Jiayu, the Great Northern Wilderness Emperor, became famous, but no matter how fierce he is, he can’t beat the immortal. Now I have a real Buddha brother as my patron, but the Great Northern Wilderness Emperor dares to be with the real Buddha at the same level as the immortal, right?" Jia Ye monk is very bullish. He will give a shock to the green cow.
"Impossible true Buddha and immortal have already gone to cloud nine. How can there be a true Buddha brother who are you kidding? Besides, even if a real Buddha brother is born, you can curry favor with him? Are you kidding? I am a vegetarian when I am an old cow? " Qingniugen doesn’t believe what monk Jia Ye said.
Guo Yi smiled without a word and took out the false Buddha lamp from Xianhe, holding his palm.
The true Buddha’s blood swims in the Buddha’s lamp, and a sacred breath emanates from the Buddha’s lamp. Suddenly, the heavens and the earth appear eternal Buddha shadows. In these Buddha shadows, Zen chanting is done, and a holy Buddha reverberates in the ear, which seems to come from ancient times and seems to come from the sky.
Qingniu shook unceasingly and looked at the Buddha’s lamp and saw at a glance that it was a real Buddha’s mark. Although it was an ordinary Buddha statue, it almost blinded Qingniu’s eyes just by looking at it from the corner.
This is the true Buddha’s power not to blaspheme.
"This is … what level artifact is this? Mom, Guo Xiao, when did you make a windfall and actually get such a treasure for Zun to help you identify? "Green Niu said, and jumped.
Guo Yi hurriedly put the false Buddha lamp back in Xianmen and put it in Xianhe. "No, you identified it as a true Buddha. I got the true Buddha and now I am a true Buddha brother."
Guo Yi will pull the cow rope and immediately pull the green cow out.
"God! What a world! True Buddha, why did you give it to a rogue? What a good man I am, the true Buddha should accept my disciples, and I am willing to become a monk. "The green cow screamed in pain and then rushed over to Guo Yichong and cried," Uncle Guo, please accept my disciples! In this way, I am a true Buddha disciple. "
Guo Yigen won’t dump Qingniu, knowing that this guy is insincere and just like himself, he can’t be a monk and a robber.
Guo Yi said, "You don’t have to do this. If we can hit you with the treasure of Dongling Tomb this time, maybe we can directly worship an immortal teacher, which is a thousand times better than the true Buddha’s disciple."
"Is there really a fairy secret in ancient Xuanyu?" After learning that Guo Yi got the true Buddha’s inheritance, Qing Niu believed in the fairy in ancient Xuanyu.
"It’s absolutely true, King Niu Poison. Your knowledge of the ancient Xuanyu big world is still too little. But I have seen many big scenes with Guo Xiao, such as the nine coffins of the Nanling god cemetery, the dead city of feng du, the connection between the flowers and the holy city, and the abandoned land. These are all big and strange, saying that the ancient Xuanyu is definitely not an ordinary big world. There must be some big secrets hidden here." Although monk Jia Ye has been buried in the heavenly sword, he knows all about the outside things. Guo Yi has experienced almost everything.
Green cow also nodded his head, "The six masters of ancient Xuanyu are not simple, absolutely not just as simple as the star master. It seems that they have reached a more advanced level. A big world is absolutely not so strong. I feel that they are all some big shots. It seems that the ancient Xuanyu world is really amazing."
The green cow became more and more excited, and its tail trembled.
Guo Yi glanced at Jia Ye monk and Qing Niu, both of whom were hidden. They lived for tens of thousands of years even if they didn’t have hundreds of thousands of years. If they could pull water from them, they would have a better chance of winning the battle for the treasure of Dongling Tomb.
"So you’re both going to be involved in this?" Guo Yi gently rubbing his hands and laughed
Jia Ye’s monk Buddha’s stateliness is like an ancient Buddha’s Road. "That’s nature. If I can find the secret of immortals, maybe I can cultivate a ghost fairy and take another fairy road from Buddhism."
Qingniu also constantly lit a huge bull’s head, saying, "It’s no small matter if a fairy touches a stone. What’s more, if I can get this secret, Qingniu can also fly into a phoenix and become an equal with the monster queen."
"Wait, that is, you need to go to the Central Plains to get some treasures if you want to play the treasure of Dongling Tomb. Those are all treasure keys." Guo Yi laughed.
Now Guo Yi has a bodhi tree, a jack-o’-lantern order, Six Buddhas and Su E’s boat chasing the sun. Now Guo Yi has got it. Now it’s just the blue sea star wheel in Yunxianer’s hand, the iron in prison, the temple in Lingxiao in Baixier’s hand and the flag of God of War that has never appeared.
Guo Yi, the flag of God of War, always feels that he has seen it, but he can’t remember it at the moment, so he can wait until all six stars are collected.

Has been greatly separated from the original material, making the ground a wonderful’ distorted jungle’

As soon as it landed on the surface … it felt familiar information.
This particularly distorted tumbler is actually … a minibus.
Symbionts found that it was finally found again … its maker.
Although it feels like finding it by accident
But it hasn’t been confirmed yet
Symbionts immediately went deep into the earth’s surface and tried to confirm whether the familiarity they felt from here was true or not.
Then it met … the same distorted minibus organ.
When it touches the minibus organs, it also feels the minibus consciousness.
This consciousness is completely in a’ normal’ state.
That is to say, I felt exactly the same as before … when this minibus found symbionts, I immediately spoke to it.
First, the minibus expressed its surprise.
Then I expressed my loneliness.
It says that it has been here for a long time and nothing has happened.
It feels very … Chat.
It’s great for symbionts to be here now.
The symbiont felt danger at this time, but it was too late for it.
Because it found its body … and the organs of the minibus’ glued’ together completely.
It’s as if the two sides have merged, and it finds itself completely unable to move.
And then … it’s always been like this.
Exactly the same as before.
The minibus trapped it here and continued to tell it all kinds of stories.
Of course, before the peace, some different minibuses mainly told stories about their own’ distortions’ infection.
It tells how these distortions spread from themselves and finally infect the whole star.
No living things in the star can escape, and all of them become a part of distortion.
While the symbiotic embodiment still has a sense of perception, it feels that it is exactly the same as the previous’ life’.
So it tried to … escape from here.
But this plan has never been smooth because it has no idea how the minibus trapped it.
What will their body structure merge … It can’t figure this out, although it knows that the reason why they merge is probably because they are two original creatures.
But it just doesn’t know that the minibus is like controlling its own organs.
Later, it thought of the way to "clear the encirclement" mainly because it learned some knowledge with the creator before.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and sixty-three Attraction
"What …"
It has always been very incomprehensible.
What kind of minibus likes to trap it and talk to it all the time … all kinds of things?
What’s even more amazing is that …
It always feels’ desperate’ when it is trapped in a minibus.
It doesn’t feel very desperate about the minibus anger class … it doesn’t feel’ future’.
But this time I was trapped much faster than before.
Because symbionts send some signals to the virtual.
When the symbiont came here, it actually detected that there was not a bus biological signal, and there was another creature.

Among these four people, there is a god king who attracted the attention of several gods, even XuanXing and others were attracted by him. It was a middle-aged man in a blue cloth, and his appearance was not so outstanding. But … He came riding a powerful beast-a red lion, and this red lion actually had the realm of god king!

"It was an odd number …" Xuanxing sighed with emotion at the bottom of his heart. This old man in Tsing Yi is a master of the peak of God King in the middle period. He is much worse than Xuan and others. Many people have already recognized him as the master beast. I am afraid that no God King is his opponent except his own punishment.
Lin Lin’s eyes are shining at the moment when she looks at the red lion, because she also has a red lion. How cool it would be if she could ride a red lion, too. Lin Lin fantasized so much.
At this time, several men of God nearby looked at the old man in Tsing Yi with a full face of worship. Like Lin Lin, they all thought that they would be able to ride the God-level God beast down a peg or two one day.
"There is not just born in Unicorn Chan? Just take him back, "said the man of God, who is indifferent to his nature and doesn’t like those drooling men beside him."
The words of this divine king awakened dozens of gods around them from their dreams, and at the same time, they felt a chill in their hearts and took away their cubs from the eyelids of the 41-level super god beast. It makes no difference to die.
After all the gods and kings are here, it is near noon, and the wedding of Zilin couple should be officially held.
"Hoo … Hoo …" Xuanxing’s great circle composed of eleven five-claw dragons suddenly spun rapidly, which caused severe energy fluctuation. Even Xuanxing and other planets shook slightly. After several breaths, the huge golden circle stopped to shock several gods. At this time, the eleven five-claw dragon bodies formed a circle and turned into a passage entrance!
"Boom … Boom …" At this moment, the fire phoenix and the fire unicorn constantly released their own life, which made Xuanxing burst with beautiful and dazzling fireworks, which made it difficult for several gods to see through the imaginary scene with the naked eye. At this time, the five alcoholic beasts were not idle. They kept hitting the absolute gods to condense the aura of the imaginary god into thumb-sized energy balls and then exploded to make Xuanxing appear several golden fireworks again.
After a column of incense, the fireworks dissipated, and the scene of Xuanxing clearly showed the sight of several gods again. When several gods saw the scene, their faces suddenly solidified.
I saw five men of God laughing and laughing and coming out of that huge passage without hurry or delay, and behind them, there was also a king of God, a famous king of God who shocked the gods and punished the king of God!
"Five … five … five gods!" A man of God is a bit lisping and mumbling. Although he didn’t show up five million years ago, he appeared with four gods, such as Aogan, and his identity was already vividly portrayed.
"It’s so … so fucking exciting." A god king said that he was short of breath. Seventy-two god kings came to congratulate him, which has made some people of God unable to stand it. But at this time, five gods appeared and brought a powerful and horrible god king!
When Aogan and others came out of the huge passage, the eleven five-claw dragons immediately changed back to human form, while the fire phoenix, fire unicorn and alcoholic beasts also changed back to human form and saluted the five gods in order.
It’s incredible that the five deities visited even Xuanxing, but it’s always a good thing that Xuanxing immediately moved to say hello to the five deities, and Aogan also took the opportunity to introduce the Hongobo deities to Xuanxing.
All the big shots arrived at Xuanxing and Zilin’s wedding was officially held …
"Hum!" A plain-looking man of God snorted and looked at Xuanxing’s direction. There was a flash of cold light in his eyes. His real identity was … King Xuanshen!
Five million years ago, King Xuan Shen was seriously injured by Emperor Lin, and afterwards, the deity Xu Ling settled him down for an hour. In the accelerated array, he was closed for healing. A month ago, King Xuan Shen finally showed that his injury has not only healed, but also his cultivation level has risen a lot.
At this time, the king of Xuan God knows very well that Xuanxing will never let himself go, and he has been signed a master-servant contract by Emperor Lin. Xuanxing can always sense his exact position through the contract bead in the hands of Emperor Lin … so that he will die!
In that case, King Xuan Shen is not going to hide his master’s wings, and because of that contract bead, his master can’t save his life. At this moment, Xuan has thrown away his life and death. He is going to make a larger foe to give Xuan Xing a painful lesson!
The King of Yi Shu Xuan God listened to the number of weeks, and the gods talked about Xuanxing’s deeds, and his face became more and more ugly. Because Xuanxing’s glorious deeds were inseparable from the three factions, when Xuanxing Wei rose, the faces of the three factions were bound to lose a lot. Now Xuanxing has reached the top of the whole celestial world! And the three schools … seem to have been completely lonely.
Take a deep breath, King Xuan Shen, and press his patience to head off his anger. It is not appropriate to start work at this time. After all, Xuanxing has gathered a large number of terrorist figures, but it doesn’t matter that he has to make Xuanxing pay some price!
Chapter 57 New pattern
The wedding of Xuanxing Zilin and his wife is in full swing. Xuanxing will take five gods, such as Aogan, to a spacious wing and stay according to the requirements of the five gods. They casually talk with Zilin’s parents, Oboro Li, Lin Lin and others, while they shuttle through thousands of gods to greet them.
More than 70 gods came to Xuanxing to prepare to accompany them personally, but five gods came to congratulate them. Xuanxing can let skyshatter and Xueting greet those gods instead of themselves. Xueting is Xuanxing’s companion and skyshatter is Xuanxing’s younger brother, and his real identity should be that Feikun’s deity’s younger brother, Xueting and skyshatter, came to receive themselves. Those gods don’t feel anything wrong because Xueting’s position in the divine world is not weaker than that of many gods such as himself.
Of course, the busiest person today is the Zilin couple’s new wedding banquet. Naturally, we can’t come forward to congratulate the gratifying people. But there are more than 4,000 Zilin four people who have to drink more than 4,000 cups of wedding banquet! Such a large amount of wine is poured away, even if Zilin, the late realm of the divine king, is too much to eat. After drinking hundreds of glasses of wedding banquet, Zilin is going to secretly run the body energy to refine the alcohol.
Yinling seems to have seen through Zilin’s mind. In the process of connecting, the four of them should drink the wedding banquet, and Yinling took over. Yinling is an alcoholic beast. For her, drinking is simply enjoying hundreds of pounds of wine. It is difficult to get her drunk.
Everyone was silent in this festive atmosphere, but a depressed figure in a mountain in Xuanxing was lying down with a wine gourd in his arms and pouring a big mouthful into his mouth from time to time.
This man is Tian, although he has been living with Luo Suo and others, and Lin Lin and others have tried to let Tian into this big family, but he is always alone in the mountains all the year round, and almost Luo Suo and others have not paid.
Ascending to the celestial world, he really lost the motivation to practice. Now he wants to spend more than 90 million years in vain and let Xuanxing have a good time for himself … All the people in the celestial world are very curious about the identity of heaven. Since he can live in Xuanxing, he should be a friend of Xuanxing. But on his wedding day, Zilin was drinking alone in the mountains and Xuanxing and others ignored him.
"What’s the situation of Xuanxing’s emptiness now? Is it possible that he is stunned?" At this moment, Aogan God asked, after a conversation, at this time, he had learned that when Xuanxing array was closed, it would be inexplicable, and when it was accelerated, he was relieved of Xuanxing’s late realm of cultivating the God King for five million years.
"He is suffering from the attack of God-killing array. Whether it can kill him … should be very likely." Xuanxing mused. Xuanxing replied that the five gods were slightly changed. It seems that this God-killing array is really not simple. It has the ability to kill the gods, but the gods themselves and others do not have much friendship. The five gods are too lazy to worry about his life and death.
"Keep working hard, then the black energy of your body is a good thing." Looking at the front of Xuanxing, I am very pleased that my brother’s future achievements are likely to surpass himself and even surpass God.
About six hours later, five deities called the Zilin couple and said some encouraging words to them briefly. After that, the five deities took the lead in leaving. However, before leaving, Emperor Lin will be equipped with more than a dozen Dan kings, and a medicine bottle will still be given to Zilin. These Dan kings are regarded as five deities’ gifts. When the five deities leave, Xuanxing will have time to entertain those who come to the gods.
A few hours later, those super beasts of the God King level also left one by one, and the newly born Unicorn Chan didn’t seem to want to go back so soon, but he couldn’t bear to be scolded by his predecessors. He could return to Obsidian Yan with his elders.
In the end, thousands of masters of God and King also left. The wedding ceremony of Zilin couple ended successfully, but ten masters of God and King, such as the devil, still left Xuanxing because they came here today and there is one more important thing to discuss with Xuanxing besides Hershey.
"Xuanxing has something to discuss with you." Now Xuanxing has been at leisure, and the demons and others have a chance to find Xuanxing.
"oh? What can I do for you? Just say it. "XuanXing said with a smile.
"The Blue Elves have this matter, and today Mo Qing three people also called them to come here. Let’s discuss this matter well today." The seven gods, such as the demon king, mused a hundred years ago and were ready to ask Xuanxing about it, but Xuanxing was in a hurry to invite all the gods, and the matter was delayed until today.

"Your report, we have followed you for so long that we have never called bitterness and never saidno. We will do whatever you want us to do today. Where is Master Jiu?" One officer who should be the front-selecting team and two Zhongjun officers knelt in front of Shi Jinliang.

They look very respectful and have no offense, but they all left their posts and returned to the rear army. Shi Jinliang was livid and became angry. "Do you want to chicken out? Really when I can’t cut my old brother? "
"We dare not think so, let alone say so. We are not afraid of death, but we don’t want to be a confused ghost. Say, Master Jiu, we will immediately go back to the first wave of killing the wall in the army. We are no longer confused when we have been thinking about the road with the uncle for so many years."
Shi Jinliang looked around him. Even in Qinbing retinue, many people secretly looked at this side. Although Qinbing team could not rebel, this unbelief even had been planted. He stopped trying to kill these officers, but personally went over and mixed them up.
"Is the law equal regardless of height, everyone is a brother? Jiu Ge was ordered by me to carry out a secret army. This kind of thing can’t be made public. It is said that Huo Qiu, the dog thief, will create rumors because he is sure of this. You are the old team. Don’t be shaken by his words. Shimou has always been United with his brothers. How could he do such a thing? Tell everyone that after the call from Wangfu, things will not be handed over to the holy library. Now go back to your own places and everyone will enter Wangfu to have a good life. "
These officers turned and left. Shi Jinliang looked at their backs, and their mouths were slightly astringent. Probably the rain came in. When did our department dare to leave their posts and ask such questions to themselves? Has the morale … been shaken?
"Lord Stone doesn’t have to take it to heart to win a victory, but his morale can still be stabilized. Those rogue thieves will behead them and see who dares to talk nonsense."
Red’s kind words soothed the bursts of body fragrance and rushed into her nostrils, which seemed to calm Shi Jinliang’s heart a little. This woman is really a stunner, even if it is not a good woman. Shi Jinliang also cared more about her at this time than she secretly left some good silks and satins for the first time in violation of the guidelines.
"Tell me to get those coffins ready and blow up these palace walls as soon as the rain stops!" Shi Jinliang looked at the military situation in front of him while commanding. "Our army is ten times as big as the enemy. If we rush, we will surely win. I can’t believe it if someone holds my banner to guide me. Can a Huo Qiu ruin my event?"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-three The last desperate (10)
Shi Jinliang’s absolute superiority in the number of troops is still overwhelming, pushing towards Xing Wangfu. Huo Qiu and others’ propaganda has not affected the attack of this army in the general direction, but at most it has delayed the pace of attack.
If it turns out that the chaotic army is like a crazy bull rushing to the target, the cow’s pace is a little chaotic but still unstoppable. It is an attack, no matter how many problems and chaotic the rhythm, but it can at least flow smoothly. However, this attack is like an old-fashioned DVD player playing a poor quality disc, and some jams always happen unconsciously.
Some soldiers don’t want to be in front of others, and some groups don’t want to go in front of other groups. When the troops step, they unconsciously pause. In the previous charge, everyone shouted that the law is equal and the law is high, but this time, some changes have taken place.
"Old Huo, come back quickly. The stone prince said that the treasure girl in Wangfu can’t get into the holy library at will. I often put my life on the fat and want you to surrender quickly."
"Cast a leg Shi Jinliang talk can also believe? He also said that we should buy weapons, armor and food from the holy treasury. As a result, now all those wealth have been transported to the mountains by him. What do you think everyone is wearing? I won’t believe what he said, but you are always fat and you are too far ahead. There are a lot of Anlu people behind you. "
Because the rain has just stopped, the bowstring is still a little weak, and the power is not fully reflected. According to common sense, the effect of launching an attack at this time should be remarkable, but in fact, the progress of the disorderly army is not smooth, and attacks everywhere are always stuck at critical times, and then they are inexplicably defeated
Shi Jinliang’s Qinbing team has killed some people, but it has helped to improve the situation. The attacker has the initiative, but the morale is not to attack and have the strength.
There is also a big problem in the coordination of troops. Originally, the coordination of these troops was relatively unfamiliar, but it should be getting better and better in running-in. This attack was a mess. Often, the soldiers desperately searched for familiar faces to get together and broke away from the original organizational system. The small leader also indulged in this kind of business and participated in it.
One army deliberately avoided another army and chose to have a close accent or the officers were familiar with each other. The troops were all set up near one place before the war, but even so, it doesn’t mean that the defense of Wangfu is easy. After all, there are too many attackers, even if they make one mistake or another, they won’t feel these mistakes. The whole defense of Wangfu is like a stretched thin thread that will break in a moment.
We still have to admit that Huo Qiu’s power can almost equal thousands of soldiers. Their horn attacks and several threatened attacks by the chaotic troops all failed inexplicably because of their own problems. Moreover, the defenders dared to launch hand-to-hand combat, which also made the chaotic troops afraid to face it directly.
When the rebels finally killed the palace wall, the loyalists immediately rushed to pierce and crush the rebels. The result of this war is that the rebels will be attacked again and again, and the number of casualties on their own side will soar.
Letters of help made Yang Chengzu come to the limit one after another, and the troops were even more stretched. He was not a man who knew how to fight, and most of his military knowledge came from the original owner of this body.
This scene is beyond his ability to cope with. Every moment, he feels that the whole front is about to fall, but he can always hold on for a moment, and then this feeling continues to come.
"Yang Yizheng asked me to meet my people and give me a chance." Huo Qiu then came over and gave a gift to Yang Chengzu. After more than 300 people entered the house, most of them were detained, but they were not killed. Their bodies were normal, which really made Yang Chengzu so large that he could not rest assured, so he hesitated all the time.
"I said that I definitely can’t go back. I’m the one who is most afraid of Shi Jinliang’s breaking the palace." Huo Qiu said bluntly, "You don’t want to know how the White Lotus Sect treats traitors. You don’t want to know if you give me a chance. I promise to live up to you."
"All right, let him talk to others, but you have to ensure loyalty, otherwise even if we can’t resist the rebels, we are sure to kill you first. You will kill the thieves and defeat them before my princess. You plead to protect your wealth and wealth. The Royal Guards have already given you a name and made a copy of your hidden message to see if you can do it yourself."
Mr Qiu ke head accompanied by several soldiers to take the road Hao Qingqing because of shooting too many arrows arm has been unable to lift is still close to Yang Chengzu step by step "take charge of them? One thousand defected again … "
"I can’t believe that they can guarantee to eat meat here, but they can’t enjoy this treatment there. These people have gone to live and become thieves. I gave them a better life. I hope they should not be stupid enough to choose death and say that their eyes are human."
All kinds of problems faced by the chaotic army are covered up before the huge base, no matter whether this mad cow is stumbling or not, it is impossible for people to resist when it rushes in with great inertia. Many people in these chaotic troops have left Germany, but this does not mean that they want to go to Wangfu, but want to kill into Wangfu to get a ticket and leave.
This kind of thinking, the attack strength of each unit is not small, but they are distracted and afraid to invest behind it.
The guards brought by Yang Chengzu from hua county have suffered casualties. Both Wang Tietou and Song Guoen have been injured to varying degrees. They still bite their teeth to defend Yang Chengzu’s side. Hao Qingqing relies on Yang Chengzu’s laziness and says, "I really want to see our child born and want to hear him call me Niang, but I’m afraid there’s no chance. If you can’t hold it, just jump with me when you get to Naiqiao. Don’t drink Meng Po soup."
Another man shouted at the palace wall with arrows and stones. At this moment, he heard a chaotic footsteps behind him. Then Huo Qiu pulled his neck and shouted, "If you want a good family, just kill all the white lotus thieves with me and seek fame and wealth!"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-four The last fight (11)
When he joined these departments, he saved the loyalist’s decline, expelled all the soldiers who had been killed, and some rebels defected to Huo Qiu’s team. Someone held a horn and shouted, "Come over with a knife and enjoy twelve silvers!" If you bring your head over, you can get a golden dress. If the head comes over, you can be a flag. A flag is an official! "
This kind of propaganda may not have much effect on the attacking team. After all, no matter how high your official promises are, you must be able to deliver them. However, three troops have been conflicted because of this kind of propaganda
The reason is that these three troops are always in conflict with each other. At this moment, they were recognized as wanting to rebel because they looked at each other consciously. Then the three troops killed each other and became a ball. The whole attack was forced to pause for a while.
In this tense and chaotic atmosphere, the whole offensive and defensive war of Xing Wangfu lasted until noon. There were rivers of blood and piles of corpses outside the walls. Although from the point of view of Wangfu guards, I couldn’t feel any loss from the enemy, the crowd was still so dense, and the flag could still cover the sky. Looking from the wall, people were crowded like ants as far as the eye could see.
Only the other person can really feel the terrible casualties. People who carry corpses are busy, but the dead bodies can’t be lifted all the time. They are afraid of waiting for death in this kind of pain. There is a lack of medicine and doctors. The only thing that can be given to the injured is to have pity on their mothers.
Even at noon, the attack should not stop. Some people can eat, while others continue to attack, but now they can’t find a unit willing to undertake the attack. All the troops are silent and say nothing.
This attitude is more irritating to Shi Jinliang than in the past. Just two days ago, this army was like a drawn sword with sharp edges. Even after the elite was completely folded, this army still maintained its mourning soldiers’ fighting spirit and showed a strong hope of fighting jade. However, because of that damn Huo Qiu, this huge army has become lifeless, and it has already produced a deviation mood, which is even worse than when it first became an army.
He has to reevaluate Huo Qiu’s rebellion now, and I’m afraid the loss is far greater than his victory in annihilating more than 100 Jianghu people. What’s more, the harm caused by these 300 people can be compared with that caused by 3,000 well-armed regular troops.
"It’s not a way for everyone to talk so stiffly. We’ve killed them, and many people have scared their guts. Why have these people let Huo Qiu’s rebel array say that there is no one left in Wangfu? Now we have to work harder to get it, but now you tell our department to eat. No one wants to attack at this time?"
Silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence, silence.
Run amok nu way "what’s the matter with you? Are you dumb? Liu Daan, you are my old department. Do you want to attack this flag if you say a word? "
"… I don’t know how to listen to what you say. It’s just that you’re tired of being idle. It’s not too cold for everyone to lie still in the mud. You can’t afford a few people even if you whip. If you want to run, I can rush by myself."
"Shi Wangye, I really think we … can we consider paying a salary to boost morale?" An officer carefully tried to see that Shi Jinliang looked busy and bowed his head. "The villain said that you should not take it to heart."
Shi Jinliang studied the man a few times. "Your name is Cheng Wanquan, right? You took the initiative to join and killed your official warlords after we got up, right?"
"Report good memory that dog officer slept with my wife when I don’t know? It’s that I’m afraid of him every day. It’s only after the rebels arise that I have a chance to get revenge. "
"Yes, the rebel army gave you a chance to take revenge, so that you can stand tall and turn from the defending army to an indomitable spirit. You should thank the rebel army for the equal teaching of the law, so that you can no longer be angry with others and let others stop bullying you, right? The only way to achieve a peaceful world is to kill all the injustice! Can we build a kingdom of light without counting the bloody bones? But you! But you want to bring that thing from Junwei to the rebel army. "
Speaking of this, Shi Jinliang hardly saw him when he got up. The mobile man had already arrived at Cheng Wanquan’s body and future, and he was frightened when he came together, but before he had a chance to draw out his weapon, Shi Jinliang’s fists had hit him in the chest.
The leader who can lead the troops has a armor, a fallen soldier’s armor, but he doesn’t have it. It’s a leather armor for protection. Everyone listens. First, it sounds like someone threw a stone into the well, and then it sounds like something broke. Then Cheng Wanquan involuntarily flew out and crashed out of the tent. He flew back and left some blood on his route.
"We these people come from the mountains to drill out of the poor, that is, loyalists say mud legs. We don’t have so many rules, and we don’t make any salary to motivate morale. We are not fighting for the salary, but fighting for ourselves and our descendants to live a good life and fight hard all the way to you and me, regardless of height, intimacy and distance. Anyone who dares to leave the brotherhood again is regarded as this case! Now let’s have dinner together. After dinner, I will personally take you to carry all the thunderbolts. I will blow down these palace walls. "
In the past, people didn’t have much chance to see the ladies-in-waiting when they were on duty to chat. The coolies in the kitchen were all sent to deliver meals, and eunuchs and some ladies-in-waiting did it.
But at this time, the lively and fragrant girl is really in front of her eyes, no matter whether she is beautiful or moving, no one pays attention to her food. Hot soup can’t consider the taste, but she wolfs it down and closes her eyes to restore her strength.
Yang Chengzu grabbed a steamed bread in his hand and pulled the maid-in-waiting to deliver the meal and asked, "What happened over there after work? Why didn’t I hear the news over there?" Is everyone okay? "
Chapter four hundred and thirty-five The last fight (12)
No matter how fierce the battle ahead is, Yang Chengzu pays attention to the final work, and even when there is a serious shortage of manpower, he still assigned a 150-man army to support the work behind. The core of the whole battle is that if the work behind is not lost, the game will be alive. Once the work behind is changed, the battle ahead will be meaningless.

When a few people are busy, it will be about 10 o’clock. It will be dawn and night in winter.

Several children at home are also up.
Chen Shaoer first dressed himself and went to the toilet. He was still confused when he saw grandma and his second uncle in the hall, and he ran over.
"Grandma, I’m hungry. Have you cooked yet?" Chen Shaoer is thinking about eating delicious food. Today is Yuanyuan’s birthday.
Chen directly picked a grape, rubbed it a little and stuffed it into his mouth.
Chen Shaoer was instantly awakened by the ice.
"Milk … milk is cool and sweet."
Chen rubbed his head. "You go and wake up your brother and success. You have to learn after dinner."
Chen Shaoer just looked at the table and put his eyes out.
"Milk … this, this, how so much delicious?" He said and swallowed.
Chen stared his one eye "promise to go"
Chen Shaoer ran away as soon as he got away.
"Second daughter-in-law, why don’t you make breakfast and let some children eat it? Go to class quickly and don’t be late."
Chen told her that breakfast was better cooked and cooked. Yesterday, she baked a big cake, then scrambled an egg and cooked some salted duck eggs. Anyway, the Chen family has never lacked eggs and ducks to eat in recent years
Yue-e Li agreed and knitted her sleeves and began to work.
"Take something and cover all these things first. Let’s have breakfast." Turn around and tell Chen Yougang again.
Chen Yougang also hurried to find it.
Chen turned into Li Yuanyuan, still sleeping, and didn’t know what he had dreamed of in his dream. He pursed his mouth and kept bubbling to tuck her in and went out again.
Yuanyuan is really dreaming, and she doesn’t know where it is. Anyway, it’s very beautiful here. She unpacked the box, and the things inside are very beautiful, and there are luminous beads. She thinks that the second brother will definitely like it, which is much better than his marbles.
Chen also went to the kitchen to help.
Wait until several children are up.
Chen Shaoyuan poured hot water into everyone’s pots and watched them wash up quickly.
The rice was quickly cooked when the rural pot was on fire.
Chen first put them all out on the table to dissipate heat, and then took the pie to the basket and covered it with cold cloth.
"Hurry to eat in the hall, eat big cakes and vegetables first, and then you won’t burn if you get drunk, okay?" Chen courtyard shouted a.
Several children buzzed and went to the main room.
Chen remembered that Yuanyuan hadn’t got up yet and wiped her hands and turned into the room.
Yuanyuan is already awake, trying to dress herself and her little cotton-padded jacket is already on.
"Why don’t you call grandma? Grandma will wear it for you. "Chen used to touch the little cotton trousers. Is it cool and then rub them for her? Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable.
"I can wear it myself," Yuanyuan said, still holding Chen’s face and kissing her.
Chen straight joy "line to grandma put on pants for you, today your birthday at noon grandma cooked for you to eat".
Yuanyuan nodded immediately when she heard the delicious food. She just ate delicious food in her dream, but she woke up at the key moment. She felt that she was so greedy now that she was more greedy than her second brother.
Chen put on her pants before she led people out.
Chen Shaoer saw Yuanyuan getting up and was holding a bowl to drink.
"It’s nice to get up so early in winter."
Chen looked at him like that. "By the way, you are going to have the final exam soon, Chen Shaoer. If you don’t do well in the exam, be careful that your father will come back and beat you."
Chen Shaoer hurriedly hit a cold war. Why did he have to take the exam on such a beautiful day? He also pretended to shake his head and just saw Chen Chengcai who didn’t talk across the street
"I am the elder brother who should be the most anxious, hee hee hee."
Chen Chengcai snorted, grunted, and ignored Chen Shaoer.
Several children ate quickly and didn’t eat for a while. Chen Shaozhi was still eating slowly.
Chen washed his hands and face for Yuanyuan before leading him over.
Yue-e Li went to the kitchen again and brought the eggs cooked for her in the pot. Everyone at home would cook an egg alone for their birthday.
Yuanyuan nibbled at the eggs and drank half a bowl of gunk before she was full.
Chen took out the rabbit that had just been sent over and asked her to go aside to play.
Yuanyuan was really happy to see the rabbit.
Chen Yougang put this little rabbit together with the big rabbit after dinner.
"Yuanyuan, look at them and don’t let them fight. If they fight, you can call Erbo and I’ll come and Indiana for you." He said while teasing her.
Yuanyuan shook her head and said that "no, they don’t fight" was particularly serious.
Chen Yougang didn’t take it seriously and hurried into the house again.
Li Yuee went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.
Chen Shaozhi took a comic book yard and found a small bench to watch while watching Yuanyuan.
"Mom, what is this?" Chen Yougang looked at this half fan of pork and mutton and was a little worried. If others saw it, it would be hard to say.
Chen also wants to do something. "You go and sharpen the meat chopping knife in the kitchen. If this meat is chopped open, I will stew it today. When the children are out of school, they can also have a sip of hot soup. You can go to the third place to send some of this meat and send them some for Shangqing to fry as a dish."
Chen Yougang thought about it, so he went to the kitchen to get a knife and sharpen it next to the well.
Zhao Qin saw the second child sharpening his knife when he was hanging clothes in the flower garden. He didn’t chop meat. He saw the courtyard and teased the rabbit. How could she forget to celebrate her birthday again? Her mother-in-law is also crazy. A girl deserves such a big move.
Chen’s room looked at two special big fish besides the pork and mutton and began to worry again. What should I do? There are so many fruits.
"Second daughter-in-law, you put two apples on the stove and cook them." Chen packed some fruit inside. She was really strange. I don’t know where to get it in this winter, but shouldn’t she doubt the fairy? You can get it anywhere you want.
Yue-e Li came to pick two small points, fearing that they would not be able to eat them all. As a result, none of them were small and a basket was big and red.
Chen fished out two fish and then went to the well to start cleaning up.
Chen Yougang has carried two pieces of meat into the kitchen and started chopping with a knife.
Li Yuee cooked the apples and went to help Chen.
"By the way, go home and have a look recently. Take two catties of meat back." It’s also a good idea for Chen to worry about eating all the meat at home and see his second daughter-in-law thinking about sending some to her family.
Yue-e Li is not happy to say that it is false. Who doesn’t want such a long-term thing?
"Thank you, Niang." Every time she goes back to her mother’s house, her face is full of light. It’s best to count her.
Chen’s mind wants to confirm this thing. It’s best to send it to his third in-laws, but it’s not convenient.
Wait until two people have packed both fish.
"You go to the hemp rope and hang both of them in the kitchen. Don’t let others see them." Chen happened to say that he made one at noon and waited for the old couple to come back.
She took a bowl to the hall and fished out the apples boiled in the pot.
"Yuan Yuan Shao came to eat."
When Yuanyuan heard eating, she quickly put the rabbit behind her head and ran over.